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Training Him In Heels And Skirts Takes Imagination

by MistressMarie


First let me describe my husband, he is 5'8'' and was about 170lbs.and now he is weighing in at a respectable 150lbs.since I put him on his new diet. He use to stop every night with the guys and drink at a local bar till after 4 years of marriage and putting up with this ninsense I had enough of it.

So I thought up my plan of attack and acquired all the necessary items I would need. It took about 3 weeks to get everything i needed , i wanted to make sure I got 3 pairs of heels to graduate him into 5 " heels. There are many sights on the web where you can order shoes in mens sizes to get a proper fit ,just order 2 sizes larger in a ladies shoe size, and normally it will be fine.

it was a friday night and as usual I was waiting for Mr. Macho to get home, I had already made dinner and was cleaning up part of the mess when he came home, as usual he was half drunk and tired from a long day of sales meetings and appointments. I told him dinner was ready and he said first he was going to take a quick nap ,i let him go into the bedroom and start to lay down but i had brought him too pills one which was amiben and one which was a tylenol, the nice thing is amiben will kock you out. Once he was sleeping i removed his trousers and boxers and put a pair of bright red panties on him he was out as he did not move a muscle, god was he dead weight. I got out the ankle shackles i had bought from a sex store and put them on him ,this was my assurance he could not run away or put his pants back on either. I took some digital pictures of him and down loaded them into the computer and then sent them to his email address. I took out the tiny memory card and replaced it with a new one so he thouught nothing of it but I did hide the card so he would not find it. There was only one other person who knew what i was going to do and she was the one that helped with some ideas of what to do, she was a hairdresser by trade and a very good friend. I called her up and said your client is now ready for you.

Well between the acolhol and amiben he was really out, try it and you will see it really knocks you out. We put polish on his toes and made up his face a bit ,I went and load the card back in the camera and took some more pictures you could tell it was him but with some make up and nail polish on ,he was really cute sleeping there. We rummaged through his closet and his drawers and took out every pair of underwear, shorts and pants he owned because he wasn't going to need them this weekend . I told her I would call her in the morning once he was settled down and I could get him hairless so we could go ahead with the rest. The next morning when he awoke his hands were tied to the bed and as he went to move he realized his predictament but i had him blind folded so as not to shock him too much and he had no idea how I had his legs bonded. I told him things were about to change around here for the better and if he ever wanted his pants back and fredom he better adhere to what was going to happen to him without protest or as far as i was concerned he could go around without pants forever. After I took off his blind fold and he saw what was on him and he finally calmed down and was ready to listen he asked why ,more like whined it, I told him from now on buster you are going to have a new life around here starting today ,I told him i would undo his hands but not his legs and he was to get into the shower and I would be in to help him get rid of that awefull looking hair on his body after all you liek me smooth so why shouldn't you be too. I actually cut his panties off and made him get in the shower , I put nair for men oon him (be very carefull because this is strong and will burn the skin) and we depleted him of his hair , I shaved his pubic area smooth , I ws now looking at my hairless wonder in awe because with otu that hair he had very nice looking legs beeter than I thought and I couldn't wait to start the high heel training. I had bought a tie bikini for him and tied the bottoms on him brought him into the bedroom and made him try his 3inch toeless mules on after all I wanted him to see hsi cute toes and remind him how he loked. I called my girlfriend as he was in shock and she came over ,she teased him at how nice his legs looked even without pantyhose on. We put make up on him and took more pictures and all this time he was still shackled and walking in a short steps more like a womens walk ,I then tied his hands tight behind him and took off the shackles and put sheer stockings on him and reshackled his ankles but used the fur supplied with them so I would not damage the stockings .I made him stay that way all day and had untied his hands and taught him how to do laundry and vaccum while he compalined how his calves were killing him and I told him don't worry after a few weekends like this you will get use to them. By sunday morning he was in his first skirt with pictures taken and just enough make up that you could still tell it was him but not nearly as macho. You need to be sure and get pictures so you have them and was he shocked when I made him open his email and saw them too. I told him I had them in storage in my email too and would forward them to his secretary if he gave me anymore problems about wearing skirts and I laid out the rukes from now on he would don skirts and heels every weekend and if he did not behave I would make him stay like that when my friends came over and I wanted no more complaints when we had company either. My life is much easier now and I will write more about what I have done so far to him but I have to say there are a few more of us ladies that know what he wears on weekends now too, and he always wears panties under his suits and stockings too, but his secretary know now and makes him drop his trousers evry morning to make sure he has thenm fastened right, she told him if he gives her any trouble from now on , then she will call a couple of her girl friends in and take his pants off to show what he ahs on underneath, he is not so macho anymore ,and I know with her 3 friends they could definitely get his pants off 2 of them are pretty strong gals since they work out. Ito be continued soon




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