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by : susan


Joey was a slim 15 year old sophomore at Saint Mary’s High School. His freshman year he pulled minor pranks on everyone and everyone thought they were cute. Joey lived with his widowed mother alone. He basically had no real friends but liked playing pranks on people. His mother and teachers all warned him that one day he’d end up paying for all those pranks and they all told him they would not protect him and that he’d have to serve the consequences, if any.

This year his pranks got out of hand. One day he put ketchup on a girls chair and her skirt was stained by it. Then he put chocolate sauce on the quarterbacks chair and got him embarrassed. Then he put olive oil on the girl’s bathroom stall handles and hung tampons all over the room. The final straw came when he glued the head cheerleader chair and her skirt was ripped when she stood leaving her in nothing but her top and panties.

That was a Friday and the girls got together with the boys and devised a plan for Monday. They told Joey’s mother, teachers, and Principal their plan and they all agreed. That weekend everything went well for Joey, His mother said nothing - but Saturday while he went to the movies she went shopping.

Monday came and Joey’s mother stayed home - she said she called in with a dental appointment so Joey left to school as normal. When he was gone, she gave all his clothes and furniture to Goodwill. Then the furniture company came with a lovely canopy bed and little girl’s furniture. Then she put away all of Joey’s new lingerie, slips, petticoats, and little girl shoes. Finally, she filled his closet with all new dresses, skirts, and blouses. She even put in 5 new School girl uniforms for school, 5 new girl’s gym suits, and a few ballet dresses. Then she went downstairs to plan Joey’s arrival and greet her new daughter home when he came home from school crying.

When Joey got to school, everything seemed normal. The groups were congregated where they usually gather. Mary, the head cheerleader was with a few other girls near the gym girl’s locker room. The bell rang and everyone went to class - or so Joey thought. When Joey entered his homeroom his teacher gave him a manila envelope to take to the Principal’s office. This would take him by the Gym girl’s locker room. When he left the teacher explained what was going on and everyone applauded. The Football Quarterback agreed it was time Joey learned a lesson and even the teacher agreed.

Joey walked down the hall and everything looked deserted and quiet. When he got to the Girl’s locker room, Mary and the girls came out and dragged him into the girl’s shower. They stripped him of all his clothes and put paint and glue on everything - even his shoes. They then put Nair all over his body and made him stand there for 20 minutes while they took photos. Then they put him in the shower and washed all his hair off and shampooed his shoulder length hair. Then they took him out of the shower, put his hair in curlers and dried him off. Joey at first screamed - but to no avail. Even his fighting was no match for the angry girls.

Mary took a pair of false breast and put permanent glue on them and glued them in place on Joey. Then came a pretty white lace bra with a pink bow in front. Then Mary tucked his balls in and taped them in place. Then she took his penis and inserted it in an artificial vagina and glued the girl’s sex panties on him. Now he was a girl and would have to sit to pee like a real girl. Then Mary Took 3 tampons and the girls held Joey while they inserted them in his fanny and cut the strings. Then the put a pair of white ruffled panties on Joey. The Girls made him sit and put white ruffled ankle socks and a pair of black patent leather girl’s shoes on him and fastened the strap.

Then the girls stood Joey up and put a white silk knee length slip on him followed by a white silk blouse with short sleeves and Peter Pan lacy collar and green plaid skirt. Mary quickly undressed Joey, and instead put a vested knee length petticoat on him instead of the slip and a pretty frilly knee length white baby girl silk dress with puffy sleeves and ruffles and bows on him. That’s better, said Mary. He’s too much a sissy to be dressed like a big girl. Let’s dress him like a little girl instead. Everyone laughed.

Then they sat him in a chair, fixed his hair, put pink lipstick, and nail polish on him. Then sprayed him with rose perfume. Time for class little girl everyone said. Wait cried Mary - we forgot a couple things. They all cried yes. They put a silver chain on Joey’s neck with the name Sissy. They then pierced his ears and put in matching earrings. Then they dragged Joey to class crying. They put a pretty white pocketbook on his shoulder filled with things. When they got to class, the teacher let the girls sit down without any reprimand.

Joey - or whoever you are stay right there. Everyone laughed. Why are you late young man or should I say young lady ? The girls chimed in - he’s no young lady - he’s a little girl. The teacher looked and agreed. O.K. little girl - give me your purse. Joey gave her his purse and she emptied it on the desk. Lipstick, pads, makeup, and other things. I see our little girl is missing something. She took a box of tampons from her desk and loudly said - little girl - I want you to start carrying these in your purse and using them from now on. Then she lifted Joey’s dress and petticoat and lowered his panties. Just as I thought. She took a pad and placed it in his panties and pulled them back up. Then she straightened his petticoat and dress and made him sit with the girl. That is your sex education class for today boys.

At lunch Mary made Joey sit with her and whispered - after school little girl - you will be our new Cheerleader Maid. You will clean up after us. And by the way little girl - NO more boys gym but you come with us - starting tomorrow. And we all decided to name you Sissy from now on. Because you’re nothing but a big sissy. After lunch the girls told their teacher Joey’s new name and they put a sign on him saying "I’m a big bully sissy girl". When Joey cried, the teacher grabbed him took him over her lap and spanked him with a leather paddled. Everyone applauded. Go to the principal little sissy. Mary take this little sissy to be paddled by Mother Superior.

When Joey got to the office, Mother Superior (The Principal) asked him - what is your name little girl. Joey shouted I’m Joey and I’m NOT a little girl. The principal grabbed Joey, put him over her desk and lowered his panties. You sure look like a little girl. Now one final time, what is your name. Joey shouted Joey and I’m a boy. Mother Superior bent him over her desk and gave him a severe paddling and asked him again. Joey said I’m sissy. Mother Superior said "What was that". Mary whispered "Curtsey and answer her question". Joey curtseyed and said in a dainty voice - Mother Superior I am Sissy and I am a girl student in Mary’s class. Mother Superior then raised Sissy’s panties and sent Mary off to class. I’ll bring her along in a few moments Mary.

Well sissy, you have no other option but to stay a girl. And as of now, all your permanent records will be changed and your name will be Christine or Sissy. Your mother has been notified and is in complete agreement. After we take your new ID you will go back to class. Now what do you say. Sissy curtseyed and said thank you Mother Superior. When Mother Superior took him back to class, she made him curtsey to his teacher and sit down. After class, Mary and the girls walked him to the bus. Forget something little girl. Mary pulled out a pair of pink plastic panties and made Sissy step in them in front of everyone - even the bus driver. Then she pulled them up on him and put a frilly white baby bonnet on him. Then she tied a white baby pacifier around his neck and put it in his mouth. Here’s your dolly baby girl she laughed and put him on the bus.

Mary and the girls brought him to the door. His mother answered and asked Mary - has my little boy been a good little girl. Mary laughed. Come inside girls and let’s show your little girlfriend her new room. Sissy was horrified. So you named him Sissy. You know his official name is now Christine or Sissy for short. Now come on Christine be a good girl and take your schoolmates to see your room. Sissy expected to see his old room, but was horrified to see his new little girl room. Everyone laughed. Well girl’s I always wanted a daughter and thanks to you I have one. Christine go to the kitchen and fix the girls and I sandwiches and sodas. And be quick little girl or you’ll get the spanking of your life.

After a snack, Joey’s mother took him and Mary to the beauty parlor. She told the girl their in a loud voice so everyone could hear, My son is here to get his hair permed. Mary said Put it in little baby ringlets because he still wears plastic baby panties. Joey’s mother was surprised. They made Sissy sit in the chair and while they were perming his hair Mary lifted his dress and petticoat and showed everyone his plastic panties. Everyone roared in laughter. Well little girl, I guess we better get you a baby carriage and dolls to play with.

Afterwards they took Mary home, and Sissy’s mom got him ready for bed. My they have made you into an almost real little girl after all. When Sissy started crying, She made him sit in her lap and rocked him in his pretty pink baby doll pajamas. Christine - you better get used to being my daughter, and from now on little girl - you WILL help mommy around the house with chore and on Saturdays you will be going to Ballet classes little lady. Understood. Now curtsey, give mommy a kiss goodnight and hop in bed. Then she tucked him in and gave him a doll. Then out of a whim she lowered the sheets and took photos of Sissy and even lifted his nightie and lowered his panties and took photos. Then she fixed him back up and kissed him goodnight. Smiling she said - Now Joey - I have photos of you and from now on YOU WILL be Christine and YOU WILL be my daughter. Now say Goodnight and tell me who you are. Joey whispered Goodnight Mommy and I am your daughter Christine. Did we forget something his mother snapped. I love you Mommy and thank you for my lovely outfits. Then he started to cry. His mother walked over and sat next to him. I guess Mary was right - you really are a big crybaby. Then she kissed his forehead and said school tomorrow little girl and shut off the light.

The next morning Christine’s mother woke him up. Time to get ready for school little girl she said. Then she took him in the bathroom and gave him a bath. After she dried him she took a tampon and smilingly send bend over little girl Then she took his hand and showed him to use his tampon. Joey cried and his mother laughed and said You’ll get used to it little girl. Then she took a pair of pink ruffled panties and inserted a pad in them. Then she had him step into the panties and pulled them up snugly. Then she took a pink silk bra with a rose in front and had Joey sip it on. She fastened it for him. Then he made him put on white ruffled ankle socks and black patent leather shoes. Then she put a white silk knee length slip on him and sat him down and applied his makeup. Finally came the white cotton short sleeve uniform blouse and green plain knee length school jumper. She gave him his purse and took him to the kitchen. Mary was waiting for him. They had breakfast and Christine curtseyed to his mother and gave her a kiss goodbye. Mary laughed and made Joey curtsey to her as well. I have a surprise for you little girl she said.

On the bus Mary told Joey that after school that Joey had Cheerleading Locker room cleanup duty. When they got off the bus, the football Quarterback came over to Mary and the laughed then walked up to Joey. He grabbed Joey, And Mary said Open your mouth girl. Joey opened his mouth and the Quarterback gave him a French kiss and slid his hand under his skirt and felt Joey’s panties. Mary - by gosh - you’re right. He is wearing ruffled panties. Then he slipped Joey a kiss on the cheek and said see you in class little girl - or is that Sissy. Then walked to class laughing. Mary took Joey to class and made him sit next to her. When School was over Mary dragged Joey to Cheerleading practice. They put on their uniforms and made Joey undress as well. But instead of a cheerleader uniform they put him in a pretty pink satin French maid uniform. The Girl’s coach came in and laughed then made Joey clean up the locker room.

When everything was over, and Joey had cleaned up, Mary changed him back into his school uniform. She then told him they were walking home but had to stop somewhere first. A few blocks down Mary dragged Joey into a Dance Studio. The lady smiled and said Mary this must be my new little ballerina. Tell me young man - are you a man or lady. Joey glanced at Mary and sheepishly curtseyed and said I’m a little catholic schoolgirl teacher. And curtseyed again. And what is your name then little girl. Joey played with his dress and lowered his eyes and said My name is Christine teacher. Good Christine - or should I say Sissy. Your mother enrolled you in ballet class and this is your introductory interview. Now little girl, come sit on my lap. Joey sat on her lap and she explained everything to him. Your mother has already purchased everything you need - so we’ll see you Saturday. One more thing - She lifted Joey’s dress and slip - Ruffled panties and a pad - it must be that time for you sweetie. Then before he left he curtseyed and Mary gave him a knowing slap on the butt. Let’s go little Sissy.

From then on Joey was Christine or Sissy. Once in a while Mary still took Joey to the girl’s room in restaurants and gave him a hard time. And sometimes on weekends she stayed over with some of the girls and turned Joey into a baby girl with his Mother’s help and blessing. Sometimes they even took him to the park in a stroller and baby girl outfit and made him play little girl games and with dolls. They even changed his diapers in the ladies room. Sometimes the swung him on the swing and made his panties or plastic panties show as he swung. They even took him to an amusement park and laughed in the fun house when a gush of air lifted Joey’s dress showing everyone his panties. They even made him sit side saddle on the carrousel. Such is Joey / Sissy’s fate.


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