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The Ultimate Betrayal

by Danielle Richards



My Wife's fortieth birthday and our eighteenth anniversary were just around the corner and my wife's best friend, Betty, had come over to our house several times to discuss her plans for a surprise birthday party. So while my wife Lise was at work Betty and I would conspire to put on an extravaganza. However, unbeknownst to me, Betty had been slipping me powerful Hypnotics and had her secondary plan to humiliate me and distance me from my wife so that she could move in. I was stupid to trust her but even I could not begin to understand the level of hatred that she had for me because I had stolen her love from her. My wife had admitted to me that in college she and Betty were an item and when I came along and swept her off her feet Betty never had forgiven me.


Chapter One


I hate doctor's offices as it seems that every time I had gone to one something bad had happened and this time was no different! Dr. Ralphen D. McCay was not only my very best friend, my best man at my wedding to Lise, but one of the best G.P.'s I knew and I could tell by his eyes that he hated to be the one to tell me the bad news.

"David, my dear, dear friend, it pains me that I have to be the bearer of bad news. I have the results of that marathon test gauntlet that I sent you on last week." There seemed to be a glint of moisture in his eyes. "God I feel bad about this!" "David, You have Cancer both in your Prostate gland and in both testes. Now before you go ballistic, (He had noticed my hands going white as I gripped the arms of my chair) Let me tell you that this isn't the death notice that it used to be. However we must move quickly to guarantee your safety so I have you booked into day surgery at the hospital at two O'clock." He took my hand in his(After prying it off the chair arm) "We must remove the testes as soon as possible and also place some implants for continuous release of Hormones to kill the Cancer in your Prostate. So there is good news and bad news. Good news is that if all goes well we can beat this bugger! The bad news is that this will play havoc with your sex life. Once the hormones are prevalent in your system you will find it almost impossible to get an erection. Then there are the side effects of the hormones that will soften you pretty much all over and there may even be the risk of growing breasts. This is all better than dying though don't you think?"


Finally I got a chance to get a word in edge wise as Ralph wound down. "What kind of Hormones are we talking about?" "Why Estrogen of course, with an anti-androgen as well. We have to starve your body of Testosterones"

"God Ralph! What is to become of me…… Look at me. Not exactly Mr. Universe here! I am, what? Maybe 5'5" at 125 lbs. This will have quite the effect on me I just know it. Please look after me Ralph, I am petrified. I have always had to fight to be manly enough for my job, wife, and society and have, so far, succeeded, but what will happen now with that stuff insidiously wearing me down from the inside."

"David, you are my best friend and I will not let anything bad happen to you, I promise. Leave everything to me and we will beat this and once the cancer is gone we can back off with the hormones and you will get back almost all."

"What do you mean, Almost All?"

"Well, unfortunately your breast tissue is hard to lose without an operation and your nipples and areola will always be bigger and more sensitive. Hey! That should be a plus not a negative as that will really spice up the sex life eh? David, do not worry, you will survive this and get a great sex life after. I will promise that!"

"Okay Ralph, I do trust you implicitly. Lets get this done."


Ralph nodded and turned in his chair to pick up the phone and advised the hospital that they were on their way. "I'll drive David as you will not be in any shape afterwards." At my quizzical look he informed me that the anesthesia and other medications would make me quite woozy. "I want to be with you all the way on this as I am sure you would like the support. What about your wife? Do you want me to let her know what is going on?

"No thanks, Ralph, I really don't want to burden her with this just yet. Since this doesn't appear to be a long and drawn out process it might be just as well that she never knows. I hate to keep anything from her but this would only hurt and she is a little fragile lately."

"Why is she so fragile?"

"Well….. The big four O is coming up in a couple of weeks and I think she is feeling a little older than she wishes to admit. Her friend, Betty and I, are going to get together in a couple of days to plan an incredible birthday party that should take her mind off her problems for awhile. I am sparing no expense to make my baby feel great."

"I tell you David, she is one lucky lady to have landed you. You love her very much, don't you? I don't think you guys have even had so much as a lover's quarrel in what? Eighteen years! Tell me your secret David!"

"Ralph! Anyone can do the same. You just love your partner with all your heart and soul and always make sure that they know that. Always put her first. Always think to yourself how something will affect her and make sure that the effects are pleasant. No sexual act that she desires from you is bad. How could it be when it is between you and the one that you adore? Before I met Lise I would never even think of oral sex and if anyone mentioned it I would get embarrassed and practically ill. Now going down on my wife is the highlight of my day and Lise has taught me some really neat things. I make sure that she gets off at least twice before I even begin to think of myself. I believe that this is the key to our great relationship and keeps the bedroom a fun place even after eighteen years of marriage."


We had, as we talked, gone down to Ralph's car and driven to the Mercy Hospital. We were just going in the Day Surgery waiting room when I glanced suspiciously at Ralph who grinned and nodded as he read my mind.

"I really was interested David and it did keep you from having a hissy fit!"

"Hissy Fit! I like that! I have never had a hissy fit in my life. Boy!"

"Well okay, maybe a poor choice of words but I really did want you to be as calm as possible for all this. Go sit down and I will let them know that we are here."


As I found a seat Ralph let the surgery know that I was there and made arrangements for his being in the theatre. It would appear that my friend Ralph did indeed intend to be with me through this. His friendship meant a great deal to me and I even felt something more for the big galoot that I just couldn't put a name to. I do know, however, that his being here with me at this very frightening time in my life made me feel safe and secure. Soon I had been prepped and was lying on an operating table watching all of the activity around me. Ralph came in and went to my side and began to describe what was going on in terms that even I could understand. I was feeling sleepy and grabbed his hand and squeezed in the universal way to show thanks. I didn't trust my voice at this juncture as I am sure it would break under the strain. Ralph squeezed back and I noticed for the first time just how small and feminine my hand appeared engulfed by his. What a strange thought! I drifted away and had the most bizarre dream. I didn't know you could dream when anesthetized but mine was a doozy. I was in a beautiful park, sitting on perfect grass, next to a pond that had seven swans swimming, occasionally diving for hunks of bread that was being thrown by children and adults alike. Before me was a blanket on which rested a picnic basket loaded with goodies and sitting across from me was Ralph. He was tanned to perfection which he showed off by just wearing a skimpy bathing suit. His musculature was very sexy. Not too much bulk and not too little…… Just right! Just looking at him caused my breath to come faster in little pants and I felt a wetness in my panties where I shouldn't have. Looking down at myself I realized that I was a woman just as attractive in a very feminine way that contrasted his maleness perfectly. This did not appear to cause me any duress and I accepted who and what I was and was not surprised when Ralph got up and came over to me, put his arms around me, and proceeded to blow my mind with one nuclear kiss after another. I was about to rip his bathing suit off and avail myself of his fine maleness when all started to fade……Well Damn!!!!

Waking up to some pain was expected but my erection was not expected. I was huge and it hurt to be that big. I thought my penis would explode off. There was a chuckle to my right and turning I saw Ralph sitting in a chair grinning from ear to ear. "That must have been one heck of a dream buddy! Care to tell good ol' Ralphy boy about it?"

"Not a chance you pervert!" I smiled. "Do these operations always make for erotic dreams?" "Well not as a rule buddy but I have learned nothing if not that anything is possible with you" I stuck out my tongue at him and chuckled.

"All went well David so it is just a waiting game now." "I'll be here for another hour or so, so it would be a great idea for you to get some more rest. How do you feel?"

"Considering what just happened, not too bad. My lower tummy feels like it is trying to cramp up though; could I get something for that please? I also feel a tingling sensation in my butt…. What's up with that?"

Laughing, Ralph responded. "I'll get something for your tum-tum Davey and as for that tingling sensation in your butt that would be the implants. It is easier to place them there as you have a little extra flesh there." Looking at David's rear Ralph was startled to see what he would normally see on a woman. Well he has enough trouble right now without me telling him he has a cute butt!

"Come on, I'll take you home okay?"

"Sure! Thanks Ralph. You are a good friend."


Chapter Two


By the time that Ralph dropped me off home I was feeling pretty good and clutching the prescriptions from the hospital went inside to begin getting dinner ready. We were expecting company tonight in the personage of Betty, My Lise's best friend from her college days. I had never quite understood why but Betty had a hate on for me that had not diminished over time. It appeared that the better the relationship between Lise and me the angrier Betty became. My wife had admitted, some years ago, to some fun lesbian action between her and Betty. Perhaps she was holding a torch for Lise and viewed me as the competition. Sorry Betty, I thought, we are married and that puts us out of your reach for now. I hoped that this attitude she had towards me would not ruin our dinner.

Without thinking I had put my prescriptions in the medicine chest of our bathroom off the master bedroom and as I entered from the bedroom I found Betty checking them out. I was a little angry that she had not afforded us the basics of privacy but did not wish to make a scene. I just took them from her hands gently and took them into the bedroom and placed them in my night table. Betty followed me to ask what the pills were for and I answered that they were for an imbalance in my endocrine system. (Kind of true!) I asked her to please not mention anything to Lise as I did not want her to worry. Betty agreed to silence and left the bedroom. Boy! She really creeped me out but for Lise's sake I would do my best to tolerate her.


Okay, I may be very trusting, of people I knew but certainly not Betty. She has made no bones about not liking me these last eighteen years and I figured that with the buildup of that much hate she would be expected to do anything. Thinking back over this time in my life several years later I came to the conclusion that no matter how cautious I was around Betty she would still be able to do a number on me basically because she had no conscience and would and could do anything. Being a home based computer consultant afforded me not only an exceptional pay package but very flexible hours. I also had access to some top of the line computer peripherals and programs. Since Betty was right in our home and had access to me at any time I let my imagination loose and decorated the house in the very latest of paranoia wear. I made sure that there was no area overlooked by motion sensitive cameras and audio pickups. I added about three hundred terra-bytes for recording and made sure that all equipment had the very latest in UPS. Even with all of that Betty just about got me! We met, as planned, in the den, to discuss the up-coming party. She had laid out some snacks and drinks and all appeared so innocent that I felt guilty about not trusting her. For about two minutes! In fairness to her we did talk about the party and about the rental of space in a hotel downtown and I felt that she really wanted to show Lise a great time. As we hashed out several different points about the when and where of different activities we ate the snacks and drank the drinks that Betty had provided. Not long after snacking I felt a very strange lethargy coming over me and found what Betty was saying to be the most important thing in the universe. "David," she said, "I have been giving this party some considerable thought and I have come up with what I believe to be the perfect way to allow your wife to enjoy herself without any guilt over dancing with different men and even kissing them. I know that you would not like your wife to be carrying on with men right in front of you so I have the answer. David will not go to the party Danielle will. As just another one of the girls she could allow Lise to have an incredible time. You see, David, you have been together for eighteen years and your wife needs to get the cobwebs blown out. For this she needs different men and she needs sex with different men and the only way for her to do this without guilt is if you were to do the very same thing. I will teach you all you need to know to be a convincing woman and by the time that I am finished with you, you will be one horny slut. Your wife will finally see you for what you really are and get rid of you and I will be able to move in and get my love back. Since you have treated her so nicely over the years I will try my best to make sure that you enjoy this too and I'll try to make sure that you aren't overly embarrassed or humiliated. With all the drugs that are in your system right now you will have no choice but to obey me and become quite the little sex-pot. You know, maybe Lise and I will keep you as our Maid after this is over. I just know you would like that, wouldn't you my little sex crazed slut? To my horror I nodded in agreement to what she was saying. My GOD! What was wrong with me? Deep down I was screaming No! No! No! but on the surface I could already feel my thinking process revert to that of a sex starved bimbo. I could feel my intelligence recede as my womanly desires and needs surfaced. Looking at Betty I cooed, "Oh! Betty you are so clever. I just love it. I know Lise will love you for this. When do we start?"

"Why right now sweety!" " I brought along this DVD that has all that you need to be a natural woman. Here, let me put this on for you so you can listen while I go to take care of some odds and ends. Now listen very closely Danielle. I want you to hear and understand everything on this disc."

With that she started the DVD, turned on the T.V. and left the room with me in hyper learning mode. I didn't stand a chance. It was over before it even started and I was on my way to becoming the perfect little slut. Deep down I railed against the unfairness of it all. What had I done to deserve this. I always treated everybody with respect and I had no enemies that I knew of except Betty and she was my enemy because I had the temerity to marry her woman. Two hours later Betty returned with some bags from some of the more upscale shops in town and told me that the clothes and lingerie were mine and for me to get dressed right away because we were going out for dinner. I could not even think of saying no to her as she had by now total control over me and could get me to do anything. With a little of her assistance I got dressed in the ultra sexy outfit. Then Betty glued a pair of breast forms on me and also glued one of those state of the art faux-vaginas over my male equipment after ordering me to not get an erection. With this equipment I could and probably would have sex with a man and that man would not know the difference. With the knowledge from the DVD still bouncing around in my rapidly emptying mind I was able to do an incredible job of makeup and hairstyling. In the end the woman in the mirror made me HOT! So, it would appear that I was now bi-sexual and could get my jollies from either gender. Well! This opened up some possibilities that I had never entertained before. Thinking about how sexy and desirable I was the Me deep down was devastated to note that I had even forgotten who I was and was only living in the now. I was ready to set the town on it's ear. Looking over to Betty I saw that she had a very satisfied expression as she said to me that she should have done this years ago! The look in her eyes bode no good for me but Danielle was oblivious to any danger and was only looking for a good time with whoever she could get. As I was looking through Lise closet for a purse to match my outfit I felt a sting in my buttocks as Betty injected me with something. "Ow!! Betty that hurt. Why did you do that?" I asked in a vapid way. I was sinking into bimboism at an alarming rate. "Just some vitamins sweety to help keep you going all night!" Danielle grabbed Betty and hugged her tight as she thanked her over and over for all that she had done for her that night. She even had tears in her eyes as she pulled out of the hug and gave Betty a high voltage kiss right on her lips. Betty had a dazed look and started to answer Danielle's kiss when she shook her head and smiled at Danielle. My God! I have created a lovely woman who would be a perfect lover for me. I will look into this later. Right now I have to get Lise to meet Danielle and that should take care of Lise's and David's marriage. Better still let's get to the hotel and let everyone let their hair down. Betty made some calls just to make sure that there would be enough men at this little soirée. I have to make sure that David (In Danielle's body) gets to see his wife getting pounded by some huge stud. That would teach him to steal my love. Then I will make sure the Lise gets to see her perverted husband get pounded by a huge stud as well and obviously loving it. Thanks to the drugs and suggestions David would be unable to do anything else as Danielle sates her desires. OH! This is perfect. I am too clever for words. Lise will finally be mine and we will even get a pretty maid out of the deal. What could be better?


Betty and Danielle left for the hotel where the party was. All was ready and the girls at the office were there with Lise making sure that she was well on her way to having fun. When they arrived betty introduced Danielle as one of the new girls from the office and had to smirk as Lise didn't have a clue. Booze flowed copiously and unseen by all but Danielle Betty slipped something into Lise's drink and sat back with a knowing smirk as Lise started to squirm and push her twat into the pelvis of any one she was dancing with. Hours passed and all were getting a little sill. Lise was wrapped around one studley dude trying to get him to ravish her right there on the dance floor. Finally it was time as Betty said the good byes to all the girls and thanked them for coming. Both Danielle and Lise had their studs ready to take them home and screw them royally and Betty was more then ready to get them home for the finale of this play. She would have to stall Danielle and her stud-muffin long enough for David to see his wife getting royally screwed while he watched and then it would be Lise's turn to see her effeminate Husband get pounded by his Man. As soon as they got home Betty took advantage of the chaos in the foyer to inject both Lise and Danielle with booster shots to make sure that all went well at this, the final hour of her great whammy! Unknown to her and everyone else for that matter, all was being recorded for posterity. Whispering into the ear of the guy carrying Lise, led them into the Master Bedroom where studly lay Lise on the bed and ripped of her clothes and proceeded to pound her into the mattress. Danielle and her lover to be both watched this as deep inside Danielle David wept! Lise was an animal complete with grunts and other animal sounds as she thoroughly enjoyed the raw sex she was being subjected to! David was a mental basket case as he watched his wife of eighteen years easily cheat on him. He wondered then how often this happened that he was unaware of. His love for Lise took an incredible beating as she took more and more from this strange man then to add insult to injury slid down and took his member in her greedy mouth and proceeded to give that man probably the best blow-job he had ever had. Lise would never do that for David! It was unclean and unsafe you know…. It was okay for David to eat her out though! Anger was building and building. Betty wasn't through with David yet apparently as she whispered into Danielle's escort's ear. Oscar, yes that really was his name, picked Danielle up like she weighed nothing and carried her over to the bed, ripped off her clothes and proceeded to bring her to a fevered pitch as he played her body like an instrument. Danielle was whimpering with desire when Oscar finally stood up and removed his clothes to reveal a ten inch Monster. With out even knowing why Danielle found herself kneeling before that rigid love pole in reverence as she first touched then leaned forward and swallowed the entire instrument. The DVD training had stood her in good stead as she instinctively knew how to deal with Oscar's Monster. She was just getting Oscar primed to come when behind her Danielle heard a gasp and a "No Fucking Way!" Danielle had other things on her mind then so just kept bobbing and sucking as poor Oscar was at his wits end. He was so pleasure blown by this beautiful girl as she was giving him the blow-job of the century. The evil cackling by the witchy twins (Betty and Lise) did nothing to stop Danielle from her opus! With a scream Oscar came. And came, and came. Never had he had such a blow-job and Danielle was still able to elicit spasms from him as she licked his super sensitive glans.


"Why you dirty little cock-sucker" Lise screamed. "Get out of here you filthy whore!" "Take that animal with you. I do not want to ever see you again David….. You disgust me. How long have you been queer David? Does your little friend there know who you are? Hey! Oscar! Did you like my ex-husbands lips on your cock? Are you a little queer like him?"

Betty tried to shush Lise. What was wrong with her? Oscar was huge! You do not tell huge men that they just got off on a homosexual act. "God Lise! Shut up! Do you want to get beat up?"

Oscar listened to this insanity and looked at Danielle. This was definitely a beautiful woman. Those two scags were just jealous. "Don't listen to' em beautifull. They are just jealous of you. Come on let's go out somewhere and get away from the scags. Okay?"

Danielle giggled at this as out of the corner of her eye she saw both of the other women turn red. She reached up and gave Oscar a soul lighting kiss but said to Oscar that she had to go to sleep now as tomorrow was fast approaching and she had to go to work. She thanked him for a super time, helped him to get dressed, made sure that he had her phone number and gently piloted him out the front door with one more soul searing kiss to help him remember her. She waved as he drove off and she felt the weight of the evening catching up to her as the drugs that Betty had fed her dissipated. Danielle became aware of David and they both realized that Danielle had become a distinct personality within David. Both were now aware of how they had been manipulated by Betty. Trudging back upstairs she looked into the master bedroom just in time to witness hot steamy Lesbian sex between his wife and Betty.


"Well I see your true colors are showing now. First you cheat on me with another man and now with a woman. Do you know no shame Lise? Talk about being disgusting. You two should really share a room at the garbage dump!"

"Oh! Like you can talk Mr. Sissy! Did you enjoy that huge cock you just sucked? Do you enjoy getting all dressed up as a woman, you sick pervert?" Betty's smile was getting larger and larger as she saw this relationship deteriating before her very eyes. It couldn't be happening any better than this. Soon she would have her love back and that upstart David would be on his way out!

"Just look at your friend smile there. All her work is paying off now as she is watching our marriage die. I am glad that she showed me your true nature though. You are a slut through and through and I am well rid of you. At least I have an excuse for my behavior. Your wonderful friend there drugged and brainwashed me to become this woman before you, and made sure that Oscar was at your party. You should have noticed by now that I was set up. You know, I really do not care though what she put me through. She made sure that I would watch you as you were unfaithful to me. By the way, you do realize that you cheated on me first. At the party and then here in this very bed! Frankly I do not care what you two do. I feel you deserve each other. Congratulation Betty you win the slut! Now you can go through every day wondering if, while you are at work or shopping, if she isn't home getting her ashes hauled! Obviously she has it in her to cheat on her lovers at a moments notice."

Betty was no longer smiling as she looked from me to Lise.

"You reap what you sow Betty. I still don't understand why you did this to me though. Those hypnotics you used had to have been super expensive and so was that brainwashing disc. So the question is, did you get out of this what you wanted or needed? Was it all worth it? I mean really, you have to know that you will be charged with criminal assault and the illegal use of proscribed medication. Not to mention using subliminal brainwashing. I don't see how you will get away with less that thirty years."

"Yea! Like you can prove any of it you pansy asshole!"

"Well actually I can. I have your entire little power play recorded. As to being a pansy…. I know that all I feel now is a result of that DVD and your Hypnotics but I also wonder why I feel so comfortable in this role. Even now after all the drugs have stopped working I still feel very feminine. I think I like it and since I have to be on hormones because of my prostate cancer I might as well enjoy it."

"Cancer!" Lise looked shocked. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well, I only thought to tell anybody who would care and obviously you don't give a rat's ass about me"

"What do you mean? Of course I care about you! Don't you understand that Betty dosed me as well to make sure that I would be so horny that I couldn't see straight! That party was not any any idea of mine! Please, you have to believe me. I would do anything to make this up to you. You! Betty! You should be trying to get as far from me and my husband as you possibly can. What you did is beyond reason! You say you did it out of love for me but you would humiliate me in front of total strangers as well as my husband, Drug me into being a slut and then wonder if I will be faithful to you? You are not welcome in my house anymore and if you are still here in five minutes I am calling the Police. You Bitch! You ruined our marriage because of some slight you felt what? Eighteen years ago! You need help!

Tears streaming down her face Betty got up to leave just as a knock came at the front door. "That will be Ralph. I had full streaming audio/video coming from here to his computer so I imagine he has seen it all. I hope he brought the Police."


I answered the door, forgetting for the moment how I looked, smiled up into Ralph's Face and grabbed him in a huge bear hug as the enormity of what had happened hit me and I wailed into his shoulder as he whispered sweet endearments into my ear and rubbed my back with his huge hands. Oh! Yes! I loved being a woman. As long a Ralph was around I would want to be his woman. Then again there was Lise. She didn't deserve what had happened either but I found that I just didn't love her any more. The vision of her being fucked by another man was too much for me to ignore. That totally invalidated our relationship. I turned to her to try to understand my feelings only to see her smiling at the sight of Ralph and I still in a clinch. "I am sorry Lise, but I could never trust you again. You didn't have to be unfaithful, you could have just enjoyed the dancing and partying, got drunk, came home, slept it off, and we could have made love in the morning. You seem to have needed our relationship to be aired out. Now with all the information that I had to absorb thanks to your friend I am now more woman than man. If I had to choose myself I am quite sure that I would not have gone this route. Since the choice was taken out of my hands and I was forced to become a woman I find that I prefer it and want to stay this way. I know that you do not have any trouble with a lesbian relationship but I sure do! I am a one woman man and now a one man woman." "So Ralph, are you going to make an honest woman out of me?" I smiled up into his face again.

"Well little lady, I can think of nothing I would rather do!"

I squealed with joy as I jumped even closer to him as I watched the police take Betty off to her destiny and watched as a sad and dejected Lise went to her closet to get out her suitcases in preparation to leaving her home. All because she was stupid and didn't realize what she had until it was ripped away. If she was ever lucky enough to find someone like David again she would do anything to keep him and never try to air out her relationship again!




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