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Voodoo Who Do


Paul G Jutras


Karen Collin stood outside the salon in a green sweater, black skirt and sling back shoes. As she shivered she turned to her husband, Mark. "If I wasn't getting my toes done today, I'd of worn my tights."

As she went in, Mark looked down the sidewalk of the strip mall. He hated waiting for his wife while she was in the beauty shop. When his eye caught a new shop, he decided to check it out.

"Can I help you?" Asked a short, beard old man.

"Just looking," said Mark. "What kind of shop is this?"

"A magic shop," Said the man.

"With dolls?" asked Mark.

"Voodoo dolls." The man said. "If you have a personal item or body piece from someone you'd enjoy to hex, you can have loads of fun."

"Will it hurt the person?" Mark pondered to the man.

"Only if you wish," the man replied. "These days they're mostly used by lovers for ultimate sexual pleasure."

"I'll take it and got just the thing." Mark smiled as he put down the money and pluck a piece of his wife hair from his shirt to tie around the doll. As he rubbed the doll's sex with a finger, Karen sat in the salon and felt her self starting to get wet.

Upon getting home, Mark continued to play with the doll while Karen went about her house work. Karen found the experience better than any dido she had tried in her life. They only stop in the afternoon because their daughter, Susie was coming home from pre-school.

While Karen started making Susie lunch, Mark went to finally read the newspaper. He had forgotten the voodoo doll on the coffee table and was spotted almost immediately by Susie.

As Susie dropped her school bag by the table and pulled out one of her doll collection, she picked up the voodoo doll as well. "Oooh," she cooed. As she started playing with the blonde doll and the voodoo one the hair wrapped around the piece of magic plastic unraveled and tangled around her old ordinary doll.

"Eeeek!" Susie heard her mother scream.

Mark and Susie came running into the kitchen to find a mannequin the looked like Karen standing the counter in a poise like she was chopping veggies. Upon seeing the sight, Susie screamed and dropped her dolls the floor. As they slid apart, Karen changed back from plastic to flesh and blood again.

"What happened?" Karen asked. "I could see, hear and feel everything around me, but I couldn't move or talk."

"Susie, this is your mother's doll, not yours." Mark said as he took the voodoo doll off the floor. "I don't want you playing with it again, understood?"

"Yes dad." Susie said. She understood what her dad was saying but could understand what happened to her mom or why she couldn't play with the doll. "Can I play in the park after lunch?"

"Sure dear." Karen said feeling the relief of being able to move again.

As Susie head toward the park with her dolls, she walked past the magic shop at the strip mall. Upon seeing the voodoo dolls in the window only thought came into her head. If she couldn't play with her mom's doll, she'd buy one of her own. With that she quickly went inside.

"May I help you?" The bearded wizard asked.

"I'd like one of your dollies in the window." Susie said sweetly.

"I'm sorry but those dolls aren't meant for little girls." The wizard strongly discouraged. "They're for adult use."

"My mom has one and she won't let me play with it so I want one too." Susie said as she stomped her foot.

"Your mother has one." The wizard asked. "Do you know your last name?"

"Collin." Susie said with a smile.

"I was hoping you'd say that." The wizard smiled. He figured as long as he didn't give the kid instructions on personal objects and the doll it would be safe enough. "I realized after your dad bought the doll for your mom that I over charged him. Why don't I give you're a free doll to make up for my mistake."

"Yippee!" Susie shouted as she took the doll and ran off.

After playing in the park for a couple of hours, Susie came home and took out her doll. She notice it was just like her mom's except for one thing. It didn't have a piece of hair tied to it. She considered for a moment about pulling out a piece of her own hair but recalled how much it hurt when her neighbor use to do it before moving out of state with his folks. That was when she remembered the hair brushes in her parent's bed room.

"Off to work." Mark said as he kissed his wife goodbye and headed off on the night shift.

"Susie, you be a good girl while I go take myself a relaxing bath." Karen said to her daughter as she headed into the bathroom and started the water. It was then that Susie snuck out of her room and got a hair from her mom's and her dad's combs and tied one to the doll's neck attached to her super hero doll's cape and the other as the doll's belt. She made the voodoo doll fly and Susie's hand's sliding along the dolls body made Karen feel horny while she laid in the tub.

Karen laid in an over size shirt on the bed and began blow drying her hair when the phone began ringing. Because of the blow dryer, she couldn't hear the phone and it went unanswered.

Mark had been driving to work when Susie first tied the hair to dolls. As he drove, he began to feel more horny than he had ever felt in his life. His leather shoes had changed to a pair of leather pumps. His stockings turned transparent and fused with his underwear to become pantyhose with no panties worn underneath, his pants and top fused together into a dress.

"What's happening?" Mark finally had cried out in panic as he felt nothing between his legs but a weight on his expanding chest till he was at least a C cup in a bra that was once his tee shirt. Since his attempt to contact his wife on the car phone failed, he turned the car around and headed home.

When Mark reached the house, it looked like Karen's twin sister getting out of the car. When he got inside, Susie had some explaining to do about the two dolls and they rushed to the magic store with hope it wasn't closed yet.

"Sorry." The wizard said to the family. "I guess I made a mistake in giving the kid the doll and thinking she'd just play with it. Not curse someone with it. Since both dolls were aimed to use hex Karen and Mark's hair got put on one of the dolls that's what changed him into a double of Karen. Since more than one voodoo doll was use for the same spell, I'm powerless to break or reverse it. I'm afraid you're stuck like this, Mr. Collin."

Mark return home and called in sick only to find the magic has made everyone but Susie and Karen think that Mark was always Karen's sister Millie. That after Susie's dad died the two began to raise Susie together.

Karen still loved Mark no matter his outside form and not even Susie ever learn of their lesbian love making as they lived happily ever after.





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