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Tammy's Revenge

by Ciindi

Chapter 1


It was in the summer of 1976. Tom has just turned fourteen.He was what could only be termed as average in every respect. He was five foot seven and weighed about 127 pounds. Tom's hair was shoulder length, straight and light brown. His big eyes were hazel and adorned with thick, long

lashes. Tom was involved in baseball and was a relatively good hitter and an average third baseman. He loved baseball. He loved being out in the warm sun on the cool grass. He loved the smells, the sounds; everything about the game pleased his every sense.

It was after one of his games that the event that would change his life occurred. He had just come in the back door of his house when his mother came over to him.

"Tommy, we have to talk, dear," his mother said, a look of deep sadness on her face. "Your father has left us for Another woman. He has been having an affair, and has Decided to go with her. It seems that she is being Transferred to another state in her new job, and he is going with her. We will probably never see him again."

Tom did not know what to think, he just collapsed into a chair at the kitchen table and sat there in stunned silence. His mind was reeling. How could his father have been carrying on an affair? How could he choose this woman over his mother, over HIM? Tom had always respected his father, even loved him. He had always believed that his father loved him, but now... Tom did not know what to

think. His mother came over to him and put her arms around him. She held him close, and began to rock him gently, taking comfort in comforting him.

They stayed like that for about a half an hour, mother and son, both with their own thoughts. It was Tom that broke the spell of melancholy that had gripped them both.

"What are we going to do? How will we pay the bills? Is he going to send money? What will happen to us?"

"We will get by, I am going to re-open the boutique I used to run a few years ago, and we will do the best we can. You will have to help me, so I am afraid that you will have to give up the rest of the baseball season. I know, but I promise that I will make it up to you," his mother said.

As Tom ate dinner, it was with little acknowledgment of taste. He was eating automatically, out of habit. He got up from the table and went upstairs to his room where he stared out of the window until it was time for bed. He tried to sleep, but could not get his mind to relax. His thoughts raced. He tried to imagine what the future would hold, but every thought led to more uncertainty. Tom finally went to sleep due to exhaustion. When he awoke, he was stiff and tired. His sleep had given him no refreshment.

Tom got dressed and headed downstairs to find his mother on the phone. She was busy getting a location lined up for her new boutique. The boutique would be for young girls, ages ten through eighteen. His mother had once run a very successful store of this type before, but his father had insisted that she give it up in order to take care of the new house that they had bought. Tom mused that at least that was one good thing. The house was paid for, they would not have to worry about a place to live. Between phone calls to get products, licenses, utility services turned on and seemingly a thousand other details, Tom's mother managed to get breakfast for Tom and herself. Tom could see that this was going to be a lot of work and that she could not do it on her own. He knew that she needed his help, but baseball? He knew he had no choice if their now abbreviated family was going to survive.


Chapter 2

It was two weeks later that Tom found himself in the new boutique. He spent the day helping his mother set up tables, display stands, shelves and signs. It was very hard work, but it had to be done. Ten hours of back breaking work was behind him now and he and his mother were on their way out to eat when his mother said, "Tom, we look a mess. We can't go out to eat looking like this, we will have to clean up. Go to the restroom and get washed and I will find you something to wear."

"But mom," said Tom, "the only clothes here are girl's clothes."

"You can wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, no one will know," said his mother.

Tom reasoned that his mother was probably right, so he got washed up and changed into the clothing that had been laid out for him as his mother washed and dressed in a similar out fit. The two of them went out to dinner and no one even seemed to notice that Tom was wearing girl's jeans. They had a very nice dinner and went home. Tom went to bed right away, and fell straight to sleep.

When Tom awoke, he was sore, and he was only consoled in the fact that the heavy work was done. Today would involve putting out the clothing and arranging them in displays. Although there were a lot of clothes to put out, they were light in weight and he did not have to do a lot of heavy lifting today, so his aching would soon end. Or so he thought. When Tom began, he found that even the light loads bothered his back. When he complained about the twinges, his mother said that she had just the solution. She walked over to one of the boxes and took out a high rise panty girdle and handed it to him.

"Go put this on, it will support your back and help to ease the pain. And I don't want to hear any complaining about the girdle, we have to get this done. Our family depends on this shop and you just have to help. The is no way around it."

Tom just hung his head and took the girdle and headed off to the rest room. It was two minutes later that he was calling for his mother to come help him. It seemed that he was having trouble getting the girdle on. Every time he tried to pull it on, it caught on his bulky boy's underwear. That caused them to bunch, and that was very uncomfortable.

"Well," said his mother, "there is only one solution to this problem, you will have to put on a pair of panties."

Tom was appalled; his mother wanted him to wear not one, but TWO items of girl's under things. He could not believe what he was hearing, but he did not have time to argue. His mother grabbed him by the wrist and took him out into the shop in just his shorts. Tom was mortified, what if someone should walk by the front of the store and look in the window? They would see him standing in the middle of a girl's clothing store wearing nothing but his underwear, as if he were about to try something on!

Mother pulled him to the panty wrack and got a pair of plain pink panties and handed them to him and headed back to the restroom.

"Put those on and then try the girdle, you will find that there will be no problem getting it on this time."

Tom changed into the pink, nylon briefs, then slid into the girdle. To his surprise, it went on with no trouble. Also to his amazement, it did help the pain in his back. There was another side effect that neither he nor his mother had anticipated. The girdle shrunk his waist, and now his pants would not stay up. As a matter of fact, they fell down twice as he was working and once just as someone had gone past the store's window. Tom's mother giggled at this, but Tom was not remotely amused.

"It's not funny!" protested Tom. "You aren't the one showing their underwear to the world."

"Well, I have an idea, and I was going to talk to you about it tonight at dinner. You see, I will be needing your help in the shop after school, and I can't very well have a young man assisting my female customers, and I can't afford to hire anyone, so..."

Tom's stomach turned a flip as he realized what his mother was about to suggest. He could not believe his ears! He knew he had to help out he knew that their survival depended on it, but this??????

"I see by the look on your face that you understand my inference so I am not going to spell it out for you. And since you can't seem to keep your pants on. There is no time like the present to begin getting you used to dresses and things."

Tom's mother led him to the dressing rooms this time. "If you are going to help me in the store, you will have to get used to coming in here to help people with the items they have chosen, so you may as well get used to being here." She said.

Tom's mother left for a moment and returned with several items in her hands. The first thing she did was have him remove everything except for the panties and panty girdle. Then she handed him a bra, and showed him how to reach back and fasten it "like a proper young lady". Next cane a pair of foam breasts.

"Girls you age have begun to develop, and you will need these to be accepted as a girl."

Tom was about to melt away with embarrassment. He did not want to dress like this, but what choice did he have? He did not want his mother to lose their home, to be put out on the street. With a heroic resignation he put the falsies into the cups of the bra to discover that combined with the figure shaping of the girdle, he looked like he had the body of a young teen aged girl.

Tom's mind was reeling. He could not believe that he was doing this. This was wrong. It was not natural for a boy to wear a bra and panties and... well, tits. He was not supposed to be dressed this way, especially when he would be seen in public, by girls his own age, girls he went to school with. Oh, God, he thought, not that, what if they recognized him, he would just die.

Tom was completely overwhelmed, and he fainted. When he came to, his mother asked if he was okay.

"I just got a bit dizzy is all, I guess I just worked to hard earlier, I, I wi... will be all right in a few minutes."

"I think we should get you dressed and go get something to eat, it will do you good, and you can rest for a few minutes."

With that, she handed him a lace trimmed full slip and followed that with a pretty yellow sundress. Mother then combed his shoulder length hair into bangs and trimmed them just above his eyebrows. The final touch was a pair of white girl's ankle socks and sneakers.

Now that he was dressed, his mother dragged him out the door and down to the local fast food burger joint. There she ordered for him, so that he would not have to speak and they headed for a table. When Tom sat down he could feel the cold plastic of the chair on the back of his thighs where the skirt of his dress did not cover. This was a strange feeling, and only reminded him further of his feminine attire. Tom could barely concentrate on eating, as his ego was being crushed by the total humiliation he was feeling. Even though no one seemed to notice him, he felt that every eye in the place was on him, the boy in a girl's dress and under things. To his mind everyone in the restaurant was laughing at him, calling him a sissy, a fag and worse.

Tom finally got his lunch down, and they went back to the shop to put the finishing touches on things before the grand opening the next day. When they left, Tom noticed that his mother had several packages with her and his heart began to palpitate and his breath got shallow and rapid. He told his mother he had to use the rest room a minute and he headed off. Once there, Tom took a few minutes to compose himself and reconcile himself to the fact that until the business could support hiring a girl to help, HE would be the girl, forced to dress in skirts and dresses, panties and bras in order that their little family could survive.

Once composed, he headed out to the car and he and his mother drove home. All the way there Tom thought about what had transpired to get him into this predicament, and a deep resentment began to well up in him towards his father. If he had not left them for another woman, he would not have to dress like this, he would not have to wear bras and tits. It was all his fault. It was his cheating, family abandoning fault. One day he would pay, he would be made to see what he had done to those that had loved and depended on him.


Chapter 3

When they arrived home, Tom cringed as his mother got the packages from the store and took them in with them. He knew in him heart the bags contained more girls clothing...girls clothing meant for him.

"Tom, come her, dear, I want to talk to you." his mother said

Tom walked over to his mother and stood there, tears welling up in his eyes from shame and confusion. He did not know what to do, he did not want to dress as a girl, yet he did not want to disappoint his mother. After all, she was the one trying to keep them in house and home. She was the one that was going to keep, what was left of their little family together.

"Tom," she began. "I know this is hard for you, but it is something that simply cannot be avoided. I want you to know that I will hire some one the instant the business can afford it. I promise. Tom, there is more to being a girl than just dressing like one, I am going to have to teach you how to walk, how to talk, how to move your hands and even how to sit and stand. It will take a lot of work and we only have tonight to do it. We will both be very tired tomorrow, but if we work hard, no one will be able to tell that you are a boy in girl's cloths."

"I understand, Mother. I just hope that this does not last more than a week or so."

"Son, I am not going to lie to you, you need to know the truth. You will probably be in dresses for two to three months. I know that that sounds like a long time, but it will pass quickly. I know that means that you will have to dress as a girl after school begins again, but it cannot be helped. Now take off your shoes and socks and your girdle, we have work to do."

Tom began to remove the clothing indicated by his mother, thinking how strange it sounded to hear his mother refer to these girls' things as "his". When he had gotten the girdle off, his mother handed him a different girdle to put in. This one had things hanging off of the bottom of the legs.

"Those are garter tabs. They are used to hold up your stockings."

Tom could not believe it as his mother handed him a pair of suntan colored sheer stocking and told him to watch her. As Tom watched, his mother lifted her skirt to her waist and slowly smoothed on the stockings and clipped them to the garter tabs of her girdle. Tom was embarrassed again. This time at seeing his mother's under things. Her...well, pussy was there in plain view. Covered only by her panty girdle, as it clung to her feminine shape.

She noticed and said, "Don't worry, it is just us girls here. Now do as you saw me do, and be careful, so you don't put a run in them."

Tom put the stockings on slowly, doing as he had seen his mother do, then he clipped them to the garter tabs. The smoothness of the nylon was new to him, and despite himself, he began to get excited. His manhood was beginning to grow, and there he was, in front of his mother, skirts raised for her to see and he just got harder and harder as he became more and more embarrassed. He hoped that his mother would not notice, but no such luck.

"Tom, that is very unladylike," she said with a giggle. "You should go take care of that."

Tom damn near died of embarrassment; all he could do was sit there, red faced. He was frozen in place, his mother was looking at him with his manhood stiff, in girl's clothing, and it was because he had seen his mother in her under things that he was excited. He was frozen with fear and humiliation. But the humiliation was going to get worse.

Seeing that her son could not do anything about his situation, she reached out and pulled down the front of Tom's girdle and pink panties. Tom almost fainted as his mother reached out and took his member in her hand and began to jerk him off. He could not believe what was happening. His mind screamed "THIS IS WRONG", but he could do nothing to stop what was happening. It felt so good, yet it was wrong... but... in panties and dresses and stockings... she was...

Tom came and passed out at the same time. When he came too, his mother was cleaning him with a tissue.

"My, my, it seems my little girl is a nervous wreck. Just lie there for now, and get yourself under control. We will get to work when you have had a chance to compose yourself."


Chapter 4

When they got to the shop, Tom's mother called him over. "I can't go around calling you Tom when you are my daughter, so your new name is Tammy, that is what I was going to name you if you had been a girl." With a look of resignation TAMMY said, "Yes ma'am." It was about an hour later when their first customer arrived. She was about Tammy's age, and he knew her vaguely from school. She was a brunette, with big dark eyes that you could get lost in. Tammy's mother was in the back, and it fell to HER to go greet the customer.

He approached her very timidly and said, "May I help you miss?" The young lady replied, "Yes, I need some help, I am looking for a new dress for a dance I am going to, can you suggest something?" Tammy led her over to the formals but the girl indicated that the dress was just a regular dance so they headed to the "date" dresses. Tammy could not believe that he was standing there giving advice to a girl about what dress to wear on a date. This was just too weird. The girl chose several dresses to try on and Tammy led her to the dressing rooms. Once there the girl said, "Could you give me a hand with these; some of them have back zippers." Tammy stepped into the dressing room behind the girl, he could not believe this. She began to undress in front of him.

As her dress fell to the floor, he saw that she was wearing the cutest yellow bra and panty set. It was a shelf bra, and her pert, teen nipples were sticking out for all to see. The panties were bikini cut, and had a front lace panel that showed her light covering of hair. Tammy began to get very uncomfortable as he felt a stirring in his loins. The girl noticed and said, "Are you okay?" Tammy answered, "Yes, just a bit tired from getting the shop open on time is all." Tammy handed the girl the first dress and helped her with it. All in all they tried on six dresses and the girl decided on a pretty dress with full skirts and a tight bodice with a princess waist. The dress cost fifty dollars.

The girl paid in cash and left happily with her new dress. Tammy was a wreck. He was in a bit of pain from the girdle confining his penis, and he really needed to jerk off. His mother noticed, and took him into the rest room and told him to take care of "things". I can see that we are simply going to have to take care of things in a more practical manner. I am going to make a phone call, you get yourself under control."

With that a phone call was made to a specialty fetish shop and within a half an hour a package was delivered and paid for. There were no customers in the store at the time and Tammy's mother took "her" back to the dressing room. "I had hoped that this would not be necessary, but it looks as though your hormones are just too high strung. Lift your skirts and pull down your girdle and panties." Tammy's faced again burned with embarrassment at having his Mother see him like that, but when she took the item out of the bag, his curiosity over road everything else.

She held a strange contraption with straps and buckles that he had never seen before. She reached out and took his manhood and placed it in a sort of sheath that she laced tightly around it. Not tight enough to hurt, but snug. Then she fastened a belt like strap around his waist. Next she took the sheath and attached a strap and pulled it through his legs and fastened it to the belt. When he looked down, it looked like he had no balls, no cock; he looked like a girl, like he had a pussy! Tammy just stood there in total shock!

What brought him around was his Mothers voice. "You will not be able to get hard now, and you will have to sit to pee, like a girl, so you will have to wipe yourself after as well." "But I don't want to have to pee like a girl; I don't want to wear this. I... I." and he broke out in a fit of tears and sobbing. Tammy's Mother slapped "her" face and said, "You had just better get used to it until you can learn to control yourself. Till then you will wear it and that is that!" It wasn't fair, it wasn't right and he had to stand up for himself. "I quit. I will get a job to off set what you will pay someone, but I am not going to do this any more!" he screamed. "It is just wrong and I am not going to do this any more, I won't, you hear me, I won't." With that he began to get undressed, determined to once again be a boy. His Mother grabbed him and swung him around to face her and as she did he hit his head on the wall and was out cold. When he came to, his Mother was hovering over him, a determined look on her face. "If you want to quit, then quit, but you pack your things and leave my home as well. I am trying everything I know to keep this family together after what your father did, but I see that you are just like him, you don't care one bit about our family, just your own selfishness. Go, and don't come back. I don't want uncaring people around me anyway. I can... I can." and she broke out into tears, which broke Tom's heart. Shyly and tenderly he reached out and touched his Mother's cheek and spoke, "I'm sorry, I am just so scared and I really do love you and want to help, but I just am so afraid..." His Mother stopped her crying and dried her eyes. She looked into his eyes and saw the love and concern there, and spoke. "I know this is hard on you. I know that this is scary and horrible and wrong, but I... we, don't have any other options, I wish your Father were a real man, one who understood honor and commitment. I wish I did not have to put you through this, but I do. Do you understand, I have no choice? That we have no choice?" Tom sat there and thought for a few minutes and finally said, "I understand, and I will try to be the best 'girl' I can be." With that they hugged for a long time, holding each other, sharing their pain and loss.


Chapter 5

It was two weeks later andTom was getting ready for the first day back to school, when his Mother knocked on his bedroom door. He told her to come in and she walked over to him and said, "I need you right after school this week. The country club is having that big dance and we will be very busy. It might be a good idea for you to wear your girl's undies and your special belt to school to save time when you get home to change before coming to the shop." "I can't, I have gym sixth period, everyone would see." "Well, just get there as fast as you can, okay?" "Okay, Mom, I will."

Tom decided to bring his female under things to school hidden in his gym bag and then go straight to the shop and change there. Hew asked his Mother to take his dress for him and told her of his plan. She agreed and said that that was a very good solution. The first day of school was like any other first day, getting a new locker, new schedule, finding classrooms. Tom was very self conscious, trying to remember to walk as a boy not as a girl as he had been taught in the previous weeks. He was also worried that some one may look in his gym bag and discover his female underthings hidden there.

It was a long time in his mind until lunch, but he got through it with no problems. It was at lunch that thing changed for the worse, Tom was sitting alone and had just begun eating, when he saw a group of about five girls approaching his table. Some of them asked if they could join him, and knowing how hard it could be to get that many seats at one table empty, he agreed, The girls sat down and began eating and talking among themselves.

One of the girls looked up from her meal just as Tom was lifting some food to his mouth, and she saw it. "Excuse me, I hate to be rude, but may I ask you something?" she said. "Sure," said Tom, "go ahead." "Well..." she faltered "I was just wondering why you are wearing pink mail polish." Tom immediately turned a beet red. "I um, well, you see," he stammered, "My Mother was doing her nails last night and thought that it would be a kind of silly game to put some on me, I guess we forgot to take it off afterwards."

This seemed to satisfy the girl's curiosity and she lat the matter drop, but for the rest of the lunch period, the five girls kept an eye on him and would once in a while look at him and grin to each other. The rest of the day went fairly well, and after school he hurried to the shop. After changing clothes, he took his place as Tammy in the front of the store. His Mother had been right, they were busy. It seemed to Tammy that every girl in town had come in to browse or be fitted for or had bought a party dress. And this was only Monday.

Several of the girls would be coming back after alterations for final fittings and such so they had to come in early in the week. It was about an hour before closing when Tammy heard the door open and looked up to see a young girl he recognized walk in. It was the girl who had noticed polish on his nails at lunch. His Mother was busy with another customer, so he ha no choice but to wait on her. As he walked over to her, she did not seem to recognize him, so he calmly asked, "May I help you find something, Miss?" The girl looked up and said, "I think so, I am looking for a nice party dress, but I want something a bit unique that no one else has gotten yet. I hate wearing the same style as some one else even if it is a different color." she smiled. "I know exactly what you mean, we can't all be clones, now can we?" he said.

With that he took her over to a rack of dresses that were of a cut more appropriate for a girl a couple of years older than she was, and took down a very pretty party dress in mauve satin. It had a full skirt, princess waist line and was adorned with matching lace at the cuffs and collar. As he handed it to the girl, she got a strange look on her face and she began to stare at him. "You know," she said, "I saw some one today that was wearing that exact shade of nail polish, but it was a boy, how interesting. He said it was a game his Mother played with him last night." The girl then looked into the now fearful eyes of the sales girl and with an astonished look whispered, "It IS you, what are you doing dressed as a girl and working here? Just wait till I tell the others, this is so freaky!" "Please don't say anything to anyone, I have no choice, it is a long story, come with me."

The two of them went into the back room where "Tammy" relayed the entire story to a captivated audience. When he was done, the girl introduced herself as Jen, and promised to keep his secret, and she even swore an oath to do so. They went back out to the store and Jen found a dress that she liked and had Tammy help her with the fitting. As she left the store, she turned to her new friend and said, "See you at school tomorrow." and waved goodbye. Tom knew it was going to be a long day.


Chapter 6

When Jen got home that evening, she could not get Tom/Tammy out of her mind. The thought that someone would dress and act and pretend to be someone of the opposite sex so convincingly was astounding to her. The more she thought about it, the more intrigued she became. That night her dreams were filled with people all running around in "the wrong" clothes, even herself. When she woke in the morning she decided to try it" as a lark". She would wait until Saturday and go into her brother's room and get what she needed. Her brother was older and away at college, and her parents always went to the tennis club on Saturday mornings and would be gone for hours.

On the way to school, she could only think of two things, one, could she pull off the look, and two, how well "Tammy" had managed to do so. As she entered the school, she saw Tom there and went over and said hello. She could tell that he was a bit nervous, but when she did not mention the shop or Tammy, he calmed down.

"I would like you to come over to my place about eight Saturday morning, I have something I need your help with." she said.

"I can do that, but I have to be done by nine-thirty so I can make it to work on time," he said.

"Great, here is my address", she said, handing him a piece of paper folded in half.

As she left, Tom wondered what on earth she could want his help with, then he thought about the dress she had bought and thought she needed a fitting or something. Assured that she was indeed not going to let his secret out, Tom relaxed and had a good day at school/

The two days till the weekend went well and quickly. On Friday night, Tom set his alarm so that he could get up and get everything ready for work the nest day and still make iy over to Jen's house. When he arrived, he saw that her parents were just pulling out of the drive and she was in the door waving to them. When she saw Tom she motioned him over and invited him in.

"Hi, Tom. You must be wondering what I needed your help with.......well...........I want to try to do what you do, to be a boy so well that no one can tell I'm not a boy. So I need some one to help me and I could think of no one better qualified than you."

Tom just stood there, he could not believe what he was hearing! "Why would you want to do that?" he asked. "What makes you think that it would be fun, it is humiliating and very degrading to be dressed as a sex you aren't", he said.

"When you are forced into it by circumstances such as you were, I can see why you would think that, and as a boy, yes, but girls ware boys jeans and shirts all the time, it is no big deal for us.", Jen explained. "I think it would be a lark to be able to fool people like that, just once, to be able to pull it off and no one know,. Will you help me? Please?"

When Tom looked onto Jen's pleading eyes, he could not resist. Here was a pretty girl, a popular girl, wanting his help and treating him as a friend. He could not in good conscious deny her after she had been so good about keeoing his secret.

Jen led the way to her brother's room and got out a pair of socks, jockey shorts and a t-shirt. "You wait in the hall while I put this on, ok?"

Tom waited in the hall while Jen changed. When she called him back into the room, he could not help but snicker at her.

"What? Am I that funny looking?"

"No.....yes, you just,..... well, .....dont look like a boy is all. I have to ware a corset or girdle and falseies to look like a girl and we will have to figure out something for you as well. I know, try this." He went to the dresser and got out a pair of socks. "Put this down the front of your shorts."

Jen looked at him until he turned around, then pot the socks into place. When he turned around, Tom said that that was much better, but that they still had to figure out what to do about her breasts. They both thought about it for a moment, and then Jen remembered something she had seen in a movie once. She went to the bathroom and returned with a roll of ace bandage. "Here," she said handing it to Tom. "You will have to wrap me up.."

"I can't do that, you will have to be naked up there to do it, and I can;t do that......."

"Don't be silly, of course you can, you help girls get dressed a;; the tome, silly,"

With that she yook off the t-shirt and stood there wile Tom nervously wrapped the ace bandage around her breasts, pulling them tightly to her chest. When he was done, she put the t-shirt back on, and they both agreed that the look was much more male now. They were just admiring there work when Tom realized that it was tome fopr him to leave so that he would become "Tammy" and go to work.

:I have to go get ready for work now, but i will come back some other time when I can and we will begin your "boy" lessons. Until then, just watch how voys walk and move their arms and stuff and listen to how they talk and what words they use."

"Ok, and thank you for your help," Jen said, then kissed him on the cheek as he left.

At work it was a busy day, and Tammy hac\d to help several customers in the fitting room. One of the worst ones was a young girl of about seven whom wanted to try on every dress that would fit her. After about two hours of helping her in and out of dresses, her Mother bought three of them, and that made it almost worth while.

When Tom got up the next morning, his Mother wanted to talk to him. Tom, I know this is going to be difficult, but I need you right after school today, I need you to wear your panties and corset to school today. Before you get excited, i will write you a note getting you out of gym. After you eat, go up and get ready and I will drive you to school."

"But Mom, I can't do that, some one will find out and I could never fo to school again. I just couldn't do that....never.....I just can't. " Tom replied.

"Look, young man, I am not going to explain this to you again, we have no choice if we are to survive. I know you are making a lot of sacrifices, but so am I. We will do what we have to do and that is that, do you understand? (a rhetorical question) Good, now go get changed and no arguments!"

With that Tom headed upstairs to his room and got changed. He opted for a pair of white panties, the plainest ones he had clean were a pair of full cut briefs with a row of lace running from the waist to the leg on one side. He stepped into them then got out his corset. It too was white, but with lots of lace on the bodice. After closing the hooks on the busk, he slid a pair of suntan hose onto his legs and attached them to the garters. The cups on the bust of the corset sat losely on his chest, and he had to have a way to hide this. He decided to ware a loose fitting oversized plaid flannel shirt and a pair of jeans.

As he started down the stirs his Mother told him that she would bring his breast forms with her. She handed him a note excusing him from gym class and drove him to school. As he entered into the halls of academia, Tom was very nervous. He knew in his heart that everyone couold tell what he was wearing under his clothes.

AS he walked he could feel the tug of the garters on his stockings, he could feel the sliding of his jeans across his pantied bottom. Every move he made reminded him that he was wearing girl's lingerie. The entire day was one of cautious movement and self-consciousness. At lunch, Jen sat with him, and other students soon joined them. As Tom scooted his chair over for a boy named Bill to sit nest to him, he did not notice that his pant leg rode up, but Bill did! Bill looked shocked for a split second, than regained his composure and sat down. Bill did not say anything, but what he saw would play on his mind for the rest of the school day. He had seen a boy wearing either stockings or pantyhose under his pants. He knew that was what he saw, he had three sisters and knew the look and texture of nylon covered legs, there could be no mistake.

When Tpm got out of gym that day, Bill, who was in his gym class, knew why. Tom was wearing girl's nylons. Maybe even more, and he had to find out. After school that day Bill followed behind Tom until they got to a fairly secluded place that was a shortcut to Tom's Mother's shop. After making sure that there was no one else around, Bill ran at Tom and knocked him to the ground with a flying tackle from behind. Tom hit the ground hard and it took his breath away. Bill took advantage of the situation and pantsed Tom right then and there. Tom began to cry and Bill looked down in shock. Bill's fear of the unknown kicked in and he started in calling Tom names. "Look at the little sissy in his panties and hose! What are you, some sort of faggot?"

Tom was totally mortified. He ws paralyzed with fear and shame, all he could do was lay there and sob uncontrollably. He lay there with his pants around his knees and could not even move to pull them up. Bill kept up a stream of insults for a few minutes then spit on Tom. "You are just a pathetic little sissy. I will see you later, and you will see what happens to little sissy fags like you then!"

With that, Bill left. Tom lay there for some minutes, though it seemed like hours, before he could recover himself and get his pants up. He ran as fast as he could to his Mother's shop and when she saw what state he was in, sh locked the door and put out the closed sign. "What on earth happened? Why are you crying and why are you all covered with dirt?"

Tom explained how one of the boys at school found out about his underwear and what he had done and said. His Mother was furious, and started to call the school, but Tom stopped her, "If you call the school, every one will find out what happed and I will never live it down! You can't call them! Please don't call them, I would die if anyone else found out!"

"Calm down, dear, I won't call them. But we will have to do something about this boy. I want his name and I want his phone number if you have it!"

Tom could tell that his Mother was furious, but she was unable to do much about it without hurting him more, and she did not want to do that. She thought about it for a while then decided to call Bill's parents. Bill's Mother answered the phone, and when Yom's Mother explained everything about why Tom was dressed as he was and what Bull had done and said to him, Bill's Mother decided that her son could use a bit if the hair of the dog. She began planning and shopping that very night.


Chapter 7

Bill was about ready to go to bed when his Mother came into his room without knocking. That was unusual for her. "I hear you had some excitement today after school", she said.

Bill had been thinking about his actions all evening and wondering if they would have repercussions, he now knew that they would. "I had a run in with a sissy kid after school, he was wearing girl's underwear. I teased him, but maybe went a bit to far, I will apologize to him tomorrow." Bill said.

"You will do more than that, young man. I have just got back from doing a bit of shopping for you. You see there is an old saying, something about walking a mile in some ones elses shoes, but in your case it is more like their strip!"

Bill could not believe what he had just heard. As he watched in horror, his Mother produced a pair of frilly, pink, full cut panties, with four rows of lace ruffles on the seat. Then she laid out a matching baby doll top. He just stood there in disbelief when he felt a hard smack on his behind. "I said strip, and I mean now!"

Bill slowly did as he was told and he was soon standing naked before his Mother. She handed him the panties and told him to put them on. He took them from her hand as tears of shame bgan to fill his eyes and trickle down his cheeks. As he stepped into the panties his Mother said in a sarcastic tone, "Who's the sissy now?"

Bill just cried some more and was handed the top to put on. As he slipped over his head, he could not take any more, and he began to sob uncontrollably. This was so humiliating. How could his Mother do this to him? After all, it wasn't like he had dome anything awful or anything. All he had done was to tease a sissy panty waist. He stood there sobbiing as his Mother told him the extent of his punishment. He would wear female under things any time he was not at school, fot the nest two months. That would include panties, a bra, a camisole top, a garter belt and stockings. He would be required to change into them as soon as he got home from school and he had to come home before going over to a friend's or whatever. He would wear his lingerie all weekend from the time he gitt up tikk he went to bed, and he would always sleep in a nighty or baby doll. Bill was devastated. He did not know what to say or do, so he just collapsed on his bed and cried himself to sleep.

The next day was a Saturday, and Bill's Mother was there to wake him. When she got him up, she ushered him off to the bath where she had a tub of bubble bath waiting for him. "In you go sweet heart. We are going to get you ready to wear your new things. First a nice bubble bath to get you all soft and clean, then we will shave your legs and underarms fo that your bra and hose feel good against your smooth skin."

Bill trembled with humiliation, but knew that he was unable to fight his Mother on this, so he got undressed and into the tub. After a long soak, his Mother had him stand and she lathered his legs and handed him a razor. "Shave from your nips to your feet on both legs, Go slow and be careful not to nick yourself. When you are done with that, do your underarms."

She left, with an admonition for him not to take too long or she would com in and do it for him. Bill slowly and carefully shaved his legs and underarms. Just as he finished, his Mother returned with a pink terry dressing gown and handed it to him. :Put this on and come with me."

Bill followed her to his room, where he found that his underwear drawer was full to bursting. Along with his shorts and t-shirtrs were a dozen pair of panties in various styles and colors, five bras of various colors, five camisoles, three garter belts asn eight pair of various color stockings. When he looked in his pajama drawer all he found were nightgowns and baby doll sets.

" You may chose what panty and bra to wear yourself, but don't take too long to decide. I will be back in five minutes to help you with the garter belt and stockings."

Bill was devastated. He had hoped that his Mother had been bluffing last night about his new wardrobe, but apparently she had not been. he took out the top bra and panty. They were the same color so he put them on. He had a lot of trouble figuring out the bra, but managed to get it on right eventually. He slipped on the camisole just as his Mother returned. She had him put the garter belt on an showed him how to adust hoew it fit. She then had him to sit on the end of the bed and explained about stockings. "These are nylon stockings with just a touch of lycra to help them mold to your legs. You take one at a time in your hands and hold them at the top. Then you roll them up so they look like a kind of doughnut. Then you slip your toes into them and roll them up your legs, with gentle pressure, so as not to run them, but keeping them snig". With that, she rolled one up then slowly smoothed it onto his right leg. Bill began to cry again. He was so embarrassed by this whole ordeal. "There, there. a sweet little sissy like you shouldn't cry about getting dressed in pretty things. Dry your tears and you put the other stocking on your self."

Bill did as his Mother had shown him, and the tears just kept falling. When he hadd the other stocking on, she had him stand and showed him how to hook them to the garters. Bill stood there crying looking very bit the sissy that Tom had the day before when he pulled his pants down. Now he knew how Tom must have felt. Or so he thought.

Bill's Mother decided to give him a taste of his own medicine and began to berate him, calling him a cute little sissy girl and panty waisted little fag. The more she called him names the more his ego went to nothing and soon he was sobbing on the floor just like Tom had been the day before. Bill lay there helpless. He could not think, he could only hear his Mother's cruel taunts ringing in his ears.

She left him there just as he had left Tom. It was going to be a long two months for Bill.


Chapter 8

Tom began to think about all that had occurred to him in the last few weeks. He began to feel hatred and even malice towards his parents. He hated his father for abandoning him and his mother for what he considered abusing him. he hated them both and he wanted them to die. He thought about that..... he wished them dead. Not in a childish, pouty, way, but in a gruesome, actually no longer living way. He could not believe what he was thinking. Here he was wishing that something would happen to his parents that would result in their deaths.

As hje thought about it more and more, his mind began to wander and he imagined all types of scenarios in which his parents would die and he be left with the money to start a new life. It was one of these imaginings that actually sounded as though it would work. Tom began to plot.

On the way to work from school he had to pass a construction site. AS he walked by he looked at the ground and soon found what he was looking for> Tom picked up a single rusty nail that he saw lying there and placed it in his pocket.

That night after his Mother had gone to sleep, Tom got out of bed and got dressed as Tammy, and put his male clothes in a backpack. He took the $200.00 that he had gotten for working in the shops s far and then got another $200.00 from his Mother's purse. He went into the garage ad took the rust nail and used it to puncture the brake line on his Mother's car.

He then went to the shop just as dawn broke and went in. He went straight to the back room and go out a red wig from back stock and place it on his head and combed it out. When he was done he left by the back door and headed for the bus station.

When he arrived, he bought a ticket to the town his Father had moved to and waited to board the bus. When the bus arrived he got on and sat in a seat near the center if the bus. He did not talk to any one nor did he bring attention to himself. When n the bus arrived at it's destination, he gor off and headed for the roughest part of town he could find.

The streets were filled with litter and the human refuse tht one might expect on the shady side of town. Soon Tammy was being accosted with taunts and whistles as she walked along her way. Soon a large man stepped out in front of her. He was dressed in torn, faded jeans and a black t-shirt that read "Iron Horse Cycles" on the front in red letters. His hair was long and greasy brown and his face was covered in a thick, unkempt beard. "hey sweet thing", he said, "what brings a pretty little missy like your self out to a neighborhood like this?"

Through the fear Tammy managed to stammer, "I want to buy a gun." The man laughed and asked what she wanted with a gun, and she replied that there was a man that has been raping her and that the police would do nothing about it. She wanted to gun to stop him from ever doing it again.

The man looked at her and said that he would be happy to take care of the man for her, if she had the money. "How much do you have for the gin, sweet heart?" he asked.

"I have $200.00." Tammy answered.

The man said, "I have a daughter about your age and she lives with her nother, but if I ever heard of some bastard doing that to her I would kill the some bitch. You give me the address and the money and I woo see to it that he never bothers you again." "Under one condition," Tammy answered, "I get to watch."

That evening when Tom's father cane home from work he was the victim of a drive by shooting, and died instantly

An hour later young man got on a bus headed for his home town. When Tom arrived home the police were waiting for him. They told him that they had tried to get hold of him at school. He told them that he had skipped that day and gone to a lake a few miles away and had got lost in his daydreaming and had fallen asleep. He said his Mother was going to tan him good gor being late and worrying her and that he could understand her calling them to find him.

An officer knelt down in front of him and told him that his mother was dead, she had died in a car accident. It had rained that morning and she was making a turn onto the road that lead to Miller's Creek Bridge. Her car began t o hydroplane and when she hit the breaks they failed. The car headed into the creek and landed upside down and his mother had drowned.



Tom moved into his Father's parent's home and loved with them until he was eighteen. He sold the boutique and house and used the money to go to collage. When he graduated he used the insurance money to start his own printing company and never looked back.




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