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A Very Difficult Test

by Young Ovidius

Part Two


Steve and Erica are left with three horrible choices at the hands of a powerful fate. Which would they choose?


"The devil reappeared on time just as he had said. He wasted no time demanding to know which option they would select. He wasn't sure how clever they would be in reading between the contract's lines, but now he was about to discover.

Steve bristled with resentment, but the devil gave him a chance to speak his piece. 'I don't think we should have to pick any of these three. I don't believe you are allowed to take our souls if we don't go along with your plan.'

'What makes you say that?' the devil coyly responded.

'A strong faith.'

The devil chuckled. 'Well, yes, you've caught me. And you didn't fall into my trap. No, you don't have to pick any of the three or face eternal damnation. The game is much more subtle than that....'

'What do you mean?' Erica jumped in, unnerved by her overwhelming newfound libido.

'I can see you are antsy, so let me explain quickly. I have not concocted these three scenarios out of thin air. While some of it springs from my imagination, the substance springs from your own fantasies.

'Yes, yes, it's true. Don't look so surprised. You know deep down which of those things are the things you've fantasized could come true. And I can make it happen for you. And no, it won't cost you your eternal soul or anything like it. I will just give you an escape....'

'You're a liar!' screamed Erica.

'Yes, yes, hush. I know! The father of lies and all that. I may have made up that part about your eternal souls in the deal, but not everything I say is a lie. If everything I said was a lie, well, there'd be a whole lot of absurdity going on. Because since I've just admitted to lying, that would mean... well, let's not trifle with details. Suffice to say, you can trust me on this one.'

Steve was skeptical. 'What's the catch?'

'Let me just break it down for you both so there aren't any secrets. There are elements in each scenario that reflect your deep fantasies, and there are elements you may not enjoy so much.

Let's take the first one, for example. I hope this doesn't shatter little Erica's dreams of Prince Charming, but your Steve is at heart a transvestite... a cross-dresser....'

Erica was aghast. 'He's not gay. There's no way....'

'You're entirely right, my dear. He's not gay, which makes the part of the scenario including sex with other men a little discomforting for him. But as for you, you have fantasized about being with other women. That's why you could deal with option one with your heightened sexual desire and no allowance for any man to penetrate you. Not that you're a wholesale lesbian or anything, but you have thought it would be freeing to enjoy it from both sides.'

'You're bisexual?' Steve gasped at his wife.

'Oh, don't be so judgmental. She's been afraid to bring it up, but you've also been afraid to bring up your desire to experience oral sex. That is the part of the second option you'd long for. It's the being dressed up in baby diapers that might come as a little less enjoyable to you. But Erica would like that part. She's had thoughts about making you her big baby....'

'Even if just for a weekend or something,' she found herself confessing. She never thought it would be so easy to bring that secret fantasy up.

'However, she in no way wants the reputation of slut or the threat of venereal diseases that will certainly come with the other requirements of that option. Anyway, on to number three, where Erica may be shocked to find out that her Stevie has often wondered, no really wondered, what it would be like to be in a woman's body. So why not his wifey's? It's just that he isn't quite as keen on getting screwed by dozens of different men. But, oh well.'

'Is he serious?' Erica asked her husband.

'Yes, it's true. Sometimes I've really wondered what it's like. You know, not forever or anything, just for awhile,' Steve stammered, never thinking he would reveal this deep inner secret to his wife. 'This would be just for awhile, right?'

'Thirty days for the agreement,' the devil replied. 'And then you'd be back to normal, just like it was before I ever came here. Oh, to finish off my explanation, Erica's desire to mother a baby has also been sometimes joined by the fantasy to be treated as a big baby herself, though not as a baby boy. And the idea of getting a blow job would have to be entirely foreign to her.

'So unfortunately you can only choose one of the three, and you must agree. There is no mixing or matching. Which will it be?'

'Just so I know,' Steve asked, 'what happens if we refuse to do any of the three?'

'I know you really want to try one of the three, so you don't need a lot of incentive. The truth is that you will very gradually be restored to your normal conditions. In about 18 months, everything will be back to normal. Little Stevie's wee-wee will put on an inch every three months or so, and Erica's libido will gradually slip back to normal levels. But it will take quite a long time.'

'This is the real deal, then?' she inquired. The devil merely nodded and looked at his watch.

'How long do we have to decide?' Steve wondered aloud.

'Sixty seconds....' The tortured couple writhed with each audible tick that melted away their difficult option. They'd had enough time to think about it before the devil returned, but only now had they seen it in the new light of sharing at least partly in each other's fantasies. 'The deal remains essentially the same. Fulfill all the conditions for the 30 days or see the fantasy come to an abrupt halt and then have to wait 18 months for all to return to normal.'

It was down to thirty seconds... They were too tongue-tied to consult each other. 'You have to agree.' Fifteen... and then ten... nine... eight... seven... six...

They had been flashing fingers back and forth at each other to signify their desire for their particular options. Only as the last few seconds ticked away did Steve finally concede to his wife's wishes. 'We choose number three.'

Without another word, the devil spat out a roomful of harmless smoke. When the married couple came to, their tormentor was gone, and the terms of their agreement lay on the nightstand.

And yes, Steve was overwhelmed by the passionate lust he felt as he tried to adjust himself to being inside his wife's body. The double whammy was almost too much for him. 'I need 100 men to do me?' he asked in a voice unfamiliar to be coming out of his own mouth. 'My god, Erica, I'm you....' It was almost too much for it to sink into him - er, should I say, her.

She (or he) was having just as interesting a time on the other side. She was clawing through what had been her husband's wardrobe only to find nothing but endless stacks of diapers and a few oversized onesies and rompers on hangers. And there she was in his body, wearing a huge and thick, bulky diaper. 'You have to change me, you know....' Erica exclaimed in her husband's voice.

'I know, but when am I going to find time between all the men I need to do.'

'I suggest you find a discreet way to set up your own low-cost prostitute service. It's bad enough you're doing this in my body, so I suggest you do it in another town or something.'

Steve looked through his wife's wardrobe and found that along with many of the traditional elements were some new additions of very slutty and revealing costumes. 'Okay, a deal is a deal, I suppose.'

'Look, the way I got it figured,' the heavily-diapered and male Erica spoke up, 'is you can charge really cheap in a bad neighborhood and get laid ten times in one day. Just make sure they're all different men, and you'd get it out of the way in five days. You can spread it out however you want, but you'd have the other 25 guilt-free. You could play with yourself or whatever to satisfy your urges....'

'Or make them stronger,' the female Steve responded, reminding his wife of that part of the deal.

'Oh, yeah. Good luck.'

'Well, at least I can use a toilet for the next 30 days,' he snapped back.

'That's true, but you'd better get used to sitting down.'

The sharp remarks didn't wound that much, because in a way they reflected things they'd both fantasized about - though maybe not to that degree.

'Well, with that tiny dick I wasn't going to be standing up like normal anyhow.'

'Okay, okay. So you want to be the one to change my diaper all the time, or should we get Tabitha from down the street.' She was referring to their teenaged neighbor. 'Since I'm living in your body, you'd never be living down her seeing your little binky.'

'All right, all right. I change your diapers all the time. But if I remember right...' The female Steve searched the contract summary, '...yeah, you have to be there 10 times to watch me in your body getting screwed by other men.'

'Oh yeah? But I may have to come along with you on your hooker adventures anyway, since you couldn't keep coming back here all the time to give me a blow job in between each encounter.'

'Crap, I'd almost forgotten about that....'

'Speaking of crap,' Erica said to her husband's immediate disgust, 'I'm wishing now for both our sakes that you'd taken one before all this started.'

'You mean...?'

'Yeah, well I can hold it for awhile, but I think you had a bran muffin or something for dinner, because... well, let's just say lucky me....'

'No, lucky me!' Steve sarcastically replied, sacheting in the new female body he enjoyed over to the closet to eye some of the outfits he'd only ever dreamed of wearing. He'd have to put up with changing diapers, but he was going to enjoy the other part for himself.

As for Erica, she looked forward to being babied. But 30 days seemed a long time.




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