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by Donna Williams


Laura and I met at a sorority party our senior year at OSU. I was taking web page design and was on the swim team; she was a business major and majorette. We dated infrequently, both of us desiring to keep our grades up. We were realistic and knew the probability of us remaining together was pretty slim.

After several meetings with potential employers that had visited campus it turned out that there were several companies interested in us. As luck would have it, I hooked up with a startup telecommunication company in Chantilly, VA and Laura was taken on by a banking operation specializing in loans, also in Chantilly, VA.

We were pleasantly surprised to find we would be in the same area. After looking into the available housing, we found out it was one of the most expensive places in the state in which to live. On that note, we decided to look for a place to live and move in together. We were lucky to find a rather comfortable home to rent, since the owner was in the military and had been transferred to Korea.

Our living arrangements were quite acceptable. We rarely entertained, but usually a couple of pool parties in the summer. I was an old homebody, swimming laps in the pool to keep in shape; playing golf on a course than ran through our development. Laura, was different, however, and liked to go out frequently, and seemed to head to the clubs in nearby D.C. whenever some of the other ladies she worked with desired.

Then, in early 2001, there seemed to be a crash in the stock market and telecom companies were falling like dominoes. My company was one of the first to declare bankruptcy. I was out of work and no-one was hiring. Being a homebody anyway, I felt no real loss at not having a lot of money to spend, there was only unemployment compensation. I started taking care of things around the house, cleaning and cooking, as well as the outside chores in order not to appear to be a burden.

"Jimmy, could I ask you a favor?" Laura asked one Sunday evening. "I’m wondering if it would be too much of me to ask if you could take care of the laundry, also? Most goes to the cleaners anyway, so that leaves less than a basket full to do here. Could you?"

"I don’t see any problem with that," I replied.

However, it turns out that a problem did arise. Handling her lingerie started to cause some stirrings in my loins, especially when I found matching sets of bras, panties and garter belts. I tried to put these things out of my mind as I folded them and put them away, but the feel of the nylon was eating into my psyche. One Wednesday, I was hanging some of her wash-and-wear items in her walk-in closet and came across a long garment bag. It must have been something new, as I had not seen it before. Curiosity got the better of me, and I looked inside. I found a lovely white peignoir set comprising a gown consisting of a lightly meshed chiffon outer layer over a more opaque inner nylon layer, and a robe of even lighter mesh chiffon that was barely there at all.

I took it out and held it in my hands, it felt so smooth and slippery sliding through my fingers, sort of like touching a cloud if one could. I guess all the pent up feeling from handling her lingerie got the better of me, so I carried it into her bedroom and held it up to my neck as I looked in the mirror. It didn’t take long, as I was already shirtless, and I pulled it over my head and let it float down over my body. I then pulled my shorts off and stood there rubbing the material over itself and my body. The feeling was unbelievable.

I heard the buzzer to the dryer go off, and it brought me back from wherever my mind drifted off to. I immediately got one of those scared adrenalin rushes just thinking about getting caught by Laura. It was quite a high.

I hurriedly returned the gown to it hanger in the garment bag and hung it back in her closet. Unbeknownst to me, the price tag got cut off by the zipper of the bag, and fell unseen to the floor of the closet. As I took care of the rest of the laundry, Laura came home and we chatted about each others day.

Later that night, I found myself tossing and turning in bed thinking about the softness of the gown, and I ended up masturbating to the thought.

The next day, while Laura was at work, I thought about some of Laura’s other things, and how nice they felt. I went to her room, pulled out a pink bra, panty, garter belt set and sheer black stockings, and put them on. Since I did the laundry, I didn’t figure she’d notice they have been handled. Again, the material caressed my hairless skin, and the stocking felt especially heavenly as I rubbed one leg against the other.

I had heard about cross-dressers, but only now realized why they were hooked on wearing feminine garments. The feeling of the material and the rush one gets from thinking about getting caught was clearly addictive. I wasn’t long before I moved to wearing more of Laura’s things.

Over the next couple of weeks, I would do something or another that I thought would be a little dangerous while dressed. For example, I would put on one of Laura’s dresses and run a small safety pin through the dress and the slide of the zipper to make it harder to remove. Sometimes I would even pinch the side of the catch of the safety pin together trapping the tip therebetween. Other times I would wrap scotch tape around the ankle strap of a pair of three inch heels.

Of course, my fantasies were all about getting caught, but in reality I knew Laura’s schedule too well to actually dally enough to get caught. Or so I thought.

It was a Friday morning, my chores had been done earlier in the week and I again went to Laura’s room to find something to wear. I slipped into a lavender underwire bra to give me breasts, a lacy lavender garter belt, lavender satin panties and seemed black stockings. Then I donned a lavender camisole and a short lavender half slip. I then sat on the bed and put on a pair of 4 inch black spiked dress sandals. Feeling adventurous, I scotch taped the buckle of the sandals. I admired myself posing in the mirror for a few minutes, then went into the closet to find a dress, or a blouse and skirt outfit. After a few minutes, I decided on a grey turtleneck sweater dress that had no sleeves and a skirt that would barely fall below the hem of the half slip.

I carried it back into the bedroom and was immediately brought up short by a surprised "OH MY GOD" from Laura. I dropped the dress and ran from her room to mine, barely making it I was shaking so hard. I slammed the door and hopped onto the bed, raising my foot to remove the shoe. I was shaking so hard I couldn’t find the end of the tape to remove it, but I kept picking at it.

BAM, BAM, BAM! Laura was pounding on the door. "Jimmy, what the fuck are you doing in my close!" she yelled. "Answer me, dammit!" Then I reckon she realized I hadn’t locked the door, and it flew open. She stalked over to me as I kept picking at the tape, and slapped my hand away. "Jimmy, what the hell’s going on?"

"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry," I whispered, plummeting down off the high I had been in earlier, and resuming the picking at the tape.

"Sorry? Sorry? That doesn’t answer my question. What the hell are you doing in my close?

Quit picking at the shoes!" she yelled. "Talk to me! Wait what are you picking at? You better not be tearing up my shoes! Is that tape? Why’d you put tape the buckle? Shit, this is too weird." She walked out and came back a few seconds later carrying the dress I had dropped and a camera.

"Do you know how much this dress cost? You better not have stretched it out. Damn it, here, put it on! You can just pay me for it!" she said. "And you can pay me for the other clothes you have on too! Go on, put it on! That’s what you were planning wasn’t it? NOW!"

Trembling, I pulled it over my head as she took several pictures of me, stood, and smoothed it over my butt as I sat back on the bed.

"You can leave those clothes on until you can give me a satisfactory accounting of your actions," she said while continuing to take more pictures, and she then walked from my room.

I couldn’t find the strength to face her, so I sat there. I heard her leave about ten minutes later. I guess she’d tired of waiting for me to come out and explain things. I eventually drifted off to sleep, the downer having left me quite drained.

I awoke to the sound of my door slamming open. It was nearly 2 am. Laura was standing there, telling me to get up and go to the living room. I was calmer now and thus managed to get to the living room.

"Well?" asked Laura. "I’m waiting."

She patiently waited as I managed to explain how this all got started peignoir set and the rush I got from dressing up, assuring her that I had never done this before, and that I had no idea I had these tendencies. When I finished, she wanted to know what other clothes I had worn, so headed me off to her bedroom and told me to take out the clothes I had worn from her closet. I did as ordered and piled them on the bed.

"I wondered about that price tag I found on the closet floor a while back. Now I know. Fine, you want to wear it, it’s yours too. You can sleep in it tonight! It’s going to cost you a pretty penny to replace those things on the bed. Anything else?" she asked, as she walked back into the closet.

"No Mam," I meekly replied, and to which she raised an eyebrow.

"Get your things and bring them to your room, you need to hang them up," she ordered.

"Yes Mam," I said, getting everything together and piling them on my bed. She sat and watched as I was putting things away. I soon ran out of space in my closet. "What do I do with the rest?" I asked.

"Mam!" she stated.

"Huh?" I asked.

"You started calling me ‘Mam’ earlier, continue," she replied with a slight grin.

I swallowed the lump in my throat, "Yes Mam. What do I do with the rest, Mam?"

"I don’t know, take some of your clothes out so these can fit!" she stated.

"And what will I do with my clothes, Mam?" I asked.

"Throw them in a trash bag," she directed. "In fact get all your male clothes and bag them. You can put them in the loft in the garage. You can have them back after you’ve paid for your ‘new’ clothes."

"B-but, what will I wear?" I asked.

"MAM!" she shouted.

"What will I wear, Mam?" I asked again.

"You’ll just have to wear skirts and dresses, until you earn your male clothes back," she replied

"But, what about when I do the chores, like mowing the lawn, Mam? I can’t wear high heels on the lawn." I implored.

"Hmmm," she thought out loud, "maybe a tennis dress with ruffled panties and pink tennis shoes? Yes, since I need to go shopping to replace the clothes you’ve taken, we’ll both go shopping tomorrow for your tennis outfit. Now do as I instructed, then put on your night gown and get some rest. Morning comes early, and you’ll soon find out what it means when we girls say ‘Shop ‘til you drop’."

Early the next morning Laura barged into my room telling me to get up, shower and shave closely. As I was showering, she set out my lingerie, along with a denim skirt, white blouse, and three inch strappy sandals. I was soon dressed and she applied some makeup on me, informing me that since it was early, the makeup should be light. During the process she thinned my eyebrows considerably. I couldn’t believe the girl looking back at me from the mirror when she was finished.

"Not bad if I say so myself," she stated. "You’ll attract the attention of some of the guys that hang out at the mall oogling the women. (I groaned) Now, go make breakfast while I get ready."

"Yes Mam," I replied.

She came out in tan shorts, a tank top and tennies. "Why can’t I wear shorts and tennies, MAM?" I asked.

"Do you have any?" She asked in return.

"No Mam," I replied.

"OK, lets eat and get going. You can do the dishes when we get back," she instructed.

We found ourselves at the mall about a half hour before opening time. Laura suggested that we walk to the other end, window shopping along the way, then actual shopping and the way back. While walking along, I noticed she was right about the guys, seemed to me there was always some guy staring at us every where we turned.

Once the stores opened, we moved to the misses section of one of the anchor stores to start to replace Laura’s clothes. She informed me, "We wouldn’t buy everything at once, since it would be too hard to carry and load in the car. We’ll just have to find time to come back."

She picked up a few dresses and shoes, making sure that she had the proper attire to go out evenings. She made me keep the receipts in my purse so I could keep an accurate accounting of the expenditures. I kept a running total of the receipts in my head, and wondered to myself how I would ever repay her.

Eventually, we ended up in the sporting goods shop and looked through the tennis outfits until she found me a very short dress with ruffled panties. Of course, she made me try them on, too. Then she found me a pair of pink tennies and also got me a pair of white tennies with pink stripes and pink laces. I told her my feet were killing me and asked if I could wear the white and pink tennies now. She flatly refused my request with the "now you know what we girls go through" line.

Moving towards the front of the store she paused at the swimwear section and picked up a hot pink two piece bikini set. I just knew it was for me.

"OK, were done in here, let's go get some lunch," said Laura. We got some things at the food court and sat there resting for a bit. "So, how do like being a girl now?" she asked.

"I think you've about taken something out of it," I said.

"Well, I guess I'll have to think of something new for you to try," she said. "OK, let's head toward the car." A little down the way, we came across a ear piercing kiosk advertising two-for-one special. "OK, Jennifer, time to for something new."

"Jennifer?" I asked.

"I could go in and use your real name if you wish," she said.

"Jennifer is fine, thanks," I said.

She took me up to the kiosk and asked the attendant for the special, and picked out a pair of pink studs and a pair of gold studs. As I was getting the piercings, Laura walked off, and I started to panic. "Relax," said the attendant mistaking my nervousness. "This won't hurt a bit."

After I was done, I took a seat on a nearby bench and waited for Laura to return. While waiting some guy sat down next to me and tried to make conversation, but I managed to discourage him without giving myself away. As he left, Laura walked up and asked, "Who your new boyfriend? Did you give him your phone number?"

Blushing, I responded with, "Nobody. No Mam."

"Too bad," she said, "he looked pretty good. Didn't you think so, Jennifer? Oh well, you don't have time to take a lover, yet." she teased. "OK, I think we've done enough damage to your pocket book, let's go home."

"Yes Mam," I said, noticing a couple of boxes she had brought with her.

We finally got to the car, loaded our purchases and headed home. Arriving home I was made to carry all the packages in and put her things on her bed and mine on my bed. When I got to the boxes she had acquired while I was getting my ears pierced, I asked her where they went. She told me to take them to my bedroom, and followed me there.

"I want you to strip off now, down to your lingerie, she instructed. "Then you can open your surprise." Doing so, I reached into the top box and pulled a waist cincher out. "Let's get your waist a little smaller, shall we? Turn around and I'll tighten it up for you, and then you can open the next box." In the next box was a short crinoline petticoat, which I had to pull on. In the final box was a black satin French maid's outfit, with white antique lace around the hem, the sleeves and the bodice. "Step into it Jennifer. Let's see how it fits."

"Why a maids uniform, Mam?" I asked.

"Well, you need to pay off your dept, so I've decided to let you work it off as my ladies maid," she responded. "I figure I can start you off at minimum wage, and if you are a good girl, we can discuss a raise in six months. Of course you don't have to, you can always pack up your new wardrobe and leave. Of course, I do have those photos your folks might be interested in."

"No Mam, I think minimum wage is fair," I said despondently. What have I got myself into, I wondered to myself.

"Good, I'm glad you agree. You can start with this mornings dishes and cleaning the kitchen," she said. "Please bring me an iced tea, first, Jenny."

"Yes Mam," I said and started for the kitchen.

"Hold it right there," she ordered. "you need to follow the ladies made protocol now, Jenny. That includes a curtsy when you enter or leave my presence."

"Yes Mam," I said doing my best curtsy and going to the kitchen to get Laura's tea. I found a serving tray and put a few crackers on it along with the tea, and returned to the living room, "Your team, Mam," I said curtsying.

"Very nice Jenny," she praised. "We'll make a proper ladies maid out of you in no time. It's good you already have taken on all the household chores, so it shouldn't take too much for you to adjust to your new position."

"Yes Mam, will there be anything else Mam?" I asked.

"No, if I need you later I'll ring this crystal bell," she said, tinkling the bell.

"Yes Mam," I said, curtsied and went to clean the kitchen. Laura rang for me a couple of times, once to test me to make sure I was listening and again to request some more tea.

"I think I'll move out to the patio by the pool, Jenny. Please take the tea out and make sure the lounge chair isn't hot." She requested.

"Yes Mam," I said.

While setting up the chair and a side table with her tea, she came out in the hot pink bikini. I stood up and curtsied, "I was afraid you had purchased that for me, Mam," I said. "It looks great on you, if I may say so."

"Yes you may, Jennifer, thank you," she responded. "No I figured my old light blue would be nice on you. Why don't you go put it on? It's on you bed. You can then come back and swim a few laps."

"Yes Mam," I said and went to change. I returned and as I neared Laura, she pulled out the camera and had me pose for a couple of shots. Afterwards I started my laps. A half hour later I climbed out and Laura remarked I'd have to find away to hind my dick as the wet bottoms clearly outlined it.. She then sent me for more tea, and suggested I get a glass for myself, while we tanned. An hour and a half out in the sun left me with some tan lines that could not be hidden except by clothes.

After our tanning session, we went in to change, me back into my uniform and Laura into her new little black dress. She said she would be out until around 2 am.

For the next couple of weeks I performed my usual chores, only now I had to wear my maid's uniform or the tennis dress, as appropriate for the chore. On Friday, of the second week, Laura called home and told me I was to get the rest of the day off, and she was taking me out to dinner for performing my duties appropriately. I was instructed to get cleaned up and put on the grey sweater dress I had been originally caught with. I was then told to lay out one of her outfits, consisting of red lingerie, a white blouse and a short red leather mini skirt.

Upon arriving home later that day Laura remarked, "You look nice Jenny, I'll have to show you how to fix your make-up for evening though. I should be much darker." And she went in her room to shower. Stepping out of the shower she called me in to her room to help her dress. This was the first time I saw her naked, and I was in awe. "Quit gawking and help me dress, Jenny!" she laughed.

Once we were ready, she drove us to a restaurant for a light meal. She inquired about my day and discussed hers a bit. She then said we would be going to Charlie's for drinks and dancing afterwards. I didn't eat much after that.

"I don't think I'm ready to interact in public, Laura," I whispered.

"Don't worry, you'll do fine, I'll do most of the talking," she assured me.

"But what if some guy asks me to dance?" I asked. "I don't really know how, especially from the ladies point of view!"

"You don't have to dance, but you really should try to enjoy yourself a little. After all, you don't get out much," she said. "And you don't have to dance with every guy that asks. Who knows, there may be one guy who catches your interest and you dance with him all night," she teased. I shivered.

We got to Charlie's early enough to find a booth, and Laura ordered us a couple of small strawberry daiquiris. "I think I could have used a large one," I nervously remarked.

She replied, "Don't worry, when that one gets low you probably find another on the table from some admirer. Of course, if you do, it doesn't mean you have to let him sit at the table, but you might thank him with a dance." God, I was a nervous wreck.

As the evening progressed, I ended up dancing with three fellows, and we didn't have to buy another drink for the rest of the night. At one point, we heard someone shout out Laura's name. The guy came over and Laura introduced us, stating that his name was Mark and worked with her. Mark took my offered hand and kissed it. "Where have you been hiding?" he asked.

I forced a smile at that old line, and stated, "I work for Laura as her personal maid."

"I wish I had a maid like you," he responded. "Say Laura, why don't you and Jennifer come down to the marina tomorrow and we can go out on my boat? I could probably find a date for her."

I quickly responded, "No thank you, I have certain chores to do on Saturdays." I was relieved to find out that he was more interested in Laura than me. I looked imploringly to Laura for support.

Laura smiled and said, "Yes, she has to do a few things, first. Maybe Sunday would be better?"

I jerked and exclaimed, "Wait, that's laundry day!"

"Oh poo," said Laura, "you can do the laundry on Monday. It's not like I don't have anything to wear. Say Mark, why don't you invite Jason?"

My God, she was setting me up with a date with another man. "I saw Jason here earlier, let me go look for him and bring him over to introduce him to your maid?" Mark responded.

Mark did manage to find Jason and we were introduced. "I don't believe your really Laura's maid," said Jason.

"Oh, but she is," remarked Laura. Why don't you and Mark come by early Sunday morning for breakfast and see how she looks in here uniform?"

"If it's a French maid's uniform, I'm there!" echoed Mark and Jason simultaneously.

"Oh it is," said Laura, "a little black one too. So we'll see you guys Sunday morning. Night!" No one noticed I hadn't said a word recently. I was scared.

While Laura was taking us home, I asked, "How could you do that? I can't be dating another guy!"

"Oh, what guy are you dating now," she laughed.

"You know what I mean," I responded.

"Well, you are going to be living as my maid for some time to come, especially at the rate I'm paying you, said Laura. "Plus I plan on having people over for a pool party next week, so you can't hide, and you'll be expected to provide proper maid service. I figured you might as well get to know some of the guys I'll be inviting over so you'll be more relaxed. Plus you'll have some weekend days off and I don't want you hanging around the house all the time. This will get you committed to dating one guy, and you'll be able to truthfully tell other suitors that you already have a boyfriend. That is, if you and Jason hit it off Sunday. "

"I think I'm getting ill," I meekly responded, and she laughed merrily.

Sunday rolled around and Mark and Jason showed up for breakfast as promised. Laura had a good time at my expense by having me respond to her bell and constantly curtsying. After breakfast, I cleaned up the dishes and kitchen and changed into an outfit more appropriate for boating. My outfit consisted of sailor girl halter top and a short pleated skirt, under which I wore my bikini. Laura wore a more conservative short set over her bikini. Needless to say, the guys kept looking my way.

Heading out in the boat, Jason asked If I'd like to drive. "Sure!" I said, not knowing that he intended to have me sit on his lap while he helped to little girl to steer the boat. Laura looked over, smiled widely and gave me a thumbs up. Jason was giving me something else up. I was beet red. We stopped of a little island and decided to go swimming. The guys expressed there appreciation of our bikinis in more ways than one. Why was I starting to notice their bulges? O was glad to get in the water so I could stay away from Jason, however, he proved to be as good a swimmer as myself and reminded me of an octopus. It was a good thing I had tucked my dick and balls up into by body and superglued the area closed. I'm sure he would have found something unexpected otherwise.

On the way back to the docks I managed to stay away from Jason by laying on towels spread on the bow of the boat. Laura joined me. "I think Jason has a crush on you Jenny," she committed.

"I know, but he is so aggressive," I remarked. "Do you think you could find me a guy less aggressive?" I surprised myself by asking.

Laura chuckled, "No, I think Jason's aggressiveness will suit your submissiveness perfectly."

"But I've never dated a guy before, I don't know how to keep him from putting his hands all over me," I replied.

"There is one way you might get him to back off," whispered Laura. "You'd could tell him your actually a male maid."

"Shit, he'd probably kill me!" I whispered back.

"Well, if you can't control him, he's going to find out eventually," said Laura. "I saw the bulge in his shorts."

I had a lot to think about on the way back to the dock. Once we but the boat away, Laura asked, Say guys, how'd you like to come over for supper? Jenny can get back into her uniform and serve some more." She was not going to let up. Mark and Jason accepted of course, but stated they had to go home and get cleaned up first.

At home, I asked Laura what she would like me to prepare. "Nothing, we'll order Chinese when the guys get here," she said. "Now go get cleaned up and put on your uniform. You'll want to properly attired to meet our guests."

"Yes Mam," I said with a proper curtsy.

Later that evening, Laura had me put on some music while we sat at the pool. Everyone had a little fun at my expense for a while, but things did manage to settle down. As the music played, Mark pulled Laura into his lap and they started necking. Jason pulled me into his lap also and managed to give me a kiss. It wasn't as forced as I'd expected, but a little sensual. He sucked on my earlobe a little and turned my head to him and kissed me again. This time slipping in the tongue. At this point I gave in and relaxed in his arms. I was tire of fighting him off.

Laura came up for air at one point and saw us cuddled together. She figured now was the time to inform Jason of my real position, while she and Mark were present. "Jason?" she called. "I think Jenny has something important to tell you, don't you Jenny?

I looked over, sighed, and sitting up turned to face Jason. "What is it?" he asked.

"Well, you know how you found it hard to believe I was Laura's maid? It is because I owe her a bit of money, and am working it off as her maid," I said.

"Why don't you just get a regular job?" he asked. "You'd probably earn more money and be able to pay her back faster."

"Well, its like this, now please don't get upset, but Laura has forced me into the position," I explained. Laura came home from work one evening and found me in her room wearing her lingerie and fixing to put on one of her dresses."

"So?" he asked.

"Please, don't interrupt and let me finish," I implored. "The thing is, I'm a male. Laura was so mad she feminized me and turned me into her sissy male maid. She took several photos of me and threatened to send them to my family. I think she has set us up so that she could have time to herself at home while we would be out on a date, or maybe it was more revenge on her part. You see when she found I had worn her cloths she made me buy them all. Of course, being out of work and here having those incriminating photos, all I could do was accept her proposal that I work as her ladies maid. Why she picked you to by my boyfriend, I don't know."

Smiling, Jason responded, "I do. You see I'm very attracted to beautiful girls, but I an also bi. She knew I'd find you attractive, and figured I wouldn't get made and pound on you when I find out. Does that sound accurate Laura?"

"That's right Jason, replied Laura. "I was so mad at him, I had decided to not only feminize him but also make him take a boyfriend. I couldn't actually force him to take a boyfriend, but had to find someone aggressive enough to conquer him. I figured he was submissive enough that you'd have no trouble turning him into your girlfriend. The way you two were kissing and cuddling just now indicates I was right."

Jason reached up and found a tear to wipe off my cheek, pulled me to him and passionately kissed me. He stood and picked me up in his arms, stating, "I think I've been teased by this feminine beauty too much this weekend, and am quite horny. I reckon Jenny is still a virgin and I'm going to have to change that."

Laura called after us, "Just remember Jason, she's still my maid, and has to remain here with me until she pays off her debt."

"Wait a minute, don't I get a say in this?" I asked.

"NO!" everyone shouted at once. Jason said, "You're the submissive sissy and you're just going to have to learn how to be my girlfriend." With that he carried me into my bedroom and tossed me on the bed. He then stripped off his clothes and approached with an impressive 9" erection. He sat on the bed and leaned against the headboard, looked at me and told me to kiss his penis. I knew it was useless to fight it so I determined that this was going to be another first and reached out to hold him steady while I bent over and gave the tip a gentile kiss. Then, I licked it and tasted the pre-cum oozing from the tip. I then opened my mouth and took the head in, rolling my tongue around the ridge where he was circumcised. I then push down further and managed to slide the head into my throat without gagging. At this point I started pumping his dick with my mouth until he came, squirting his cum down my throat. I pulled off when he quit squirting and was surprised that he was still hard.

"Time to take your virginity, Jenny," he said huskily. "Roll over and put your pretty ass in the air." After I did as instructed he flipped my skirt and petticoats over my back and pulled my panties down to my knees. "I think you've left me wet enough to enter your ass, however, it will hurt, so don't tense up. Just relax and it will be easier.

Slowly, he pushed his dick in my ass until he was all the way in. At this point he started pumping, slowly at first, then picked up the pace when I started responding and pushing back to meet his thrusts. I couldn't believe this felt so good. "Fuck me harder, harder!" I shouted. Since he had gone off in my mouth earlier, it took a bit longer for him to reach his second orgasm. This enable me to have and orgasm like no other. When he felt me shuttering and squeezing his dick harder he finally came.

I then stripped off my uniform so I could get a shower. As I stood there naked, he asked, "if you're a male, where's your dick?"

I told him how I had glued it up in my body so that I could present a more feminine line in my bikini. He laughed at this and took me into the shower so we could clean up. While in the shower, he had me wash his back and then had me kneel and wash his dick. This caused him to get another erection, which I had to relieve before we got out.

In the bedroom, he slipped on his boxers to sleep in and I put on the white gown from peignoir set that had caused all of this to happen. "God," he said, "if I could get it up again I'd have to fuck you again."

Soon it was Monday morning, and I knew I had a lot to do to clean up from last evening. I woke Laura with breakfast in bed, surprised that Mark had not spent the night. "Where's Mark?" I asked.

"I don't go to bed with a guy on a first date, unlike some girl I know," she replied. "I don't want to hear any excuses today, you have a lot to do, there's last nights dinner, and there's also the laundry you didn't get to Sunday. I expect everything to be done properly by the time I get home tonight."

"Yes Mam," I said remembering to curtsy.

"So, now that you've been made into a woman, what are your plans for when you've finally paid your debt? Are you going to return to being Jimmy, remain here as my maid, or run off and move in with Jason?" she asked.

"I have a feeling that Jason isn't a one woman kind of guy," I replied. "I think I'd like to have real breasts, so if you could pay for them, I think I'd like to remain as your maid."

"I was hoping you'd say that," she smiled. "I reckon I can find you other boyfriends."

"If Jason doesn't mind," I found myself saying.




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