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So, You Want To Be A Porn Star

by Cute Little Thing


As usual, it was not even halfway through the month, and I was broke again, needing some cash. Not to sound like a total scrub, I am in graduate school working on an applied mathematics degree, so at least I have some excuse. I live in a seedy neighborhood, rather than the more expensive graduate student dorms, and I ride an old Honda 125 Wombat Motorcycle, instead of driving a car. It uses less fuel, but more importantly as a reasonably smart cookie; I can fix it on my own. That's how I met Jack. I was out in the parking lot of our apartment complex, while I was working on my bike, and I couldn't get the engine cap off myself. What can I say, I'm a math student and we're not exactly known for our superhuman strength.

Most days I spend inside maximizing likelihood functions, not pumping iron at the gym, and when I get home, you know, I need to unwind - usually that means some alcohol and cigarettes, and not much to eat. My lifestyle leaves me a lot on the skinny side. Cute mind you, a little pretty even, but thin as a board, so when Jack came over and got my engine cap open a few weeks back that was enough for me to call him friend.

Turns out we have enough in common to be friends at this point in my life. We're both single, we both sleep until noon, stay up until four, neither of us have what I would call steady employment, though I have no idea what he does for money. Even though he always has a bunch, and we both hate the private college on the hill (I go to State of course).

Anyway - enough already, here's the story - As I said, I was broke, and as usual, Jack was hanging out. I had spent the day working on like page ten million of my dissertation research. As we were both pretty drunk, I told Jack how poor I was, and he said he'd lend me $500 if I would go with him to be in an amateur porn film a friend of his was shooting the next night.

I know what you're thinking, totally wacko segue, but we were both drinking and Jack is definitely an off beat guy, and the way I remember him saying it, it was something like them needing an extra dick, and I probably wouldn't even get on camera. The whole thing sounded like a goof, and I woke up the next morning hung over, and with $500 on the coffee table and a note from Jack telling me that he'd pick me up down at the university around 10:00 pm, when I usually finish working.

I took two aspirin, took a fast shower, threw on my dirty jeans, a grey T-shirt and my jacket and headed down to school. You know, one thing leads to another. At school, Professor Galloway, who owns my apartment unit, hit me up for the rent, so I shelled out $400, just like that - I got lunch around 6:00 pm, and that was another $5. Then I ran into my waitress buddy Lindsey who deals a little coke, and a little speed. I bought a gram off her for $50, then made out a little with her in the stairwell. Before I knew it, it was 10:00 pm. After smooching a little, Lindsey hit me up for $20 that she needed to get this hair straitening stuff she likes to use when she iron's her hair - saying she'd pay me back Monday.

The next thing I know, its 9:45 pm, I'm halfway into a Joreskog derivation, and I only have, $24 bucks and some change in my pocket, and Jack is in front of the Math Department honking the horn of his 1985 Oldsmobile. "Oh Fuck." I remember, but its too late, the money's gone.

Jack and I drive about a quarter way out of town, over the railroad tracks, past our apartment complex, and down the Haig Artery - you know, kind of near the airport. He stops the car in front of a nondescript warehouse, industrial-cinderblock building. There's some graffiti on the side that reads "REVOK", and another that reads "HENSE". Nobody knows what the hell this graffiti means, just if you see it, you can be pretty sure you're in a hipster bohemian neighborhood, and not an outright slum.

"Hey Alex, you know Real artists don't know they're artists," says

Jack, snickering and pointing to the tags, but I'm hip to him -

"Who's O.C? Ask COST and REVS - now give me a fucking drink or something before I pass out." (And yeah I know, like one person on the planet actually understood that reference.

We go inside and of course its gross and its nasty. In fact there's just one of those park picnic tables in the middle of the room, with an old mattress thrown on top of it. A bunch of filming lights on tripods, and bunch of pretty buff guys, most with goatees and shaved heads, standing around smoking and passing a bottle back and forth.

"Hey, where's the girl?" I ask jack.

"What do you mean?" he says.

"I mean, where's the girl, you said this is gonna be some kind of gang bang thing?"

Jack smiled, "What do you mean man, this is gay underground porn, we talked all about this last."

"Fuck you, we didn't. THAT, I would remember. Don't try this shit on me Jack. I remember the whole deal. We were sitting on the couch, and I was complaining abut not having any money, and you mentioned something about how you could give me $500 buck for basically just showing up and showing my dick on camera, and maybe poking it in some girls mouth. That was it, that was all we discussed. And to be honest, I wasn't even too down with that, I just needed the money."

"So what are you saying to me?" Jack said, all of a sudden serious and not smiling.

"I'm saying, I'm fucking out of here, I'll get you your money back next week or something."

"What, you mean you don't even have the money? Well how much do you have, you know this money isn't mine Alex, Ben over there fronted it."

I blushed, "Well I mean I ran into some people today, and I kind of paid some of it out . . ."

"Alex, cut the bullshit these are serious people, how much do you have?" Jack said.


"$24! What the fuck!"

"And some change . . ," I offered, holding a few quarters out.

"Motherfucker . . ," Jack said. "Just wait here, I gotta go talk to Ben about this."

While Jack was talking to Ben I looked around, long story short, there were five guys in there including Jack, and there didn't seem to be any obvious way out other than back through the heavy metal door we came in through.

Ben and Jack walked over to me, and Ben looked me up and down. "Gosh, he's a cutie Jack, you weren't kidding, this is going to be perfect. Actually it's no big deal. The film works better when they don't want to do it." Looking at me "You'll get used to it once it starts." Jack came over and grabbed me. I struggled of course, but what was the use, I already told you just Jack alone could snap me like a twig, and there were four other guys even bigger than Jack. Not that I didn't put up a fight, but soon enough I felt a wet cloth on my face and then . . . .

AWAKE all of sudden. . . I was gasping, exhaling my breath, and the chemically, slightly gasoline taste, but I still couldn't see. I was totally disoriented, and everything was dark. I was aware of a black headband over my eyes, and that my cold skin was a bit damp, and of course that I was tied down. I was lying on my back, with my hands tied behind me, and my legs spread open, at my ass, and bent at my knees. There was some kind of collar around my neck holding my head. My face felt uncomfortable, like it was painted, and something was pulling my hair.

Jack pulled my blindfold off and I saw another room same room. Jack put a mirror to my face. My hair was bleached blonde and pulled back into two pigtails with those little pink butterfly clap barrettes. My face was painted with a layer of base and I had a pink, frosty lipstick on. I looked down at my chest as much as I can with my neck in the collar and saw that my body had been shaved hairless, and is covered with goosebumps and my nipples had been painted with rougey gloss.

"Jack, what the fuck . . ," I gasped.

"Listen," he says, "they sent me back here to give you the deal, they figured you would take it better coming from me. You're doing this picture, one way or another. They want you to cooperate. You're supposed to play along like you're doing this for real, like this is your first time, and you're going through some sort of an initiation. Listen Alex, I knew they were gonna fuck you, but they told me if you don't play along, they'll just rape you anyway. It's an initiation they say. They have a guy with AIDS, and if you don't pass what they call your audition, they'll have him cum in and cum in you ass. Just play along, you're almost done with school, you have a great life ahead of you. Besides, it will still be sort of goof, we'll talk about it later, and we'll laugh about how bohemian we are."

Jack started running his hand along my hairless body, softly, moving it around in the area of my crotch, but not touching my dick. You can't really, help it, if you're tied to a table dressed as a girl in a totally vulnerable position, and someone runs their hand on your body - you start to get hard. My dick started perking up.

"See, baby, I got to admit, for me at least me, this is fun."

"Jack . . .you got to get me out of this" I said. He slapped me hard across my face.

"Shut up bitch, this is serious. Besides you want it, you're always teasing me, you little cock tease. Your always walking around drunk, acting like a like a little girly fuck, now you're gonna get some dick and your gonna like it."

Jack had taken his penis out of his pants and was stroking it over my face.

"Open your mouth cunt, you suck on this while I explain to you." He grabbed my face and pinched my cheeks so my mouth opened and pushed his hard dick in my mouth, and started fucking my face. I felt his cock push in and out hitting the back of my throat so I gagged, dragging against my lips as he pulled out.

"This is the script," he said still fucking my mouth, but now playing with my dick, and roughly sticking a finger up my ass. "You're some kid we picked up at the bus station. You say you just turned 18, and you want to be a porn star. You then act the part. Ben or one of the others tells you to do something you do it. Or you know what, don't do if you don't want - I don't fucking care. But if you don't play the part right, if you don't make it believable, after they rape you, the guy in the car is gonna come in here and place a load of HIV infected spunk in your tight little rich-boy slumming with the working class ass. You understand me?" Jack said his penis still lodged in my mouth. I nodded, looking up at him.

"Good," he said and pulled his penis out with a pop, leaving the room, leaving me gasping but ashamedly still hard.

The next five minutes were a blur; a man in a ski mask came in and untied me.

"Jack told you the rules right, you know the part right? You know the consequences?" I just nodded, and was led back out into the main room.

"Okay, Alex, you ready?" Ben said. "Go sit on the table, put this towel over your lap, and cross your arms over your tits like you're embarrassed."

"Roll film," Ben walked over to me, he was wearing tight black jeans and a T-shirt, he turned to the camera, "This is Alex. Alex wants to be in pornos and this is his audition tape. Alex, say hello to the camera."

"Hello . . . ow . ." Ben grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to the ground. My towel fell off and I was on the ground bent over on my hands and knees. Ben had my hair in one hand and he spanked me hard with the other.

"Alex, what's your name?"

"Alex," I said, and he spanked me.

"No bitch, your name is cunt slut bitch, that's what your name is in this video. Now, what's your name?" I didn't say anything and he slapped my ass again.

"Cunt slut bitch, you wanna be in porno? You wanna, pass you audition?"

Ben asked sternly.

"Yes, yes," I said, "I want to pass my audition."

"What's you name then?"

"My name is cunt, slut, bitch," I said, he slapped my ass again.

"Come on, what's your name, bitch, say it good, say it like you mean it." He was spanking me.

"Cunt slut bitch," I said, "Cunt slut bitch."

"You sure? You sure you're a cunt slut bitch? I thought you were a piece of shit whore? Tell me you're a piece of shit whore. Now what's you're name?"

"Piece of shit whore."

"Good you little cunt bitch. Now what do little cunt slut bitch, piece of shit whores like to do?" I had no idea what to say but he was pulling my hair.

"I want to be in pornos?" I offered.

"Good, but you want to be our fuck bitch right, you want to get us all off, to totally degrade yourself on film right?" All of a sudden there were three guys around me and all of them had their dicks out pointed at my face.

"Hold her head. Hold the piece of shit whore's head," Ben said, and Jack came over and did just that.

"First you're going to suck us all until we're nice and hard, and then we're going to cum all over you, you got that you piece of shit whore, you got what's going to happen to you? But first I want you to beg for it. I want you to beg to suck our dicks."

"Please let me suck your dicks . . ," I tried to say, but before I could there was a huge hot penis in my mouth. Two guys stood to either side and Jack barked at me to grab their dicks and stroke them. I sucked the dick in front of me. I was totally humiliated, but I was naked, and to my shame my dick got hard.

"Look at that little sissy faggot with a hard little dick and dick in his mouth," Jack laughed. "I knew he was a little cock tease slut. I knew he wanted dick."

I thought I was doing a good job, as one dick got pulled out of my mouth to be replaced by another. Meanwhile Ben was spanking my ass. "You want to be in pornos bitch. Yeah, I can see that - I can see how much you love that dick, look at how you love taking that spanking, like a little cunt, like a little whore fucking cunt, faggot bitch. But we're gonna fuck you now. We're going to take turns switching from your mouth to your ass, and we're gonna fuck you then we're gonna cum up that little hole. Come on, you want us to fuck you right? Get up on that table and spread your legs and tell us to fuck you."

I got on the table and spread my legs holding them open so my ass was exposed.

"Say it! Say it bitch! Tell us what you want us to do to you."

"Fuck me," I said panting, catching my breath.

"Like what? Like a dog?"

"Yeah, like a dog"

"Like a dirty little dog?"

Yeah, like a dirty little dog. Fuck me.'

"What do you want us to fuck?"

"Fuck my ass, fuck my ass like it's a pussy."

"You want us to fuck your ass like a pussy? Man you are a little bitch." Ben took his huge dick and plowed it into my asshole. It hurt, but felt so dirty, so nasty, I pushed back on him to get it all in. Jack filled my mouth with his dick and together the two of them sawed into me. Ben started stroking my dick as he plowed my ass and it felt so good.

"You like that cunt. You like getting fucked like a little faggot girl? You like that?"

"Oh yeah," I said, giving myself into the sensation and the situation.

"Then pull your knees back to your ears and spread those ass cheeks." I did as I was told and Ben pulled out with a loud pop, leaving my hot asshole gaping open.

"Yeah, look at that cunt's asshole, look at that hot fuck bitches boy cunt, come plug that ass hole, while I fuck his face." Ben stuck his hot cock in my mouth and Jack came around and plowed his dick into my ass, then the others, each taking a turn, stroking into me a few times and then switching so the other one could. Five of them in all, all fucking my ass, stretching me farther and farther open, making me more of a fucking cunt whore with each thrust. Man, I never though I would let one guy fuck my ass, and here were five taking turns using me like my ass like it was a bitch pussy, and then each one taking their hot dicks, still wet from my hole and shoving it into my mouth.

"Oh fuck, you getting that little cunt on film," Ben said. "Okay, now get ready, cause we're gonna cum all over you, all over your face, and all in your hole. Look at the camera like you love it. And stroke that little boy clit of yours."

Ben was fucking me now hard, and I was stroking my own cock.

"Get the camera here, get the camera here!" Ben yelled and pulled his dick out. "Hold your ass open he yelled." Lost in abandon, I pulled my ass cheeks as wide as they would go, my hard dick sticking up in the air. Ben started cuming over and into my open, aching gaping asshole, and the feeling of his hot spunk hitting those raw nerves pushed me over the edge. I came better than I ever did before, and as I did, Jack shot his hot load all over my face.

"Oh FUCK, I yelled, I am a little piece a shit whore, I'm a little cum slut porn star."

Ben grabbed me by the hair, and pulled me to my knees, cum covering my face, and spilling out of my ass.

"You're not done yet, take care of the other boys." I greedily lunged at the two dicks in front of me trying to fit both of them in my mouth at the same time. They both shot, getting cum in my hair and covering my face while the cameraman filmed the whole thing.

An hour later, I had washed the makeup off, and cleaned myself up.

Ben came into the room.

"You know, there never was anyone with AIDS. That was all just to get you into it. If you want, you can have the film and can destroy it. We can't legally use it without your permission." I stared at him blankly.

"It's really up to you. I think you're a natural. It's a shame to waste the tape, and you can star in one of my films any day - you certainly passed the audition, though you never can go back and get that perfection of the first time."



That's it, there is really is not much excuse for this one except that I was horny.

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