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by Susan Fraser


Susana, dressed in only a pair of lacy holdup stockings and a black patent high heels lay back and spread her legs wide apart as Steve lent into her. With a thrust of his hips his erect penis penetrated her vagina and Susana trembled as it brushed her clitoris as it did so.

Steve's body began to move rhythmically and with each thrust Susana felt her body convulse with pleasure. Distant memories began to form in her mind, slowly becoming more and more distinct. Suddenly she remembered, she remembered everything!

The memories suddenly filled her mind. She remembered how 3 years before she had been a man, Dave, married to Donna. How Dave had cheated on Donna with his secretary and how Donna had tricked Dave into visiting a hypnotist. How this hypnotist had hypnotised Dave into believing that he had always wanted to be a woman. Susana remembered those months taking female hormones and learning to dress in women's clothes. She remembered Dave developing breasts and Dave's body assuming the curves and softness of a woman. Susana remembered the day when Dave had entered hospital for gender reassignment surgery, how his testes and penis had been removed and a vagina created in their place. Susana remembered how three months later Donna had taken him back to the hypnotist who had planted the command in Dave, or rather Susana's brain that she would take a job at the local brothel and only remember all of these memories whenever a Client was about to make her orgasm. The command also told her to forget these memories once she had achieved orgasm.

As Susana's orgasm reached its peak she gave a big sigh of satisfaction. She loved being a woman and having so many clients to service on a regular basis. She left the brothel after a long night with her friend, Donna. Susana liked Donna as she was always laughing. Tomorrow they would go shopping and Susana would buy some sexy lingerie ready for her shift at the brothel the following evening. Donna would help her to choose something really special, she always did.

As they walked home, Donna was grinning to herself. It had been almost three years since Dave had cheated on her with his secretary, two years since Susana had started work at the brothel. Revenge was sweet!!!!




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