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A Wild Satin Episode

by Georgina


She came elegantly through the door and undulated sexily towards me. I could see immediately that she was drunk again by the extra careful way she walked and the slow smile of uncaring sensuality that played over her full, and utterly kissable, carmine lipsticked lips. Her body, slim, almost boyishly slim apart from a pair of exquisitely shaped, yet small and firm, breasts was sheathed in a lovely cocktail sheath of heavy and lustrous, black silk-satin. As usual my body hardened as I gazed up at her beauty. I was sitting at my desk, doing my homework as she approached me. As I watched, she reached behind her head and loosened her long and beautiful hair from the chignon that kept it up, her body writhing as she undid the pins and knot. As the hair fell down, almost to her waist, she shook her head and the lustrous, magnificent mane of auburn hair floated like a cloud of fiery smoke around her upper body. Still smiling softly she reached my desk and bending down she lay her softly powdered cheek against me as she whispered.

"Hallo my darling, how is it going?"

If she meant my school work, that was fine, I had finished but if she meant my body, that was hard and throbbing, highly excited as it nestled against my belly, caressingly confined as it was beneath the sensuous satin covering of a pair of her scrunchy, silk-satin french knickers. I turned slightly to her and as I brushed my own lips against her fragrantly perfumed and softly powdered cheek, inhaling her sweet scent I murmured back

"Fine mother, and did you have a good time."

She gave a small, yet incredibly sexy chuckle. "It was so so. All the men wanted to get at me and all their wives were hanging onto them, making sure they didn't. As it is they wouldn't stand a chance as I only wanted to get back home to my darling child."

I sniffed to myself. If I were a child at fifteen then when would I become an adult? As it was mother had never looked her age and she had always been mistaken for my twin sister. She smiled once more at mw, then moved away. My heightened senses could hear everything and I could discern the faint hissing sound of nylon rubbing over nylon as her long and lithe limbs brushed against each other as she walked. There was an added sound, the swish of silk satin against silk-satin as the various items of luxuriously elegant clothing sussurated in unison with her motion. She reached the bed and sat down on the satin counterpane, leaning back on her outstretched hands as she did so, which threw her firm, perfectly shaped breasts into sharp relief. It was with an intense thrill that I could see her hard nipples as they punched out the sinfully sensuous and smoothly lustrous black satin of the elegant, form-fitting sheath. Her long, lithe, smoothly nyloned limbs, shoed in patent, stiletto heeled court shoes, were elegantly crossed in a very arousing way as they caused her skirt to be pulled up to mid thigh, showing the tiniest hint of stocking welt and the ecru lace hem of what I knew was one of her sexiest black satin full slips, one that I had coveted and very occasionally worn, and which had excited me almost to the point of total madness. I think she had an idea that her beauty aroused me, although probably not aware of the totally illegal, absolutely forbidden and deeply incestuous lust I felt for her, my own mother.

She slowly sat forward again and I saw a look of tiredness wash over her and also a faint langorousness that instantly brought a cord of memory back to my mind. She was not only drunk but she was also on those tranquillising drugs she had become dependant on since father had died two years before. With a sinking feeling I knew what would happen soon, she would flake out and remain totally unconscious for at least sixteen hours. The last time that had happened I had had to take her back to her room, undress her and put her into bed. It wasn't the fact of her intoxication that worried me it was the fact of my arousal that terrified me almost to the point of madness. That time had been only three weeks before and when I had taken off her clothes, leaving her attired in her sensuous dishabille of satin and nylon, my hands had surreptitiously at first, and more boldly later, wandered over her superb body as she had lain there unconscious and I had eventually suffered a massive and unrestrained orgasm as my hands had cupped and caressed her wondrously soft, yet full and firm, satin sheathed breasts. I had spilled my white, sticky seed into a pair of her sensuous camiknickers that I usually wore under my clothes. It had been the first time ever that I had laid such sexually explicit hands onto the deeply desired body of my own mother, before that it had only been my eyes that had gazed on her considerable and highly arousing beauty.

I had managed to find a way to spy on mother and very effectively at that. Our house was an old, rambling edifice and many of the rooms had connecting doors. Now that mother and myself were the only inhabitants we had divided up the two spare rooms into a small dressing room cum sitting room each. My dressing room was directly adjoining mother's boudoir and the door between was lined on both sides with mirrors. I had broken mine accidentally two years ago and when the glaziers had come and replaced it, I found that the connecting panel had been removed from the door, and mothers mirror was a one way viewing plate. As this had been the guest bedroom at one time it was obvious that the mirror had been used for my parents, and their guests edification. It was after that find that I had found the concealed catch and hinges that allowed me to open the viewing plate. I was absolutely sure that mother had never known about the voyeuristic aperture.

It had been a wonderful two years as I had spied surreptitiously on that gorgeous creature as she had totally shown herself to me in all her glory. Mother was a total sensualist, enjoying all the fetishistic touches that turned me on as well. At this time in the early fifties, and with the elegance and opulence that was the norm for the haute couture of the day, mother put on some wonderful shows for me as I gazed at her unsuspecting form as she admired her own body in the two way mirror. We were, thankfully, very wealthy and mother indulged herself unmercifully with the most exquisite lingerie from France, and the most opulent and luxurious fashions from all the great houses. Many happy hours had I spent as I had watched her preening herself in the mirror, dressed only in the most sensuous and slinky silk-satin lingerie, or the most opulent of satin evening gowns, all backless and strapless. She loved to caress herself in these feminine confections and many times she brought herself to a shuddering climax as she writhed in front of the mirror.

My musings were interrupted as I saw her start to become sleepy and nod off, it was starting.

"Are you all right mother?" I asked as I got up from the desk. "You should lie down."

"Oh yes," She nodded once. "I think you are right." Amazed, I watched as she stretched out on the bed, smiling blissfully at me as I leaned over her. She stretched out her arms to me, and crooned softly. "Would you like to cuddle up with me, you look a little tired as well."

"What do you mean mother." I croaked, as I allowed her hands to draw me down onto the bed beside her.

"Come cuddle." She whispered, at the same time giving me a soft and enigmatic smile. "Don't you want to cuddle your old and decrepit mother?"

"Your not old mother." I retorted hotly as I stretched out on the bed beside her slim, willowy body. "In fact, I think you are very beautiful."

"Think." She teased, "or know."

My gorgeous mother snuggled up to me, laying her whole slim and svelte body against mine, bringing my ever-ready body to a peak of arousal. It was fortunate that it was lying against my belly, held there snugly by the smooth silk satin front panel of the sensuous camiknickers that I wore. She laid her head against the crook of my shoulder and sighed softly.

"That's nice." She whispered as she pressed the whole of the front of her body against my side. I was very aware of her firm breasts pressing against my side and I could distinctly feel the stabbing touch of her nipples as they melded against the heavy jumper I wore. I seemed to be in heaven.

Then I got a shock as she took my hand in her own warm hand and she placed it on the smooth satin bodice of her dress, just below her breast. I could distinctly feel the swell of the underside of it against my thumb as it lay there, still trapped under her hand. My own excitement rose and I realised I was starting to pant with desire for this gorgeously sensuous woman who was my mother. I wanted her, totally and without reservation, there on my own bed and damn the consequences. She was sleepily writhing against me, only half awake, but suddenly I realised that she was aroused as well. Her hand still holding mine slid up and my palm glided over the taut swell of her right breast. The sumptuous satin of her dress acted as a smooth: path for my hand, accentuating all the tiny irregularities that lay under the fabric. I could feel every seam of her lingerie as it passed slowly under my palm, the tiny filigree of ecru lace and the prominent hard nubbin of her aroused nipple. Mother moaned softly and I could feel the exhalation of her breath against my cheek as she moved her head up to look at me through her half shut, sleepy eyes.

Instinctively, my fingers parted and then closed around the hard nubbin, gently squeezing the tender and sensitive tissue. Mother moaned softly and then she kissed my cheek, a long, soft kiss that just touched the corner of my lips. The touch was totally electrifying and I felt my body start to tremble with a wild and incestuous lust. Her soft hand slid off mine and drifted across to my belly to rest gently on the rough wool of my pullover. My own hand remained on the maternal breast as I continued to gently squeeze the hard nipple, eliciting a series of panting and sighing moans from mother. It was at that moment that mother pulled me round to face her, by the simple expedient of grabbing my pullover and tugging, and then, for the very first time, I felt the total ecstasy as she melted her entire body against mine. She felt my hardness as it pulsated against her belly and she writhed sinuously against it, at the same time as she slid her hand underneath my pullover and slid it onto the soft silk-satin of the camiknickers I had put on that morning. I froze and gasped with shock as I realised that mother had found my secret, but she seemed to take no notice of the unaccustomed feeling of silk-satin on a male body. She just gave a soft mewl of pleasure, then leaned forward and kissed me on my parted and eagerly waiting lips.

That first incestuous kiss blew my mind, as it did hers. She parted her full lipsticked lips and I felt her hot, pointed tongue flicker into my own parted mouth to duel sexily with my own tongue. Within the space of only a minute our relationship was irrevocably changed. We were still mother and son, physically that is, but now we became lovers. There was no holding back now as we embraced in a forbidden and highly perverted fashion, mother and son soon to be carnal lovers. I moaned into her hot, receptive mouth, my panting, gusting breath returned by her as she slowly stripped off my pullover till I lay there, with the wonderful black satin camiknicker bodice adorning my body and totally open to her heavy lidded, sexy gaze.

It was then that I realised that mother knew everything and that she had been working towards this day for a long time now and why she had never had another man since father had been killed. Mother desired me as much as I desired her and with a wild moan of total oedipal desire I renewed the salacious assault on her willing body, but this time in a wildly erotic way. I was wildly kissing her panting, parted lips as I also caressed her satin-sheathed breasts, exploring them with my avidly sensual fingers. Mother meanwhile was stripping my body of the rest of its clothes and soon I was lying there naked, open to her gaze, well naked apart from the gorgeous silk-satin camiknickers that caressingly sheathed my trembling and superheated body. My hardness pulsed beneath the sensuous slinky material, visible to both our awed gazes as we broke the deeply incestuous kiss and drew back to admire each other's satin sheathed bodies.

"Pretty." Mother whispered as she gazed at my svelte figure. "Pretty little girl."

"You're beautiful." I gasped as I drank in the sight of her utterly gorgeous figure and face. "You are so gorgeously beautiful."

"Thank you kind lady." Mother whispered back as she slowly lay back on the satin counterpane, a symphony of lustrous black satin on a field of shining crimson. "I adore you for that."

As I avidly admired her, mother started to run her slim hands up and down the curves of her body, caressing her figure in an utterly sensuous fashion, at the same time writhing her hot and willowy body on the bed. The sound of satin sliding, sussurating over satin setting up a sibilant whisper of sensual sound in the quietness of the room. She was purring like a contented cat as she continued to gaze at me with her hotly half-closed, dewy eyes.

"Yes baby." She continued. "You are ready now."

"Ready for what?" I asked.

"To love me, my baby."

"You want me to?" I asked. "Are you sure mother?"

"Oh yes my sweet child. I have waited so long for this. It was three weeks ago that I knew you were ready. That was when you touched and caressed me when you thought I was asleep."

I gasped at those words, with both amazement and vast relief. I leaned over her supine body and my hands slid onto her taut and thrusting breasts. Gently, I palmed the soft yet firm globes, confidently and surely, my fingers relishing the slip-sliding feel of satin and the hard nubbin of her turgid, hotly aroused nipple.

"Wait my baby." She remonstrated softly. "Let's do this right."

"How, mother?"

"I want you dressed properly. Ever since I found out about your desires I have wanted a daughter for myself. I knew you could make a convincing woman now I know that you want to as well. Soon my little baby you can make love to me, a sexy young girl with her own hard dildo that will spear its incestuous path deep into her mother's willing pussy."

The lewd words sent. me even higher and I was very close to spilling my hot and sticky seed into the silk-satin sheathing of my camiknickers. Mother seamed to sense this and with a gay laugh she pushed me onto my back and gently ran her soft fingers up and down the long and pulsating length of the hard and throbbing erection that nestled so vibrantly under the sinful black silk satin of the garment.

"You are far to hot my baby." Mother murmured. "I will let you come now. It will be better for us that you come now. Come baby, spurt your seed into mother's satins, give mother all you've got."

She bent down and softly kissed my parted, panting lips, whispering against them as she kissed. "Give it to mummy, give mummy your little gift, let mummy feel it soaking mummy's sexy, satin lingerie."

The hot words did as much to destroy me, as did the sensuous touch of her hand. With a scream of pure delight and sheer, carnal lust, I arched my back off the bed as the powerful flashes of orgasm, far greater than any I had felt before in my life ripped through my femininely clad body and my spasming penis, brought on by the delicate touch of mother's knowing hands spurted its tribute to my lusts and desires in a massive outpouring of sticky, white semen that burst through the the glossy satin to flow over her delicate hand.

"Yes Mother." I screamed out in total ecstasy ''Mother's little girl is coming."

Mother cooed softly as her hand slid through the wetness that pooled on the slickly sensuous silk-satin of her own camiknickers and as I watched in amazement, she raised her come slicked fingers up to her ruby lipsticked lips and with a flickering, catlike tongue, tasted the sticky white filial seed.

"Tasty." She murmured. "Mothers dirty little girl is very tasty."

Mother's softly whispered words and gently caressing hands were the last straw and with a final scream of sheer and absolute ecstasy I spurted my final gift of glutinous white seed into the sexy confines of the deliciously scrunchy camiknickers. Dimly, through my exhaustion I felt mother clean up my emissions and then stretch out beside me on the bed, cradling my exhausted body in her soft, perfumed embrace. I awoke as night was falling and the softness of the evening light drifted in through the large window. The bed was empty; mother had left me some time before. Looking down I remembered that she had changed my lingerie for a fresh, clean outfit. I had vaguely tried to help her through my exhaustion. She had taken off the soaked silk-satin camiknickers and replaced them with a pair of beautifully luxurious french knickers in lustrous grey silk-satin. Over this she had slipped on a wonderful slip in matching colour, fabric and design. The very caress of the opulent material had brought me to a raging erection. Mother was obviously waiting for me so I got up and looked for my slippers. They weren't near the bed but I saw a new pair of medium stiletto heeled shoes by the bed. I slid them onto my feet and stood up. They were surprisingly easy to walk on I found and within a few minutes I was swaying around the room, enjoying the sensuous feel of the wonderful fabrics as they brushed my lower limbs. As I looked into the mirror I saw that apart from the tented erection that thrust arrogantly out from my body, I was a very convincing looking girl. On my slim body, the soft and decidedly plump breasts I was blessed with, fitted by the sexy cups of the satin slip, were surprisingly large and my nipples were hard and erect with desire.

Just then the door opened and mother walked into the room.

"Oh" she gasped as she saw me admiring myself before the long, cheval mirror. "You are awake then."

I swung round and faced her. She had changed and now was dressed for the evening, resplendent in heavy and lustrous duchesse satin and carrying an armful of feminine frippery. She walked over to the bed, the sibilant rustle of satin brushing hissingly against satin and nylon loud in the quietness of the room. Mother laid the clothes on the bed and then, swaying sensually on her high heels, came towards me. I avidly drank in the wonderful sight of her maternal beauty. Mother was gowned in a long, flowing, rustling, sensuously shining and beautifully fitted strapless gown in deep and sinful black duchesse satin, its sheen dull yet incredibly opulent and infinitely sexy in its effect on me.

Mother glided up to me and embraced my aroused and already trembling body.

"You are a sensuously lovely creature." She whispered as she enfolded me in her maternal embrace and I thrilled to the feel of her tautly firm, yet incredibly soft breasts as they pressed softly to my own little mounds. My totally unruly erect body seemed to surge towards her satin sheathed belly and as it pressed against the opulent material, the sensuous satin that covered it hissed as it sussurated against the heavier fabric of her gown

"Sexy." Mother laughed throatily as the turgid length pressed insistently against her own flat belly. "Hot and sexy."

"Mother." I panted back as I writhed against her wonderful body. "I love you."

I leaned down and pressed my yearning lips into the hollow of her long, swanlike neck. The taste of her skin was indescribably beautiful and her perfume drifted up from the smooth skin to assail my nose with the aphrodisiac effect of the musk that she wore. Her gorgeously long and lustrous hair seemed to float over me as she shook her head at my touch. I could feel her body tremble as my lips kindled incestuous flames of passion and desire in an already excited body. My lips slowly travelled up her neck to the soft lobe of her ear. As my lips gently nibbled the soft tissue, mother shuddered as the heat slowly fanned into flame. The slow pants of desire that rose from her body were hoarse and eager and her hands slid around my body to pull me savagely into her urgently writhing form. Then, suddenly, mother broke away from the intense embrace and, giving a shaky laugh, she sat down on the bed.

"Whoa, my baby." She panted as she struggled to regain her breath. "Wait, till we get you properly dressed."

"I am." I said as I leaned back against the mirror. "I am dressed."

"No, silly." Mother laughed and pointed at the masses of lustrous fabric that lay beside her on the bed. "It's now the evening, we have to get you properly gowned and made up. Ladies have to dress for the evening you know."

I nodded agreement. Mother was always exquisitely dressed at any time, but especially so in the evenings, when she put on a scintillating evening gown, of which she had a vast amount. It seemed I was now to be dressed the same way and it was something I really welcomed.

Twenty minutes later mother had completed my dressing and it was with immense wonder that I looked at myself in the mirror. Mother had done wonders with me and from the very top of my head to the absolute toes on my feet; I was the very epitome of a gorgeously elegant woman, all ready and dressed for an evening. Mother had styled my hair into a very feminine looking; urchin look and she had made me up expertly with all the lotions and potions she had at her disposal. Around my neck was a magnificent necklace of pearls, three strands and on my ears was a gorgeous pair of clip on earrings. My gown was magnificent. Strapless and shiningly shirry, made of dark blue silk taffeta, its bodice clung to me like a second skin, while the shirring and whispering skirt was full and swirly, long to the floor. My breasts, fitted inside the cups of a devastatingly gorgeous strapless basque in black satin, were aching at the touch of that opulent fabric, my nipples prickling at the sensitive confinement. The basques held up a pair of long and sheer, black nylon stocking and on my feet were a pair of sexy, stiletto heeled, evening sandals. The multitude of taffeta petticoats that lay under the skirt of the gown gave me a swirly and hissingly sussurating swing to the skirt and covered my hot and hard erection which itself was covered by a scrunchy pair of black, silk-satin french knickers. On my arms was a beautiful pair of long, black satin, evening gloves that reached almost to my shoulders, sleekly encasing my arms with their sensual imprisonment. The final and crowning glory was a small scrap of an evening chapeau, with a gauzy veil that added a certain amount of mystery to my appearance. I felt utterly beautiful and totally desirable as I gazed at my image in the mirror.

Mother came up behind me and slowly, elegantly, slid her own satin-gloved arms around me. Breathlessly, I watched as she slid the smoothly gloved palms up my taffeta bodice till at last she cupped and softly caressed my throbbing and highly aroused breasts. The touch exciting me as the satin slid over the shirring taffeta, my nipples, achingly aroused under the opulent fabrics, stood out hard as marbles, punching out the smooth material and twitching madly as the sexy maternal palms slid over the turgid nubbins. I almost screamed as the wild flashes over total and utter desire radiated from my nipples to flush my entire body with exciting waves of incestuous and transvestite lust. Just as I was starting to loose control again, mother drew her body away from me and then led me away from our mutual narcissistic contemplations. "Later, my little lady." She whispered in my ear as she finished my toilette by spraying me with a new perfume she had obviously acquired for me. "Later, all good things must take their time." "What do you mean mother?"

"We have the whole evening in front of us and a softly candlelit, romantic dinner will be just right for us to get us into the right mood." She then smiled fondly at me. "We also have to train you so that you can really pass as a woman even outside. Would you like that?"

Mother had seen me start in surprise at her words, I had never thought of going out dressed as a girl and the idea terrified me.

"Don't worry." She came up to me as I froze at the door of my room. "By the time you go out not even the neighbours would recognise you."

Twenty minutes later I was sitting at our mahogany table eating a lovely evening dinner that mother had prepared for us. Wine and food mixed pleasurably together as a start to our evening of gentle and long desired love Mother had nodded approvingly as I tried to be, and succeeded, in being a lady of beauty and refinement. The schooling session had slowed down my intense sexual desires and I gently coasted along in a slow wave of transvestite feelings. We chatted gently, basically woman's talk until sated at last, both gastronomically and emotionally, we arose and turned to each other.

"Shall we dance?" Mother asked as she moved to the gramophone in one corner. I nodded.

Mother put on a record of slow music then came back to me and took me into her arms. It was wonderful to be standing together in the middle of the room swaying gently in time to the slow and sensual beat of the music. Slowly, ever so slowly, we came together till at last we were touching along the whole lengths of our bodies. Breast to breast, belly to belly we stood as we exchanged long and wet, tonguing kisses and our hands gently wandered over our elegantly gowned bodies. Amazingly, I didn't experience the wild and urgent arousal that I had before. Instead, a slow infusion of heat washed through my feminised body, arousing me slowly and powerfully, yet not in any way making me want to throw my beloved mother onto the floor and rape her, as I had wanted to do before. Soft, gentle, transvestite, oedipal and sensual love had become my normal and desired aim.

Sexy sounds filtered through the soft music. The slow slide of taffeta on silk satin. The hissing of satin gloves over taffeta bodice. The wet sucking sounds of deep and wet kisses and the soft panting moans of two people in passionate embrace. I seemed to be in a haze of sensual passion and was only dimly aware that mother was stripping me slowly of my gown and waist slips, but the cool air of the room brought me back to a dim consciousness. I realised that I had been doing the same to her and we were now totally divested of our outer garments. Mother was dressed as I in a gorgeous satin basque, french knickers, long nylon stockings, stiletto heeled shoes and long, black satin evening gloves that reached almost to the shoulders. We were standing by the long, ivory satin covered, chaise-longue that sat against the far wall of the drawing room and mother laid me down onto the cool, smooth, sensuous covering, then stood back.

My own excitement was intense, yet slow and powerful. My body was excited, yet it was still short of ultimate hardness and it lay against my belly, quiescent, full and ready to attain its full hardness and size. Mother was gazing intensely at me and I felt her eyes lashing me with a heat that transcended anything I had felt before. Mother herself was as excited as I, and she slowly started to run her gloved hands up and down her slim body. The long mane of her hair swung with the movements of her head and she moaned softly as the incestuous and transvestite desires rose in her to a fever pitch of raw and blazing lust. Slowly, ever so slowly, the beautiful woman disrobed herself before my lusting eyes, sliding the scrap of silk-satin that was her french knickers down her nyloned limbs and onto the floor, leaving me to gasp as I gazed at the secret, depilated juncture of her thighs. I too slid down my satin knickers and, as the cool air caressed it my hardness it rose, becoming turgid and tremblingly hard till at last it reared vertically from my belly, weeping slightly with expectation and desire to loose its virginity by sliding deep into the body of mother.

Ever so slowly, her huge eyes holding me in total thrall, mother moved astride me, opening her thighs so that I had a wonderful view of her finely sculpted pussy. She was now straddling me and as she was poised over my rearing body she glanced down at the trembling shaft. I looked up at her, as usual enthralled by her satined and nyloned beauty, aware that at last I was to taste the long desired fruits of incestuous and transvestite loving with my own gorgeous mother. I was awaiting the final dénouement of our passion with bated breath, praying that she would soon end my agony of waiting. It was soon to end. Mother reached down with her begloved hands and grasped my hard and throbbing body in her gentle grasp, gently manipulating the soft skin with torturous gentleness, at the same time slowly squatting down till the sensitive head brushed her weeping and fluttering lips.

"Yes baby." She gasped. "Now is the time to fuck mother you dirty and perverted little girl. Come my little baby, come and stick your hot cocky into mother and make your hot mother come all over your incestuous prick. Fuck mother, baby, give mother your sticky white spunk."

I started to move up but mother quickly stopped me.

"No baby, lie still." She whispered. "Let mother do all the work. Let mother show you the gates of paradise."

Straddling the narrow, satin covered chaise longue she slowly, as I lay totally still, slid my hard and sensitive glans along the weeping pussy folds once more. She gasped as the hard head slid a fraction within the cavity and I felt the tight lips of her pussy enfold the tip of my glans. The incredible heat seemed to inflame me totally and I desperately wanted to thrust up into the long desired body of my own mother. But I stayed absolutely still as mother teased herself on my rampant erection, teasing me at the same time. Slowly, ever so slowly, she writhed on the very tip, throwing her head back, tossing her magnificent mane around so that it glistened in an auburn and silken mist. I was entranced watching her lovely breasts, imprisoned in the satin cups of the lovely black basque that she wore, thrusting out and the hard nipples flowering in passion. I ached to touch them but I daren't do anything that my beloved mother did not allow me, so I just lay there, enjoying the sight of her lithe body starting to writhe a sexy dance as she stared to skewer herself down onto my throbbing body. Suddenly, as she moved down a bare inch, the head of my body slipped into the tight cavern of her body. I stiffened and almost screamed as the tight walls clamped around the invading, filial penis. Above me mother froze, a cry of surprised lust the only sign that she was as excited as I. She was so beautiful I could cry. For long seconds the tableau remained, mother precariously poised with just the hard plum of my body within hers, I panting softly as I tried to stop myself from thrusting deeply into her.

She started to tremble and I thought that her legs would give out and that she would slide onto me, but with a great effort, she controlled herself and leaning forward slightly, she grasped the top of the chaise longue and supported herself. It brought her lovely breasts to within a few inches of my face and I could very easily have reached forward and kissed her turgid and aroused nipples. I didn't, although now I sensed that mother wanted me to savage her tender nipples with my mouth and teeth. Two could play at the game of teasing.

Head thrown back, her gorgeous mane flowing behind her, mother slowly started to twirl her lithe, elegantly stockinged limbs, with the result that her clasping and hotly moist pussy milked the very sensitive tip of my aching body. The slow loving pace of our incestuous and transvestite coupling, so perverted in many eyes, was arousing us both to heights of delight that neither had ever experienced before.

"You like this, my baby." Mother panted hotly, not stopping her movements for a second. "Does mother's little girly-boy enjoys her mother's loving ways."

"Oh yes, mother, I love you." I panted back, still not moving at all. "You are so good to me."

Mother leaned her head forward and looked down at me with hot, dewy eyes. Once more she slid another inch down on my invading body and clamped down on the shaft with her milking caressing muscles. I was in an ecstatic frenzy inside, yet still I remained totally motionless.

"Good little girl." Mother nodded her approval and her perfumed hair brushed my face with a delicate caress. "Stay still for mother."

I let my body relax and my hands, gloved in those wonderful and sexy, black satin gloves slid down to lay against my side. Only my erect body was in any way involved in the action now. Mother started to twirl her hips, setting up a soft, circular massage on the sensitive part that was buried in her wet and blazingly hot cavern. Every so often, as she felt her orgasm threaten to overwhelm her, she paused and relaxed her nipping muscles, slowing down her lust and at the same time sinking a fraction further down onto my body.

I just lay there and gazed up at her lovely features, made even lovelier by her arousal. Entranced, I watched as she gazed back at me through lidded, hot and dewy eyes, biting her lip occasionally as the tensions in her threatened to run away in a blinding orgasmic explosion. She panted softly and still twirled her lovely firm buttocks but now she started to piston gently on the filial body buried now to the absolute hilt in her pussy, my body to be precise.

She still grasped the back of the chaise-longue and the sight of her arms, sheathed in the lustrous black satin of her gorgeous evening gloves was as arousing as all the rest of what I could see and feel. The tensions were rising higher and higher in me and I felt that I couldn't hold out much longer and that my orgasm was on the verge of breaking. Mother slowly slipped down and her satin-sheathed breasts slowly came closer and closer to my own tender breasts, also achingly confined in the cups of a matching strapless basque. She was now actually sitting on my lap with my body fully sheathed in hers and being slowly massaged by long waves of muscle movement that she unconsciously performed. Mother was in a daze, almost a stupor and her mouth was parted as she drew in deep breaths, consciously trying to stop her own wild orgasm from overwhelming her body.

Her breasts touched mine and her soft breath washed over my face as she slowly slid totally onto my unresisting body. Breast touched, caressed and melded with satin-sheathed breast. Belly touched and melded with fluttering belly. All time ceased and we seemed to hang in a total state of absolute limbo and, incredibly, I felt the slow massaging of her pussy cease and the incredible tightness ease so that I felt there was nothing there and that I was free in a hot, moist, yet immense cavern. My penis seemed to search for what it had lost and grew even larger in size and harder in state. The urgency left me, even though the feelings I had now were more pleasurable than any orgasm I had ever experienced. It was totally incredible. Mother too seemed to recover and the rapt, intense, panting mien was gone and was replaced by a wildness that transcended anything I had ever seen, allied with an exotic beauty that was wondrous to behold. If she had been heartbreakingly lovely before, she was magnificently gorgeous and erotically arousing now.

It was as she started to move on me again that the magic happened. Even though I was so excited that I could not think I could take any more, I found that the threat of an orgasm had dropped away. It was unbelievable. She kissed my parted and waiting lips. The soft nibbling kisses that are forbidden between mother and son and yet are the most potently sexual of all. I returned them and now my gloved hands moved, to her firm, tip tilted, satin sheathed Breasts and the palms of my hands slid, satin over satin, over the maternal titties in a caress that defied rational thought in its delicious depravity. My own body, encased in those wonderful satin and nylon garments was still quiescent, but my mind was on the verge of total detonation.

"Yesssss, baby." Mother hissed against my parted lips. "Yesssss, now we will blow the world apart and you will taste the true flavour of total and absolute ecstasy."

With those words mother started to piston herself powerfully on my steel hard body, moving her haunches wildly and powerfully and incredibly, I started to soar as the feelings were fanned to a white heat of incest and sheer carnal love.

Higher and higher we flew till all reason ceased and mother raised herself on me and gripping the seat back again, she joyously slid in a frenetically regular rhythm on my body. Suddenly she gave a cry of total ecstasy and froze, just as my embedded body escaped the confines of her milking, clasping pussy, then she slid back down, froze and fell against me. Once more, the incredible cavern opened out in her body, then clasped shut, then opened, shut, in a wild staccato rhythm. She was starting to come. At the last moment she clamped down on me and kept the pressure on my prick. It was the last straw and my steel hard body seemed to swell and grow even harder. I could feel my seed start to spurt out of the end of my incestuously buried cock and burst with incredible force deep into the forbidden body of my beloved mother, splashing off the tight walls and flowing around the deeply buried form of my incestuously inserted body. She felt it too and she fell back onto my body so that we were melded together once more. This time I moved and with a wildly superhuman effort I carried her, still joined to me, onto the floor and as she locked her limbs around me I turned her round so that mother lay beneath me on the floor. I was still spurting out my seed in wild and seemingly incessantly endless jets of pure passion.

She flopped back on the floor and wide eyed gazed up at me as I savagely flicked my still spurting body into hers. It was then that she screamed out as her orgasm redoubled in strength and sensation I could feel the walls of her pussy flutter wildly in uncontrollable spasms as she blasted into a wild and ecstatic super-orgasm of a magnitude she had never experienced before, and neither had I. It seemed to incredibly, bounce into another wild climax and this one took me totally by surprise, shattering my strength so that I fell against her delectable body and writhed weakly on her till the last spurts dribbled weakly out of me in a final tribute to her beauty. Weakly we kissed, soft panting kisses of gratitude and total love.

"Oh mother." I panted as my hands caressed her cheeks. "I love you mother, I love you very very much."

"Pretty girl." She answered me. "Pretty and sexy little girl. Did you like what mother showed you today?"

The memory of the last timeless episode that ended barely seconds ago made my body twitch, but only slightly at the memory. But that was all it did.






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