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Sweet Revenge

by: Karen Petties


With just a week to go before the big day, Sheila Brown ushered her children into the bridal shop for the final dress fittings.

Following his Mother, Paul stopped to look at the name of the shop, 'Buttons & Bows'. How embarrassing! He glanced around furtively, hoping that no-one he knew was watching him enter such a feminine and girly place. Sauntering into the shop, he was struck by the rows and rows of white dresses, the general femininity of the place and the complete absence of any other males. The narrow aisle through the boutique meant that he couldn't avoid brushing against the billowing silk dresses. They felt so soft and sensual, and he lingered for a moment to take in a prominent display of very feminine and intimate lingerie. Sensing an all too familiar stirring in his pants, he was about to move on when a young and attractive looking girl interrupted him.

"Can I help you sir?" she enquired, noticing his interest. He'd probably never seen underwear like this before. She smiled at his embarrassment and watched his face colour up. He was clearly taken with the profusion of frills and lace adorning the most intimate of ladies lingerie. There were rarely any boys in the shop and she thought how sweet he looked with his soft almost girlish features and long blond hair. "I’m sure we've something in your size" she giggled, delighting as she managed to make him blush an even deeper red.

"For goodness sake Paul, stop daydreaming and wasting the lady's time, we haven't got all day" his Mother scolded.

The young girl smiled and stepped aside as he was ushered into a large changing room with full length wall mirrors, whilst his older sister Karen was shown into another room, her bridal gown hanging up ready for her.

His Aunt Judith had arranged to meet them at the shop and was already helping Paul's cousin, Katie into her bridesmaids outfit. He watched as the two women helped their young daughters into their full skirted dresses. He really didn't understand why they had to wear so many petticoats underneath, they made the dresses stick right out. His little sister Fiona was normally such a tom-boy and wore jeans and T shirts whenever she could. In fact, he couldn't remember the last time he saw her in a dress, let alone such a feminine girlish outfit. He took great delight in telling her just how sweet she looked in all her frills, which sparked off a stream of abuse between them and a scolding from their Mother.

Once the girls were dressed, Sheila turned her attention on Paul. Karen had wanted a pageboy for her wedding and even though Paul was a little old for it, she was very insistent. Paul had other ideas though and at every fitting he'd kicked up a real fuss and consistently refused to wear any of the outfits they’d put in front of him, complaining they were all to frilly and childish.

"I'm not wearing some stupid pageboy's outfit Mum and that's the end of it. I'm too old for velvet pantaloons, frilly shirts and all that stuff. Karen just wants me to look a prat in front of everyone, that's the only reason she's doing this."

"Oh what on earth are we going to do with him" Sheila sighed in desperation. "You'll have to go and talk to Karen about it, and you two girls had better go with him while your Aunt and I get changed."

He stepped into the next room where Karen was about to get into her dress. Paul stood staring at her for a moment. She wanted to try the dress on over her bridal lingerie and was wearing the most exquisite underwear: silken wide legged panties with pale blue ribbon bows, a matching lace suspender belt, white stockings and a very lacy bra that barely contained her heavy breasts. She may have been his sister but he couldn't help feeling that she looked pretty sexy. His thoughts were interrupted as his little sister pushed past him in her billowing skirts.

"He's still refusing to wear the pageboy outfit so Mum wants to know what you want to do about it" Fiona announced.

"Really! That's what he thinks. He's going to get dressed and behave himself. I'm not having him ruin my wedding day."

"Huh! Tough! I'm not wearing some soppy pageboy outfit at the age of 16 so you can just swivel on it!"

Karen looked at her young brother in horror. "Well if you won't dress up as a pageboy then let me think what other sort of wedding attendant you could be. Oh yes I know, I think I'll have a third BRIDESMAID" she retorted. "I can just see you in one of these cute little dresses, and we can do your hair and make-up and make you look really pretty, can't we girls?"

The two girls burst out laughing, not realising that she meant it. It took a moment for Paul to react too.

"WHAT! You're joking!" he laughed.

"Oh no I'm not! OK girls, go and see if you can find a dress to match the ones you're wearing. I guess he'll need a size 12 but if you need any help, ask one of the assistants. They were still barely able to believe it, and shrieking with laughter his sister and cousin dashed out and headed for the rails of dresses.

"You’ve got to be joking, there's NO way" he insisted.

"Oh you think so" Karen replied. "I know you’ve been into my clothes for ages and my undies drawer is always a mess. Do you wear Karen's things as well or are her undies a bit.....plain compared to mine? Yes, I bet you prefer my silks and satins next to your skin don't you? Maybe if you're a good boy, I'll let you try on my bridal lingerie. Would you like that? Feel how soft the panties are. They feel lovely on" she said taking his hand and rubbing it against the silky satin. Imagine me dressing you in all this pretty silk lingerie, and if you are very very good, I might even let you pop my wedding dress on........just think how girlish you'd feel in a bridal gown" she laughed.

"How do you expect me to wear a..a..dress? No guy would wear a dress in front of other people, let alone a bridesmaids dress. I keep telling you I'm not doing it. Why should I?" he stammered.

"I'll tell you why you're going to do it. You've forgotten how I came home early that time and found you in stockings and suspenders and my best silk knickers with that creep David. God knows why Bob chose him to be his Best Man" she complained.

Paul went bright red. "We were just messing around. It was just a bit of a laugh" he protested. "He dared me to try them on" that's all.

"Messing around? A bit of laugh? Oh REALLY! He was SNOGGING you for God's sake, and he had his hand down the front of your panties. You were loving every minute of it judging by that hard-on. I think that qualifies for raving queer in my book."

Paul was at that stage in life where he was a bit confused about his sexuality. On the one hand he lusted after the girls along with all the other boys..... but there were one or two guys who were also kind of...... fanciable. He didn't want to admit it and he certainly didn't dare tell anyone. Trying to ignore her comments, he looked down at the floor in dismay.

Karen sensed she had him cornered now. "Well you have a choice brother dear. You either wear a dress and behave like a sweet little bridesmaid or I'll be telling Mum, Fiona, your girlfriend and your mates at school, all about your little cross dressing habits and also what you like to get up to with other boys."

Before he had a chance to object the girls burst in, followed by an assistant carrying a flowing bridesmaids dress together with several big flouncy petticoats. The assistant showed Karen the dress and asked if she needed any help with it.

"No no it's not for me, I'm the bride. It's for my little brother" she laughed. "And since you asked, yes he'd be delighted if you can help him into it".

For a moment the young girl looked aghast then turned to Paul with a big smile. "Oh I say, we've never dressed a boy up as a bridesmaid before" she giggled, holding the dress against him to check the size. "Yes, I think it'll be fine. It's the same as the one your sister is wearing except that it's a little longer and more full."

"You'll have to wear THREE petticoats under your dress, we've only got two" Fiona teased, but with a tinge of resentment in her voice.

Paul looked in horror at the dress. It had 3 layers of cascading pink see-through chiffon material over a baby pink satin skirt. Each layer of the delicate chiffon was edged in pretty snow white lace and the skirt hems were scooped up to ensure the bouffant frilled petticoats would be tantalisingly displayed. The bodice was made up of more chiffon over lace over satin, with a white frilled sweetheart neckline. The big puffy sleeves had decorative white lace frills at the shoulder and round the armholes, and white lace rosettes with pink satin bows in the centre. Paul went all goosey. He was speechless. Surely they couldn't expect him to wear anything as ridiculous as this.

Fiona was in raptures. "Isn't it gorgeous? It's all soft and frilly, and the skirt is so full that it flares right out whenever you turn round and shows off all the petticoats underneath". She did a little pirouette to demonstrate, sending her petticoats flying out in a cloud of swirling, rustling lace. "Hey, we'll be sisters in matching dresses won't we. Mum's going to be so proud of us" she teased, sending the girls into more fits of laughter.

"Well what are we waiting for, let's get him dressed", Karen said with a smile on her face."

She had to hold his arms as he struggled hard, but they soon had his shirt and trousers off. Karen said he was allowed to keep his underpants on..... this time! The pretty assistant busied herself pulling the rustling petticoats up round his waist and fluffing them out, and his cousin fed the dress over his head and zipped him up at the back. He was breathless and red faced by the time they'd finished and he wished it was all a bad dream.

Right on cue, his Mother and his Aunt pushed the curtain open. They were stunned by the sight in front of them.

"Oh my God, what on earth's going on?" Sheila exclaimed, breaking into a smile.

"He's going to be a bridesmaid Mum. Doesn't he look a sweetie?" Fiona said in a sickly voice.

"Look, he's even wearing PETTICOATS" Katie added, lifting the hem of his skirts to prove it.

"A little make-up and a nice hair do and everyone will think you've another pretty daughter" Sheila's sister added, unable to contain her laughter.

"How on earth did you get him to agree" Sheila asked her daughter.

"It was really simple", Karen replied. "He didn't want to be a pageboy so I said if we got him all made-up so that no-one would recognise him, he could pass as a bridesmaid. I think he quite likes the idea, even though he's pretending not to of course.

"Well yes, but I still don't see how you got him into that frilly dress."

"Oh Mum, you're so old fashioned. These days you find some boys like wearing...... pretty dresses and stuff..... don't they Paul? They like to experiment and express their feminine side. Honestly Mum!"

"Oh well, I'm a bit behind with the times then. As long as he's happy."

"Will you be needing any lingerie?" the assistant enquired turning to Paul.

It was hardly possible for him to look any more embarrassed but she thought she detected his face blushing into a slightly deeper colour than it already was.

"No thanks. I've got a house full of girls, I'm sure we'll be able to find him something to wear underneath" his Mother replied for him, laughing.

Paul was so glad to be able to change back into his own clothes and escape from his ordeal at the shop, but for the rest of the week Fiona kept up the torment. Apart from the continual reminders that he would soon be wearing a dress again, she kept coming to his room with different pairs of knickers. She told him he'd be wearing them under his dress so he really should start getting used to them. Paul would slam the door in her face but he couldn't shut out her childish teasing.

"Have you decided which ones to wear on Saturday Paul? Why don't you come and look at some of my pretty panties? I could help you pick out some really nice FRILLY ones" she giggled.

On the Friday afternoon, he arrived home from school to discover that all the dresses had been delivered. He dashed upstairs almost afraid of what he’d find. The repulsive dress was hanging over his wardrobe protected by a thin plastic cover, with the voluminous pink and white lace trimmed petticoats draped across the bed. He stared at the dress and approached it cautiously. He detested it....... yet he couldn't resist reaching inside and running his hands over the sensuous material. He remembered how it had felt against his naked body. It sent shivers down his spine.

He turned his attention to the voluminous frilled petticoats creating a huge mound on his bed, not realising that Fiona was silently watching him from the doorway. He thrust his hands into the frothy white lace and buried his face in the soft glistening satin. Yes, he was definitely getting hooked. she mused.

"Bet you can't wait to try them on eh?", she interrupted.

He looked up in shock, told her to get out and slammed the door in her face.

On the big day, Paul was summonsed to his Mothers' room where his sisters had already changed and were waiting expectantly for him. Sheila took his pajamas off and began by carefully rolling some white stockings up his legs and attaching the lacy tops to a pink suspender belt.

"I can't see why I've got to wear girls underwear" he complained loudly.

"I think you mean LINGERIE" she corrected him. "Anyway, you'll soon get used to the stockings and the feeling of silk next to your skin. Besides, you can't go to the wedding in a pretty dress without looking pretty underneath as well. You're a boy so you should know how you can sometimes see up a girl's dress, don't tell me you don’t do that my lad! Now stop whining and get this camisole on, we haven't got long" she told him.

"Can I dress him in his panties Mum? I've got them all ready and he'll need some help" Fiona pleaded.

"NO WAY!", Paul objected. "She's not doing it."

"Oh PLEASE Mum, you said I could if I did the dishes all promised" she continued.

"Oh yes alright then" she replied, "I'll go and get his dress whilst you're doing that."

Fiona was practically shaking with excitement as she went to her room and returned with a pair of very girlish panties. She had a glint in her eye as she held them up in front of his face. She couldn't wait for his reaction.

"PINK for a girl" she teased him. "You'd better be careful the boys don't see these" she laughed.

They were the most childish looking panties Paul had ever seen, in the palest pink satin with row upon row of white lace frills. He couldn't believe they were going to make him wear anything like this.

"Oh God, I can't wear those, they're all FRILLS. Look at them! Where did they come from, I've never seen you wear them?" he said in despair.

"They're really SWEET aren't they" she swooned with delight. "They go under that horrid frilly dress that Mum bought me to wear to that pageant competition. I only wore it the once and I certainly wouldn't be seen dead wearing them now. The only reason I kept them was the hope that one day I'd get my revenge and see you wearing them! In fact if you're a good little girl today I might even let you keep them. Just think, your very own girls knickers to wear whenever you're in one of your GIRLISH moods" she laughed.

She held them out for him. He looked at Karen for help but she glared back as if daring him to resist. Reluctantly he put first one foot, then the other inside. With a triumphant smile, Fiona began pulling the panties slowly up his legs.

"I've waited a long time for this, brother dear. Is this your first time in GIRLS PANTIES?" she asked, looking up at Karen with a smile. Do they feel nice and silky, much better than those boring old pants eh? Pink really suits him doesn't it Karen, such a pretty feminine colour."

She eased them over the suspender straps and gently pulled them up over his penis until they were nice and snug.

"I bet he feels all GIRLY, now he's wearing proper GIRLY PANTIES" she teased.

Karen couldn't help joining in with the teasing. "How embarrassing Paul...... being dressed by your sister in a pair of her pretty panties. Wouldn't those boys you hang around with just ADORE seeing you in these?" she taunted him.

"By the way, I forgot to mention that Sue will be coming to the wedding after all" she casually mentioned. "We had one or two people drop out and she was delighted when I rang and asked her."

Paul had been dating Sue for a few weeks but she had been omitted from the original wedding list that was drawn up ages ago. "But she can't come! What's she going to think when she sees me in this dress for heavens sake? " he blabbered.

"Yes you're right, what will she think? Well we don't want to let her down do we? We'll just have to make you look your very best for your new girlfriend won't we Fiona? My, won't she be amazed to see how pretty you look? Oh yes, she's going to be so proud of her new boyfriend in his gorgeous frilly dress" Karen laughed.

"Anyway it's time for little boys to get into their PETTICOATS now" and she held up one of the pink bouffant petticoats. She shook out the layers of crisp satin and slipped it up his legs, settling it round his waist. She then took another identical one and eased it over his head until it was sticking out almost horizontally from his waist. As if that wasn't enough there was a third one to go on top, only this one was simply dripping with lace and ribbon bows.

His Mother returned and almost sighed at the confection of lace and frills standing before her. How strange to think this was her unruly son who refused to even wear a pageboy suit, yet here he was smothered in girlish frills. She still couldn't understand his change of heart. Still, no matter, he looked so sweet and she was dying to show him off!

Paul felt both embarrassed and confused, he just stood there speechless. He was almost relieved when they finally pulled the dress on and tied the wide satin sash behind him in a big bow. At least the shameful lingerie was hidden beneath.....well almost. It was annoying that the skirt was gathered up to reveal glimpses of his frilly petticoats.

His Mother went to work with mascara, eye liner, blusher and pink lipstick as Karen used her curling tongs to put some pretty curls in his long blond hair, before piling it onto his head and using clips to secure it. Finally there was an elaborate head-dress of white lace and pink bows and a pair of pink satin ballet shoes to match the dress.

With the petticoating completed, Karen led him to the mirror. He practically died, the reflection was that of a pretty young girl in a very girlish flouncy dress. How could he face anyone like this, he would never live it down! She fiddled with the dress and swished the silky petticoats around his thighs, causing girlish sensations to flood over him. He was breathing hard and trying desperately to hide his feelings from them.

"Don't pretend, I know you're in heaven" Karen whispered in his ear. "Wait till some guy has his hand up your dress, then you'll really know what heaven is" she laughed. "Now then, I don't want any trouble from you today or I'll get Bob to lift your skirts up and spank your frilly bottom in front of everyone, you hear."

She spun him round petticoats flying, to face his Mother. "He really needs a girls name doesn't he, we can hardly call him Paul at the wedding."

"What about Paula? That's a pretty name and it'll be easy to remember" Fiona replied with a smile.

"Ahh, Paula. Yes, that's a sweet name for a pretty little girl" Karen laughed.

"OK Paula, let's get you to the church shall we?" his Mother added.

He followed them downstairs, his flouncing descent revealing a wealth of rustling frilly petticoats to his cousin Katy waiting below. She laughed at the demure little girl he'd been transformed into. She gave him a peck on the cheek taking care not to disturb his make-up and looked him up and down.

"Oh Paul, you look so cute. If I didn't know better, I'd have said you were a girl any day. I hope you're not going to give me too much competition with the boys today" she laughed.

They had to travel miles to the Church. There was a big white car for the three bridesmaids but Paul was really uncomfortable wedged in the back seat between Fiona and Katy, their billowing petticoats practically filling the whole of the back and giving the driver a real eyeful. He had to endure half an hour of them discussing various boys they liked, asking him which ones he fancied, and telling him to flirt. Katy, being close to his own age, was more experienced with older boys. She told him about the lecherous ones who would have their hands up his skirt if he wasn't careful but also the who the best kissers were. She then pulled him close and whispered in his ear. She said that the girls in her year had voted for the boys with the biggest lunchbox and told him who the winners were...... just in case he was interested! He was shocked....... and embarrassed, and Katy laughed at his sweet innocence.

Relieved to have arrived at the Church, Paul was mortified to see his girlfriend waiting outside with some other girls from his class. They immediately came over, a look of shock on Sue's face. The girls gathered round, giggling and taking pictures as he fought bravely with his skirts in the blustery wind, whilst Sue stood there in disbelief..

"I can't believe they actually got him up as a bridesmaid" the other girls mocked. "How on earth did they get him into that dress..... and all those frilly petticoats? He must have wanted to wear it. I mean you can't force a 16 year old guy into a dress like that can you?

"What do you reckon he's wearing underneath then? I bet he's wearing girls underwear, must be. They didn't make you wear GIRLS PANTIES did they Paul? Oh look at his red face, he's even blushing like a girl. Come on Paul, own up.....girls or boys panties?"

The wind was picking, practically blowing his dress inside out as he struggled in vain to keep his skirts down.

"My God he's wearing STOCKINGS and just look at those PINK PANTIES. Look at all the FRILLS. Oh how cute. Are they your panties Sue? Quick, quick, get a picture of him. Oh Christ, fancy letting them dress him up in PINK FRILLY PANTIES, what a big sissy. Heh, we can put the pictures up on the school notice board. Yes, and just think, we can use him as a model at the end of term fashion show. Ooh we've got some gorgeous dresses for you Paul, and the boys will go wild when they see you up on that stage in stockings and suspenders, modeling all the sexy lingerie."

Sue moved the giggling girls out the way so she could confront him. "What DO you think you look like?" she cried in horror. The contrast between their short fashionable teenage dresses and his absurdly frilly and childish outfit couldn't have been more acute. He reminded her of the awful dresses she had to wear as a little girl, when her Mother insisted she wear big fluffy petticoats underneath, making it impossible to run around or even sit down without showing the boys all her frilly underwear.

"What on earth possessed you to come as a bridesmaid? To think that I WAS going out with you as well, she laboured the past tense. Oh God, I'm so embarrassed. Just look at that FRILLY DRESS, it's..... it's..... YUK!" She was almost in tears at this stage.

Hey Sue, do you let him wear your dresses? I bet she gets him all dolled up then pretends he's a girl, don't you Sue darling? What's it like sleeping with a bloke who wears a frilly nightdress to bed? I reckon she's got one of those big strap-on things, is that what you two get up to?" they laughed.

Paul watched helplessly as they started to really take it out on her. A couple of them surrounded her, holding her quite firmly whilst a third red haired girl stood very close. No-one would have seen her hand reaching up inside Sue's short skirt but Sue could feel it between her thighs, searching for her panties and finding..... her pussy. She told them to stop and squirmed in their grasp. The red haired girl simply smiled, licked her lips and eased her hand inside the elastic of Sue's panties. Sue felt an inquisitive finger pushing into her hole. She blushed profusely, realising how wet she was. She was enjoying it and they knew it. Even Paul could see that she had stopped trying to fight them off.

"Thought so, she's still a virgin, girls. A second finger probed her sopping wet pussy. She's never had a real man. Never had a real cock to service this sweet little pussy, what a waste. Poor cow, must be frustrated as hell. What she needs is a good seeing to and I know just the guy".

She pointed to a nice looking black boy in a smart suit. "His name is Henry and I tell you he's got the biggest cock. It'll fill this sweet little pussy of yours till you can't take any more. I'll have a word with him, tell him I've found a pretty little virgin for him to break in" she said and withdrew her hand. "When he smells this, you'll have to fight him off" she laughed licking her sticky fingers.

The poor girl looked aghast. She was still in a state of shock from finding her boyfriend in a frilly dress and being accused of helping him to dress like a girl. But to make matters worse, they had found out that she was still a virgin and were threatening to line someone up to take her cherry. This was all Paul's fault. He would pay for this, she thought to herself.

The wedding ceremony went according to plan and Paul was kept busy, watching over his sister's long dress and being photographed from every angle. He was glad to escape to the Reception, which was being held in a nearby hotel, and where many of the guests had booked to stay the night. He had to sit at the top table along with the parents of the two families, whilst Sue was positioned on a table immediately in front of him. During the speeches, the Bridegroom made a point of saying how pretty the bridesmaids looked, particularly PAULA, his new brother in law! His little joke sent everyone including his ex-girlfriend into raptures of laughter.... all apart from the sad boy.

As they began the meal, he tried to catch Sue's attention but she was too busy being chatted up by the good looking black guy next to her to notice. It was Henry, the guy they had teased her about. Paul was really annoyed at the attention he was giving her, particularly as she was flirting like crazy in response. Occasionally, she would turn round and make a face at him, as if to say 'look, he's a REAL man and he really fancies me'. As time wore on and the drink began to flow, the two of them got closer and more tactile with little regard for anyone else in the room.

Paul watched Sue's hand creeping under the table and across to his lap. Although partially obscured by the tablecloth, he could see she was busy underneath his napkin. The young man's eyes glazed over and he stopped eating for a moment. She watched his reaction with interest as she reached inside his trousers and found that what she had been groping had grown out of all proportion. The girls had certainly been right about him. She wrapped her fingers round his weapon and began a very slow massage.

Paul was devastated. His own girlfriend was working on this boy’s COCK right in front of him! With her free hand she then reached for the fruit bowl and took a banana. She asked Henry to peel it for her then held it between her lips. She sensed Paul staring at her and glanced round. Slowly, she slid it into her mouth, taunting him with her lewd bahaviour before taking a large bite.

At the end of the meal Sue wandered up to Paul with an apologetic expression. "I don't suppose you've got a room here PAULA?" she enquired.

Things were looking up a bit, he thought.

"I'm really sorry" she whispered. "This is a bit embarrassing, but I've got a feeling my panties are about to come down very soon, and I could use somewhere a bit private."

"Sure, he replied. "Take my keys, I'll come with you if you need some help."

"Thanks but it's OK. You look busy here and besides, I've found someone who's got everything a girl needs. It must be true what they say about black men, he's hung like a HORSE! The best part is that he can't wait to get into my panties, and NO Paul, that doesn't mean that he wants to wear them" she spat.

"But.... but you said you wanted to keep yourself..... until you were married" he protested.

"A girl can change her mind can't she? Mmm I can't wait, he's so BIG! The thought of that black monster filling me up for the first time. God knows whether I'll be able to take it all!" she giggled.

Paul looked distraught as she grabbed her new admirer. She'd always been a bit of a prude, he'd never seen her like this before. She was possessed, practically gagging for it. He could almost see her young naked body impaled on his black cock, giving up her virginity, begging him to screw her. It seemed to be a pure act of REVENGE.

As tears of shame and humiliation welled up inside him, his Mother asked the three bridesmaids to go and look after the younger children for a while.

"Oh Mum, I don't have to do I?" he complained, watching Sue and Henry holding hands as they climbed the stairs and disappear out of sight.

"You're the eldest so I'm holding you responsible" she told him.

He now had to suffer the taunts of the little children first hand. They were fascinated to know why he was wearing a dress and the boys kept pulling up his skirts, much to the amusement of the girls. It was Fiona who then organised some of the little girls and started them dancing round him singing "SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW, THE PAGEBOY WORE PETTICOATS AND PANTIES TOO" before throwing his skirts in the air to reveal his frilly undies. This little game had them all in hysterics, including a few of the young Mums who joined in with their laughter.

All Paul could think of was his girlfriend and what she was doing upstairs. His mind conjured up a vision of them lying naked on the bed while Henry thrust his swollen cock into Sue's sweet virginal pussy. Once again, it brought tears to his eyes. He had never even see her naked. Only once had she let him fondle her breast and even then it was over the top of her blouse, nothing more. When he tried to put a hand up her skirt she pushed him away, saying that she wanted to save herself. Yet just two weeks later, with someone she'd never seen before, she was acting like a bitch on heat.

Karen and her new husband had now changed out of their wedding clothes and were saying their goodbyes. They had a plane to catch and couldn't stay for the evening. She whispered to Paul that she had left a little present for him upstairs.

"I bought a new babydoll for the honeymoon but I just showed it to Bob and he nearly came on the spot. Not much use when I want him to last the whole night?" she giggled. "By the way, Bob says he overheard several guys here saying how they really fancied you. You could pick up a nice boy and wear my babydoll for him, couldn't you? I've a feeling that neither of us will be getting much sleep tonight" she laughed.


With the bride and groom on their way, the guests began to mingle and make their own entertainment. At last Paul was able to escape to the privacy of his room. Sue had forgotten to return his key but the door wasn't locked. The bed was a mess. No doubt Sue and her new boyfriend had made good use of it, he thought. He tried to put her out of his mind and looked round the room. Karen had used it to change earlier on, and there were clothes everywhere. Her bridal gown and lace petticoats lay draped over a chair. He picked up the dress. It was absolutely stunning, shimmering white satin with an extremely full, ankle length skirt. He held it against his body, dreamily running his hands over the yards of sumptuous silky material. It wasn't fair, if he'd been born a girl things might have been very different. His heart was pounding away. He couldn't resist it. He slipped out of his dress and petticoats and stepped into the bridal petticoat, a huge cloud of lace and tiered ruffles that tied with a pink ribbon at the waist. The dress slid easily over his head and spilled out to cover the mass of petticoats. He walked over to the mirror with the petticoats moving sensually between his thighs creating a wonderful frou-frou effect.

He felt so jealous of his sister. Why couldn't he be the centre of attention in a frilly feminine dress, with a hunky young man waiting to take him on honeymoon and make love to him all night long? Without thinking he lifted the skirts and began stroking himself through the frilly panties. He thought of his sister and her new husband. They would have arrived at their honeymoon hotel by now. Knowing Bob, he wouldn't waste any time and was sure to be screwing his sister silly by now.

Suddenly, from the reflection in the mirror he was startled by the sight of David, the Best Man, peering round the bathroom door. He had discarded his suit and was wearing Karen's underwear - white satin camisole and french knickers, matching suspender belt and white silk stockings. His swollen cock was clearly visible inside the silk panties and he made no attempt to hide it.

"Come on, don't be shy now Paula" he said reaching under Paul's skirts and slipping his hand inside the panties. Paul flinched, his breathing quickened and his eyes closed as David played with him inside his babyish, satin panties. "Just relax now. It's traditional for the Best Man to have one of the Bridesmaids after the wedding, didn't you know?"

There was a knock at the door. "Paul, are you in there? Your Mum wants to know if you're OK?"

The door opened. It was Greg, one of his Mother's friends. He fell silent at what he saw. "Well well well, what have we got here" he exclaimed with a knowing smile on his face. "Who would have guessed the Best Man was wearing ladies silk lingerie. I hope I'm not interrupting you two GIRLS" he laughed as David quickly withdrew his hand from Paul's panties.

"No, no, you don't understand" David stammered. "They belong to Karen, I was just trying them on to.... er.... well..... to see how they felt." As he said it he realised how pathetic he sounded.

"Well they must feel pretty good judging by the state of THIS" he said running his hand over the french panties and the erection tenting the lace trimmed satin. "I think you'd both better get onto the bed unless you want to explain all this to everyone downstairs." Paul and David looked at each other. Meekly they did as he asked. He told them to assume an all fours position, heaping Paul's skirts onto his back so that both of them were now presenting him with their pantied bottoms. One was a mass of girlish pink lacy frills whilst the richly embroidered silk of Karen's bridal panties stretched enticingly over the other.

"That's it girls, get those bottoms up nice and high" he chuckled, running his hands over David's silky smooth buttocks and examining the intricate french lace. He was becoming very aroused but there was something he needed to do first. He raised his hand and began to lash into the pliant cheeks. His buttocks seemed to wobble after every slap. They were also warming up nicely and Greg could imagine them blushing rosily inside the silk panties. David clenched his buttocks and grimaced with the pain but the spanking went on for ages. When Greg eventually stopped David breathed a sigh of relief, until the silence was broken by the unmistakable sound of a zip and the feeling of something hot nudging his red, stinging cheeks.

Greg awoke. He felt really groggy. Where was he? He'd been out cold for about 10 minutes though it seemed longer. It must have been the drink, he thought. As he regained his senses he found himself pinned to the bed, arms tied behind his back, with Paul sitting astride his waist. The billowing layers of white tulle petticoats were spread over his hairy chest leaving just his face peeping out demurely from under the lacy hems.

They had undressed him and he could feel the tickling sensation of slippery silk caressing his manhood as the young boy moved slowly back and forth. He tried desperately to contain his embarrassing erection but Paul could feel it growing and was determined to increase the torment..... and his own enjoyment! He deliberately brought his silk pantied bottom into contact with Greg's manhood, allowing it to nestle between his cheeks then sliding down the length of it. He could feel it slowly getting bigger and harder. He smiled at the frightened look in the poor man's eyes. Greg was afraid of what they had in store for him yet he was also becoming more and more aroused.

On the other side of the room, he could see the other lad was pulling the frilly bridesmaids dress on over his white silk lingerie. He spread the satin and chiffon skirt out over the layered petticoats and checked himself in the mirror. Greg watched him mince back across the room, swishing his skirts in front of him with a mischievous smile on his face. He climbed up onto the bed and stood with his stockinged feet either side of Greg's face, allowing him an unrestricted view right up his skirts. Under the mass of lace petticoats Greg could clearly see the filmy white bridal panties..... and a bulging erection inside!

"Oh no, please don't......" but the voluminous petticoats were already floating down to smother his protests and cover his face. David pulled them back, neatly framing Greg's red face with the delicate lacy frills. He then clamped his face between his silky thighs, the lace decorated silk panties tickling his chin.

"Oh he looks so sweet Paula, I wish you could see this" he laughed. Greg swallowed hard as David reached into the panties and took out his cock.

"No, no. Please..... I didn't mean anything really.... please" he begged.

David smiled, then held the tip of his erection to Greg's lips. Greg closed both his mouth and his eyes in an attempt to exclude the evil monster.

"Come on. I bet you make your wife do this for you. You know what to do. Come on, open your eyes..... and your mouth. You're going to watch and enjoy every inch of it" David demanded.

He pushed his manhood firmly between the defiant lips, prising them apart. Greg began to choke.

"Oh dear. Don't start choking, we've only just begun. Bet your wife doesn't choke does she? There's a full 9 inches of juicy COCK for you here" he smiled.

He kept pushing forward, relentlessly easing it into his unwilling mouth inch by inch.

"That's it, just about another 3 inches..... nearly there. Ooh that's good!"

Greg's eyes were bulging. He felt it reach the back of his throat and he wanted to gag.

"Mmm, oh yes that's good...... but you've got to keep those lips nice and tight or I'll find somewhere else that will provide a lot more resistance. All the way in now..... oh yesss! Mmm good boy. You see, I knew you could do it. Now then, you're going to give me the best blowjob I've ever had. That is, unless you want to explain all this to everyone........" Greg didn't catch the end of the sentence which was muffled by the cloud of frothy petticoats floating down over his head, leaving him in a sea of pink.

At least now he couldn't actually see the monster of a cock raping his mouth, but he could certainly feel it thrusting in an out, becoming more swollen all the time. He knew what to do. God knows, he knew how much he enjoyed other women doing it to him. Breathing heavily through his nose, he worked his tongue and his lips up and down the big sausage, trying desperately to get the thing over with as quickly as possible.

Once more David lifted the hem of his skirt and the layers of petticoats to reveal Greg's sweaty features. The poor man's face was bright red and his mouth was completely full of his cock. "You're going to watch the final stages Greg, and see and feel me come in your mouth" he said with a smile on his face.

Greg struggled to resist. The thought of his cock erupting and filling his mouth with his hot seed made him feel sick, but he was helpless.

"Mmm you must be getting thirsty after all this work Greg. Ready for some champagne are you?" he laughed.

With one final thrust he shot his load straight down his throat. As David slowly came to rest he kept his bloated cock firmly plugged in Greg's mouth, making sure the poor man swallowed every last drop. Finally he sighed and released his skirts, allowing Greg to hide his shame once more in the darkness of the pink petticoats.

At that moment, the door suddenly opened. Greg was oblivious to it. Had he known his wife Brenda had come looking for him he would have been shaking. Both David and Paul sat motionless as she stood in the door and began to ask if they had seen her husband. She stopped in mid sentence at the sight before her.

"What the hell's going on in here?" she asked. "What on earth are you two up to?"

She wasn't surprised to see Paul dressed as he was but the guy he was with looked like the Best Man, and he was wearing a frilly dress! She approached the bed. There was someone hidden under their voluminous skirts and she was going to find out who. She carefully raised David's skirt followed by the many layers of petticoats.

"What on earth......", her smile quickly faded at the sight of her husband. He was disheveled, red faced and sweating profusely. He also had the young man's manhood firmly planted between his lips. Poor Greg, he went absolutely scarlet.

"MY GOD!" she yelled angrily. "You're disgusting! Just look at you! I thought you'd make a play for the bridesmaids..... but even I didn't expect to find you servicing the Best Man! Anything in a skirt will do eh? You just couldn't resist could you? "

He was paralysed but he couldn't answer her, his mouth was otherwise occupied!

"Right, well if you want to behave like a little slut that's fine with me, but I'll find you a real man to show you exactly what happens to little tramps who like sucking cock!"

She turned to the two boys. "I'm disappointed with you two as well. Does your Mother know what you're up to Paul? God help you if she finds out! I'll be gone for about ten minutes but by the time I return, I want you two to have my husband completely dressed and ready for his wedding night nuptials" she yelled, slamming the door behind her.

Paul and David looked at each other. They were all in the shit now. There was only one way out..... to do exactly what she asked.

Paul and David got to work on Greg while she was away. She returned a little later with two young men in tow. Paul opened the door to them, now wearing Karen's diaphanous baby-doll nightdress and negligee set. It was pale yellow, with a ribbon tie at the neck, puffed sleeves and a frilled hem line that barely reached his waist. The back of the matching panties were covered with row upon row of girlish satin frills but at the front they were quite transparent, cheekily displaying his boyish status.

"Oh look at him, isn't he a sweetheart" she giggled. "Your Mummy must be very proud to have such a darling little girl. I just love those frilly panties" she said, brushing her hand over them and making him squirm and blush demurely, just like a real girl.

She turned her attention to her husband. He was now dressed in Karen's complete wedding outfit, right down to the lace edged veil, head dress and white lace gloves.

"How delightful" she laughed. Turning to one of the young men she said "Alan, have you met my husband, quite the blushing bride eh" she teased. The other lad was carrying a video camera and she instructed him to start filming, she had plans for this wedding video!

She had them position her husband over a high backed chair and helped them tie his feet and hands to the legs of the chair. "As this is going to be your wedding night darling, we'll start you off in the BRIDAL position. No man could resist his young bride like this, could he? Her luscious bottom deliciously wrapped in gorgeous white silk, and positioned at exactly the right height for him to have his evil way. God, any man worth his salt would have your skirts up, panties off, and buried his cock inside your pussy within seconds. Of course you wouldn't remember much about our wedding night would you darling? There I was, submissively positioned just as you are now, waiting so patiently...... while you were throwing up in the bathroom! Paralytic and useless! I had to put you to bed and find someone else to do your job. Fortunately your Best Man was up to it or I'd have been left a virgin on my wedding night!"

Greg looked up in shame and dismay. His wife was slipping out of her dress to reveal sexy black stockings and a lace trimmed satin basque with red slotted ribbon. "I should have had you petticoated years ago" she muttered, folding her dress. Maybe I could have kept you out of other women’s' panties if I'd made you wear them yourself" she laughed.

She lifted the hem of his very full silk dress. "My goodness, look at all these petties, how many are there?" She folded each layer over his back, counting out loud a total of fourteen, until a pair of silk stockings was revealed, held taut by the straining suspenders.

"Just look at these sexy stockings boys and he's even wearing the traditional blue garter". She let the lacy confection snap across his thigh and laughed as he flinched. Her hands traveled up his legs. "Now these must be Karen's bridal panties. You are a naughty boy Greg" she laughed, examining the ruffled lace that decorated the gleaming white satin french panties. "Mmm heavenly silk and look at the gorgeous embroidery and french lace." She checked the label inside the waistband. "Janet Reger. I might have guessed. Aren't they the most darling little panties you've ever seen? Just think Greg, you're wearing panties which cost more than my entire outfit" she laughed.

Brenda then turned her attention to the young man she had brought along. Judging by the bulge in the front of his slacks, she had chosen well. She kissed him fully on the mouth then began to undress him, until he was left standing in a pair of miniscule white pants.

"Just look at that cute little bum, like a couple of billiard balls in a handkerchief" she laughed, playfully slapping the firm buttocks. Her hand reached round in front and she ran her fingers over the thin white cotton, wrapping them round his big sausage. "Mmm this feels nice Greg, would you like a better look darling?" She continued to pull his pants down and held his proud and naked penis.

"Mmm, isn't he a hunk ? Don't let anyone ever tell you that size isn't important! This is just what every blushing bride dreams of for her wedding night." She seemed completely carried away as she knelt down and slipped his cock between her pouting red lips. She was leaving her lipstick all over the massive weapon, working him into a high state of arousal, but for whose benefit?

"I bet you're swooning at the mere thought aren't you darling?" she asked Greg, pausing for breath. "You know there are a dozen young ladies downstairs who'd give their right arm to be in your shoes" she laughed.

Alan couldn't wait any longer. Whilst Brenda continued to suck his cock, he reached out and traced the seam of Greg's stockings along the straining suspenders to the nicely rounded bottom. He ran his hands over the silk panties and grabbed the plump cheeks, prising them apart as if giving notice of his intentions.

"Are you really sure about this" he asked, not of Greg, but to his wife!

"Can't you see? He's GAGGING for it" she laughed, "check for yourself". Whilst she continued to keep the young man at full arousal, he slipped his hands round to the front of the delicate lace trimmed panties. He smiled. Oh yes, there was indeed a tell tale bulge inside.

"You're right" he laughed, "he's getting a nice hard-on. I think he's as ready as he'll ever be." Karen released his swollen manhood from her lips and pushed it into the exquisite white silk, prodding her husband’s bottom, pushing the material deep between his cheeks.

She then eased the lace trimmed panties aside and watched Alan slide his cock between the creamy white buttocks.

"Oh..... NO...... Brenda..... for God's sake" he pleaded.

"Ooooh just look at your face" she giggled excitedly, as the big plum rested at the entrance to her husband's love hole. "What would Karen say if she could see you being screwed in her wedding dress? She's probably doing it with her husband right now but you needn't be jealous darling. Alan can't wait to take your cherry with his lovely thick cock. Think of it as my wedding present to you sweetheart" she laughed.

"You're QUITE sure?" the young man asked one last time.

"Darling, he's been behaving like a whore all day so you just make sure you FUCK him like one" she replied. She grabbed her husband's cheeks, pulling them even further apart, and forced the purple helmet into his tight hole. Greg cried out in pain. "Oh stop whining! You don't hear me complaining when you stick your cock up my arse. You've just got to relax the muscles a bit, then you'll really start to appreciate the size of it" she encouraged. She went and stood behind the young man, admiring his strong muscular bottom and pushed him forward, driving his swollen cock into her husband.

"Make sure you get some nice close-up shots of the penetration" she reminded the man with the video. "I want to be able to play it back to him later and show him what a whore he is."

"JESUS!....." Greg cried out again as the big plum disappeared inside him.

Alan let him sample the first few inches. Then, in and out, in and out, he built into a gentle rhythm, pausing every now and then. "What you girls need 'SLAP' on your wedding night 'SLAP' is a good spanking 'SLAP' to get you over your first night nerves" he yelled, as Brenda laughed at the way he was starting to torment her poor husband.

Once again, he reached into the front of Greg's bridal panties. He was fully erect now. "Oh yes, he's enjoying this alright" he reassured Greg's wife.

"See, I told you he was dying for it" she replied.

"You should have had someone see to him ages ago, might have been a lot less trouble for you" Alan commented.

He continued to drive his cock in and out. "Oh what a tight little arse you've got baby, you're driving me wild."

Brenda watched with satisfaction. She appeared to have chosen a real expert to screw her husband. He'd thank her for it one day, she smiled.

While all this was going on, Paul watched with interest and an erection of his own pushing into the front of his panties. Brenda looked him over. What a cute little thing he was in his sexy nightie. She sat down and dragged him onto her lap. He looked down into the valley of her full breasts, supported within the black lacy cups of the basque. She pulled him to her like a child, his face resting on her bosom, but still able to watch Greg's ordeal.

"This is what you can look forward to on your wedding night Paula" she laughed. Her hand crept up inside the filmy nightie and into his frilly panties. "Oh, I can tell you're hot for it as well aren't you sweetheart, though I think you're a little young to be playing with the big boys just yet, don't you?"

She smiled as she felt his small, boyish erection. She took it between her fingers and rubbed him gently. Paul's eyes glazed over. This was heaven, dressed in his sisters' frilly nightie, being masturbated by an attractive scantily dressed woman, and watching her husband being reamed by a real hunk. Within a few minutes, Brenda smiled as Alan shouted out and climaxed deep inside her husband. At the same time, she felt the young boy shudder, and drench the front of his panties. "Now everyone is happy", she said.

Later, as they drove home, Brenda described the new life awaiting her husband. "I thought Paul looked so sweet today didn't you darling? From now on, I think I'm going to have you dressed just like him, a sweet LITTLE GIRL. I'll have Mother make you up some pretty little satin dresses, all frills and bows with billowing skirts, and lots of flouncy petticoats underneath. We'll take you shopping for a complete new wardrobe of girlish underwear and we'll re-decorate the spare room in pastel pinks and frills, just right for a little girl. Goodness just think, it's going to cost you a small fortune. I know that Mother won't mind baby sitting for me while I go out pulling. I can't wait to bring my new boyfriends home. You'll be able to listen to them screwing me in the next room, you know how thin the walls are. I might even let them have you afterwards darling, if you've been a good little girl that is" she laughed. "Now just remember, I've got a very interesting video I can send to your boss if you misbehave!"

Paul's Mother had retired to her hotel room for the night. She would never sleep with all the excitement of the day, and she lay in bed musing over the beautiful wedding and all the compliments about her pretty daughters. She was delighted but still amazed that her unruly son had not only dressed up as a bridesmaid but acted so demurely all day. He'd been a real handful ever since her husband died yet it had been so easy to get him into a dress and he looked surprisingly pretty and feminine in it. Maybe Karen had been right about him enjoying dressing as a girl? Anyway, she didn't mind one little bit. He was so much better behaved in a dress and besides, she had always wanted another daughter. She just had to get him over the stereotyped 'I'm a boy so I need to be macho rubbish' and he would make a lovely girl. Yes, it was her duty to let him express his feminine side to the full, then he could make a proper decision.

She decided she would start the next day by throwing out all his underwear and replacing it with the prettiest of silk lingerie. He would go to school as usual during the week but at weekends she would get him used to wearing make-up, perfume and a nice feminine hair style. No more jeans either. Fiona could help her to buy some girls teenage clothes: skimpy tops, tight little mini skirts and high heeled shoes. She would soon have the boys chasing after him. She could even enquire about cosmetic surgery to give him a bust, maybe a nice C cup she mused. Young men were so predictable, they never failed to be attracted by big breasts.

Her only worry was how he might feel about losing his virginity, and he would have to lose it some day....... to a man! Hmmm, well she would just have to find a nice young man to help lead him into his new girlish life and very gently introduce him to the pleasures of the cock. Once he'd experienced it that way, she was quite sure he wouldn't want to go back. Yes, she could just see him now, walking down the aisle in a flowing white gown.

Yet if she could only have seen him at that moment, she may perhaps have been able to sleep more easily. Whilst Paul shared his Mothers' vision of his wedding day, he certainly wasn't going to commit himself to any one man before playing the field a little. He had a lot of catching up to do!

His room was a few doors along from his Mother. In fact it was a good job she wasn't directly next door. Both he and Henry were undressing Sue. She was down to her pale blue underwear, a matching set of bra, panties and camisole in shiny lace trimmed satin. It was the first time Paul had seen her uncovered. She had small breasts but a lovely slim figure with a pert bottom and long legs. He liked her panties, a sexy thong style with a tiny triangle of lace edged satin at the back that narrowed and disappeared between her cheeks.

"May as well take everything off" Henry said, undoing her bra and sliding the panties off.

Paul stared at her beautiful young naked body. She would never have let him see her like this if she had been conscious but of course she wasn't. He had found the two of them in the bar. Sue was so drunk she had fallen asleep and Paul had suggested they let her sleep it off in his room. Henry thought that was an excellent idea, he'd also had a skinful to drink and was in no shape to drive her home.

"I'll help you put her to bed" Paul said pulling back the covers.

"Be a waste of a good bed. Look at her, she's out of it. She can sleep on that chair over there. Give me a hand."

They settled her into the chair and covered her with a blanket.

"You look as if you've had a few drinks as well. Why don't you crash out here tonight. You can even have the bed." Paul suggested.

"Maybe I will, but hey I wouldn't deprive you of your bed. Course, we could always....... share?" he said with a smile.

Paul blushed, but sheepishly agreed and watched the good looking boy quickly remove his clothes. He ran his eyes over his lean and powerful body. No wonder Sue was so taken with him, what a hunk!

"Help me with the zip?" he asked and Henry readily pulled it down. Paul stepped out of his dress, letting it fall to the floor in a pool of silk and then pretended to struggle with the petticoats.

"Let me" Henry offered. He was quick to lift them over Paul's head one at a time. "Sure like your petticoats don't you?" he laughed and piled them up on top of the sleeping girl.

He then watched as Paul slowly unfastened his stockings, sliding them down his smooth legs. He knew that Paul was no girl but he liked what he saw, the delicate feminine features, pretty face and petite figure. The over the top girly dress, ribbons and bows were an added bonus! His hand reached down for his thick black penis and unconsciously stroked it.

Paul undid the suspender belt and pulled it out of his elaborate pink frilly panties. He then inserted his thumbs into the waistband and wiggling his hips, worked the panties down his thighs, letting them drop to the floor revealing a small boyish penis and a nicely rounded bottom. Paul looked up, embarrassed to find Henry staring at his bottom whilst playing with his swollen cock.

"Umm, I er.... feel I ought to wear something to bed" he told Henry nervously.

"OK, wear these" he replied, and tossed him Sue's bra and panties. "I don't think she'd mind" he laughed glancing over at the lifeless girl.

Paul thought it ironic that he was actually being encouraged to dress in his girlfriend's lingerie. He slipped the bra over his shoulders and once again Henry was ready to oblige with a helping hand to fasten it behind. He pulled the thong up to his waist and felt it pull between his bottom cheeks, separating them nicely.

"What do you think?" Paul asked

"You look better in them than she does" he laughed. "Turn round. Mmm nice ass too." He put his hands on Paul's bottom, then pulled the waistband of the panties higher, forcing the slip of lacy material even deeper into Paul's crack. "Oh yes, very nice" he said, slipping his finger deep into his bottom.

Paul moved closer. He'd never seen a naked black man before. His eyes dropped. He could see why Sue had fallen for him, he had a fine muscled body and a huge cock. He touched it nervously, feeling it grow in his hands. "Time for bed then" he said nervously and climbed onto the mattress on all fours.

"Just one thing. You screwed my girlfriend earlier on didn't you?" he asked glancing behind.

"Your GIRLFRIEND?" Henry laughed. "Oh man, I don't believe this. Sue's your GIRLFRIEND? She didn't tell me about that. Well yeh OK, I had your GIRLFRIEND then" he replied. "She was still a virgin so I didn't see how anyone could have any claim on her. Anyway, you saw her, she was real hot..... begging for it."

"Was she good?" Paul asked. "I mean I don't blame you, I'm just interested."

"Oh yeh, very sweet. Such a tight little pussy and she just couldn't get enough of my cock. Shame you never made it with her. I don't think she'd ever seen a real cock before." With that, he pulled on his shaft until it was stiff and standing bolt upright. "She couldn't take her eyes off it. Look at it Paul, she loved it" he gloated.

"How did you do it? Did you take her..... from behind...... like this?" Paul asked, easing the cheeks of his bottom apart in a gesture of complete surrender.

"Oh yeh she liked it that way..... said the penetration was deepest from behind. Mind you, I gave it to her in just about every other position as well" he replied.

"And now pretty boy, I think you'd like some of my cock too, wouldn't you? Shall I give it to you from behind, the way she liked it then? She couldn't get enough, in fact her pussy got so sore I had to give it to her up the arse. In your case, I guess we'll have to start there won't we?" He kneeled behind him, forcing Paul's legs apart and pushed his black cock into the pert white buttocks.

Paul was overcome with lust. "Oh yesss....." he muttered and wriggled his bottom. It had the desired effect and the black stud slid his thick shaft to the entrance of his pink virgin hole.

"Be gentle..... this is my first time" he begged.

"Oh I'll be gentle, as gentle as I was with your GIRLFRIEND" he laughed. "And when I'm through, you can swallow my 10 inches of BLACK COCK just the way she did. You'd better me as good at cocksucking as her. Jeez, two virgins in one day, I can't believe it" he laughed.

Paul felt the monster being inserted into his bottom. "W...wait, it's so big, l...let me get used to it."

"Jeez, you're even tighter than your girlfriend. What a pussy, I can hardly get it all in. Relax for God's sake!" Henry grabbed his hips and pulled back strongly, forcing the monster in, inch by inch.

Paul cried out with the pain, it was like nothing on earth. He felt like he was being torn in half but then, suddenly it was inside him, at least the first few inches anyway. The pain subdued and was replaced with waves of pleasure shooting through his body as Henry pushed deeper inside and built into a steady rhythm. Sue was right, he was enormous but surely he had taken it all by now!

With a final push from Henry, he felt it penetrate right up to the hilt and he cried out in shock.

It was enough to disturb Sue. She opened her eyes in a drunken haze. She felt ill. She also sensed she was naked. Where was she and why were all these petticoats heaped on top of her? The room was dark but she could just make out two shadowy figures on the bed. Good God, they were humping...... but they looked like two guys. Yes, they were. It was.... Paul...and he was even wearing her lingerie, what a bloody cheek! Wait a minute, wasn't that Henry behind him? Oh my God it was, and he was screwing Paul just as he'd screwed her a little earlier, his big black balls slapping against Paul's pink arse. Unable to move, she gasped. It was like a bad dream.

Paul looked at her and smiled. "He's as big as you said he was Sue" he moaned. "He's really filling me with that gorgeous black cock."

He would teach the bitch a lesson if it was the last thing he did. Getting off with another bloke! Making him look a fool in front of everyone! He'd have the last laugh. She wouldn't be so smug when she found out her gorgeous black hunk preferred his tight little arse to hers. Revenge had never been so sweet!




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