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A Very Difficult Test

by Young Ovidius


Steve and Erica are the most wonderful couple I've ever met -- devoted deeply to each other and to their faith, spiritually attuned but not otherworldly, genuinely moral without being hypocritically moralistic, and filled with love. Now I don't mean to make them sound like perfect angels or demigods, but I had to stress what wonderful people they are so you can better understand this account that is about to be set forth.


"Now there were none on earth found to be so faithful as Steve and Erica, loving husband and wife, such that the devil himself was granted permission to test their devotion by unleashing devious afflictions upon them.

It was on a Friday night that the devil appeared to them in their bedroom as they prepared to go to sleep. His arrival filled the room with an eerie light and a burst of smoke that instantly caught their attention.

As the smoke cleared and the light soothed, they saw that the devil himself took on the form of an old and distinguished yet hideously cruel gentleman. They did not yet know who or what he was, but they listened rapt as he commanded their attention.

Steve sought to question the figure's true identity but was quickly hushed. The devil would have his piece before they were permitted a response. It was all in the contract he had negotiated.

'Now, listen to me, Mr. Steve and Mrs. Erica,' the devil declared with a hissing, gravelly voice. 'As part of the deal I have negotiated on high, I must first proclaim to you that what will unfold before you shortly is the utmost test of your conviction and of your devotion. I doubt that you shall hold fast after what is done, but the cosmic fates still allow you a hint of your own will.

'Otherwise, what fun would this be? To see you resist or to give in, it ultimately lies with you to decide. And options you will have beside. But I must beg your forgiveness, as I am getting ahead of myself.'

Steve and Erica stood on opposite sides of the bed, their eyes widened with a mixture of fear and curiosity. As much as they wanted to look at each other, for the moment their eyes were transfixed on the hideous intruder.

'First comes the crux of the test, a transformation you will both bear momentarily. For Steve, the results purely physical. For dear Erica, something deeper and stronger. See if you can't feel them now!'

The devil's voice rose into a booming crescendo, echoing with dastardly glee. The young married couple were able to look at each other once more, and though neither observed anything unusual about the other they felt their own new conditions. Vaguely, at first, but as the devil spoke again, they better understood not only what had happened to themselves but to the other as well.

'A true test of your commitment and devotion has been undertaken here and now. First, young and virile Steve, the joy and satisfaction of his faithful wife. What is so new for you? Yes, that manhood so long and firm between your legs is but a tiny shadow of its former self. In fact, your whole package looks and acts exactly like that of a six-month infant....'

The hideous figure could barely control his laughter as Erica cupped her hands in horror at the seriousness she quickly grasped. As for Steve, his face dropped into numbed shock. He didn't know what to do, nor was there much he could just then.

'We'll get back to the little man's predicament soon enough, but now to compound the tragedy we find out what has happened to his precious, innocent wife. For although unchanged on the outside, a small tweaking of the hormones within. Yes, the miracles of modern science cannot compete with my power on this one.

'Dear Erica now possesses exactly ten times the libido she did just moments ago, and she'll find it never receding throughout the term of this ordeal. The desire for sexual satisfaction ten times stronger. The need for penetration ten times as often. The frustration of not being able to reach orgasm ten times more devastating.'

Steve seemed to gaze at his wife as if to ask if the description were true. And though she hadn't been able to identify her new condition just a moment before, having heard his words she had no doubt. Erica nodded ruefully, as she stared at him with the deepest yearning of her life.

'So there we have it, Mr. Eeny-Weenie and Mrs. Way-Past-Hot-Too-Trot.' The devil chuckled at his own ostensibly clever monikers for the tortured couple. 'But before we go any further, to add a little spice and fun into the game...' He glared at Steve with an irresistible dogmatic force. 'Drop your pants!'

He did. And for the first time the man and wife both got to see his formerly well-endowed groin looking like that of a cute little baby. Striking was that all hair was gone from the region. But more devastating was to see his testicles pulled back up into a pre-pubescent state and his once manly shaft reduced to a miniscule stub. Steve rubbed his eyes and shook his head vigorously to wipe away the nightmare. But his eyes simply reopened to the same horror.

Meanwhile, Erica's arms wrapped ever more tightly around her abdomen, as she tried to fight back the painful desire. Her body so craved cock that even her husband's new tiny organ was getting her wet with longing. Yet she could also feel that the actual ordeal was not ready to begin, and thus she couldn't act upon it if she wanted to.

After successfully ordering Steve to pull his pants back up and Erica to release her tense grip on herself, the devil went on. 'I told you this would not be done without the object of a test or without the hope of free will. But there are conditions, and I shall now tell you what they are.'

He produced a long piece of paper from inside his black coat. On the paper was scrawled in legal terms the conditions of their test. And he proceeded to summarize and explain.

'There are three scenarios open to you. You must choose only one, though you must choose it and all its conditions in entirety. All involve a testing period of exactly thirty days from the moment you choose and sign the contract. If you think you're clever and wish to refuse all three, not only will your current status be permanent as long as you dwell on this earth, but your souls will also be committed to me for eternity thereafter. Which incidentally is what also will happen if you fail the test you choose.

'But which will you choose? Here is the first one....'

They were each resolved to listen carefully, for they truly saw in it their only hope of escape.

'The first scenario requires the following of Steve: that during the 30-day period he wears only the new magically recreated wardrobe of very feminine women's clothing that I will recreate for him and that each day he will wear the required cosmetics and nail polish for at least 12 hours of each day. The excuse of course being that what lies underneath will not be able to create any embarrassing bulge such that he might not quite look the part.

'He will also during any four consecutive days of the 30 that he chooses experience a simulated menstrual period, signified to begin when you take the first of the magic pink pills I provide. You will feel the cramps and bloating and irritability, and though you will not have actual bleeding you will need to wear pads in your underwear the entire time and change them at least three times a day.'

'I can't do that!' Steve protested aloud, looking at his wife for sympathy.

'I know it sounds awful, but it would only be for thirty days,' Erica replied. 'And besides, it might give you a new appreciation for what I go through.'

'Silence!' the devil intervened. And they had no choice but to obey.

'One more thing for you, Steve, under the first scenario. You will have to find three, just three, men who will treat you as their little drag queen and deflower you, as it were. One time each. Not that they might be thrown off by your unusual equipment or anything....

'Anyway, Erica's conditions are as follows: despite your heightened libido, you will remain completely chaste for the 30 days. No man, not even Steve, can penetrate you even one time. You are allowed a maximum of one minute per day in which you may pleasure yourself if you so choose, but I warn against it. For it will only increase your already increased desires and leave you feeling even more frustrated by their lack of fulfillment.'

'That's all for her?' Steve made the mistake of shouting aloud, causing Erica to snap back at him.

'You try feeling what I'm feeling and....' She caught herself as she realized she was playing right into the devil's hands. He merely chuckled at her.

'Your time is precious, I know, so you shall listen silently as I present the second scenario to you. First for Steve, who must during the 30 days wear nothing but the magically transformed wardrobe of oversized baby clothes that I will create for him, which will include nothing but an endless supply of oversized, superabsorbent disposable diapers and plastic pants, as well as a onesie and a sleeper.

'Regarding the diaper, you must wear one at all times, except for the maximum of five minutes you are allowed per your maximum of three diaper changes per day and for one other condition I'll explain in a moment. You will not be allowed to use the toilet to clear your bowels or bladder even one time. You must use your diaper. And you can't change your own diaper either. Should you try to do so, you'll find your hands entirely too clumsy for the task. It can be Erica, or it can be someone else, perhaps 14-year-old Suzy down the street should Erica need a night out. But it can't be yourself.

'As for Mrs. Way-too-Hot-to-Trot, you may or may not like this, and I'm sure you witty-bitty hubby won't, but here goes. You will have to have a complete sexual intercourse experience with at least 100 different men during the 30 days, by whatever means you may find necessary. Since Steve won't be able to go to work in his baby clothes, maybe you'll find a way to earn some money on the side. But I digress.

'But to make it even more interesting yet, in between each encounter you will have to give your undersized husband a blow job just to remind yourself how inadequate he is compared to your whole bevy of new lovers. This is the only other time he can have his diaper off and it must be no less than one minute and no more than two minutes. Finally, of the 100 encounters you will have, Steve must watch at least 20 of them in person from beginning to end without intervening in the least. The only words he'll be allowed to say, if he chooses to say any, is in a cutesy baby voice: "My widdle binky is too small to do dat!"'

'No way, no way, no way!' Steve interjected. 'I can't do that... or let her do that. I....'

Erica stepped in diplomatically. 'What's option number three?'

'As you listen to me silently one more time, I'd be happy to oblige you. The third option is in some ways like option two but not quite as severe. What would happen to you in this scenario is that you would immediately switch bodies. Erica in Steve's body would only have to wear diapers sixteen hours a day -- you could use the toilet and dress normally during the others.

'And Steve in Erica's supercharged body would only have to go through 50 complete sexual encounters with 50 different men. And Erica would only have to be there for 10 of them. All the other details, including the blow job thing, would still apply.'

The devil took a moment to clear his throat. 'Choose the test, pass it, and all will be back to normal for you and better than before... a life free of temptation and worry. Fail to choose or fail a test, and...well, I hope for your sakes that doesn't happen. That's the summary. If you want to look over the document more closely, to scrutinize it and look for a loophole, be my guest. But you won't find any. You have exactly one hour to choose one of the three scenarios and sign appropriately. Otherwise, you will be left permanently as you are, and your souls will be mine. It's all there in writing.

'Now to give you a little privacy I will leave the document with you and return in exactly 59 minutes to hear your selection. Until then, the choice is up to you.' And the devil in the form of an old man disappeared into the same burst of smoke and flash of eerie light by which he came.

For many minutes the loving husband and wife pored over the options, the possibilities, which would be the least horrible. Erica thought that the third option would be the least horrible for her but couldn't bear having to put her husband through that kind of torture in her body. She figured it would drive him mad. The first option was slightly less appealing to her, considering how strong the urges were in her body and that if she gave in even once they would both be doomed forever. And the second seemed so mindlessly staggering to her, she wasn't even willing to consider it.

As for Steve, he was most repugnant to the idea of not only being in his wife's body but turning that body into the body of a whore. He wouldn't hear of it. He would have otherwise been quite convinced to go with the second option over the first, if it were just for the diapers alone. But the humiliation of the repeated blow jobs and having to watch helplessly as other men had their way with Erica, he couldn't bear the thought of it. But to dress up completely en femme, as horrible as that sounded, was only compounded by a complete unwillingness to degrade himself with three homosexual men. He would learn to deal with the simulated period thing if he had to, but the rest made him shudder.

'We only have five minutes left,' Steve pointed out as he stared at the clock on the dresser. And they seemed no closer to breaking the impasse then when they first heard the outlandish scenarios. Time was running out, and they had no idea which option they would pick."


You will soon hear the rest of the account of what happened to my friends, Steve and Erica. But first I need to hear which of the three you choose for them. Whichever option receives the most support, after I receive a minimum of seven votes, will be the option that finally sways their minds. Choose your own adventure!




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