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The Sorority Trap

by: CJ


Part 1

I walked down the street, practicing what I would say. Sure, it was an odd request, but everyone is used to fraternity pledges doing odd things. It figures that I would be the one stuck with this job. The others were bigger, and I really wanted my pledge brothers to like me. Besides, I do get to meet some of the sorority girls - sisters to the fraternity. . That is the great thing about college, right? The chance to meet all those beautiful women? Well, I have my chance. But I never thought I'd be asking them this.

There's the house. A typical greek letter house, pretty well kept up, nicer looking than the frat house. The large Delta Gamma in pink and green letters hanging down from the third story. Why am I stalling?

"Yes?" The girl, well, young woman, she was probably on a couple of years older than my 18, didn't seemed upset with me knocking on her door. She looked me over and didn't give me a "how dare you dirty our beautiful door with your knuckles" look. She was just being nice. This might not be so hard. Right, so, I should stop staring at her cute blonde hair and just go on.

"Hi. Um, my name is Jim. I...sorry, this is kind of awkward." Very smooth Jim. She smiled. She was kinda cute when she smiled, "You must be a Theta Omega pledge, right?"

I nodded, and let out my breath. "Yes. I seem to recall you from that party two weeks ago. Sandra, right?"

She beamed, "That's right! I do remember your face. The shy one. Come on in." Well, in for a penny...

I entered. The first floor was an open common area, similar to the frat house, but of course much more tasteful. That is, the furniture matched and there weren't beer stains everywhere. Pictures of previous Delta Gamma girls were hung on the walls in class portraits. There was a small library and study area, and in the back was obviously a dining room and kitchen. These old houses, well, mansions, were great.

It helps to be an old greek organization.

She motioned for me to sit down and she sat herself, crossing her jean-clad legs. "So, how can the Delta Gammas help you out?"

I must have blushed, but I figured I should just split it out. "Okay." Deep breath. "The pledge party is a week, and the pledges are supposed to do a skit for the fraternity brothers. Well, my pledge brothers came up with an idea, and I was, well, elected to get what we need?"

She looked a little confused, and maybe a bit angry, "The sorority can't do a skit for you, or perform. How could we help you?" What, did she think I wanted them to strip for us or something?

Nothing left to do but spit it out, "We decided to dress up like girls and do a strip tease." I waited for her reaction. She was an adult, it shouldn't be any problem. Right?

Sandra laughed. She laughed out loud. She tried to stop, but found it funny. I had to smile too, and said, "I hope the frat brothers find it as amusing. Anyway, you see our problem?"

She pushed some of her hair back and smiled, "Yes. You need clothes and things. I think we can help you. I mean, we are the sister sorority. How many pledges?"

I let out my breath, relieved. This wouldn't be so bad, "Eight of us are going to do it. Can you spare that many outfits?"

Sandra smiled, "I'll ask my sisters, but I don't see a problem." She looked me over, "With work, you'd probably make a pretty girl."

I laughed, "Thanks, I think. Fortunately, it will just be that one night. I'm joining a fraternity, not a sorority!"

She nodded, "True. So, when?"

"Next week," I answered, "For Friday night. Can I come by on Thursday to pick the stuff up?

She nodded, and I stood. I shook her hand, which seemed kind of silly, but she just smiled. This was great!! I left the house, promising to be on time and thanking her for all her help.

The week went pretty quickly. I'm not a bad student, and I enjoy my engineering classes, though as a freshman, everything was very basic. Calc 1. Physics 1. Intro to this, Intro to that. Still, it made it easier to continue my pledge work, which basically meant being a peon for the brothers. But my pledge brothers were pleased with me, and impressed that I could talk to an upperclasswoman and get her to help us out! Of course, none of them would come with me to get the clothes.

Ah well, I have to go to the Sorority house all by myself. What a chore. I'll just have to face the peril alone! I looked at my watch. About three hours until the party. Plenty of time to get the stuff and get ready.

Sandra was there waiting for me, as well as one of her sorority sisters. Sandra introduced us, saying, "Kim agreed to help me get the clothes together. I have about 10 outfits, I hope that is enough."

I was very happy, "That is great! We only need about eight, but this means that we should be able to find something to fit the pledges."

Sandra and Kim showed me the clothes they laid out. "I figured you'd want dresses and skirts, right?" That was what was there, eight dresses, two skirts, some sweaters and tops, and a bunch of sandals and heels. Plus underwear.

"Yes. But, um, why the panties and bras?" I figured we'd just wear our own male underwear.

Kim laughed, pushing back some of her hair (I liked watching her do that), "You are stripping right? You'll need everything." She looked me over, "Sandra, do you think this stuff will fit him?" Sandra looked me over too. I usually like having pretty women look at me, but their looks were making me nervous.

"I'm not sure. Jim, you might want to try something on, to be sure." Sandra was just being so helpful.

"That's okay. I'm sure I'll find something."

They laughed a bit, and looked like they were enjoying me squirming, "What, are you nervous or something?"

I laughed a bit too. Ha ha..."Well, it is bad enough I have to dress up in front of the guys, I'd rather not do it in front of you also!"

Kim smirked, "Hey, if you are going to borrow our stuff, the least you can do is let us see what it looks like!"

"I'd rather not, Kim."

They talked quietly to themselves, and then grinned. I didn't realize Sandra would be so evil. "Then I guess you can't borrow our clothes."

I looked at my watch, there would be no way I'd get other clothes in time, and everyone was expecting this. I sighed, "Fine, I'll try on some clothes. It isn't a big deal."

They laughed again, "Great!" Kim went over and looked through the clothes. "What do you like, Jim?" I looked over the clothes. No way I was going to wear that ultra-feminine pink dress. I picked something safe, "Um, I guess that blue skirt and sweater outfit would be okay."

I picked them up, and Sandra handed me a pair of panties, bra, and a slip. "Here."

"These too?"

"Yes. Be glad you don't have to wear pantyhose. Now change. You can use the side room."

Sighing and grumbling, I went off to one of the side rooms. This looked like a small study area, with lots of bookshelves and a couple of desks. We don't have that at the frat house. I looked at the clothes. I may as well get this over with. The bra and panties were white cotton, thank god. I quickly got my clothes off and slipped the panties on. This was really stupid. I tried to move quick so they wouldn't see me. The embarrassment was exciting me, which just made me roll my eyes.

Putting the bra on was a nightmare. I almost had to ask them for help, but I figured out that I needed to close it in front of me, then spin it around. They underwear didn't fit well, but it stayed. I pulled the white full-slip on - this was slippery, and felt interesting, then pulled the full skirt and cable sweater on. The things I do for my pledge brothers.

I walked in the other room and was met by a camera flash. "Hey! No pictures!" Sandra laughed. I was getting tired of that laugh. "Too bad, Jim. Our clothes, our rules. Let's see how you look. Spin around for us."

I would be glad when this night was over. I spun, and the skirt flared. More pictures were taken, and Kim giggled, "Jim, you look *very* pretty!"

"Gee, thanks. Look, I think it fits, though the sweater is a little tight. Thank goodness the skirt is elastic. Have you had enough fun?"

"No!" Sandra pulled out a floppy hat, "Try this." I put it on, whatever. More pictures were taken. "I'll put some hats with the clothes, I think it helps."

"He should be one of our pledges, Sandra!" Kim laughed, and so did Sandra.

I had to laugh, "I don't think so, but thanks for the offer. I'm going to change now, okay?"

Kim smiled at me, in a way I didn't like, "If you ask us prettily, then you can change and we'll let you go with the clothes." Sandra smirked.

I sighed. Fine. "Please, Kim, and Sandra, may I change my clothes now?"

"Not pretty enough." Sandra grabbed her own skirt and dipped down, "Curtsey, like this." Kim laughed even more.

I rolled my eyes, just wanting this humiliation done. "Okay...okay." I carefully grabbed the skirt I was wearing like she did, dipped down, lowered my head slightly, and said, feeling like an idiot, "Please, may I go change my clothes now?" I wasn't surprised when they took another picture.

They smiled and wave, "Sure, go ahead. You need to get going, you don't want to be late!"

I quickly rushed to the other room and got out of the clothes as fast as I could and changed. When I returned they had everything in a bunch of garment bags, "You'll return these tomorrow,right?"

I nodded, "Yes, and thanks again."

"For dressing you up?" asked Sandra. "Sure, anytime!"

"No no, for loaning me...nevermind. I'll really be glad when tonight is over. One day in skirts is enough!" I quickly left, they were starting to scare me.

I did get to the party in time, and my pledge brothers couldn't believe I actually got the stuff. The frat brothers were already partying, so we just got dressed to do our skit. We all looked pretty stupid, but it went over well enough. We got the typical cat calls and whistles, but we only stripped down the underwear. None of us wore the girl stuff, and no one cared. So, it was a success. The bad news was that beer got spilled on the clothes, but I didn't that would be a big deal. The frat brothers teased us about being sissies, and we emphatically said that this was just to be silly. I'm sure they believed us, but I didn't want to be associated with that. When they found out I got the clothes I got extra ribbing, but I think they believed me when I said I didn't enjoy dressing like a girl. Which was true, I didn't.

Saturday morning, as planned, I went back to the sorority house and spoke to Sandra, thanking her and apologizing for messing up some of the clothes. She wasn't pleased at all.

"You didn't even clean this stuff!" She wrinkled her nose at the beer smell.

"Yes, but I honestly don't know how to clean these fabrics. I could have caused more harm than good."

"And this dress will need to be dry cleaned!" Great, just great. Like I could get the money for that from my pledge brothers.

"I...don't have much money. Look, I'm sorry. I wish I could help."

Sandra glared at me, "You will. I want you to wash, dry, and iron all these clothes, and take these dresses to the dry cleaners. I'll give you money for that."

I actually had to laugh at that. "I am sorry about all that, but the stains weren't that bad. I have a pledge meeting this afternoon, and I'm not missing that just to wash your clothes."

Kim had arrived and Sandra showed her the clothes and beer stains. She wasn't happy, and agreed that I needed to make it up to them. I had just had about enough so I got up to leave, "Again, thank you for the clothes, and I'm sorry about what happened. I didn't make the stains though, it wasn't my fault!"

"It doesn't matter, Jim, we trusted you. And you will stay." She caught up to me and grabbed my arm. She wasn't gentle, but I could have kept going except she showed me a picture held in her other hand. It was me, of course, posing in a skirt and sweater, looking like I enjoyed it.

I grabbed for it, and she let me take the picture. "You can keep it if you like," she teased. "We have over a dozen more, and all of them have been scanned on the computer." She smiles wickedly, "I wonder how your beloved fraternity pledges and brothers would react to seeing those pictures."

I sighed. She knew I'd never live it down. It wouldn't ruin my life or anything, but I'd never get over it.

Still..."You are crazy. This is like a bad television plot or something, you can't really be blackmailing me!"

Sandra chimed in, "Yes, actually, I guess that is what we are doing. So, are you reading to do your laundry."

"But what about my pledge meeting?"

"It looks like you are going to miss it, unless you work really hard."

I tried to think of a way out, but those pictures were not good. Gritting my teeth, I said, "Fine. Let's get this over with."

The two girls laughed, and gave each other high-fives. This was just great. Instead of football, I get to do laundry. Kim took over, and she really seemed to enjoy ordering me around. She showed me where the laundry room was, and the ironing board. When told her I just threw all my clothes in one load, she rolled her eyes and explained how everything had to be separated. I didn't pay much attention, just making the piles as she instructed. They weren't very large, so she called on some of her other sisters, and they brought down more clothes they wanted washed. One of them, Amy, was positively excited, "Can we keep him to do our laundry all the time??" My eyes widened and I said no way, but I didn't here any answer from Kim.

I put in the first load, and got the pile of dry cleaning. Others brought more clothes for the dry cleaner, so I had a big pile of stuff to bring over...all girl's clothes. I couldn't believe it. Before I left though, a girl named Emily said, "Hey, Jimmy, as long as you are out, here is $5, pick me up the latest Cosmo."


"You know, the magazine, Cosmopolitan?"

"I know what it is. I'm not buying any girl magazines."

Kim gave me a look, "I really don't like your attitude. You will get the magazine, and you'll thank Emily for suggesting it."

My jaw must have hit the ground, "Are you nuts?"

She just smiled, "I guess I have a web page to make." She started to walk upstairs, but before I knew it, I yelled out, "Wait! Don't...okay. Just don't get carried away, please?"

Kim looked at me, "Don't you have something to say to Emily?"

Ugh. I looked at Emily, and tried to calmly say, "Thank you, Emily, for letting me get Cosmo for you."

She patted my hair, "You are welcome, Sweetie. If you nice, I'll let you borrow it when I'm done!" They all had a good laugh at that. I decided I needed to get out of there, so I grabbed the clothes and left.

The dry cleaners wasn't too bad. He said they'd be ready on Wednesday, and gave me the tickets and a bill to be paid then. I stopped off at a convenience store. It wasn't too crowded, but I had to ask a girl to move aside so I could grab Cosmo. She smiled at me and told me that she loved that issue. I just ignored her, paid the money and left. I'm sure everyone there thought the magazine was for me, and I wanted to just crawl into a hole.

I slipped the magazine into my bookbag, and hoped the perfume wouldn't stink up the bag. When I got back to the sorority house I gave the magazine to Emily, who thanked me and started flipping through it. I was led down to the laundry room by Kim, who showed me what I could throw in the drier and what needed to be ironed. After throwing in another load (and I swear there were more clothes there than before!) I got my first ironing lesson. It took forever. I wasn't finished before the loads were done, and it was just piling up.

All the sorority girls thought it fun to come down and watch. They gave me 'helpful' suggestions, and kept adding clothes. They loved not having to do their own laundry, and I was getting a very bad feeling. Of course they took more pictures, and there wasn't a thing I could do about that.

Late afternoon they decided to order pizza. They didn't ask what I wanted, but they said I could join them for dinner. Normally, eating with all these girls would be great, but I wanted nothing more than to get out of there. Unfortunately, with all the clothes being added, it would be days before I was done!

When the pizza arrived, the girls gathered in the dining room. Kim had me hand out the plates and napkins, and all the girls really laughed at that. One of them, Jennifer, said it was great having a waiter help them. That was when her sister Shawn said, "No no, he's more like a waitress!" One of them got the great idea of putting an apron on me. It wasn't too frilly, but it was an apron. I was too exhausted to stop them, and I was just hoping that if I went along with this they'd get tired and stop.

They didn't. I didn't eat for an hour. They had me go back and forth getting drinks for them, another slice of pizza. They said I was better than their pledges. I was eventually allowed to eat, but in the kitchen. They decided they wanted to talk about me, as I saw them looking at me, talking, then laughing. When I went to eat I started to take off the apron, but Sandra said, "No, keep your apron on dear." My apron?? "You are going to wear it while doing the laundry anyway from now on!"

I just hung my head. I didn't think it could get any worse. I was wrong.




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