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Time Travel

by Susan Fraser


It was the age of scientific breakthroughs! Men had finally travelled faster than the speed of light and had journeyed to the distant planets. As part of the technology they had discovered to enable them to do this time travel had become possible.

So possible, that even young kids were now building their own time machines in the garage! Daniel was one of these.

Daniel was 18 years of age and very, very clever. The only thing wrong with him was that he was a bit of a bighead. He constantly rowed with his parents and was not the most popular boy at school. He was therefore a bit of a loner and he had a chip on his shoulder. Dan did not have a girlfriend, no girl would look at him. All the girls Dan knew thought him a bit of a pratt and so conceited.

This had worked on him to such an extent that he had now decided to teach them a lesson. He would go back in time, to the time of the Prom and play tricks on them. Dan called them tricks but some of his ideas were quite nasty and were designed to have a lasting effect on his victims.

He would have the perfect alibi, "he" would be at home, he never went to the school proms, and his other self would carry out his plan.

So Daniel worked on his secret project on his own and all the time he was making himself a real pain to his parents. He never did any chores, never tidied his room and he expected his parents to give him money without any attempt at getting a part time job.

To make matters worse his mother would constantly say that she wished that she had a daughter rather than a son, especially a son like Dan. Then to cap it all Dan’s female cousin, Danielle, had come to visit just over three weeks since. Dan who did no take much of an interest in such things and had not even realised that he had a cousin

Danielle was a little older than Dan and being a girl seemed so much older. His mother had taken to Danielle and they were always together or going shopping. His mother did not seem to mind spending money on Danielle and she was not even family! She was always buying clothes and gifts for Danielle.

So Dan work away at building a time machine and making himself even more distant from the rest of his family. He had rowed with his mother just that morning because she and Danielle had returned from shopping and Danielle was showing off a pretty chiffon dress that her Aunt had just bought her. Fuming Dan left the room and went to the garage where his now virtually completed machine stood.

I’ll show them, thought Dan and began to put the last few pieces on to the machine. The chameleon circuit, which by law all machines had to have, was the last piece to go on. This would alter Dan’s appearance so that he would not look like himself in the event that he should come across himself when he journeyed back in time. The law said that this was necessary to save a person being traumatised if they actually met themselves in the past.

The machine was now ready and Dan was still in such a state that he thought, to hell with it! I’m going now.

He entered the machine, it was just like a small booth, and began to flick the switches. First location, the school car park. Then the time, three weeks ago. He glanced around and with a sudden impulse he flicked the final switch to send him on his journey.

As the room began to fade he could see his mother and Danielle standing there. They were smiling. Funny he thought they should be amazed not smiling.

Slowly the school car park began to appear and suddenly he was there! It was dark and the lights from the school hall were glowing in the distance. He felt dizzy as he opened the booth and stepped outside. His first reaction one of elation, that the machine had worked, his next was of feeling strange though in a way hard to describe.

He was just about to get his bearings when two things happened. Some of his classmates were coming and even more disconcerting was the fact that his time machine suddenly hummed in to life and disappeared.

They will recognise me he thought. And then he remembered the chameleon circuit and began to relax. Then he realised that the machine had gone and was just about to panic all over again when one of the lads shouted to him.

"Hi Babe, what’s your name then?"

Dan nearly said Daniel when he realised that he had been addressed as Babe. He looked down at his body and realised that he now had boobs! His long hair was now even longer and he was wearing a dress! His hands had become smaller and his fingernails longer and he was wearing nail varnish! Then the truth finally dawned on him. The Chameleon circuit had altered him into a girl! But that was not meant to happen.

The lads got closer and Josh, the one who had shouted said,

"Sorry didn’t mean to scare you, but you must be new here".

He then went on to introduce himself and again asked Dan what his name was. Without realising Dan said his name was Danielle and Josh again offered to escort him/her.

Dan/Danielle was swept along with the others, Josh had put his arm around Dan/Danielle’s shoulders and was asking him/her questions, where was she from, how old was she and was she going to this school next term. Dan tried answering the best he could, he was Daniel’s older cousin and no he would not be going to the school.

When Josh heard that the girl he was escorting was Daniel’s cousin he smiled and said that Daniel was a bit of pratt, if she did not mind him saying so. Thought too much of himself and was too big headed. Dan’s initial reaction was to protest but as Danielle found himself agreeing with Josh as he tried to understand what had happened to him.

He was now a little smaller as Danielle but the shoes she was wearing made up for that. What he could not get used to was the way in which his body moved as she walked. Her hips moved from side to side and she took the smallest steps. And his voice, it was so feminine, so high.

He was wearing a pretty party dress with low cut neckline and shoes with 2-inch heels. His shoes made clickity-click sounds as he walked and he could feel the dress rustling about his legs as he walked.

He had though that as soon as they reached the hall he would be able to get away from Josh, but when they got there Josh began introducing him/her to all the others and there was no escape. While Josh went to get some drinks Danielle was surrounded by girls asking her about Daniel and saying what a creep he was. They all said how pretty she was and how lucky she was to with Josh.

Dan found that it was best to go along with everything they were saying and he was pleased that as a girl he was pretty. Dan glanced across at a mirror at then of the hall and for the first time he saw just how pretty he. Or rather she was. As Danielle she had a wonderful figure accentuated by the low cut dress she was wearing, Her hair was long and almost reached down her back and her complexion was so clear that only a little makeup made it sparkle.

And despite the situation that he found himself in, Dan as Danielle was actually having a good time. People were talking to her, taking notice of her and Josh was very, very attentive. But just then Dan realised that he had to go to the toilet and almost in a panic, though he did not show it, he excused himself and went in search of the girls’ toilets. Amy, one of the girls in Dan’s class, said she would go too and linking him/her off they went.

Amy was one of the girls that girls that Dan had come back in time to play some nasty tricks on. And here he was going to the toilet with her arm in arm like he had seen so many girls go in the past. And suddenly he, or rather Danielle, did not want to play any tricks on her. Danielle was just grateful to have some show her what to do.

It was with much trepidation that Danielle entered the girls’ toilets. Dan had never been in one before. Danielle watched as Amy went into one of the cubicles and with a sense of relief Danielle did the same. Her first thought was to pee standing up but she soon realised that this would not be an option. She fumbled with her dress and managed raise it so that she could drop her panties.

Dan hope against hope that his dick would still be there but to his dismay it was not. In its place was a neat little vagina with neatly trimmed pubic hair. Danielle had to squat on the toilet seat and relieved herself. She had to use some toilet paper to dry her vagina and as she rubbed she felt such pleasure. She again fumbled with her clothes as she tried to put her clothes back the way they were. On exiting the cubicle she saw Amy standing at the sink washing her hands and then putting on some more lipstick. Danielle washed her hands and when Amy offered her the lipstick Danielle did not want to seem odd by refusing. Not very expertly she managed to do her lips and Amy smiled saying that the shade suited her.

Amy then tided up her hair with a comb and Danielle followed suit. Amy did not appear to have noticed anything strange with Danielle behaviour, much to Danielle’s relief. The left the toilet and returned to the others. Danielle would have liked to have got away but she could not think where to go.

On the way back, Amy was talking about Josh, saying he was very good-looking and very considerate. Danielle realised that Amy thought that she was here as his guest but did not say anything. Josh was one of the boys that Dan had nothing against and Danielle had to admit that he was handsome.

My god, he thought, what am I saying!

Back at the hall the music was just starting up and Josh suddenly took hold of Danielle’s hand and asked her to dance, Without waiting for a refusal he led her on to the dance floor and with his arms around her waist began to dance. Danielle first reaction was to break away but Josh was strong and Danielle’s body was a lot weaker than Dan’s had been and well, it felt good.

Soon they were dancing real close with their bodies pressed against each other. Danielle found that she like this, a lot! She even found that as the dance went on that she was resting her head on Josh’s shoulder! At the end of the dance Josh tilted her face upwards and kissed her on the lips.

Rather than being offended by this, Danielle found that her body was responding on its own and she kissed him back and felt good about it too. Josh led her off the dance floor with his arm around her waist and she felt so secure and happy at this that she did object when Josh asked her to go outside with him.

Danielle even giggled at the other girls as Josh led her to the door. Once outside some of the old Dan resurfaced and at first he felt repulsed by his actions, or rather Danielle’s reaction to Josh’s advances, but then he began to feel calmer about what was happening, His female body was taking over and wanted what was to come.

It took only seconds for Dan to realise that as Danielle he wanted Josh. He began to feel that Dan was all but gone and all that soon all that would be left was Danielle. Josh pulled Danielle to him and as he began to caress her, Danielle finally took over the last of what was once called Dan.

The couple spent several minutes just kissing each other and Danielle felt the strength of Josh’s penis through his trousers each time they pressed against each other. She wanted him and when Josh suggested that they go to his car Danielle gladly went.

The sat in the back seat and resumed their embrace. They were both too aroused to stop now and Danielle let Josh put his hand up the front of her dress and felt his fingers pull the top of her panties down. Josh then felt for her vagina and began to gently rub around her slit. Danielle undid Josh’s fly on his trousers and eagerly sought his penis and she began to rub it rhythmically. It began to get larger as Josh’s arousal increased. Suddenly Danielle panicked as she realised what was happening. Although her new body really wanted Josh, it was all happening so fast. Her hand stopped its rubbing and she looked at Josh as if to say sorry, but it was all right and Josh just smiled at her and kissed her.

Danielle straightened her dress as Josh put his penis away and zipped up the front of his trousers and they settled back in the car seat and snuggled close together, Danielle with her head on Josh’s chest, and just sat there for over an hour. Josh told her about himself and Danielle had to think up a story to explain why she had come to the Prom. They talked and they kissed, and each time they kissed Danielle felt more and more comfortable with her new femininity.

Danielle said that she was Dan’s cousin here on a visit to stay with her Aunt for several weeks. She was pleased when Josh said that he was glad that she would be staying for a while and that he hoped they could see each other whiles she was here.

Danielle went quite for a while as she remembered how she had came to be there. The time machine had disappeared and despite what she had told Josh, she could hardly go back to her parents’ house. How was she explain what had happened to them!

What was she to do? Then she remembered that when Daniel had returned home two days after the Prom, Danielle was already at the house and his parents seemed more than happy to let her stay. She had been introduced to Daniel as his cousin but now he knew different. In a way his parents would now get the daughter they had always wanted. It was with a sigh of relief that Danielle knew that she could return home and that her mother would accept her quite readily.

Danielle snuggled closer to Josh and it felt wonderful and safe. Never before had Daniel felt so content and he knew that as Danielle life would be full of such moments

Josh bent down and kissed her on the forehead and Danielle responded by tilting her face towards him and inviting him to kiss on the lips, which Josh did with real passion.

Eventually they returned to the Dance Hall and Danielle blushed as she saw the other girls were green with envy. They had been gone so long and her dress was a little crumpled; they must have guessed what the couple had been up to!

After several more smoochy dances with Josh it was finally time to go and Josh offered to walk Danielle home, and Danielle agreed because she did not want the night to end. Danielle went to the toilet along with the other girls and with less anxiety than before she found herself chatting with them as they did the hair or repaired their make-up. All of the girls there thought that Danielle had really scored with Josh and that she was so lucky to have him escort her home.

Josh met her outside the toilets and putting his arm around her waist he walked her slowly home. As Danielle walked with Josh she could not remember ever having been so happy and contented. She had actually made friends at the dance for what seemed like the first time in her life. And now she was being escorted home, something that as Daniel, she had never been able to do before. What did it matter that Daniel was now Danielle, at least Danielle was happy!

The couple reached the end of the drive where Danielle’s parents lived, where she had lived as Daniel, and spent several long minutes saying goodnight. They kissed each other time and time again and Danielle found herself promising Josh that she would go out with him on a proper date the following evening, before Josh would let her go.

As Josh walked away, Danielle braced herself and walked up the path to the front door. Although she had a key she rang the doorbell and waited for her, or rather Daniel’s mother to answer the door. She took deep breaths as the door opened and her mother faced her.

At first her mother did not recognise the young girl standing before her and then as she took a second look she said.

"Who are you, Dear. You look very familiar and I feel that I must know you, but who are you?"

Danielle took another deep breath before blurting out that she was actually Daniel, her son. Or rather she had been until earlier on. She begged her mother to let he in and explain. Her mother taking pity on the young girl before her gestured for her to come in.

Once inside Danielle sat down and as she did so she smoothed her dress down, feeling self conscious that she was wearing a dress and proceeded to tell her mother the whole story. She had to show her mother the tiny birthmark on her shoulder before her mother would believe that the girl sat in front of her had actually been her son up until a few hours ago.

"Well" said her mother; "This is really a sticky situation you have got yourself into. I do not know how you can resolve it"

"The thing is, Mummy" Danielle said and realised that she had called her mother "Mummy" instead of "Ma", "I do not really want to go back to being Daniel, he was a real Pratt and I have to believe that I can be happier as Danielle. I really do think that I am a nicer person all round. Does that surprise you?"

"No Dear" said her mother. "I have always thought that girls are much more grown up than boys. Girls do have more compassion and respect for other peoples’ feelings" she added, "To be honest I have always wanted a daughter and I often thought that it was because of this that I could never really get on with Daniel, even though I loved him,you, of course"

"And I love you, Mummy. I always did but now I am not afraid to be able to say" said Danielle.

The pair of them began to cry with joy as Danielle and her mother started to accept the fact that they were now mother and daughter.

Danielle then explained to her mother that as Daniel she remembered that when he was introduced to Danielle, he was told that she was his cousin and that he had accepted this fact with any hesitation. Danielle did tell her mother that she and her seemed to get along well but did not say that her mother had taken her shopping for all sorts of clothes. She did not want suggest this to her mother in case her mother thought that she was being manipulative.

However her mother had already decided that Danielle would need a complete wardrobe of clothes and so said, "In the morning the first thing we have to do is to go clothes shopping. A girl can never have enough clothes and shoes and here is you with only the one set of clothes to wear"

"There is another thing," said Danielle. "Although this body feels wonderful, I do not know anything about being a girl, how to dress, even how to remove what I am wearing. And make-up, I know nothing about putting make-up on or taking it off. Will you help me?"

Her mother smiled and said that she had always wanted a daughter who would need her help in such things and the pair of them began to cry again, but with a feeling of happiness.

Danielle asked how they would explain things to her father and her mother said that she should leave it to her. Her father would accept Danielle as his daughter she had no doubt about that.

He mother then suggested that they go upstairs and undress Danielle and see what her body looked like. Danielle followed her mother and they went in to the spare bedroom where Danielle started to undress. She removed her dress and shoes and stood there in just Bra and panties. Her mother looked on as Danielle removed these as well.

She was now naked and her mother turned her towards the full-length mirror and for the first time Danielle was able to view her naked body. The first thing she noticed was that it was so smooth, no trace of hair on her body or legs except for the pubic hair around her clit.

And the shape of her body had become so rounded, her waist was small and her hips much wider and her breasts were so ample as they hung from her chest. All in all she had a perfect size 10 figure and her mother put her arm around her and smiled.

"You look beautiful, Dear, Really beautiful, now lets get your make-up off"

Her mother showed Danielle how to remove her make-up and to apply some moisturiser, and then leading her into her bedroom she got a night-dress out of the closet and passed it to Danielle.

"This is one of mine which I only wear for special occasions. I think it will fit you," her mother said with a coy smile.

The nightdress was of pure white silk with lace around the hem and had a low cut bosom. It had shoe string straps and Danielle understood what her mother had meant when she said it was for special occasions, she meant that she wore it whenever she wanted to turn her father on!

Danielle let the nightdress fall down over her naked body and felt the wonderful sensation of silk on her now smooth skin. It was a good fit over her bosom and showed her breasts off wonderfully.

Next her mother gave her a pair of slippers to wear, white fluffy mules with a slight heel, and then a white flannel dressing gown. Danielle at first fasten this the way a boy would until her mother pointed out that it would be best if she fastened it right over left like a girl.

Her mother then told Danielle to sit at the dressing table and she brushed her thoroughly. Danielle was told that she would have to wash her hair every day and brush it thoroughly every night.

"Now dear, if you would stay in your room until your father comes home. I will explain what has happened and then I will ask you to come down. I think it would be too much for him to take in if he saw you straight off. You can pick out some of my clothes for yourself tomorrow, I think we are about the same size, while you wait for your father. And do not forget that you will need tights and an underskirt" she added.

Danielle found herself looking through her mother clothing while her mother went downstairs to wait for her father. She had just chosen a pair of white panties, a white lacy bra and some tights when she heard the front door open. Danielle was still nervous about her father although she could remember as Dan that he had seemed quite happier to have Danielle staying with them.

She choose a blue denim skirt and a blue sweater that she had never seen her mother wearing and was just about to look through her mother’s shoes when she heard her mother calling for her to come down.

With her heart in her mouth she walked down the stairs to find her father standing in the middle of the room. As he saw her he began to smile and Danielle felt so relieved that she began to cry. Her father came over to her and cuddled her. All she could say was "Daddy"!

After the emotions had subsided a little her father and mother told Danielle that they would be happy to accept Danielle as their daughter and this caused another bout of crying all around. They would introduce her as their niece to Dan and she would have to pretend that they wear Aunt and Uncle until such time as Dan made his trip in the time machine. If Dan got to know the truth then he might not go and where would that leave Danielle? Probably nowhere!

Her father looked at Danielle and said softly to her that he disliked Dan, true he loved him like a son, but he had wished that Dan had been a girl. If he had then perhaps he would not have been so big headed and disliked by all that knew him.

Danielle agreed that as Dan she had been big headed and not very sociable, she would make a much better job at being a daughter than as son!

She spent a little while longer with her parents before returning upstairs to finish picking her clothes out for the following day. Her mother helped her to choose a light blue underskirt and a pair of low heeled court shoes. Her mother said it would take Danielle a little time to get used to wearing heels and that it would be better if they picked some for her when they went shopping. Dan had hated going shopping but Danielle found that she was looking forward to it. There was so much more variety of clothes to choose from for a young girl compared to a young boy!

Finally Danielle went to bed and lay there for a little while enjoying the feeling of her new body. It was so sensitive to the touch, Her nipples and breasts felt wonderful and her skin was so smooth. She had settle down differently in bed as her body shape had changed so much. Her bottom was bigger and her hips and she could get comfortable lying on her stomach because of her breasts. In the end she just lay back and snuggled down and slept. Her first night as a girl.

The following morning Danielle woke up and wondered if it had all been a dream. But as she came to she could feel her breasts through the nightdress and knew that it had been for real. She went to the toilet and lifted up her nightdress to have a pee, sitting down then returned to the bedroom where she put on the dressing gown and slippers. She flicked her hair back and went down to the kitchen where her mother and father were already having breakfast.

"Good Morning, Dear" said her father and kissed her on the forehead. Her mother just smiled and asked if she had slept well to which Danielle replied that she had had the best sleep of her life.

As Danielle ate some cereal and had a glass of milk, her mother told her of her plans for the morning. First they would go and pick some underwear then some skirts, tops and dresses. Then they would go for coffee before trying on some shoes. Finally they would go and get Danielle some cosmetics before ending up at the hairdressing salon where they could get Danielle’s hair styled and possibly coloured.

Her mother then asked Danielle did she want her ears pierced and Danielle said yes. Danielle had never thought about it before but the idea of wearing fancy earrings really appealed.

Danielle asked about wearing make-up to go shopping and her mother said just a slight touch of mascara and lipstick would be fine and offered to help Danielle put it on.

As Danielle got washed and dressed her mother came in and gave her a locket saying that her mother had given it to her and that she had always wanted to pass it on to her daughter. She added, "And now I can"

Her mother helped to fasten it around her neck and then watched as Danielle struggled to put on the bra. She suggested that Danielle might find it easier to fasten it around her waist first and then to turn it around and pull it up over her breasts. Danielle found this much easier. Next came the panties, tights and underskirt. When Danielle had pulled the denim skirt up around her waist and had slipped on the sweater she looked and felt wonderful.

Danielle’s mother then brushed her hair and tied it back in a ponytail, tying it with a blue ribbon. Then she helped her put on mascara and a touch of lipstick. Danielle then put on the court shoes and went downstairs to show her father. He smiled and said that she looked very pretty indeed and again kissed her on the forehead.

"Thank you Daddy" Danielle said and added "Thank you for being so understanding" Her father just smiled and said that it was a pleasure.

Danielle’s mother came in and asked if she was ready to go shopping to which Danielle replied that she was. Her mother passed her a handbag and said that you would probably need it. She also gave Danielle a purse and Danielle realised that she would need one of these as well. Her skirt had no pockets!

Danielle and her mother left the house and as her mother got into the car Danielle realised that she would have to take care when she got in to. She placed her bottom on the seat and swung her legs in after, Her mother smiled her approval as she started the car and drove in to the Town.

The next 3 hours was spent go into shop after shop. First they went to the Department Store and bought several bras. To make sure that they fitted properly her mother insisted that the shop assistant measure Danielle’s bust. Then it was just a case of selecting which type of design and which colour. Danielle came away with white bras, red bras and black bras. Some with lace, some low cut, other more fuller.

Next they bought panties, loads of different ones again in a variety of colours but all very delicate and quite sexy. Then they moved on to underskirts and Danielle soon found that she had bought several different underskirts. Waist slips of various lengths and full length slips again of various lengths. Her mother even insisted that she buy two net petticoats, one white and one black. These were very full and felt wonderful to wear but Danielle did not know what she would wear them with!

By this time they had to return to the car with the bags of shopping and Danielle’s mother said that they could do with a drink before continuing.

As they were sitting in the café drinking Danielle saw Josh enter and it was only then that she remembered that she had agreed to meet him later that night. She told her mother and apologised for not telling her sooner and asked if it would be all right for her to go out on a date with Josh. Her mother smiled and said it was.

Her mother was just pleased that as Danielle her new daughter was actually getting out and doing things like other children. Daniel had been so much a loner but Danielle was actually making friends.

Just then Josh saw them and came over to say hello. Danielle introduced Josh to her mother, was of course pretended to be Danielle’s Aunt. Josh asked if their date was still on and Danielle replied that it was if he still wanted to go out with her. Josh then told Danielle’s "Aunt" that he would take good care of her "niece" and then left them to their shopping.

Danielle’s mother said to Danielle that Josh was a bit of a dish and Danielle found herself blushing profusely. Her mother then went on to outline what they would need to buy next. Shoes, Tights, Stockings, Skirts and Tops and a couple of dresses.

Danielle was starting to get worried that it was costing her mother a small fortune and said so. Her mother just smiled and said that it had always been her dream to go shopping with a daughter and that Danielle should regard it as many birthdays and Christmas’s all rolled in to one. Her mother also said that Daniel would not have been bothered and that it was nice to think that Danielle was!

The next few hours where spent buying shoes, tights, stockings, skirts and tops. They bought 4 pairs of shoes. 2 with only a low heel and 2 with 3 inch heels. Danielle had fun trying all the shoes on. Tights and stockings were next and once Danielle had decided on the colour, they bought at least 10 pairs of tights and 4 pairs of lace topped stockings.

Her mother said it was no use just buying stockings on their own and insisted on Danielle buying 2 Basques, 1 white and 1 black. Both were trimmed with matching lace and were very sexy! The next things they bought were tops, several different styles but all of them very soft and feminine. Some were of lace, some were of silk, some were camisoles and some were more like jumpers. None of them were blue, mainly white, black of pink.

It was now time to find some skirts and Danielle’s mother suggested that Danielle would need several skirts of different lengths, some short and some just above the knee and some just below the knee. Danielle had never imagined how many different skirts there could be and tried on many different styles and patterns. After visiting several different shops she came away with 3 skirts all of which looked and felt good to wear.

Her mother suggested that they go for some lunch before Danielle went to the hairdressers. After the hairdressers her mother wanted to buy her some pretty dresses. They lunched at the "DeliFrance" and over their coffee Danielle’s mother told her how much she had enjoyed the day shopping with her daughter. Danielle told her mother that she was enjoying too.

After lunch Danielle was led into the hairdressers and listen while her mother and the hairdresser talked about what style she should have. Danielle agreed to their suggestions and while her hair was being washed, coloured Auburn and then cut and layered before being styled and set, her mother went back to the shops saying that she had a few more things to get. As she went she said that while Danielle was there she might as well have a manicure and pedicure as well as having her ears pierced.

About 3 hours later her mother returned just as Danielle was being finished off under the hairdryer. As Danielle stood up her mother looked at her and smiled. Danielle’s hair was now neatly cut and styled, her earlobes had gold studs in them and her fingernails were now longer and covered in pink varnish. Danielle looked every inch like a beautiful girl, which indeed she was.

As Danielle and her mother left the hairdressers, her mother told her that she had bought her a make up set and two dresses. She had also bought Danielle a gold watch and a bracelet and some earrings. Danielle knew her mother must have spent a fortune and thanked her profusely, but her mother just said that she had always wanted to but things for a girl and now she had the chance!

"But won’t Daddy mind how much you have spent?" asked Danielle.

"No Dear" said her mother, "He has always wanted a daughter too and now he has the chance he will want to make up for lost time" She added "Thank you for being so worried though, it is something that Daniel would never have questioned, spending money on him"

Danielle blushed because she knew her mother was right about "Daniel"

Later that evening Danielle and her mother were watching TV together when the front door opened and in walked Daniel. Danielle watched as her mother introduced her as his "cousin" and nodded towards him only to find that Daniel merely grunted something at her and slammed the door on his way to his room. Danielle remembered how she as Daniel had felt being introduced to his "cousin" and felt ashamed for him/her. When he had left she turned to her mother and said,

"I am very sorry, Mummy, for what I was like as Daniel. I really was horrible"

Her Mother replied that it did not matter now, "As long as I have my daughter Danielle"

When it was time for Danielle to get ready for her date with Josh, she bathed and her mother helped her to get ready. Her mother had a smile on her face all the while as she had always wanted to help a daughter of hers to get ready for a real date with a nice young man. Even so she could not help but to caution her new daughter about getting too intimate with a boy on her first date.

Her mother said to her "I do not know how much you know about sex, dear. I could never speak to Daniel about such things. But whatever you know it will be different now that you are a girl, you know. You cannot take any chances. You could end up by getting pregnant"

Danielle blushed, she had not thought of that. She thought back to the previous evening and realised how lucky she had been not to have gone all the way with Josh. She was like any other girl, she could get pregnant!

Danielle’s mother helped her to dress and put on her makeup and by the time that Josh called Danielle looked very, very pretty indeed. She wore a pink dress with shoestring straps and a low-neck line. Her underwear was of sheer silk and her bra gave her a real cleavage set off by the locket around her neck. Her tights were shimmering light brown and her shoes were three-inch sandals to show off her painted toenails. The earrings dangled from her ears and her hair, now newly styled and coloured, fell about her shoulders in waves.

Josh took one look at her and smiled. "You look beautiful, Danielle, you really do"

Danielle blushed yet again.

As Josh and Danielle left on their date they could hear Daniel working away in the garage.

"I hate to say it Danielle, but your cousin is such a loser, always thinks he is so much better than the rest of us" whispered Josh.

"I know, he does not like me much either," said Danielle. She took hold of Josh hand as he led her to his car.

Josh took her to the cinema and they as they watched the film he put his arm around her shoulder and Danielle snuggled into him. It did not matter about the picture; she was so content to be there so close to him. After the cinema Josh drove to a quite spot in the countryside where he parked the car and they walked for a bit hand in hand chatting. Danielle enjoyed this tremendously and when at last they returned to the car she begged him to kiss her.

This Josh did and the pair spent some considerable time kissing and fondling each other. They touched each intimately but as aroused as they become Josh did not try and take it to the ultimate conclusion. Josh really liked Danielle and was content to take things slowly. Danielle also really liked Josh but relieved that he did not try and go too far, at least until she had time to start taking the pill.

Eventually they returned home to Danielle’s and spent ages saying goodnight. Neither wished to let the other go and it was only the sound of Daniel still working in the garage that finally persuaded Josh that it was time to go.

Danielle opened the front door pausing only to throw Josh a kiss. Her Mother was waiting for her, she was eager to ask her about her date and Danielle gladly told her all about.

"Mummy, Can we see about me going on the pill? It is just that I like Josh so much and I know he likes me, I do not know how long it will be before…, well you know what I mean"

Her mother told her that they would arrange to see the family doctor in the morning. " I am sure he will prescribe the pill for you, after all you old enough to have had it for some time now" said her mother.


That night Danielle slept soundly dreaming of Josh and so happy at being a girl.

The following day Danielle and her mother went to the doctors where the Doctor willingly gave Danielle a prescription for the Pill. Over the course of the next few weeks Danielle seemed to spend the days with her mother and sometimes her father, shopping and talking. The evenings were mainly spent with Josh and things just seemed to get better and better between them.

Although Danielle was now on the pill she was still hesitant when it came to doing "it" with Josh. Not because she did not want to or because of any doubts about Josh. No, it was because Danielle had begun to worry about what would happen when Daniel made his first trip in the Time Machine. Suppose this time Daniel returned would that mean that Danielle would never exist, had never existed? Surely that would not be the case, Daniel had become Danielle already.

If Daniel returned and Danielle ceased to exist, then she would never now what it would feel like to have an orgasm with Josh. To feel him deep inside her. Suddenly Danielle resolved to make sure that her and Josh cemented their relationship that very night, the evening before Daniel was due to take the trip in the time machine.

That night Danielle made her preparations. She bathed, did her hair and makeup and dressed in her most provocative dress. A sheer white chiffon dress under which she wore her best lingerie including a suspender belt and stockings. Her mother took one look at her and knew that she had dressed for something special.

"I take it that he is the one?" she asked softly and Danielle replied that Josh was the one.

"It is just that tomorrow evening Daniel is going to go off in his time machine and I do not know what will happen next. If this time he returns it will mean that I never existed and well, I will have missed out on so much with Josh," said Danielle.

"And if he does not return?" asked her mother.

"Well in that case, I think I will remain. Whether or not I remember anything or everything I just do not know. I do hope I still exist, I love being your daughter and being a girl" said Danielle fervently.

"I love having a beautiful daughter too" said her mother and gave her a little kiss on the cheek.

Josh picked her up a few minutes later and her mother waved her off with just a little tear running down her cheek. Her new daughter was going to become a woman!

Josh drove out to a local beauty spot and they got out and walked for a bit. Occasionally they would embrace and kiss and walk a little further.

"My parents have gone away for the evening," said Josh shyly. "Do you fancy going back to mine?"

Perfect! Thought Danielle and answered saying "That would be nice"

They drove back to Josh’s. Josh tried not to drive faster than he normally did but Danielle would not have minded. They pulled into Josh’s driveway and Josh and Danielle quickly entered the house.

Once in the living room Josh said "Do you want to watch some TV or listen to some music, or "

Danielle put her finger to his lips to stop him saying any more. "It is time" was all she said and kissed him.

Josh took her cue and led her up to his room, which he tidied up especially in the hope that this would be the night. He led her to the bed and as she sat down she put her arms around Josh’s neck and pulled him down to her lips. As they kissed she began to unbutton his shirt which dropped to the floor. Danielle raised her arms above her head and Josh took the hint and raised her dress over her head and tossed it on to the chair.

"Are you sure?" he said and Danielle nodded as Josh undid her bra letting it fall away. Danielle was now clad in just her panties and stockings and as Josh began to kiss her breasts she felt a shiver of excitement run through her. She undid Josh’s belt, and then his zip and Josh wriggled free of his trousers.

Next came his underpants and as these too fell away his manhood stood proud and erect. Danielle ran her fingers down its length.This made Danielle even more aroused and she did not resist when Josh began to ease her panties down and she eagerly let Josh part her legs as he lay on top of her.


Danielle could feel his penis as it entered her vagina and groaned with pleasure as it penetrated her waiting body. As Josh thrust in and out Danielle experienced her very first orgasm and moaned with sheer pleasure. As Josh came she felt his cum fill her and it really did feel wonderful!

Josh lay on top of her with his penis still embedded in her for a few minutes until he was able to move. When he did, he kissed her on the lips and Danielle kissed him back. It was the first time that Dan or Danielle had had sex and it had been so wonderful that all she could think of was that it was great to a girl.

The first time had been quick but before the evening was over Danielle and Josh copulated time and time again more slowly each time. Each time the sheer pleasure increased for both of them until at long last they fell asleep locked in each other’s arms.

It was the following morning when Danielle arrived home. Her mother greeted her with a kiss and could tell that her daughter was so happy. She suggested that they could go shopping later on and Danielle dreamingly agreed.

After some coffee she got changed and after checking that Daniel had gone out went to the garage where his time machine lay. She walked over to it checking to instrument panel. The time machine had too off after stranding Daniel as Danielle, why? She checked the circuit and saw that it had been wired wrongly!

Danielle worked out what this would mean and true enough it meant that the time machine would leave a couple of minute after arriving at the time it had been set for. But for where? Danielle again checked and found that the time machine would leave not to return back to the time when it left but would go forward in time for a 1000 years. This was not so good she wanted the machine destroyed in case it should ever return back to its starting point. So she changed the co-ordinates as to where it would end up to a point far out in the ocean.

Satisfied she returned to the kitchen and washed her hands, got ready and went shopping with her mother.

The morning’s shopping was wonderful. Danielle’s mother loved the idea of shopping with a daughter and Danielle loved to shop! Her mother insisted on buying her a pink chiffon dress that really suited. Danielle had protested of course saying that it was too expensive but her mother had insisted saying she wanted her daughter to look nice.

On their return home Daniel was in the garage and when he saw that they had been shopping yet again he called his mother an old fool and Danielle a free loading cousin and had then stormed off.

Danielle helped her mother with the housework during the afternoon and even baked some cakes for her father. All the time she kept an eye on the clock and when it was near 8 o’clock she motioned to her mother.

"Daniel is going now" was all she said. Her mother came over to her and putting her arm around her waist the two women walked to the garage door. Her mother gripped her hand as the Daniel entered the time machine and it began to hum. Suddenly he turned to look at them and almost as suddenly began to fade.

As the time machine began to fade the air in the garage seemed to quiver and shimmer and then almost at once it cleared.

As the air cleared, the garage was now seen to look more like a garage. Her father’s car was there. It had always been left in the driveway before when Daniel had been using the garage as a workshop. Next to her father’s car was another surprise. It was a red mini and Danielle’s mother was saying something to her.

"Your father and I have bought you the mini for doing so well in your exams, Danielle. Well done"

"Yes well done Dear," said her father who was now suddenly there too.

Danielle’s head suddenly cleared and she remembered that she passed her A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and that soon she would be off to University. She was so happy as her boyfriend, Josh, was going there too to study Physics, and they planned to get a flat together.

"Oh Mummy and Daddy, I am so lucky to be your daughter. I really am so happy I could cry" Danielle turned to her parents and hugged them both.

Danielle went to University with Josh and when they had both graduated they got married. Danielle became a teacher and Josh went into Research. They both loved each other very much indeed and had a very, very active sex life. Three years after marrying Danielle gave birth to little girl who they chose to call Amy.

And Danielle thought everyday how lucky she was to be a girl.




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