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by Brian Houlihan
©2005 All Rights Reserved


I guess I should preface this by thanking the UPS delivery guy. With one simple gesture, he changed my life. Of course he had no idea of what he was doing. He was just helping himself.

Let me kind of set the scene for you. I was 37 years old, single, and living in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx. I had left a very boring but secure County job in Chicago four months ago and had moved to New York, a magic city. I got a job selling shirts in the menswear section of Saks Fifth Avenue, the department store. It wasn't a great job but one of the benefits was getting to eyeball all the hot looking women who shopped in the store. And the hot women who worked for the store.

It was a lot more glamorous than the County job, which had paid much better. I felt very proud of myself to have obtained a job so quickly. Then my luck got better. While living at an expensive rent-by-the-week apartment in Manhattan I secured a decent studio apartment in a nice building in Kingsbridge. The rent was reasonable and I liked the neighborhood. The subway took about 40 minutes to reach midtown Manhattan, where I worked.

Okay fine. So now I had the job and the apartment. But I really did not know anyone in New York with the exception of a few college pals I hadn't seen in years. So I was pretty lonely.

Plus, I was very horny. Not only would I get all keyed up from looking at all the hot women at work, but there were plenty of hot women in my new neighborhood. They seemed to be mostly Latin and Irish and they all seemed to favor skin tight jeans. Beautiful asses winking at me right and left. And the women were cheerful, smiling.

Of course I was too much of a wimp to approach any of them.

Then Fate stepped in. In the form of a UPS delivery man.

My doorbell rang one day in the afternoon. It was my day off.

It's the UPS guy.

"Do you know the woman in 1j, Mercedes Ruiz?"

"No I don't."

"She's not in. Will you accept a package for her?"



So I signed for the package and thought nothing of it. I mean, if I was at work I would want a neighbor to do the same thing for me.

That night at about 7pm I'm having a Scotch and watching TV on my couch. The doorbell rings.

I open it up and there is this gorgeous Latin woman, probably mid-forties. She was tall and regal looking. High cheek bones, dark fiery eyes, long jet back hair, big tits and a figure to die for. She immediately reminded me of the porn star Vanessa Del Rio. She had an aggressive, totally in charge quality. She was expensively dressed in a white blouse and flowing feminine skirt. High heels.


Big smile from her. Elegant hand extended to me.

"Hi. I'm Mercedes. I understand you have a package for me?"

I took her hand and shook it.

"I'm Tim. So nice to meet you Mercedes. It's right here."


I had left the package next to the door. I handed it to her.

"Thank you so much. You are very kind, Tim. It was nice meeting you."

"You too."



And that was it. That very brief exchange.

Well I thought about her and fantasized about her the rest of the week. Dreamed about making out with her, fucking her, kissing those big lips, sucking on those fantastic big tits. Just a fantasy of course, since women like that never seemed interested in me.

I could still smell her perfume after she left. It smelled expensive.


About three days later I'm coming home from work and had just retrieved my mail from the mailbox when I hear, "Hi Timmy!"

I turned around and it was her! Smiling at me. I was very impressed that she remembered my name and had made a point to say hello.

"Hi Mercedes."

Of course this just fed the flames of my fantasies. She liked me! Or did she? Why else would she say hello? Maybe just being neighborly?

It happened a few more times during the next two weeks.

"Hi Sweetie!"

Sweetie always seemed like a term some women used to denote gay men. Why did she call me Timmy and not Tim? The curse of my stupid name. Something about Timmy always seemed like a little boy's name. Not a man's. Oh well, a small thing. I was happy to have her say hi no matter what she called me.

Of course I thought about asking her out. But I was a wimp. She was too good looking, too hot for me. She was just being nice. She would never go out with me. It would be humiliating to be shot down by, rejected by her.


About three nights later my phone rings.



"It's Mercedes."

I was stunned. I couldn't believe it.

"Are you there?"

"Oh yeah. Sorry. Hi how are you? What a treat to hear from you!"

"I want to invite you to dinner at my place. Tomorrow night?"

"I'd love it. Thank you."

"You're welcome, cutie. Do you like Mexican food?"

"I love Mexican food. Especially when served by a beautiful woman."

"Heh heh. You flatterer. Be here at 7.30pm. Apartment 1j."

"Okay. I'll be there Mercedes."

"Good boy. See you tomorrow night Timmy."


To say that I was walking on air after that phone call would be a mild understatement. This gorgeous creature was asking me out. How wonderful. My fantasy mind went into overdrive. I would do anything to be close to her.


I don't think I slept the whole night. Then I day dreamed thru work the next day.

That night on my way home I bought a bottle of champagne at the liquor store. Took a nice relaxing bath, shaved and showed up at her door at 7.30 sharp.

I felt like I had won some kind of prize already. Even if I didn't get to kiss her, ever have sex with her. It was still a thrill. Just to be in the same room with her.

She opened door looking better than ever. She had on some kind of alluring ensemble with a plunging neckline and a big skirt, seamed stockings and very high heels. Dangling earrings that seemed sophisticated and sexy at the same time.

"Welcome Timmy!"

She took the champagne out of my hand and kissed me on the side of the face. Like we were old lovers. I adored it.

Her apartment was very classy and elegant. She had a bigger place than me, a one bedroom, with lots of expensive looking art hanging on the walls. Jazz was playing softly on a stereo someplace.

"I love your outfit Mercedes. And your apartment."

"Thank you Tim. Let me give you a little tour."


She showed me around her place, even the bathroom and the bedroom.

I joked about her bed.

"I wonder what lucky guy gets to end up there."

Big Cheshire grin.

"That's a secret Timmy."


The evening seemed to go by in a whirwind. I was very nervous around her at first but she seemed not to notice. She fixed us drinks of champagne which I just about guzzled down. She made a very nice dinner, some Spanish dish, paella and rice and beans, with wine with dinner. After dinner she asked me to join her on the couch.

She had very commanding eyes. I just wanted to dive into the pools of them.

Sitting so close to me and so beautiful.

We made small talk about our jobs, our education. Her father had been some kind of diplomat in Mexico. She worked at an art gallery in midtown Manhattan.

"So why isn't a good looking guy like you married?"

"Good question. I guess I'm just not the marrying type."

"Can I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure. Go ahead."

"Are you gay?"

I started laughing. It seemed to break the ice.

"No I'm not. But you're not the first woman to ask me that."


"I really wasn't sure because I never saw you with anyone. Male or female."

"I just moved here four months ago. I'd like to meet more women."


This seemed to please her, that I liked females, and she toasted me again with her drink.

It was shortly after that, I was in the middle of talking about some movie I liked when she suddenly reached out and pulled my head into her and kissed me hard on the lips. Heaven. Her tongue darted into my mouth and I was a goner. It was a long dreamy kiss. Then she broke it.

"Good boy. I've been wanting to do that for a while."

"You are a great kisser Mercedes."

"Thank you Timmy."

Then she grabbed me again and did the same thing.


She was a very aggressive, controlling female and I loved it. She liked running her long elegant fingers thru my hair. I also noted that she would accidentally-on-purpose hit me in the crotch quite often. I'm sure she could feel my hard-on. Making out with her was so nice. And I had been starved for any kind of affection for so long.

At one point she unbuttoned a few buttons of my shirt and ran her pretty hand inside.

"Ohhh a nice hairy chest. I love hairy men."

"I love you touching it. And I love your big tits!"


Here she broke out into a wild laugh.

"Good boy. Did you dream about touching them. Little boy?"

"Oh yeah. And sucking them."

This seemed to crack her up.


"Such a little cutie," she grabbed me again and covered my mouth with hers.

Unfortunately she ended the evening shortly after this.

"I have to send you home Little Boy or else I'm going to devour you. And Ladies don't devour their dinner dates on the first date. And I'm a lady."

"A beautiful lady."

I thanked her for a lovely evening and floated back to my apt.


I knew the ball was in my court now. The next move up to me. So I asked her out to dinner the following week. It was on a Saturday night and I took her to a fancy Italian place about three blocks from our apartment building.

She had dressed just as hot as ever and frankly, I was quite proud to have this beauty on my arm. I noted the other diners and waiters looking over at her. Mercedes loved showcasing her big tits in plunging necklines and this time she outdid herself. At one point kidding me, "I'm up here Timmy."

It was hard to take my eyes off of them, her huge tits. We had a nice dinner and there was lots of sexual innuendo in the conversation. Then she invited me back to her place for a nightcap. This will be IT, I thought.

Back at her apartment she opened a bottle of wine and we had some drinks. Then she took a joint out of her purse and lit it with a lighter.

"I love to smoke weed when I'm relaxing."

"Good Mercedes. I like you relaxing with me."


We each took a few puffs. I wasn't used to it and was coughing all over the place. She ignored me and just took the next hit. Then she grabbed my head again and we began making out once again, just like I had hoped.

After a few long kisses and her groping at my hard dick, she broke the kiss.

"Get undressed."

That jacked up the sexual tension in the room. But she wasn't undressing. Just staring at me as she smoked some more of the joint.

"Did you hear me?"

"Yes. Do I have to?"

"If you want to see me again Dear."


I felt very self conscious because, frankly, I have a very small penis and here was the Moment of Truth. When I was completely naked, and very nervous, before her, her mouth dropped open.

Then her hand shot out and roughly grabbed my dick and balls.

"Oh my God! No wonder you're not married! You're a teeny weenie."

I just stood there. I must have turned eight shades of red. I was sooo humiliated.

"You know you're tiny. Very tiny. I'm not the first woman to point this out, am I?"

" Mercedes."

"What a shame. You looked just like a man. But you're a sissy."

That threw me. No one had ever called me that before. My image of a sissy was a very feminine male. That wasn't me.

"I'm not a sissy. I'm a man."

"No you're not. Men have dicks. This isn't a dick. This is a clit. And a tiny one at that. But you're hard. You must like this. Calling attention to how small, how very very small and tiny you are Timmy. Tiny Tim. Ha. Ha."


Time seemed to stop for me. My beautiful hot fantasy was turning into a nightmare.

"Women have laughed at this before, haven't they?"


"Tell me about it Timmy. Tiny."

She was still holding my hard dick so that was a good thing.


I took a quick gulp of my wine.

"I was visiting a female friend in California once. She was a member of a nudist camp. She wanted me and this hot blonde friend of hers to go to the camp with her. When we all got undressed the blonde started laughing at the size of my dick. It was embarrassing. She kept saying stuff like, "Does it ever get any bigger?" And the worse part was that she had this magnificent body with huge tits. The other woman, my female friend, was into her, she was bi. So she didn't defend me or anything even though we were old friends. Later on they went off to some room together in the lodge and ate each other out. I had to stay out on the blanket by the pool.

"Because of your teeny tiny dick. Ha. Ha. Ha."

The evening was beginning to seem surreal. But here Mercedes began taking her dress off. She was wearing some really expensive lingerie, matching bra and panties.

"I loved that story Tiny. I'm gonna call you Tina. Tiny Tina little dickie. Tell me more. Other people have commented on it too, haven't they Tiny?"

"Yes Mercedes."

She was still caressing my dick.

"Oh here you're leaking. Let's just spread this around Tina."

She was spreading precum all over the mushroom top of my dick. Felt glorious.


"How about guys? Guys have laughed at it too, haven't they?"


"Tell Momma Tina."

"When I was in high school. They used to call me stubby and shit like that."

"Well the name fits. You are stubby. And your little member likes you talking about how very, very SMALL he is. Doesn't him? Look how hard the liddle boy is!"

Now she was slowly jackin me. It was very humiliating but hot too.

"I've seen babies with bigger pricks than you Tina. Much bigger. Ha. Ha."

Why didn't I just get up and run away? Because something about it turned me on so much. Plus she was still jackin me off and she was gorgeous.

"Did the girls in high school laugh at you?"

"Yes they did."

"Of course they did. Because you're tiny dick Tina with the baby size dickie."


"I would walk by a group of them and hear them giggling. They knew."

"So Timmy when I asked you why a good looking guy like you isn't married, you should have told the truth. And said "Because I have a very, very teeny tiny dickie bird Mercedes and women laugh at my liddle biddle dickie."

"Yes Mercedes I should have."

"Of course you should have. And for that Mommy is going to have to spank the sissy. Hard."


I made no comment about that. I wasn't sure if she was kidding or not.

"Of course I can't fuck you now because your pee pee is sooo very tiny Tina. I'm a woman and I need a man sized dick. Not this little thing, baby sized nothing dick. Well I sure hope you eat cunt good. Do you?"

"Oh yes Mercedes..I"

"Mommy! You call me Mommy now."

"Yes Mommy. I love to eat pussy."

"I didn't ask if you liked it, I asked if you were good at it shrimp dick."

Suddenly she could be very bitchy. Scary.


"Yes Mommy I'm very good at eating cunt."

"Well of course you would have to earn that right with me. I don't just give it away. Especially to tiny dicked sissies."

"How do you mean 'earn it'?"

"By taking a hard spanking from Mommy. I like to spank sissies. Are you going to be a good girl and take your spanking from Mommy so she can reward you and give you permission to eat her pussy?"

"Yes Mommy. Please spank me so I can eat my Mommy's cunt."

I hadn't smoked any weed in years and this whole conversation was taking on a trippy quality. But I was still very hard and she was still jackin me off.

I didn't know why I was so hard

She stopped stroking me.

"I wanna see something. Go into the bathroom. Get the Vaseline and bring it to me."

I obeyed her.

"Stand still. Face that wall."

Cool ointment on my asshole.

Probing. Her finger easing into my asshole.


"Easy, easy babe. Relax. Momma's here."


"Feel good in there babe?"



It felt wonderful. I had never had anything up my ass. Anything. I liked it.

"I thought so. Just relax hon. Go with that good feeling in your cunt."

Her finger was soon all the way into my asshole. Deep in there.

"Yeah, I thought so. Timmy is a sissy. Timmy likes Mommy in his sissy cunt, huh? Huh Timmy girl?"


"You're leakin, sissy. You like Mommy in there, in your sissy cunthole, huh?"

"Oh yesss Mommy. Thank you."

More drinks. What did she want? I was putty in her hand, her pretty finger way up my asshole. It felt heavenly.

"Just relax sweetness. Mommy likes being in your pussy."

What did she want if I couldn't fuck her?

"But what do you want Mommy… if I can't fuck you?"

"You don't understand. I love sissy men. Especially good looking, trainable ones like YOU."

"To do what?"

"To eat my pussy, of course!!!"


"But Timmy you have to earn that privilege. That's a reward for a good sissy girl."

"How do I get that reward mommy?"

"By letting Mommy spank your pretty ass. That turns Mommy on. Spanking a sissy."

"Ok Mommy"

I was soon over her nylon clad legs. She made a point of slowly finding and pulling on my little dick.

"Where is it? Oh there's our little friend."

Pulling on me.




They hit me like thunderclaps. Powerful, hurtful hits to my ass. She was incredibly strong. And she was hitting me very hard. It hurt.

I immediately attempted to get off of her lap.

"No! Bad girl!!

No! No Baby, No! Stay! Stay down Sissygirl or Mommy will really have to HURT you. Stay."

A sudden, vise-like grip on my torso.

I was scared. Was she some kind of psychopath? I had foolishly assumed the whole spanking thing would be kind of symbolic. Man was I wrong.

"Shhhh calm down sissy girl."

Stroking my beat ass, my legs. Pulling on my inverted dick.

"See Timmy, if you want to play with Mommy again, you have to take this. Understand? This turns Mommy on, Sweetness. Ok hon?"

"Yes Mommy"

"Now are you going to behave like a good sissy and take your spanking from Mommy like a good girl?"

"Y..yes Mommy. But I'm scared."

"Cause if not, Mommy is going to have to tie you down and I'm still going to beat your sissy ass. Unnerstan?"

"Yes Mommy."


Of course there was no way in hell that I was going to refuse her. This was the best sex I had ever had. Strange and a bit frustrating and very humiliating. But so exciting. And my dick never went down around her.


The spanking went on for a while. But I think she treated me with kid gloves now. She wanted the relationship to last too. But she had made a point of emphasizing that she got turned on by spanking sissies. I knew that I would be expected to take harder and harder spankings to please her, get her wet down there. Where I wanted to go.

"All over Babygirl. You were a good sissy who took her Mommy spank very well. Stand up Sweetness."

I climbed off of her lap in a daze. My ass was stinging hot.

"Well, it looks like Tina's liddle dickie bird likes being spanked hard by Mommy. Huh?"

She was touching my cast iron hard dick and talking to it. Like it was a little infant. Weird but hot.


"And now it's time to reward my liddle dicked sissy girl."

She took my hand in hers, like I was a child, and walked me a few feet to the couch.

"Kneel down Honeybunch."

She sat on the couch and I kneeled in front of her. Then she quickly removed her sopping wet panties. Revealing a thick bush of dark pubic hair. It was gleaming with moisture.

"Lookie lookie Tina! That's where sissy Tina goes," she said, pointing to her wet cunt bush. " Does Tina want to go in there?"

"Oh yes Mommy."

Here she put her hand behind my head and pulled me into her wet cunt.

"Eat me faggot. Make Mommy cum!"


Sopping wet and very funky hairy pussy. I was mesmerized by the overpowering excited cunt scent of her. Slowly I began licking her hairy cunt.


"Ohhhh yeahh Tina. Eat Mommy good. Cocksucking fag."

She was very verbal, moaning and screaming. Pulling my hair. Slapping the back of his head as I ate her cunt. Her big hips pistoning out at me. Massive thighs closing around my head. Getting wetter and wetter. Absolute heaven.

Suddenly a vise grip on my head, her legs scissors on me. Her hand slapping my head very, very hard and fast.


"Oh…baby…YEAHHHHH!!! Yeah Tina eat me!! Eat meeeee!!!!"

That went on for a long, long time. Her thighs locked on my face and bouncing up and down. My baptism by fire. The most exciting moment of my life so far. I would live for this moment.

Later, after many, many intense orgasms and head slaps, she pushed me away.

"Ohhh baby. You weren't kidding Tina. You do eat eat cunt good. Such a good sissygirl.. Made Mommy cum so hard!"

My face was drenched in her cum. Her pussy looked all mashed up and like someone had tossed a glass of water on it. Glistening.

I looked down at the rug and noticed I had cum all over it. Without even touching my dick.


"Look Mommy!! I came without even touching it."

"Good girl!! That just proves you are a sissy. And you enjoy pleasing your Mom. Now eat your cum up Tina. All sissies eat their cream. It's part of your job."

I had no problem with that. Felt like I was in a hot porn movie. Post orgasmic euphoria.


We both caught our breath after our fierce orgasms.

Mercedes lit up another joint and we smoked it quietly. I was savoring every moment with her, stealing glances at her magnificent body glistening with sweat.

"I want you to spend the night."

"Thank you Mommy."

"Welcome Sissy."


We had a glass of brandy, then retired to her well appointed bedroom. I could not believe I had just eaten her out to several orgasms and that she was allowing me to spend the night next to her lovely nakedness.

We both fell asleep quickly.

In the middle of the night I felt her hand on my rock hard dick. Next thing I knew her gorgeous ass was descending on my face.

"Lick Mommy's ass, faggot!"

I happily obliged her. For about half an hour I was worshipping her divine asshole and ass cheeks. Then her sopping wet cunt was covering my mouth. I knew what to do. It went on for a long time. Next thing I knew it was morning.

"I have to get ready for work but I have a present for you."

She went into the living room and returned with her soiled panties from the night before.

"Stand up, Sissy."

I obeyed her. Then she put me into her dirty underpants.

Patting my dick and balls once they were snug in the dirty panties.

"Good girl. You look good in Mommy's panties. I want you to wear these all week, okay Tina?"

"Yes Mommy. Thank you."

"You're welcome, faggot. Now scoot."


I quickly dressed and left her apt. And just about floated back to my own.


Sitting in my own place, making coffee, the whole incident seemed unreal, like some wonderful dream. The most exciting evening I had ever spent in my life, hands down.

As I sat there on my couch, thinking about my date with Mercedes, my dick got harder and harder. My face still reeked of her cunt and ass odors. Then I called in sick to work. Today was a day for celebrating, not working.


I kept replaying the entire evening with her in my head over and over and over. The way she was slowly indoctrinating me, humiliating me about being a tiny dicked sissy. Am I really a sissy? A small dicked sissy who sucks cock and cunt? Fuckin A right I am! And loving every second of it.


She phoned me two nights later.

"Is Tina home?"

"Hi Mommy. This is Tina."

"Hi Sweety. Have you missed me?"

"Oh yes, Mommy. A lot."

"Does your little baby dick miss Mommy?"

"Oh God yes!"


She was giggling. Here I was 37 years old and talking like a baby with her. My dick was cast iron hard.

"Honey, I want you to come over here tomorrow night and wash my dishes, okay?"

"Oh yes Mommy. It will be an honor to wash your dishes."

"Yes it is, for a sissy. You're going to be serving me in many ways, Tina. Since your dick is so very small you have to make up for it whatever way that you can. You understand that, don't you?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Good girl. See you tomorrow night, eight o'clock. Bye faggot."

"Bye Mommy."


The next night I was at her door at 8pm sharp. Mercedes opened the door and let me in.

"Hi Tina. Get undressed. I want you naked."

I followed her instructions. She was wearing a nice skirt and blouse, no shoes, nylons. As if she had just come home from work. She smiled when I was down to my panties.

"You look good in Mommy's panties, Tina."

"Thank you."

"Now take them off."

When she noticed that I was hard she gave me a big smile."

"Mommy loves to see your little weiner all hard."


Then she pointed to a sink full of dirty dishes and went and sat down on the couch. I immediately went to work. While I dutifully scrubbed her dishes I thought about how exciting it was to be around her. She was so sexual and I never knew what was going to happen. About halfway thru doing the dishes I could smell marijuana being smoked but she did not offer me any.

At one point I stole a glance at her and she was just sitting on her couch, reading the newspaper and smoking a joint. As if I wasn't there or, even better, that I was there and she could relax around me. I simply adored just being in her presence.

"I'm finished, Mommy."

She looked up from her newspaper and got up and walked over to me. After inspecting my work and the cleanliness of the kitchen, she gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Good girl, Tina. Now I have a present for you."

"Go kneel down in front of the couch."

I did and then she sat down in front of me. She spread her legs and pointed to her crotch.

"Look in here Tina."

I did. I saw her thick cunt bush. She wore no panties. Then her strong hand was behind my head and pulling me into her crotch.

"Eat my cunt, faggot! Make Mommy cum!"

My nose hit her spongy cunt bush and then I slowly began to lick her cunt lips.

"Yeasssss faggot. Thass good."

Legs squeezing my head, many hard slaps to the back of my head.

"yeah!! Yeah, that's it! Right there Tina! Cocksuckin fag. Eat my cunt!"

I ate her and ate her. It went on for about 40 minutes and many cums. Then she kicked me away from her cunt.

My face was drenched in cum and sweat.

After she caught her breath she took me into the bedroom and sat me on her massage table.

Then she left and quickly returned with a container of hand lotion. Smiling wickedly at me, she squirted a big dollop on the top of my hard dick.

Then she slowly began to work it into my prick. Glorious.

While she was slowly jacking me with her right hand, she began to tug on my nuts with her other hand. Smiling at me all the while. Of course I was already very keyed up from eating her pussy for 40 minutes.

"Have you got a present for Mommy? Is the excited sissy Tina going to give Mommy a big present? Huh? Huh, Baby Girl with the tiny dickie? Are you close Sweetness?"

She was into a steady rythym of jacking my dick and pulling my nuts harder. Looking deep into my eyes, my very soul.

Then, suddenly, a heavy jolt of electricity overcomes me. I must have signaled something to her with my eyes. She lit up, but never stopped jacking and pulling.

"Yessss My Sissygirl. That's right! Shoot that little pansy dick off! Yesss. There we go! Oohh Tina! What a big load for Mommy! Yesss Baby Girl. Thas Right. Keep shooting your little prickie Tina. All for Mommy! Yeahhh! You did have a big load for your Mommy, didn't him? Huh? Yeah babe. Shoot that juice like the sissy you are!"

I went into a trance state while she kept jackin my dick at the same methodical pace.

Sudden, quick waves of cum exploding out of my dick. The first wave hit her on the chin. She loved it. Big smile from Mommy. So full of love and happiness for me.

"Yeah!! That's my Good Girl! Tina has a big load for Mommy! Huh? Huh, Baby Girl?"

Waves of hot, molten cum shooting out of my hard little clittie. Mercedes has a beatific smile and keeps jacking my dick, tugging on my nuts.

It's as if I have left my body and am observing all of this from a point above us. Obviously I have pleased her. She keeps jackin me long after I have finished pumping out several waves of sissy cream.

"Mm..Mommy.. That's starting to hurt."

"Okay Honeybun. You were such a good girl. Mommy loves when you shoot big sissy loads for Mommy."

Then she did a weird thing. She scooped up a big puddle of cum from her arm and then slowly wiped it all over my face.

I was in shock. At one point I moved my hand to wipe the smeared cum off of my face.

She seized my hand.

"No! No, Baby! Leave it on! Mommy likes to see you with your sissy cream on your face. You look cute. A cummy faced faggot. That's what you are, aren't you?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Tell Mommy what you are?"

"I'm a cummy faced faggot."

"With a little clit."

"With a little clit."


"Good girl. But did you thank Mommy for giving you that nice sissy cum?"

"No Mommy. I'm sorry. Thank you for making your sissy feel so good. In her little clitty. I love you Mommy."

"You're very welcome Tina. You can get dressed now and leave. But leave the cum on your face. Mommy likes your face all cummy."

"Yes Mommy."

I quickly got dressed and walked briskly to my apt. I was a bit worried about running into one of my neighbors in the hallway, someone seeing me with cum all over my face. But it was also kind of exciting.


Of course this adventure just fueled my fantasies for the next several weeks. It seemed like my dick was hard half the time, always thinking of Her.

She got me into kind of a routine. She would usually phone me a night ahead to alert me to do her dishes and clean her apt. the next night. I was only too happy to do it and be in her sexy company.

I would knock on her door at the appointed time, she would let me in and then I would immediately strip naked and begin doing the dishes. She often pretty much ignored me, talking on the phone, watching tv.

"I'm finished Mommy."

"Good girl. You can go now."


Dismissed, just like that. I knew it was too much to get my hopes up to have sex with her. That was a privilege that I had to earn.


One night as I was leaving she handed me a bottle of Nair hair remover and a small butt plug.

"I want you nice and smooth Sissy. The only hair will be on your head and eyebrows. And start working on your cunt with this plug. Cause Mommy is going to want to dick you soon. You knew that, didn't you Tina?"

"Y..yes Mommy."

"And you want Mommy to dick you hard in your cunt and have a big cum. Don't you Precious?"

"Oh yes, Mommy. I always want to make you happy."

"That will make me happy. Fucking my tiny dicked sissy with my big strap on. And having a big cum. Good night, Tina tiny dick."

"Night Mom."


The more she expanded the sexual domination the more addicted to her I became. That night I Naired all of the hair off of my body, including my legs, balls, ass, chest and arms, underarms. It felt weird to be so smooth.

The next night I began working with the butt plug. It was only about 4 inches high but it was a foreign device in my asshole and it took some getting used to. But the more I kept it in there the more I enjoyed it.

I discovered that it was fun to jack off with it in there and have an orgasm. I could feel my ass muscles clenching on it when I came, like it was a dick in there. In my sissy cunt.


Later that week I ran into Mercedes at the mailbox as we both came home from work. There were several people there looking thru their mail.

"Hi Mercedes."

"Hi Tina. How are you?"

"Good. You?"

"Fine. Have you been working with the plug and the panties?"

At the word 'panties' a woman in her fifties who was looking at her mail darted her head up and looked at us.

I didn't care.

"Yes Mommy I have."

"Good girl. See you later Tina"


I floated to my apartment.


I didn't hear from her until that Friday night. It was about 10pm and I was just sitting on my couch, drinking and watching TV. The phone rang. I was praying it was from her.


"Hi Mommy!"

"I'm glad you're home, Sweetness. Look, I have a few guests over. Why don't you come over for a drink with us?"

"Thank you. I'll be right over."

I quickly washed my face and shaved and walked over to her apartment.

Mercedes opened the door and kissed me on the cheek. I loved her greeting me like that. Her perfume smelled wonderful. She was dressed very elegantly and there was a strong smell of weed in the room.

"Tina, I want you to meet my friends, Jesse and Miguel."

"Hi. Nice to meet you."

I shook both of their hands. They were both very attractive people, but the woman was outstanding. I know you won't believe this but she looked a lot like Jennifer Lopez, no shit. Beautiful face, big tits and big ass. Long thick hair, perfect long fingernails. Mercedes knew a lot of sexy looking people.

Miguel had a joint in his hand and offered it to me. He had a very Latino, athletic look to him. Like a soccer player. Nice. As I inhaled it I wondered what Mercedes had told them about me. I mean, she did introduce me as Tina.

Apparently they were a couple that lived in the building and they were talking about people that they knew in the neighborhood. Since I knew no one except Mercedes I just kept my mouth shut. Both of them would smile at me now and then. I got the feeling they had been drinking and smoking together for a while.

"Tina has a secret. Can you guess what it is?"

I flushed crimson. Mercedes loved to embarrass me.


"Oh my God!", Jesse exclaimed. "Look at him blushing! It must be a good one!"

"Let me try," Miguel said. He was smiling at me.

"Tina holds the record for high school weight lifting in the state of New Jersey."

They all screamed with laughter.

"Good one, Miguel. But that isn't it. Jesse?"

"Mmm I bet he has a really really teeny tiny dick. Is that it?"

Now I was red as a tomato. Had Mercedes told her?

"Very good Jesse. Tina get undressed. Let's see."

All three of them looked excited at the prospect of me exhibiting myself. Getting my clothes off took forever. I was nervous and shaking a lot. Silence as my clothes fell on the floor. Then down to my panties. Then they were off. I felt so exposed and vulnerable.

"There we go. Come over here Tina."

Mercedes was sitting at the end of the couch and Jesse was at the other end. Miguel was in a straight back chair.

Even though I was mortified to be stark naked in front of these very attractive people, all of them fully dressed, my little weiner was rock hard.

"Oh my God! He's soo tiny. Lemme see!" Jesse's eyes were big as saucers.

"Do it Tina. Go show her your liddle baby dicklet."

Obediently I went and stood in front of this gorgeous creature. The type of woman I had always longed for. From afar.

"It's soo cute. And tiny."

She was caressing my dick and balls. Like I was a puppy or something.

"Can he fuck?"

Like I wasn't even there.


"Well, he can, but he's so very small and tiny a woman can't feel it. And then he shoots off right away."

"Awww poor baby dick Tina."

Jesse was stroking me and cooing at my little hard. She quickly bent down and gave it a peck with her pretty red lips.

"Such a pretty little dickie. Can he eat pussy?"

"Oh yes. Tina show her."


This was getting better.

I knelt down in front of beautiful Jesse. Her perfume was intoxicating. I could see Miguel stroking his dick in his pants watching us.

Jesse was smiling at me. She spread her legs and lifted up her midlength skirt a bit.

"Get in there, Tina. Now."

I put my head under her skirt and she dropped it down on me. It was dark in there. My nose hit her wet panties. They smelled divine, excited mature woman cunt smell.

She pulled my face against her panties.

"Kiss my panties Tina. Tiny dick Tina."

She giggled and the others laughed too.


I kissed and licked and smelled her panties. Heavenly.

"That's right, Tina. Good girl."

She was petting my head over her skirt.

"Where did you find her?"

"She's my neighbor. Right down the hall!"

"You lucky! How very convenient for you Mercedes."


They were talking about me as if I was just an animal, an object. It excited me.

"That's right Tina. Just like that hon. Doin' good in there."

I adored her encouraging me.

What an adventure. I loved being down there licking her panty covered cunt.

"Is she doing a good job?" Mercedes inquired after a few minutes.

"Oh yes. I'm soaking wet. Here let me pull these panties out of the way. Okay, Tiny Dick. Go to it. Eat me Bitch!"

Suddenly she pulled the back of my head into her cunt, hard. My nose hit a sopping wet bush of cunt hair.. The smell was overpowering. I began to slowly lick away at her slit.

"Yeah. That's right. You know what to do, Tiny Dick. Make me cum, faggot!"

I redoubled my efforts. I wanted more of this.

"Yes!! That's it! 'Right there faggot. Eat that pussy. That's good for a tiny dick little boy!"

She was slapping the back of my head under her skirt. It was hot in there and sweat was streaming off of my face.

"Suck!" (SLAP!) "That" (SLAP!) "Cunt!" (SLAP!)

Then suddenly her legs closing around me.



Her entire body began shuddering with orgasms. She was so passionate.

"Yeah Tina girl, Yeah babe. Thas sooo good in there. Yesss just like that Tiny!"


I clung to her clit for a long time, riding it out as she slapped my head and tossed about on the couch.

Finally she roughly pulled my hair, hard, and tossed me on the rug in front of her.

"Oh shit she is gooood. Oh man that was a good cum."

I was laying on the rug naked. My face was covered in female cum and sweat. Jesse was staring at me and still coming down. Mercedes was smiling at me. Proud.

"Good girl, Tina. You did a good job. Mommy is proud of you. And I see your little winkie is all hard too."


I was in a wonderful, wonderful sexy dream. I would live to be around these people, especially women like Jesse.

"Freshen our drinks, Tina."

I stood up and took their empty glasses into the kitchen.


I soon returned with their fresh drinks. Then I made one for myself and sat on the floor in front of Mommy.

As soon as I sat down, Mercedes began petting me on the head. Like a dog who has performed well. I basked in her approval.

"Tina, Jesse is very happy with the cunt sucking job you did. She may want to use you again sometime."

"I would love it."

"But Miguel is feeling neglected Honey. Jesse got to get off and now Miguel has a big hard in his pants. I can see it. What can we do to help him?"

I turned and faced Miguel.

"Miguel I would love to suck your cock for you right now. I didn't mean to tease you. I'm just a tiny dicked sissy and I appreciate being around a real man with a man sized dick. I have to make up for my inadequate dick size."

"Sounds good to me," Miguel grunted and stood up. His hard looked huge in his pants. There was a wet stain at the end of it.

"Take his pants off, Faggot! That's your job!"

I quickly jumped up and began unbuckling his belt. Then I took his pants down and off. Then his shoes and socks. He was wearing white Jockey briefs and they looked very wet with precum. Then I took those off. His big prick sprang out at me. Looked like about 8 big inches. He was uncut and very thick. It had a funky odor.

"Look how big he is Tina! Much bigger than you!"

"Oh yes, Mommy. Much, much bigger than me."

"What do you say?"

"Thank you Miguel for showing me your beautiful prick. May I please suck it for you?"
He plopped onto his chair and smiled.

"Sure Babe, go to town."

I got down on my knees and crawled in front of him. Miguel grabbed his hard dick and slapped me in the face with it. The two women giggled at this.

Then I took hold of it and began to lick it up and down. It seemed huge in my hand. He was soo lucky to have a big prick like this. Then it was in my mouth and I slowly began to go down on it.

"That's right faggot. That's what you want. Make him cum hard. Just like you did with Jesse. You're a lucky sissy to have that nice big mancock in your sissy faggot mouth."

"Aren't you?"

I had a mouth full of delicious dick.. So I just nodded my head vigorously.

"That's okay. I understand you're busy faggot."

Jesse and Mercedes cracked up.


Time seemed to stop. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Mercedes and Jesse both fingering themselves. Miguel had his eyes closed and looked very happy. I caressed his smooth balls as I sucked his powerful prick.

"Fuck his mouth Miguel."

Holding my head, he began fucking me in the mouth. It was hot but sometimes his dick went too far into my throat. And I would cough and sputter. They laughed at this.

"Hold his ears while you fuck him. He looks so faggy like that."

Next thing he was holding my ears as he fucked my mouth.

"Oh shit…I.."

And then he just unloaded a huge cannon shot of cum into my mouth. He kept cumming and cumming.

"Awwwww…..yeahahhhhhhhhh hoooo.""

It went on for a long time. I had to struggle to swallow him. Later I realized I had cum myself when he came in my mouth. My first blowjob. For a real man.

What nice neighbors!


Mercedes had me stay overnight that night and, as usual, it was glorious. She didn't have to go to work on a Saturday so she leisurely sat on my face in bed in the morning. Then had me eat her cunt to several orgasms. When she tired of that she ordered to jack off my "tiny baby dick" for her. I came right away. And ate up my cream, of course.


When I finally returned to my apartment at about 11am I knew that my fate had been sealed. All I could think about now was Mercedes and her sexy friends and being around them, serving them, and loving every second of it.

I was doing her dishes two or three nights a week and noted that my dick was cast iron hard whenever I was around her.

About two weeks later, on Thursday night, I had just finished doing her dishes.

"I'm finished, Mommy."

She was smoking a cigarette and reading the New York Post on her couch.

"Good girl. Come with me Tina."

She took my hand and walked me into her bedroom.

"I've got a present for you, Honeybun. Just a sec."


Mercedes went into her closet and returned in a minute with a package.

"Open it up, Tina."

I opened the package and took out what looked to be a thick diaper.

"What is it, Mommy?'

"What does it look like Faggot? It's a diaper. Actually it's a little better, it's a pull-up diaper for big boys learning to go potty."

"You want me to wear this?"

"Yes sissy girl. Here put one foot in here. Good. Now the other."

Then she pulled the diaper up to my waist. It felt crinkly and weird.

"How do you like your new diaper, Tina?'

"It's n..nice Mommy. Thank you."

"Can you guess why Mommy wants you in a diaper?"

"Cause my dick is only baby size?"

"Very good sissy. Exactly right. And what do you say if anyone asks why you are in a diaper?"

"Cause my dickie is only baby size and so I have to wear a diaper. Mommy's orders."

"Good girl! Now walk around a little bit. Mommy wants to see you walk in your new didies."

About this time I was wishing we had done a joint. But of course I walked around for her. And yes, my dick was brick hard, as usual.


"From now on Mommy wants you in diapers whenever you come to visit Mommy. Unnerstand?"

"Yes Mommy. Thank you."


So for the next few weeks whenever she would make an appointment for me to come over to do her dishes, house cleaning, etc., I would wear a diaper under my regular pants. Then I would strip naked in front of her before doing the chores. She loved to see me in diapers. And I loved seeing her happy.

One night, as I was doing the dishes, Mercedes came in and began rubbing my ass as I worked. It was very distracting.

"Yes Mommy?"

"I love that you are wearing your diapers for me, hon. Mommy wants to see you go pee in your diaper. Can you do that for me, Tina?"

"I guess so Mommy. But I don't need to go right now."

Here she went to her refrigerator and poured me a big glass of wine. I had several wines, after I got back into my diapers for her.

I told her that I may be nervous doing it in front of her. So we smoked a joint together.

Finally I did feel like I really had to take an urgent piss.

"I think I can go now Mommy!"

"Good girl. Go ahead, Tina. Go pee pee in your diaper. For Mommy."

She had her hand in her cunt and was rubbing it. Finally my bladder just let go and I peed for a long time into the diaper, you could see the yellow stream going all over the diaper.

"Yesss yes, that's my good girl!! Mommy loves to see her sissy go pee pee for Mommy."

She had an orgasm watching me pee. It was a trip. Then she changed my diaper on the massage table in her bedroom. She wiped off all my pee with baby wipes and then put baby powder all over me. Then she put me in clean pull-ups. My dick was harder than ever.

"You were a very good sissy Tina. Get dressed and go now sissy. Mommy needs to be alone."

Of course I was disappointed that we didn't have sex but I still loved it. Part of the turn on with her was that I never knew what was going to happen next.


After that incident I began to get into a diaper as soon as I got home from work at the store every day. In case I ran into her or was called over to her apartment. My dick was hard all the time thinking about her and serving her and/or her sexy friends. My relationship with Mercedes changed my life. I was happy all the time. I wondered what she told her friends about me.

I ran into Jesse one time in the hallway to the front door and she gave me a big smile.

"Hi Tina"

"Hi Jesse."

The was the whole exchange. But it made my day. Such a gorgeous woman. And to think that I ate her pussy and made her cum.


In the summer time a group of young people from the building would hang out on the front steps of the building and get stoned. I could smell it when I walked by.

As you know, I was attracted to many women in the building and they all dressed tough and sexy, lots of skin tight clothing, bare midriffs, lots of jewelry and tattoos.

So one night after I got home from work I decided to run out to the liquor store and get some Scotch. As I walked by a small group of about 7 women chatting and smoking weed, this really hot, tough looking one looks at me and says,

"Hey, Tina!"



I had the feeling she thought she would embarrass me. But it didn't work. I gave her a big smile. I could hear lots of giggling and chatter as I walked away. "Who's he?" shit like that.

By this time I had accepted being little dick Tina the diapered sissy. Cause Tina got to eat lots of pussy and dick. It was good.


Anyway about two days later, on a Saturday afternoon, the same tough broad who had called me Tina in front of the group, ran after me as I was walking out the door.

"Hey Tina! Wait up."

I waited for her.

She was smiling at me, like we shared a secret.

"I'm Movita. That was soo cool the other day when you smiled when I called you Tina."


"Let's go do a j at my place."

"Sounds good."


She lived on the 4th floor. She had a nice one bedroom. The apartment had kind of a masculine décor to it. Lots of earth tones and leather. She had on a skin tight t shirt and a belly button ring. We were sitting on her couch, drinking Coronas, and passing a joint.

"So who told you I was Tina?"

"Jesse. We go way back. Get undressed faggot. I wanna see your little dickie."

Of course I threw a cast iron rod at this comment.

I began undressing. When I got down to my diaper she looked puzzled.

"Hold it. What's that? A diaper?"

"Yeah. It's a diaper."


"Mercedes likes me to wear a diaper. Cause I'm just a baby dicked sissy."

She sucked in another hit of the joint.

"Kewl, Tina. Now take it off."


Now naked in front of her, dick is small and hard and leaking.

"Aw that's sooo cute. Tiny but cute."

She was caressing my balls.

"Jesse said you really ate her cunt good."

"I did. She came a lot. She is sexy."

"I want you to eat me too, Tina."


Music to my ears. She quickly got out of her tight jeans and was soon naked on the couch. Legs akimbo, she loved displaying her shaved cunt to me.

"Soup's on, fag. Come and get it."

I fell to my knees and put my nose on her slit to savor the powerful female odor of her. Her cunt smelled really funky and sexy. Her hand was gentle on my hair, running thru my hair as I kissed her lovely twat.

"Yeah. Just like that. Eat that cunt like you did Jesse, Honey. Little dicked fag."

As soon as my tongue touched her slit her hands clamped on my head and she began cuming.

"Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk baby! Eat that cunt faggot!!! Yeah Honey. Just like that. Soooo good Tina. Eat me sooo good. Keep it up Honey."

Well I ate her for about two fucking hours. Absolute heaven. When I finished, she took a break to catch her breath, then she jacked me off while pulling hard on my nuts. I came right away. She loved watching me cum.

We had another beer and another joint. I kissed her at the door as I was leaving.

"Tina, this is our secret. Don't tell anyone. Okay, hon?"

"I won't Movita. Thanks babe."

And I floated out of the building. Being a sissy was definitely the life for me.

A few nights later I was over at Mercedes' apartment doing her dishes. Naked, of course. Things were pretty routine when Mercedes came up behind me.

"Hold still, Tina. I want to check your pussy."

Cool ointment on my asshole. Then her finger going in. Then another finger. They felt good, but tight in there.

"Have you been exercising with the butt plug, Tina?"

"Yes, Mommy."

"Every night, at least one hour in there?"

"Well..not quite. Usually I have it in about half an hour, Mom."


She withdrew her fingers and then hit me very hard on the side of the face. I slammed into the wall. My face hurt and I started crying.

"How long did I tell you to keep it in your cunt?"

"One hour, Mommy. I'm sorry."

"Look, Faggot, if I tell you an hour then I want that plug up your cunt for one hour. Not half an hour, do you understand?"

"Yes Mommy."

"I'm not doing this to be mean to you, Tina. It's for your own good. All sissies need to be plugged a lot so that they can get used to being dicked in the ass. And people LIKE to fuck their sissies! I know. That's why they keep sissies. Do you understand me, Faggot?"

"Yes Mommy. Please forgive me."

I had not seen her that upset with me in a long time. After I finished my chores she dismissed me with, "Get out!"

When I got home I was in turmoil. I could not afford losing my "friendship" with Mercedes. My whole world revolved around her. I put the plug in my ass and left it there for two hours.


After that night I didn't hear from Mercedes for about a week. I was very worried about losing her and all the fun of being her baby dicked sissy. I was afraid to call her and was just kind of walking on eggshells at home, staring at the quiet telephone.


She phoned me on a Thursday night and told me to be over at her place the next night to do the dishes and clean.

"And behave yourself, I might have company."

"Yes Mommy. Thank you Mommy. I have missed you so much."

She hung up.

You can imagine how nervous I was when I arrived at her apartment the next night.

"Hi Tina. I want you to meet a friend of mine, Rhonda. Rhonda, Tina."

Rhonda was a very tall, striking African American woman, about 6'2" tall, with smaller tits and a big ass. She was very attractive and quite intimidating.

"Hi Tina. I've heard so much about you."

"Hi. Nice to meet you."


We shook hands briefly. She had big, warm hands.

I immediately went into the kitchen and tackled a prodigious pile of dirty dishes. There was a thick smell of weed in the air and they seemed like they had been drinking for a while. There was jazz playing on the stereo and the two of them seemed to be chuckling a lot. As I worked, I kept fantasizing about Rhonda and what her pussy smelled like, what turned her on. Of course I was brick hard the whole time.

It took me a while to finish all the dishes and when I did complete my task I was quite proud of myself.

I walked into the living room. They were both on the couch smoking a j and having drinks.

"Mommy I'm finished in the kitchen."

She looked up and held my eyes with a piercing stare.

"I am very disappointed with you Tina. Can you guess why?'


"Why are you wearing clothes in my house Sissy?"


Shock waves. I had not undressed. Probably some psychological thing about not wanting to be exposed naked in front of Rhonda, who was a stranger to me.

"I don't know Mommy. I totally forgot."

"Well, Faggot, that mistake is going to cost you a hard spanking. Get naked. NOW!"

Nervous and scared I quickly undressed in front of them.

"Diapers?" Rhonda exclaimed.

I removed them and stood there naked in front of the two women. Naked and very hard.

"Tell Rhonda why you wear diapers Tina."

"Because my dick is only baby size so I have to wear diapers to remind myself and others of how small my dick is."

"God he really is tiny," Rhonda noted as she caressed my hairless balls.

Mercedes had a stern look on her face. She brought out a straight back chair and sat down on it. Then she removed her blouse, her skirt and her bra. Her big tits just hanging there got me hotter than ever.

"Get over my lap, faggot!"

My heart pounding a million miles an hour I quickly obeyed her.

She placed my dick and balls between her hot thighs.

"Rhonda you're going to help. Hold his arms and put his head between your legs."

Next thing I knew my head was between the hot thighs of this big black woman. She was holding my hands. My hands were wet with perspiration.


Cannon shots of real pain were pounding into my ass. I learned later that she was using a wooden paddle this time, not her hands. I started bawling and screaming almost immediately.

"After all I do to sissy train you and then you go and embarrass me in front of my friend. Useless no dick fag!"


Rhonda was tightening her legs on my head. I felt like I was in a vise. She was very strong and held my hands easily. I wasn't going anywhere.

"Mercedes I'm loving this!"

"Good! You can take over after I finish."



Tears were shooting down my face and I was screaming as loud as I could. My ass felt like it must be purple by now. It went on and on.


After what seemed like a very long time, the hitting stopped. But I couldn't stop crying or screaming. She just held me on her lap and let my screams die down.

Finally I was hiccupping and attempting to catch my breath.

"Think you've learned your lesson now, Tina?"

"Yy..yes Mommy. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me Mommy."

"Go stand in the corner Bad Girl."

I just could not stop crying. I got off of her lap and made my way to the corner of the room. As I passed Rhonda I noted that she had a big smile on her face. She was also topless and in panties. Her panties had a big wet spot and clung to her hairy bush.

There was dead silence as I put my nose in the corner and left my beat up sissy ass on display.

"God that was hot!! I came about ten fuckin times. I wanna beat her some time. Can I?"

"Sure babe. No problem."

As I stood there, moaning in pain, I tried to figure out my next move. I remembered that Mercedes enjoyed spanking hard. I wondered if this whole thing had been set up. But how would she know that I wouldn't get naked for the dishes? Or maybe that didn't matter. I could hear movement on the couch. It sounded like they might be making out.

"Ohhh babe. Get me so fuckin hot!"

That sounded like Rhonda.


Then another joint being lit and smoked.

After about ten minutes of this,

"Okay Tina. You can come out now."


I turned around and faced them. They had their arms around each other.

"Look, he's hard!"

"Tina is always hard around me. Okay Tiny Dick, do you have something to say to us?"

"Yes Mommy. I want to apologize for my behavior. I should have stripped naked as soon as I entered your home Mommy. The way you taught me to. I don't know what came over me. I hope that you will both forgive me."

"Maybe. Fix us some fresh drinks fag."

Happy to have something to do I quickly picked up their glasses and ran into the kitchen to mix them new drinks. My ass still felt like it was on fire. But the sight of those two gorgeous women just in panties was Heavenly.

When I returned with the drinks all was forgiven. Rhonda seemed fascinated by me. I sat down on the carpet in front of Mommy. She petted my head a few times.

"Rhonda got very excited watching the sissy get beat hard."

"I loved it. I wanna beat you some time Tina."

I didn't know what to say.


"Thank you Rhonda. I don't know what to say. Still kind of recovering."

"Well it looks like your tiny baby dick has recovered."

Here she just leaned over and clasped my dickie with her pretty feminine hand. It was nice.

We had many drinks and several more joints. Rhonda also told me that she wants to fuck me in my sissy ass too. She was very straight forward, looking directly into my eyes.

"Know I'm gonna cum real real hard in your cunt, Tina."

As she told me this, she was slowly jackin my dick. After the terror of the hard spanking/paddling, the night worked out fine. I got to eat out both of them for a long time.

"I want to piss on you some time too. Right in your sissy face, faggot."

She loved saying stuff like that to me. I loved it too.

They sent me home at about 1 am. With a face full of sissy jizz. Mommy jacked me off while Rhonda had her finger up my cunt. I came all over and Mommy wiped it all over my face.

In spite of all the booze and weed I smoked, I was up for hours after that. Laying in my bed thinking about my life with Mercedes. How wonderful and exciting it was. And how I got to be sexually intimate with more beautiful, hot women than I ever dreamed.


Things got back to normal for about the next two weeks. I was doing Mercedes' dishes and cleaning her apartment about twice a week.

Then one Friday night I came over to do my chores. As soon as I had stripped down naked, Mercedes came into the kitchen.

"Tina I want you to meet Corrie. Corrie, Tina."

Next to her was this very attractive British woman. White porcelin skin, red hair. She had a fleshy quality, probably about thirty pounds overweight. Big tits and bigger ass. And a great happy smile.

"Hi Tina. You're cute. I love sissies!"

"Nice to meet you Corrie."

"Oh My God!! Such a tiny little wee wee! You poor thing."


I turned beet red then turned and began doing the dishes. Of course I was rock hard, as usual.

"He's so cute," I heard her say. I had seen Rhonda in the living room and nodded to her. Three of them, this was unusual. I immediately began hoping to have sex with them, as I did a lot of dirty dishes.

"Here Tina, a little present while you work," Mercedes said.

Then I felt her lubricating my asshole. Then her finger in there. Felt wonderful. Then a bigger plug going in.

"Relax Baby. Mommy got you a bigger plug. For your sweet pussy. Almost in babe. Good girl. Feel good?"

It did feel good. Like a big dick up there. In my sissy cunt hole.

"Yes Mommy. Thank you."

"Welcome fag."


When I finished my chores I walked into the living room.

"All finished, Mommy."

I was praying that she wouldn't just dismiss me. Anything was possible. All three of the women were so attractive.

"Okay Precious. Fix us some more drinks and then come have a smoke with us."

My heart began racing with anticipation of eating their lovely cunts. Wondering what Corrie's pussy smelled like.

After I made the drinks and we were all in the living room, me sitting on the carpet, smoking a joint. After a few moments I realized Mommy was not in the room any more. Probably went to the bathroom.

"So Tina, did you know that today is a special day?"


"No I didn't. What day is it?"

"It's a surprise. For you. Mercedes is in the bedroom with your surprise."

"Should I go in there?"

"Mercedes? Are you ready for her?" Rhonda shouted out.

"Yes Tina. You can come in. All of you."


I was full of fear. What could the surprise me? She had a new whip to whip me? There was a guy in there who was going to fuck me?

I swallowed my fears and walked into her bedroom, Corrie and Rhonda behind me. They were both smiling.

Mercedes was naked except for one accessory. A small dicked strap-on, about a five incher. It didn't look too threatening.

She looked really happy, as if it was our wedding day or something. She embraced me and gave me a deep, long soul kiss. Her tongue darting into my mouth as her hand squeezed my hard, dripping dick.

Then she broke the kiss.

"Okay, up on the bed, Cupcake. It's cherry popping time."

The whole thing took on a surreal quality. I was glad I had had a drink and some weed before this.

"Put the pillows under his dickie," Mommy said, as Rhonda quickly followed her instructions. I noted that Corrie and Rhonda were naked now.

They piled the pillows on, making a little hill for me to rest my dick on and make my sissy ass a nice target.

"Just relax Tina, it's gonna be fun," as I felt her finger applying the Vaseline to my asshole.

"This is sooo hot," Rhonda moaned, rubbing her pussy as she watched us.

"Okay Tina. Hold still. My dick is at the door Sissy."

Then she was slowly pushing it in. It hurt a bit but really not that much. I was very glad that I had been working on my cunt with the butt plug more often lately.

"Almost there Darling!"

Corrie was standing in front of me rubbing her bushy, red haired cunt. It seemed unreal, red and all. She looked mesmerized by the sight before her.

"Do we all get to fuck her?"

Laughter in the room. Then Mommy shoved it home.


"There we go faggot. Mommy's all in. Gonna dick you good."

My cunt felt so full. So weird with the other two women watching and masturbating in front of me. My dick had gone down. Now someone was playing with it.

I could feel her slowly pulling it out a bit. Then back in.

"Doin good Sissy. Mommy fuckin her sissy property. Just like you wanted."

Then she started fucking me harder and harder.

"Yeahh!!! Tina likes that dick in her cunt, huh! Huh Babygirl!"

"Yessss Mommy. Thank you sooo much."

"Aiiiiiiiiii I'm com….meeeeeeinnnnnghggggg!"


She pumped a few times real fast, then just collapsed on top of me. After a few minutes Mommy got up and pulled the dick out of my ass.

I was still rock hard. Suddenly Corrie bent her head down and took all of my hard dick into her mouth. I came almost immediately.

What a wonderful life.

We rested for a while and I thanked Mommy profusely for taking my sissy cherry. Then we went into the living room and had more drinks, joints. I felt like I had just passed some kind of sorority initiation or something.

Later on, Rhonda donned the strap-on and fucked me in the ass again. She lasted a little longer than Mommy but it was still very hot. I came while she was fucking me. She came real, real hard, deep in my ass, just like she predicted.


And so ends our story. Am I embarrassed to be a baby dicked sissy in diapers? Living with an absolutely gorgeous dominant woman? What do you think?


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