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This is Not What I Meant

by SandraB


Chapter 1

My wife and I have been married for 6 years. Like most couples, we have our ups and downs. However, we have always had a great sex life. Our sexual relationship has always been a very important part of life and it has seemed to only get better and better with time. Recently, we had begun to get a little more adventurous in the bedroom (and elsewhere!).

We were on a weekend getaway when Gwen initiated the idea of watching one of the porn movies that the hotel offered. While I was in shock, I eagerly agreed. While it has been wonderful, I was not prepared for the new direction that it was about take. As we watched the action on the TV, Gwen sucked and stroked my cock, just to the brink of explosion, but never letting me cum. When the scene changed to two women kissing and petting each other, she noticed that I became even more aroused. I remember her asking, "Chris, why do all men like to see two girls getting it on?" I just smiled at her. I had hinted to her on many occasions how hot it would be to have a threesome, but she said that she was not sure that was her "thing". Like every other guy in the world, I always held out hope.

The next night while we dined, Gwen asked if we could find an adult novelty store. Again, I eagerly said yes. We grabbed the yellow pages and found an adult movie store and called for directions. As we drove, Gwen pulled out a cigarette and began to smoke. With her free hand, she began to rub my cock. She knew that I had a "smoking fetish" and that it turned me on when pretty women smoked. I was hard as a rock when finally found our destination.

As we browsed through the store, Gwen became more and more interested in the bondage gear. We sometimes role played where I would be the dominant man and she the submissive woman. We both enjoyed that fantasy and I was excited to go a step further in that direction. Gwen insisted that we buy a bondage for couples kit. It had everything a couple getting started in the bondage scene could need. We also purchased a couple of porn movies. One of them was your generic porn flick – lots of sucking and fucking and your required "girl-girl" scene. The other was a bondage flick and the cover pictured a dominant woman. "Why not?", I thought, "Maybe it will give us a few new ideas".


Chapter 2

As the next few weeks passed, Gwen and I enjoyed experimenting and role-playing with our new bondage toys. Usually, I played the dominant role and Gwen the submissive. However, I will never forget the night the roles were reversed.

I came home from work late and announced my arrival by shouting hello from the comfort of my lazy boy chair. Gwen suddenly appeared from our bedroom wearing a black leather corset. She looked at me with contempt and said to me sharply, "That is no way to speak to me….Get your ass in the bedroom and you may grovel for my forgiveness." As I started to answer, she added, "You may only refer to me as Mistress and you are not to speak unless first spoken to…now get moving slave. You are going to now fulfill my fantasies! And, if you are a good slave, I might reward you with an experience you have always wanted." I was in shock but also very turned on.

Gwen seemed to take great pleasure in humiliating me. When I did not respond properly to her, she verbally chastised me and spanked my ass hard. I never knew that I could be aroused by such a scenario, but I most definitely was. Gwen ordered me to take my clothes off and she handcuffed my hands to the bed rail. She then secured my legs by strapping my ankles to the bed posts. There I was, strapped to my own bed, completely naked and completely aroused. Gwen then popped in her new favorite DVD, the one that featured women dominating their men. As I watched each scene, she would add comments like, "That is how you deserve to be treated" and "Oooh, I like the we he serves her every need". There is one scene where the woman makes the guy wear panties and then she fucked him with a strap on dildo. "I bet you would like that, wouldn't you, slave?", Gwen asked. "No way", I replied. Within seconds, a hard slap of her hand across my face reminded me that I had answered her incorrectly. "That settles it", she said, "I will turn you into my lesbian sex slave". She caressed my skin with her silk panties and watched as my cock grew even harder. I could not explain it, but I wanted to wear them. I also decided I better play along or I would suffer the consequences. This would be the first night of my feminization, though I certainly did not know how far this game would go.


Chapter 3

Over the next few weeks, I would come home from work and become Gwen's sex slave. She had me shave all of my body hair off. I did not resist because I have always hated having hairy legs, arms and chest. She even bought me a wig and some clothes that better fit my 5'11" body. I was in pretty good shape and took a glance of myself in the mirror one night and wondered what I would look like if I really tried to look like a woman. Gwen must have read my mind – she said, "You know, you would make a very pretty girl with the right make-up and training." She then added, "If you will let me turn you into a "passable" woman, I will participate in a threesome with you". I said "YES!", without thinking about possible consequences.

Over the next few weeks, Gwen trained me to be a woman. She taught me how to sit, walk, drink, and even smoke like a woman. I was afraid to admit it, but I loved it. I loved the feel of the clothes. I loved the pretty face that looked back at me when I looked in the mirror. I also enjoyed make love to my wife as a woman. I enjoyed using my lips and tongue to bring her to fulfillment. It gave me a sense of pride that I could make someone feel that good without the use of my cock. Gwen began to make me cum in my hand and "forcing" me to drink my own cum. For some reason, I was turned on by this. I even had thoughts of what it would be like to suck a real cock, though I would never admit to it.


Chapter 4

I will never forget that Thursday night when I came home and Gwen was waiting for me at the door. She kissed me as I walked in and said, "You have been so good to explore some of my fantasies with me that I want to reward you". "I have made the beginning arrangements for us to have a threesome tomorrow night". The look of shock on my face said it all. I was speechless. Gwen continued, "You need to get off work a little early tomorrow night. I have made arrangements for us to attend a swingers party at a club and hotel in Atlanta. I do not think we will have trouble finding an interested partner to join us. However, the only rule I have is this – we will do it only if you let me lead and you completely obey my wishes. That means I get the final choice on who will join us." I said that is fair and that I trusted her judgment.

Friday morning seemed to last an eternity. When I finally made it home, Gwen had all of our clothes packed and ready to go. We did not hesitate to hit the road. I was very excited and a little nervous. Gwen did not seem nervous to me and I wondered why she wasn't. "Maybe she is really going to get into this", I thought.

We checked into our hotel room and then headed to the ballroom where the Swingers Party was being held. The rule was no actual sex acts here but anything goes when you made it back to the room. We made small talk with several couples and a few single women. Gwen grabbed my arm and pulled me close. She asked if we could go back to the room for a moment to get something. As we walked back into our room, Gwen announced, "I think I have picked out who I want it to be". "Great, bring her up!", I replied. "Well first you have to do what I say", Gwen said. "You must remember that I am in complete charge", she reminded me. "Now, I want you to wear this little black dress, but first I need to help you with your make-up". I began to protest and Gwen quickly and forcibly reminded me that she was in control. "The only way that we are doing this is if you are dressed as a girl!", she snapped. "And I will call you, Kristin", she said. This was actually the first time she had given me a fem name. I thought, that it would all be okay once the other girl arrived so I obeyed my wife's commands.

"You are waiting here, while I go pick up our third party", Gwen announced. "Hopefully, it won't take too long". Gwen closed the door and left me to wait and wonder which of the girls we had talked to earlier would be coming back to our hotel room with Gwen. I was more excited than ever and I had nearly forgotten that I was "in drag" until I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I really could pass as a woman I thought.


Chapter 5

About on hour had passed when I finally heard the door opening. Gwen walked in and then to my amazement, walking behind her, was not a beautiful girl but instead a tall athletic looking man. "This is NOT what I meant!", I shouted. "It does not really matter what you meant", Gwen replied, "this is what I want and that is all that matters." "This is Todd and he is OUR date for the night", she said.

Gwen walked over to Todd and kissed him on the lips. Todd just looked at me with strange look. He said to Gwen, "She is even more beautiful than you described…I look forward to spending time with her". I was petrified. I could not move or speak.

"Get your pansy ass over here!", yelled Gwen. Todd took my hand and kissed it. Gwen went over and sat down on the sofa and lit a cigarette. "You two get to know each other", Gwen said, "I'll just watch for now".

Todd began to run his hands over my body. He touched my lips with his fingers and then gently brushed my face with the back of his hand. He ran his hands down my back and pulled me close to him. "Kristin, Kiss him now," Gwen ordered. Todd placed his lips on mine and gently kissed me. He then pulled me closer to him and his kiss became more passionate. His tongue pried my lips apart and he forced it into my mouth. I surprised myself when I began to reciprocate his affections.

"Take his shirt off", Gwen commanded. I obeyed without hesitation. I unbuttoned Todd's shirt and pushed him back on the bed. I removed his shirt and turned him over onto his stomach. I began to kiss and caress his muscular back. Next thing I know, Gwen is at my side rubbing Todd's ass and looking at me with joy in our eyes. She reached over and kissed me and said, "This is really what you wanted, isn't it?" I just nodded yes and continued to focus my attention on Todd's magnificent body. Gwen pulled his pants off and the two of us turned him over. We each began to kiss the inside of his thighs and worked our way up to his raging hard-on. Instinctively, our tongues met at the base of Todd's cock. We massaged his balls and licked his long shaft. Gwen nodded to me to do what came natural. I did. I took him completely into my mouth and began to pump up and down. Gwen and Todd made out while I sucked his cock. Just when Todd was about to cum, he forced my head away from him and motioned me beside him. He turned me over and began to rub my ass. He inserted his tongue into my anus and gave me sensations I did not know I had. Gwen had gotten some lubricant and applied it to my ass as Todd raised up on top of me. Gwen guided Todd's cock into my ass and he gently pumped in and out of me. I moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. As I did, Todd took that as encouragement to pump harder and deeper. Gwen played with herself as she watched her "husband" being fucked like sissy slut. Todd pulled out as he was about to cum and turned me over. He then stroked himself until he sprayed his love juice all over my body and face. I eagerly licked up every bit that I could. Gwen handed me a cigarette and as I smoked, Gwen whispered in my ear, "I am going back out and leave you two alone. I have a feeling you guys are not through with your evening." She was right.




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