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Time for a Change

by Frank Richards


I have been married for over 10 years. My marriage was good. My wife Angie and I used to be in good shape, but over the years I have gained some weight and have gotten a lazier. I work in a small accounting firm as the manager. I am the only male employee and work with 8 female employees.

Angie came to me one day and said that it is time for a change. We need to eat better and take better care of ourselves. Deep down I had to agree but had no interest in setting up a new routine. She asked me if she could set up better eating habits and a fitness routine for us to follow. Perfect, I thought, if this didn't work, I couldn't be blamed. "Sure, that is a great idea", I told her. Big mistake.

The next morning it began, for breakfast I was given a banana, yogurt with granola and 2 small vitamin pills. I was going to starve. I looked at my lunch and it consisted of some fruit, and a small salad. Well, I said I would try, so down went the pills and I went to work. When I got home, dinner consisted of another salad with chicken and a little cheese. With this type of eating I was sure to lose weight.

4 months had passed and I was feeling great. I had lost 15 lbs and was down to 144 lbs and at my height of 5'7", I was looking good. Unfortunately, there were other changes that seemed very different. Although I had lost weight and my waist was smaller, my pants still seemed tight in my butt. Also, I must be having a reaction to the vitamin pills I have been taking because my chest is very sensitive. I have been feeling very emotional of late, and I feel guilty when I have to discipline one of my employees.

One Saturday morning, I told my wife about the sensitivity on my chest. She thought it was strange "I will change the vitamins, hopefully that will help."

She came over with a cream, and rubbed it over my breast, "there that should help to comfort them. She brought me one of her undershirts, here put this on; it is soft and won't be so uncomfortable. "I can't wear a women's undershirt!" "Sure you can, no one will notice." I pulled it on, she was right, it did feel much better. I finished getting dressed and as I was putting on my jeans I noticed that I could barely pull them over my hips. Angie came over "your jeans must have shrunk." So, I tried on another pair of pants, and they were snug as well, but big on the waist. Angie was excited, "we need to go shopping." "Here put a pair of my jeans on, they are wider on the hips." "I can't wear women's jeans, everyone will notice." "Just try them for now" as she handed me the pants. I pulled them up and they definitely fit better on my butt and my waist. Seemed very strange, but they fit me better. The weekend went by and Monday morning came, I went to put my dress pants on and they were very tight on the butt. I put my dress shirt on and immediately the material irritated my chest. Angie came over and put more of the cream on my chest. "You need to cover the cream up, here put this camisole on under your shirt." "I can't do that; everyone at work will see the straps." "Try it; let's see first before you complain." I felt very emotional, almost ready to cry. I put on the camisole and then my shirt.

"You can't see anything. Go to work, I am going shopping for you today. You need all new pants and shirts." Off to work I went praying none of the ladies will notice.




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