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The Story of Sissy

by Lady Katherine


`Well, in OUR country,' said Alice, still panting a little, `you'd generally get to somewhere else if you ran very fast for a long time, as we've been doing.'

`A slow sort of country!' said the Queen. `Now, HERE, you see, it takes all the running YOU can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!'


"How do you feel Sissy? Nancy asked."

"Like shit I said I have cramps like you would not believe."

"Oh yes I would, replied Nancy we both have our monthlies too, and my back is killing me Sissy."

"It would have to be today I said finals are this week."

"I know said Mary and I have a heavy date with Eddy tonight."

"Oh god I replied that reminds me I am seeing Frank tonight."

"So what's new laughed Mary you see Frank every night."

"Yes, and rumor has it that Frank has been into a local jewelry store to buy something expensive. Like a ring for a certain girl announced Nancy!"

"Speaking about rings I interrupted with a blush just look at Nancy's finger."

"Oh Nancy you little sneak when did Tom propose asked Mary?"

"Last night she smiled."

"It's beautiful I said as she held it up to show us. Is that how you knew about Frank Nancy I asked?"

"Yes Tom saw him in the shop when he went to pick up my ring. From what I hear you're going to really like it. Sent all the way to the city for the setting he did."

"Well then all I can say is Eddy must be the slowest male in Apple Valley we have been going out longer than either of you two and he still has not proposed exclaimed Mary."

The bus came then and we got on. It was not like a regular school bus the seats were more comfortable and this was a smaller bus painted in blue with the school name along the side. I sat down with the girls and Nancy and Mary went on about rings and weddings. But I tuned them out I hurt, how could women function when they felt like this. And now to add to that Frank was buying me a ring so I was to be proposed to after all. That brought a lump in my throat. I had hoped he would wait a bit for that. But now I had to put up or shut up. Each day seemed to bring another strand of a web tying me to this female life. But that was exactly what mother had told me would happen. The more I lived one life the more ties that would be made. I could not live life without doing it.

"Well Sissy will you asked Nancy?"

"Will I what? I stammered."

"Somebody has been day dreaming about her own wedding I think, laughed Mary."

"Will you be a bridesmaid for my wedding asked Nancy?"

"Of course she will Nancy, what are best friends for."

"I will I said if you two do the same for me."

"Deal! Exclaimed Nancy."

I didn't know it then but world history was already causing changes in our town. It was war! In a place no one here ever heard about some where in southeast Asia. That Sunday Nancy and Tom stood up in front of the congregation and with the pastor and said their vows of intended marriage. The pastor had another announcement two of our men were drafted and were going to fight in the war nobody ever heard about. Nancy, Mary and I and of course our men were all at the station when the draftees left. Tom and Frank knew them well. One was eddy's cousin. The train whistle blew and you could hear it echo all over the valley I didn't know it then but I would grow to hate that whistle as so many of the town's women would. I could not believe I ever saw war as something glamorous. I did when I was young and male. But I now saw only how it could come into a sleepy country town kill their men, suck the very life from the town and leave behind so much pain for women. So much pain indeed. But the pace in my life quickened as we prepared for Nancy's wedding. Mary and I went with her nearly everywhere. Aunt pat said it was good experience for my own wedding. After exhausting days of getting the invitations right and the hall rented. Going over with the caterers the menu for the third time and then having to reorder the cake because they could not get the filling we wanted for the first cake and squeezing in a fitting for Nancy's gown. We were informed that our bridesmaid dresses were not ready yet and there was some problem with the flowers. I could not believe the craziness of a wedding. Tom remained very cool. He told us he had all he could do to get his tuxedo fitted and go to work. He could not possibly help us. With that I got mad at so little he was doing. But Emma, Nancy's mother put her hand on mine.

Dear she said you should know weddings are, and always have been for the bride. The groom is superfluous he is need only to show up and say I do the rest is solely for the bride. But never let the men know about that they have to pay for it.

One night aunt pat came to my room "honey" she said:

"Don't you think it is time that you go back to the surgeon it has been four years since the first?"

"She can't give me what I want the most" I sighed

"she can give you the pleasure of having sex again." Said aunt pat

"You mean give Frank pleasure of having sex with me."

"Don't be a tart! You know lady this is not just pretend dress up any longer. You're going to have a real husband with real feelings in a real world. It is not just your life anymore. You're about to make some very important vows to him before God. If he wants sex then you have to give it to him you said you wanted to be his wife. I thought you realized that by now?" she snapped

"I do it's just that it hurts so much"

"I know Sissy. I know I have pushed you hard on this making you a woman so quickly. I drove your mother to it. I thought you would change your mind if I didn't. But in my heart I knew your spirit was a woman in some great plan. But your womanhood blossomed so quickly you were so happy in skirts going out with the boys as a lady not as a punching bag. Before we knew it you had woman's responsibilities. We never stopped to think of that. It is just the way I am! "damn the torpedoes full speed ahead." But this is the last of it. Finish what you started" said aunt pat

The week I was to get my final surgery I had seen the doctor on several occasions she didn't approve of my surgery but since I could not pass as a male anymore she agreed to do the surgery. My penis was by now way too small to be used for reconstructive surgery. So I was to use skin taken from my thighs to give the effect of outer cheeks and a proper vagina I could use for normal sex. In addition I would receive inserts for my rear to make it closer to women's form and redefining my waist to a higher position on me. I was terrified when they wheeled me into the operating table. The green sheet was taken off and I could feel the doctor moving my genitals. I had been given a sedative and I was getting sleepy. But they gave me another drug called Currie through my intervenes line and I was out in seconds.

Coming back was hard I was in a sea of blackness someone was calling my name but it was not my name it was a girl's name. Then I looked at my body in the dream it was a women's body then I remembered and the pain hit me. It took two weeks in recovery to heal enough that I could go home. But it was well worth it I had a dearer that went smoothly down my back and then tucked its self in and my waist was not just defined it was narrow! Between my breasts on top and my new larger proportions below I was nothing but soft curves. But the pain was worse than before and I had a cut almost to my navel. The doctor came in as Aunt Pat was about to leave.

"How does it feel to be a women?" she asked

"I don't know" I said "I am in such pain."

"Well that will pass. The good news is that I have been able to reconstruct your vagina and a imperfect uterus. Which means you will be able to have normal sex like any female. It is not perfect but it is close you don't even have to lubricate your self as most of these operations leave you. The best part of it is that you will be able to have an organism. Your aunt was most insistent and generous that I do my best"

It was very strange having a new opening in me. After the bandages came off I explored it with absolute wonder. I tried imaging Frank deep inside me. With my fingers I began to explore and found I was being turned on. The nurse burst into my room. she saw what I was doing before I could cover myself.

"Hello she smiled I am Doctor Partisan's nurse." She announced.

Well, she said you will never be mistaken for a boy again. Obviously pleased with herself, she said you make me jealous.

Thank you I said

Don't thank me she said the doctor told me your body was so cooperative she almost thought it knew what it wanted more than she did.

She looked at me and quite matter of factually said:

"You will want a dildo for that. Ill have one brought up."

She then wanted to explain some basic feminine hygiene with me. What douches to use and how often. She also explained how to position my self to make love to a man. Some do's and don'ts and she also left me with about a ton of leaflets and information. All as if she was talking about peach cobbler. The following day the nurse came in and handed me two boxes.

"The green one is for occasional use for your pleasure when you feel the need. Don't use it with any force yet you still have stitches in you. The blue one the doctor wants you to wear for a while to prevent your vagina from getting small. Then she asked if I had peed when I said yes she said it was good and to come in the bathroom. I did as I was told. She had me sit on what looked like a toilet but was not. She set up some tubing and handed me a nozzle like thing.

"When your ready ill turn on the flow" she said

I looked at her like she was speaking in Chinese

"look she said it has to be cleansed"

I still didn't quite get it. Then she said:

"look this goes in there. You have to wash your self internally"

With a blush I did what she wanted. Then she put KY jelly on the shaft from the blue box and handed it to me. I slid it into my new opening. It felt OK but I walked like a duck.

I was so glad to leave the private hospital not quite sure if it was because of the lack of dignity. Or after all this time my complete lack of knowledge on female genitalia. I didn't know things even a pre teenage girl knew. To my defense all the books in the world can't prepare you as much as a few days of living with one. Like real breasts no fake one's can duplicate it.

Still I loved the appearance, was it too sexy for my little town? The dressmaker earned a fortune in refitting my dresses. Yet I knew it was time to do it. Frank was getting bolder in his love making. I wore blouses that buttoned in front now and front hook bras to make it easier for Frank to bare my breasts. He loved sucking on my nipples. His hands were becoming a problem Nancy and Mary let their boy friends feel them up everywhere. When we went swimming if the beach was deserted and we picked one that always was. Mary and Nancy would have their top removed by Eddy and Tom how could I say no to Frank? I didn't mind! I had good looking boobs according to all three of the boys and Mary. It was Frank's hands that were a problem. Now he could feel me any where and he would not find out. At that point I really didn't have a sex. I possessed no real sexual organs at all. Besides there were other problems Nancy told me she let Tom screw her a few times before she got engaged. Now Frank was asking about doing that to me. And who says boys don't talk about their sex making. It put me in a real tight spot I told him not till after we were engaged but that was likely only a question of time now. I still had not resolved my problem I had about letting a man put a cock in me. Up my ass or in my mouth I still kept remembered the times with the sick gym couch. Though I let Frank put his tongue down my throat as far as it will go. But wasn't that precisely why I was getting a vagina? When I came home from the hospital Mary and Nancy both looked at me with surprise but neither said a word about my new appearance. I was just in time for Nancy's wedding and a frantic fitting of my dress allowed me to keep my promise of being in her wedding. Something had changed though because the morning of the wedding when we were getting dressed Mary showed me her engagement ring.

Wow I said I leave for a few days and everything happens. I am so happy for you I said.

She held my hands. Same deal for my wedding as Nancy's?

I stopped to think, why yes of course I said same deal for best friends. We hugged each other. I really was so happy. Never did I feel so close to two girls in all my life. Men do not bond like women do I don't know why. Perhaps it has to with our emotions. Women are always dealing with their emotions with the ebb and flow of our hormones. (Mine cycled just like a born female now though I had to inject them.) Then I was never very bright about such things. The wedding went off swimmingly everyone said so with only the smallest of mishaps. The organist was an hour late, the flowers were wrong; it rained like hell in the afternoon. Tom got drunk and passed out. Mary got drunk and made a pass at me. No one could find a knife to cut the cake even though a special engraved one was ordered (I don't think anyone ever found that knife.). As I said it went wonderfully. Everyone was so happy. Especially the three sisters as the town began to call us. If you found one of us you found all of us. On Sunday Mary and Eddy said their pre marriage vows in front of the congregation and a date was announced a short three months hence. Everyone speculated that Mary waited so long for Eddy to propose she didn't want Eddy to cool down. Nancy and I knew the real reason for the quick wedding Mary had missed her period this month. Nancy kept coming by at the coffee service after church and humming I know something Sissy doesn't know.

Finally I could take it no longer. What is it I demanded!

When do you and Frank have a date she teased?

Tomorrow of course I said you know that. So?

Well, she said wear something special it is going to be a special night she smiled like the cat that had just swallowed a canary and would say no more. On Monday when Frank stopped by I was wearing a red sequined dress strapless with a built in bra and a short skirt and matching 3 inch heels. Long pendent earrings finished the outfit. Aunt Pat added a fur cape. It got cool in the evening. I could see by the growing bulge in his pants he liked me. We said good bye to Aunt Pat who winked at me as we left. Frank drove me to a road house called the country club for dinner. OK it was not the Ritz but it was the fanciest thing in Apple Valley. They had dinner a show and dancing. All for the same price. Sometime after the show he reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue velvet box and handed it to me. I knew what it was. I had been looking for it for months. Still my heart stopped a lump formed in my throat. I wondered if any other girl had the same experience. With trembling hands I opened the box. There was a beautiful blue white 2 caret diamond with two 1/2 caret diamonds on either side. I had never seen something so beautiful. All I could say was oh Frank over and over. I put the box with the ring down on the table with my trembling hands. Before I dropped it Frank took my hands in his big callused ones. Sissy he began I love you so much. You are a far better women than I could ever hope to love. I love you more than I love my life. And I promise you will be happy. I told you I would take the pain away and I meant it. Please will you marry me? Oh yes I said I will marry you Frank forever and a day. He slipped the ring on my finger my heart was going so fast it felt like a motor boat. He reached over and kissed me hard and long it felt so good to be in his arms so safe so nourishing to my soul. When we broke our kiss the whole floor of customers and waiters applauded. Unbeknown to us they were watching the whole marriage proposal. The manager came out and told us the meal was on him and congratulated us. It was time for dancing and everyone had to dance with us it seemed and in their smiles held more than their happiness for us and our engagement. I do believe they were fondly remembering that day in their lives as well. Later that night Frank parked the car on a ridge overlooking the valley. We kissed and loved each other but he did not put his shaft in me that night. I was considering what it would feel like to have him in me so close so intimate. Still when it was over my panties were down around my ankles and my hair was disheveled and somehow I had lost an earring. As I put my self together Frank began to laugh

"What I demanded. Thinking it was directed at me."

"You know he said I was just thinking half the town already knows of our engagement."

"Yes, I responded there where a lot of people there tonight. And you know I giggled the other half will know by morning."

He drove me home then. I kept feeling the ring on my finger. Turning it around feeling the stone to make sure it was still real. And looking at the man I just pledged my whole life to. So this is life I thought. I said good bye to Frank at my door. Not without a lot of kissing. I walked in to find aunt Pat waiting for me it was three in the morning. But she never mentioned it.

"Well, was all she said?

I wanted to tell her all that had happened but all the words got caught in my throat at once. I could only show her my ring.

"Oh Sissy she said that is beautiful. It makes mine look like it came from the dime store."

Aunt Pat pumped me for information until the days' activities caught up with me and I awoke in my bed wearing my baby dolls. With a start I reached for my hand! Yes, it was still there. My ring was still there. I closed my eyes again and fell back to sleep dreaming of Frank's arms around me. Tuesday Aunt Pat called mother to tell her the good news. Of course Mary and Nancy knew already and they were at my door stop with the milk man.

Nancy came in the parlor and said "Quite a performance you two put on. You have scandalized the town for years to come."

"Oh no I said I didn't mean..."

"Silly, Mary burst in, this town loves scandals you have won their hearts. And I hear they have a new name for all of us."

"What now I grimaced."

"There calling us the sisters of summer twilight. Nancy said as she looked out the window."

"What does that mean I asked?"

"I really don't know. Some old witch women saw us and labeled us that. I think the whole town is as superstitious as hell responded Nancy it has something to with Indian legend but it is a good thing, your aunt should know all about it she is the local witch woman authority here."

I was going to ask more about it but Aunt Pat came into the room and told me mother was coming down for a week. I didn't like the sound of her voice there was more she was not saying. Nancy had a new husband to take care of and Mary had a fitting to get so that freed me up for the rest of the day to talk to Aunt Pat. When they had gone Aunt Pat brought out the big teapot a sure sign something was wrong. Aunt Pat always discussed important things over tea.

"What is the matter I asked?"

"Your mother does not sound well she said."

"What is wrong? I asked."

"I don't know she replied but I don't like the tone in her voice I believe she is ill. We will just have to wait and see."

We sat in silence for a few minutes.

Then Aunt Pat cleared her voice there is something else. "I believe your father's family knows about you."

"Would they come here? Aunt Pat."

"No, they do not know where I live. And my family would never tell them. I have put the word out we have kin all over this state."

That Sunday it was Frank's and my turn to stand up in front of the congregation and say our pre nuptial vows. With Frank's arm around me I stood before the congregation. I looked at their smiling faces and the love in their eyes all wishing us well. There was Nancy and Mary rooting for us. So much love for me I thought. I knew this was home now it was where my heart was. I was also aware of time. My life was passing me by I would soon be married I was growing up. I was growing up a female. Mother came the next day and Aunt Pat picked her up at the station. She looked very tired but she brightened up when she saw me.

Oh Sissy I can't believe this is happening when you told me about Frank I never imagined it would end in this she held my hand wearing the ring. She had to know all about it before she would even have tea. Then she wanted to see my new hips. She loved them. We talked and laughed she seemed like her old self but in the morning without her makeup I saw her color was wrong and her skin was drawn. She was using a different foundation something she had not changed for twenty years. I held the container in my hand.

How sick are you I asked.

She looked at the container in my hand and smiled. "Only my daughter could have caught that."

"Well, I said how sick?"

"Very sick she answered I have cancer."

"Well, your being treated you ... She held my hands and shook her head. No, she whispered no Sissy; it can't help its terminal."

I heard aunt Pat gasp in the door way but she didn't enter. I could think of nothing but to hold her. I tried to make her week special. Nancy and Mary helped as they could but we were in the upheaval of preparing for Mary's wedding. On the second night mother had me strip naked and lay on my bed and she examined me and the folds that were to represent my vulva.

"I wish she said I could give you my uterus it would work since we are mother and daughter but not with this cancer. But still it looks very nice." "How do you feel not having a penis Sissy? She asked finally."

"I don't miss it I said it just was not a part of who I was anymore."

"I am sorry Sissy she said I feel that if I had not encouraged you to put on dresses if I had punished you for wearing them mother began. But you looked so cute in dresses I could not help my self"

"Then... I would be a boy now? I finished. I don't think so mother if I were. I would be very unhappy. You were so correct mother I had to choose one or the other I could not simply stand there and let life go by in-between."

"Yes, mother replied but you don't understand Sissy she continued I knew you had the same traits as the men in our family!"

"Traits I asked? Mother shook her head yes and continued have you ever seen your uncle Marty? Well, if you had you would have seen that he has no hair on his legs or chest and very little on his face. It's a genetic quark passed down to all the men in our family when I saw you had the same... I."

"Does it also have the propensity for transsexualism I asked?".

"Sometimes" answered Aunt Pat who had walked into the room. "And sometimes it skips whole generations. You should read about our side of the family Sissy we have a very long and er ... interesting past."

Aunt Pat sat down on the bed next to mother and put her arm around her. "But never mind mother broke the growing silence as long as you are happy in this life."

"I am that I smiled I am very happy with my life."

Mary's wedding was an experience. I have been to Ireland and it is a land of true delight. One only has to explore a quiet glen and you can truly believe in the little people. But were ever an Irishman goes he always brings three things good music, good dancing, and good drink. It is of the latter that I confess makes my remembrance of that wedding a bit hazy. I did double duty that day for not only was I in the wedding but I played my violin for Mary at the reception. I had gotten quite good on it (the nuns were right! go figure) and I loved playing it I could express my feelings so much better with it than I ever could before. I started with Sibelius and Mozart they were Mary's favorites. But most of the requests were for jigs. Well I knew them too, and Mary delighted in that fact. I impressed her family by knowing the old music, that, and a glass of Ireland's best that I could never seem to empty. But Mary was happy I remember her infectious smile her bright red hair and her haunting green eyes. But one of the last things I remember is Frank bundling me up and taking me home. Frank's arms were so strong and yet so gentle, his family owned the mill, it made them rich over a few generations but it was hard work and Frank loved it. And his strong arms belonged to me. How could this be so wrong when it felt so right?

Aunt Pat decided to take mother home. I remained in Apple Valley. Mother insisted I stay. She said I had Frank to think about now. And Mary was due very shortly. I felt the real reason was that no matter how baggy I made Danny's pants and shirt. Sissy's breasts and hips would show through. (Could I ever be just what I was?) So I kissed mother good-bye and watched them drive away. It would be the last time I would see my mother alive. Mary had Eddy to get her to the doctors when she was due. But Eddy worked on his father's farm and would be out on the 102 acres of fields this time of year. (No, we did not have cellular phones!). Frank was working on the old Mctavish place, re-building it so that he and I could live there. It was 75 acres of the most beautiful farm land in the southern part of our valley I have ever seen. I could not wait for him to finish. But the truth was I longed to share his bed. Then I would be safe in his arms late at night when my demons came. So Nancy and I were as usual Mary's standbys. I didn't mind. She could always count on us. On the other hand we did not have a hospital. The closest one was in Bernard two valleys over and over 20 miles of bad road. We had a clinic manned by two doctors that may or may not be there depending on the needs of the town and a nurse who should be there most of the time. So I was now expecting two phone calls one from my aunt Pat that would be bad news and one from Mary that would be good news. As usual nothing goes the way I expect it to go. The first one came in around 2pm it was Mary.

"Sissy my water broke I need you!"

"I am on my way I cried and I grabbed my purse and was out the door."

When I arrived Nancy was already there. What took you so long she said? I zipped up Nancy's dress in back

"Forget something I asked?"

"So I was a little rushed she admitted. She continued, I called the clinic, Dr. Paine is on the Talbert farm delivering Judy's child. DR Jeffreys went to set mark Dundee arm. Seems the tractor slipped again and whacked him pretty hard. But he will be on his way after that."

"That's the third time I exclaimed, that tractor will be the death of him yet. You mark my words."

"Well, begun Nancy we are to bring Mary to the clinic and wait for doctor Jeffreys."

Then it is up to us once more I told Nancy. What else is new? We maybe three weak females but together nothing in this life can break us. Nancy cried. We got Mary cleaned up the best way we could and then began the long drive to the clinic. When we got there we found a note from the nurse she was sick but to come in and the doctor would be in at 10am the next morning. The door was open so we went in and put Mary on examining table.

"Its coming cried Mary."

"Don't push I yelled for god's sake don't push Mary."

"I can't help it I can't stop it. She yelled."

"With that I examined Mary. Then I took Nancy aside."

"Look Nancy she is crowning I said she is going to have this baby now!"

"But the doctor is not here whimpered Nancy."

"Then we have to deliver. I whispered."

"But I have never delivered a baby before whispered Nancy visibly green."

"Sure you have I said remember school."

"That was a rubber baby repeat a rubber baby you knothead this is real. God this is our Mary growled Nancy."

"Nancy! Let Sissy deliver me she got the "A" yelled Mary."

"All right then. Nancy cried I put Mary's feet in the stirrups and I told her to push."

"Will you make up your mind lady Mary yelled to me?"

"Then she turned to Nancy and said first she tells me not to push now she wants me to push she said impishly.""

"I smiled, waited, and prayed to Jesus that it be a normal birth. When the baby came out it had the cord wrapped around its neck it was already turning blue. Panic rouse in me like a living thing but I swatted it down."

"I have a problem I said" I reached in and carefully untangled the cord the baby became pink in seconds and it slid into my hands.

We cut the cord. And were cleaning up when the doctor came in. He looked at his new patients and then turned to me and said

"You did fine job Sissy Nancy told me about the problem with the cord. Look the town needs all the medical help it can find I can't do it all and DR Paine is getting too old. I want you to become the town's first midwife."

"I don't have the training I responded."

"You have enough he said look Sissy he continued that was a very difficult birth and you both did terrifically. You will get a kit that ill replenish and a book to explain everything."

"Look doctor I nearly panicked in there I cried."

"But you didn't Sissy that is the point he said. He continued look it will not matter anyway when the women hear what you have done they are going to call on you when they are due. I have so many women who would rather deliver alone rather than let a man seeing them like that. Now they will come for you because you're a women and perhaps because of your aunt."

"What does my aunt have to do with it?"

"Some people believe she is a shaman of the old clan."

"A witch you mean?"

"Not exactly, just a wise woman, she knows herb lore and healing plants, He continued looking at me sternly, Sissy I would rather have you on my side."

Nancy and I left Mary resting at the clinic. Eddy was at her side. We walked out with midwife kits under our arms. On the drive home.

Nancy suddenly began to laugh, "The three sisters!"

"What? I said."

"The sisters of summer twilight she began. Legend has it they are three spirits who were sisters that have the job of bringing life into the valley."

"You stop Nancy I said your as nuts as that doctor."

"No, it's true she giggled."

A few days later I had to go into town to get some stockings. When I came out of the shop a group of ladies were talking and the way they kept looking in my direction I knew they were talking about me. Surly that after all that has been done to me it can't be I am not passing. I nodded to the group. And one of the women detached her self from the others and came up to me

"Sissy is that your name? You're a Waverly aren't you she asked?"

"Yes, I said can I help you?"

"Yes, my name is Dorothy Brown my daughter is due next month. She lives two farms from you. Would you come and examine her. When it is her time deliver her. We have fine eggs that I am sure you could use..."

"I smiled eggs will be fine Mrs. Brown. (So many of our families were so poor that debts were often paid in barter). I will come tomorrow to examine her and when she is near you come fetch me."

"She broke into smiles and said oh thank you miss, doctor Jeffreys is a good doctor it's just well you know..."

He is a young man! I interrupted."

"She nodded I just knew you would understand."

As she left me I thought so its started already here is another strand that keeps me here. But now my body was what kept me in my dresses. From then on I had several women come to me with just female problems. When I told the doctor he just said if it looks like it requires my services send her to me. Other wise treat her. He sent me more books to read and wanted to show us some techniques for examination. After several examinations and one late night delivery I was beginning to wonder if any of the town's people actually slept when they went to bed. Nancy stopped by for tea. I needed it after the previous night's delivery

"Well she said how is it going?"

"I think we have been suckered into something I snapped."

"Sissy in case you have not noticed it knothead. The people in this town are simple people. In the past most would not or could not get to the doctor. So many women and babies died during delivery because they didn't have the proper care."

"Sorry I said I didn't mean..."

"Sissy, Nancy began you haven't a clue one as to how much respect and love this town has for you. I heard about Merriam Clancy."

"Oh I said that was terrible. It was breach birth. I almost lost her."

"If you had not been there so soon she would be dead right now and her three kids would be motherless. We three can make a difference, replied Nancy."

I smiled and said "I heard of your delivery of the Johnson baby did you turn very green?"

"No, she laughed. I have gotten over that she continued. You know Sissy, began Nancy, the real reason I came over here is to ask you to deliver my baby."

"Sure I said I faltered not understanding what she was trying to say."

"Then she said can I get my first exam next month."

"Wait a minute I cried your not..."

"Yes I am Sissy she exclaimed. The doctor confirmed it yesterday."

"Oh Nancy I said I am so happy for you. I hugged her."

"Well, Nancy whispered in my ear it's now your turn to get your little ass pregnant. And we can watch all our bellies grow."




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