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A Wonderful Day at the Beach

by Jeremy Shawn


Ronnie was fourteen, same age as me but she was much taller or at least she seemed taller. Her long dark hair and piercing blue eyes gave her a 'Don't mess with me' air of authority that all of us girls envied. She was my best friend and having her near, made me feel safe. I was glad she agreed to come with me.

The hazy morning sun was low on the isolated strip of beach beneath the craggy cliffs. A cool salty breeze tossed our hair but we knew it would get a lot warmer so we decided to wear shorts and t-shirts over our bikinis, planning on shedding them latter. Ronnie was all legs with a deep flawless tan. I consoled myself knowing I was just as curvy, and seeing Ronnie that wasn't too bad, but that's where the similarities ended. I had none of her confidence.

Stooping I picked up a seashell and put it to my ear. Ronnie playfully tugged my hair. "Can you hear the ocean?"

"No, I'm listening for boys." I grinned. "Maybe Jamie Holloway will call shell to shell."

"You really like him?"

"He's sweet and shy. I don't find him intimidating like other boys"

Ronnie's shoulders went back. "I don't find any boy intimidating."

That was Ronnie. She took my hand and pulled me forward. "You shouldn't either. They're just boys. Come on. Maybe we will find him."

She pulled me close. "That's why you wanted to troll the beach this morning using your skimpy bikini for bate. He often comes here, doesn't he?"

I turned a shade of red. "He's…"

"I know he's sweet and shy. And… He's got a tasty bod."

"Ronnie!" I couldn't believe she said that, though I dreamed about his hot bod all the time.

Girls always talk about boys but I think Ronnie was enjoying teasing me as much as the boy talk. "He is short though."

Raising my voice, I was quick to defend him. "Most boys our age are shorter than girls."

Ronnie agreed, stretching to her full height. "Puberty, a girls secret weapon. We get to be stronger than boys for a couple of years." She wiggled her seductive hips like only Ronnie could. "And we got what it takes to drive them crazy, then we can beat them up if they try anything."

Laughing, I gave my best fourteen year old wiggle. It wasn't too bad. I wished Jamie could see it.

Ronnie knew what I was thinking. "That would put a boner on him providing he can have one"

"Ronnie! You're bad." We walked a little further. I kept my head down thinking about what she'd said, then shyly looked up through the corner of my eyes. "What makes you think he couldn't have one? A boner I mean."

She leaned away giving it thought, then pulled me back until our shoulders bumped. "He's so small, maybe he hasn't started puberty."

Again I defended my crush. "I bet he has, he's too sexy not to have started puberty." But I wasn't sure and Ronnie sensed that too. "Well the only way to find out is to check him for pubes."

"You really are bad."

She squeezed my hand. "Admit it you want to know."

I didn't answer, so Ronnie continued teasing me. "You want to know if you got the hots for a man or a child. Mattie, the Cradle Robber."

I stomped my foot. "He's not a child!" An image of him standing before me naked, sucking on a pacifier, with tiny little boy parts hanging down popped into my mind. I shook it off. "He's not a child. Besides there is no way of checking him out, so it doesn't matter."

Ronnie cocked her head, giving the problem some thought. "You could ask his mom if you could baby-sit him, and then give him a bath. Then you would know."

"That's silly."

Puffing her chest, Ronnie took on her adult air that she used whenever she wanted to make her point. "Why is it silly? Jamie's over protective mom never leaves him home alone and you have been pretty much on your own babysitting for years. You're two inches taller than him, more with platforms. You went through puberty five years ago and you look much older with your boobs and all."

She leered. "They're great boobs."

I blushed. Ronnie pressed her point. "All that, and his mom knows you do a good job babysitting their next door neighbor Tommy."

"Tommy Muskburger is only eleven." I argued, "and he acts like eight. He needs a babysitter."

"Still you are only three years older. Tommy is almost as tall as Jamie and they play together sometimes. Trust me, Jamie's mom treats him like he's in diapers, she will let you baby-sit him."

The possibility of babysitting the boy of my dreams was erotic. Ronnie could see it. "You're undressing his hot naked bod in your mind right now aren't you?"

I couldn't hid a naughty grin and we both giggled. Ronnie kept pushing. "Mattie, have you ever bathed Tommy?"

Giving a giddy bounce, I beamed with delight. "Not at first, then once when he was sick his mother let me bathe him. He was terribly embarrassed but being sick somehow made it okay. After that I always insisted on bathing him. His mom likes that I can control him. Seeing him naked helps."

I kicked the sand with my bare toes remembering Tommy's dangling little penis as he stepped red faced into the tub. Mrs. Holloway was visiting once when I was bathing Tommy. She peeked in and remarked how responsible I was, maybe she would let me… "So!" Ronnie interrupted my daydream. "What's it like bathing a boy the size of your crush?"

Staring whimsically into the distance, I smiled. "Its nice. You get to see their cute little bodies and boys are better when they're naked. They know the girl is in control. All girls should have the opportunity to baby-sit boys their own age, and I think its good for the boys too."

A cool wave rolled up the beach and washed over my feet. I continued thinking out loud. "It give girls confidence and calms the boys." I pulled Ronnie's hand moving closer to the shore. "Cathy Martin's mother had the good sense to let her help bathe her brother since they were little. Cathy's thirteen now and her brother is fifteen and she still bathes him. Scott is so well behaved."

Ronnie didn't have the patience for babysitting so she wanted to hear more. "When you bathe Tommy do you ever pretend you're bathing Jamie?"

I quickly tucked my head. Ronnie jumped in front of me. "You do, you do. You dream about bathing Jamie. I'm going to tell Mrs. Holloway you will baby-sit Jamie."

"Ronnie don't" I was getting excited. "Do you really think she would let me? After all he is a few months older than me."

"Not to her he isn't. You're a great babysitter. She will let you if I ask. Besides I heard her talking. She wants to start dating again, she's only thirty-two. You would sooth her worries about leaving her precious little baby home alone. She'll let you tend him."

"You will ask her for me?"

Ronnie smiled and poked me. "Sure, how can I resist those boobs."

We hurried on with the new fantasy playing in both our minds. Occasionally we would look at each other and giggle. It would be great. "Mattie, you have to call me the moment you find out if Jamie has pubes."

"I promise." We were talking like it was really going to happen.

"Mattie, do you wash Tommy's privates."

I raised my chin trying to act adult. "Of course. It's part of babysitting." I turned and dance backwards pulling Ronnie towards me. "Once when he was extra bad, I even powdered his bottom. He hated that. If he acts up when I'm bathing him I take the baby powder down from the shelf and he becomes meek as a lamb. That's my secret weapon."

"You really enjoy babysitting boys?"

"Sure its fun, but its different for girls. Its just what we do, future mommies."


Ronnie looked over my shoulder. "You're in luck. Here comes 'Sweet and Shy' right now."

Whirling around my heart leaped, I tried to calm myself. I didn't want to look embarrassed in front of Jamie. He would know I was thinking about him. When he saw us he stopped near some large rocks and waited for us to approach. Ronnie raised my t-shirt over one boob. "Take off your clothes."

Embarrassed, I pushed it back down. "No Ronnie don't, Jamie will know I wanted him to see me in my bikini."

"Well when we sunbathe maybe you can do a sexy striptease in front of him. That will tell if he can get a boner."

"Ssshhh. He'll hear."

As we reached him, Ronnie push past me. "Hi Jamie." She thrust out a hand and brushed back a shock of sandy hair that was blowing across his gorgeous face. Standing next to Ronnie, he did look like a little boy. Her size and boldness appeared to make him feel uncomfortable. He shrunk back and I wanted to protect him. Squeezing in front of her we stood toe to toe. I had not calmed my breathing and my chest heaved. Jamie's eyes dropped from my face and followed my breasts. I took another long deep breath. "Hi Jamie I'm up here."

Jamie turned red. He was easily embarrassed and couldn't meet my eyes, nor dare he look down again without getting in even more trouble. I almost laughed, and gave my chest a little shake. "There kind of like eye magnets, aren't they?"

Enjoying his discomfort, I let my breasts rise and fall with one last huge breath, then I lifted his chin with the tip of my finger. His shy beautiful eyes darted furtively a few times before he found the courage to return my stare. Still I was in control. With my heart set on babysitting him, I saw him differently and I tried to act like Ronnie.

But for now, I decided to let him off the hook, he was just too cute. "Ronnie and I are going to sunbath here. Why don't you join us?"

Not waiting for an answer Ronnie took his hand and pull him into a sandy depression between the rocks. "Sit."

Still embarrassed over my breasts, Jamie quietly obeyed. Ronnie flashed me a smile and with her back to him mouthed the word, "Pubes.", then dropped by his side. Jamie watched her long smooth legs fold beneath her. A flash of jealousy stung my cheeks. My boobs would have to work overtime. Quickly I joined them in the sand, bumping my knee against him as if it were an accident. I wiggled to get comfortable. Ronnie grinned knowing what I was doing. It worked Jamie's eyes tore from Ronnie's tan legs and back to my chest. Manipulating boys is so easy. Even when babysitting, I learned that a girls attributes could work as well as a spanking to keep boys in line.

With his eyes firmly attached to my breast again, I risked sticking my tongue out at Ronnie. Finally Jamie spoke. "So what are you girls doing?" It was just something to say. Fourteen year old boys aren't good at conversation. "I told you we are sunbathing. We got our bikinis on under our clothes." I teased. "I couldn't find mine so I had to wear my little sisters. It's sooo tiny."

Ronnie chimed. "I've seen it. Tight as skin and just as thin, she might as well go topless."

Defiantly I stuck out my chest. "Maybe I will."

Jamie stopped breathing. Ronnie was having fun. "It's a peach color Jamie. If you squint, she looks so naked."

His eyes nearly popped. Jamie was trying his best to see right through my shirt. As usual Ronnie spoke her mind. "Easy boy. You don't have to go in there after the twins. The clothes will come off soon enough."

Jamie turned red. "I wasn't thinking that."

"Sure you were. It's all boys think about."

Ducking his head, Jamie grinned. "Well…"

Ronnie dominated the conversation. "Speaking of skin, you look like you could use a little sun too. Why don't you climb out of those clothes?"

Jamie was wearing a navy blue t-shirt and long cotton shorts with big pockets. He instinctive pulled his arms to his chest at the suggestion. Ronnie taunted. "Are you shy?"

Too bashful to answer, Jamie cast an awkward glance my way. Offering comfort, I patted his bare leg. "It's okay Jamie."

I think Jamie was a little sweet on me too, and my hand seemed to calm him. He lowered his arms. Ronnie surprised me by grabbing the bottom of his t-shirt and pulling it up over his head. She didn't hurry but did it in one steady pull. When she had his face covered with the shirt she mugged comically and stuck her tongue back at me. While his hands were still tangled in the sleeves, Ronnie ordered. "Take off his shoes and socks, he must be hot."

Not giving Jamie a chance to protest, I quickly untied his shoes but spent my time taking off his socks. His face was screwed in obvious embarrassment at having his shirt ripped off without permission, but it was to late to complain about the missing shoes, so Jamie sat quietly as I slowly pealed away his socks. As soon as I released his ankle he scooted back like a frightened rabbit looking for its hole. Ronnie put her hand on his knee, resting her fingertips inside the cuff of his shorts. "Relax, Mattie baby-sits Tommy so she use to undressing boys your size."

Jamie took a deep breath. "I know, but you could ask."

"You're not embarrassed?"

Giving me another glance he tried his best to sound cool. "Heck no. We're sunbathing. Its no big deal." The pitch of his voice said otherwise. Ronnie's hand slid further up his shorts until it was almost out of sight. "Do you have you swimsuit on under your pants like we do?"

Jamie would have scooted back further, fearing Ronnie would find out for herself, but there was no place to go. "No."

Calm as an icy lake, Ronnie knew exactly what she was doing. Every word was planned to keep Jamie off balance. "Are you wearing boxers or tighty-whities?"

No boy wants to be known for wearing tighty-whities, those are little boy pants. Jamie bristled at the thought that he might be considered so lame. Trying to be macho he puffed his chest. "I wear boxers."

The retort was barely out of his mouth before Ronnie sprang into action. "Well boxers are the same as a swimsuit. She leaned over him and Jamie fell back on his elbows trying to get away. In an instant she unsnapped his pants and pulled the fly apart unzipping it all the way down. Stunned, Jamie could only muster a astonished gasp. Ronnie gave the shorts a fast tug and they were down around his butt. Jamie's boxers started to go with them and he quickly grabbed his underwear, willingly giving up on the shorts if he could only save his modesty. Taking the cuff of his pant leg, Ronnie gave them a final tug pulling his feet into the air. For a moment I hoped we would find out if he had pubes but it happened too quickly and as soon as Jamie's feet came free of his shorts he scrambled into a kneeling position pulling his boxers back around his waist. "Geese, I said you could ask permission."

Ignoring his protest, Ronnie dropped his shorts on his t-shirt well out of his reach. Jamie was more red faced than ever. He squirmed in his flimsy underwear not sure if he was naked or not. My big smile didn't help. "Nice, green plaid. I was worried they might have little bunnies."

Hiding his embarrassment he looked at me remembering my threat to go topless. "Now it's your turn."

I reached for the hem of my t-shirt but Ronnie chimed. "We're girls and it is still to cool for our skimpy outfits. Maybe later."

Feeling cheated Jamie slumped back into the sand. I tried to cheer him. "Don't you feel more comfortable with those clothes off your hot bod… I, I mean those hot clothes off your bod.. body?" Now both of us were red faced.

I couldn't believe Ronnie had stripped a boy that easily. My heart was racing, but she was as calm as ever. Even now she was casually running her hand down his back like she had every right too. "You shouldn't be embarrassed Jamie. You have a nice body."

Being ogled embarrassed him even more, but he muttered, "Thanks."

"Mattie, don't you think Jamie has a nice body?"

He cringed, but a shy glance told me he wanted to hear my answer. Prolonging his curiosity, and discomfort, I bounced my ponytails left and right studying him as though I had never though of it before. "Hmmm. Yes he does have a nice body." He hid a quick smile and sat a little straighter, letting his hands that had been pressed between his legs dropped by his sides.

I was a little jealous of Ronnie feeling him up, so I touched my fingers to his stomach and gushed with excitement. "And I think our little stud is developing abs."

Instantly I could feels him tighten his tiny muscles. Boys! Raising above his head, I jabbed my tongue back at Ronnie again. Then ever so slowly I let my index fingernail trace a slow sensual path down his middle to his boxers. Catching the elastic I inched them lower to take in all of his tummy. "Mmm, I think his six-pack is coming along quite nicely." Unable to stop, my nails disappeared deeper between his shorts and firm bare skin. Jamie remained motionless, his eyes transfixed on my vanishing fingers, stunned as I was. How I wanted to rip the flimsy cloth off him and see if I was lusting after a man or a boy.

Maybe Ronnie would have, but not having her courage, I retreated but in consolation, let my hand, fall innocently into his lap while exclaiming, "He certainly has a firmer stomach than Tommy Muskburger."

At this he broke into a big smile, his near stripping was forgiven. "Thanks Mattie."

Wanting to take back control in our little game, Ronnie undid her top button and straightened her bikini with more jiggling than necessary. With Jamie attention firmly planted on her bouncing boobs, she made her next move. "Jamie do you ever go over and play with Tommy when Mattie is babysitting him?"


"Why Jamie? You don't see anything wrong with her making extra money babysitting him do you?"

Jamie's voice slowed. "No. Of course not."

"So it's okay that she bathes him?"

Jamie was obviously surprised at this bit of information that Tommy hadn't shared. He looked to me for confirmation, I offered a big telling grin. Ronnie leaned closer, intensifying his discomfort. "It is okay, isn't it?"

"Well... ah, sure, she's his babysitter." Knowing his answer had not been convincing he added, "Besides girls are more mature, they don't look at things that way."

"What way?"

"You know…, sex like."

"You mean the way boys look at things?"

Jamie's eyes drifted back to my boobs.

Ronnie placed her hands firmly on his thigh, adding to his distraction. "So if Mattie was babysitting you and she gave you a bath, it would be okay?"

The red crept back into his face, and he couldn't concentrate on forming a good argument with dainty fingers wiggling closer to his crotch. "Well sure it would be okay, but I'm too big for a babysitter."

Laughing off his protest, Ronnie scoffed. "You are no bigger than Tommy and down below all little boys look the same." She thrust a finger almost touching his privates.

Speechless, Jamie turned to me with growing embarrassment, knowing his failure to answer meant she was right, it was okay for me baby-sit and even bathe him.

Ronnie wasn't going to have all the fun. Facing Jamie, I scooted in close, pressed my bare leg along side his, and rested my hand on his other thigh. Innocently, I slid my fingers under the cuff of his boxer, bettering Ronnie, her hand was on the outside his shorts. I scrunched a quick sneer at her so she would know I was in the game. "Jamie is right. Girls are more mature than boys and it would be okay for me to bathe him. Isn't that right Jamie?" That wasn't what he said but he was in no position to argue. He would have to settle for me saying he was right. Swallowing hard Jamie licked his lips. "Well… sure." Feeling awkward about his admission, he tried to make it seem okay. "Girls baby-sit boys, everyone knows that. What's the big deal?"

Sliding my finger farther, I gave his thigh an approving squeeze.

The desire to plunge my hand deeper on our fur hunt was overwhelming. I stretched my index finger as far as I dared, knowing it was a hairsbreadth from the truth, but that would be cheating. I wanted to strip him naked with words like Ronnie was doing, control him as if he were a small mindless child. It was how girls were suppose to handle boys, not be intimidated by them.

Reluctantly I removed my hand. Free, Jamie quickly rose to his knees as though he wanted to escape. Ronnie had a hold of his boxers, he wasn't going anywhere, at least not with his dignity. She pretended to straighten his shorts, even risked running a painted fingernail down his fly pressing it closed for him. Unsure what to do, Jamie accepted her grooming.

Two could play this game. Acting just as cool, I casually dusted the grains of sand from his boxers, brushing my hand repeatedly over his tight little bottom, letting my fingers form to every dimple. "Boys get so dirty. Maybe I should bathe you right now."

He squirmed, but was incapable of a comeback.

Ronnie started to speak but I beat her to it. "Jamie, …sweetie, so it's okay for me to baby-sit you like I do Tommy?"

His face flushed with a rush of embarrassment. "Sure it's okay, but…"

"And its okay for me to bathe you?"

"Yea…but I don't need a babysitter. I'm a big boy."

"But 'IF' you did need a babysitter, it would be okay for me to baby-sit you?"

Jamie hated answering me. "Yes, I said that, you're a girl. Why do you keep asking me?"

He walked right into it, well actually I led him like a lamb to the slaughter.

"Jamie… Baby… Your mommy is going to start dating again. Did you know that?"


"Jamie darling, your mommy worries about you, and she will never leave you home alone. You understand that don't you?"

There was a stunned silence followed by a gasped like someone had thrown cold water on his back. The sudden truth that his mom was dating, and she would never leave him home alone burst through his mind like a roaring freight train. His mother doted on him. She gave birth to him just out of high school and since then, he had been her life, her precious little baby. It was embarrassing, worse because everybody knew it. She would make him have a babysitter. It was humiliating, a babysitter, maybe some mean wrinkled old crone with rough hands who would stand him in the corner.

I pushed my face close to Jamie's feigning large sympathetic eyes. "Your poor mother hasn't been out in such a long time. You do want her to be happy don't you?"

"Yea, s-u-r-e." He was in shock over the idea of a babysitter and each new question unhinged him more.

I was proud of myself for handling him just as good as Ronnie, and it spurred me on. "I hear Sandra MacKay is looking to baby-sit."

His face turned pale with terror. "Sandra is a twelve year old brat. Mom would never let her baby-sit me."

I mussed his hair compassionately. "She is taller than you and she is strong enough to handle any boy, including you Jamie." I let the humiliating truth sink in then lowered my voice. "She knows your mother…" then to a scary whisper. "And I hear she loves spanking bare boy bottoms, really hard."

The poor boys mouth dropped open. I breathed into his ear. "R-e-a-l-l-y hard."

He looked like he was going to cry. "And Jamie, she often has her friends over while she is babysitting. If they are there when she bathes you, they will all see you naked, and talk at school."

From somewhere deep inside the poor child, a tiny tremble grew until his whole body shook. The fear that he could easily be spanked by a twelve year old girl in front of her friends was mortifying.

Unable to speak, his eyes pleaded for help. I slipped my arm around his shoulder and cradled him. "There now. You said it was okay for a girl to baby-sit you."

His voice squeaked. "But…Not Sandra."

"I know, but that's just the way things are. Girls baby-sit when mommies go out. You need a babysitter and you have to be big boy about it."

I brushed his hair and held him close. "Actually Jamie, you don't have to be a big boy. Sandra will want you to be her little boy. It helps. It makes it easier on you when she washes your private parts, if you think of yourself as her baby."

Jamie was in melt-down. Manipulating him was as easy as molding hot clay. "Your mother isn't going to have any choice. The time is sooo close. I here Mr. Tanner wants to take her out Friday and that is only a few days away. You'll be baby-sat by Spanking Sandra."

In a wicked voice Ronnie added. "She's evil, and her hands are like claws. She would rip a boys balls clean off just for sassing her. That's why weird Corry Winkler has a high voice."

He stared in disbelief, but Ronnie and I nodded knowingly at each other. Ronnie made a ripping sound deep in her throat, Jamie jerked violently. The poor boy whimpered in defeat. It was like his bones disappeared as he collapsed against me. "Mattie, I want you to baby-sit me." He clutched my arm. "Tell my mom you'll baby-sit me."

Ronnie and I gave each other a big smile. "Well, I will talk with your mommy,… If Sandra hasn't beat me to it."

With large crazed eyes, he looked up pleading. "Please talk to her soon."

Behind his back, Ronnie gave me a high five. "Maybe. But will you promise to be a good little boy and no fussing when I bathe you?"

His body tensed, but I wasn't going to allow any resistance. "I hear Sandra scrubs the hid right off her little boys."

Trembling in my arms he sniffed. "I promise."

"And if you disobey or argue, I'm going to spank your bottom just like Sandra, understood."

"But I'm a big boy."

"Okay then forget it, Claw Hands Sandra MacKay can spank you bottom."

He panicked. "No, no, I'll be good. You can spank me. Please call my mommy."

Ronnie who had been patiently letting me have my fun joined in. "Jamie, it bothers you that Mattie is younger than you doesn't it?"

I wished she hadn't reminded him of that. His protest rose again just when I nearly had him completely under my control. "Well… it kind a does."

But Ronnie knew what she was doing. "Jamie, sweetheart, its not about age. You said it yourself, 'Girls mature faster.' Mattie entered puberty five long years ago when she was nine, just like most girls. Mattie was wearing bras and makeup and talking on her cell phone while you were playing with bath toys and letting your mommy bathe your little peepee. Mattie's grown up while you are still a child."

"But boys grow up too."

Ronnie raised his chin forcing him to look into her eyes. "But much, much… s-l-o-w-e-r. Besides they never grow up completely."

"I know, but.."

"Have you even started puberty?"

Jamie lowered his head. "With boys its hard to tell."

Jumping to her feet Ronnie pulled the bewildered child with her. "Here, stand up."

With a quivering breath, Jamie obediently stood before her in only his thin boxers.

She took hold of his shoulders. "Nonsense. Its very easy to tell when a boy reaches puberty. You didn't know that?"

He shook his head waiting for her to explain. "You just have to pull down his pants."

With a high pitch squeak, Jamie clutch his privates with both hands. "No!!"

Ronnie shook him like a naughty child. "Behave. Stand up and put your hands by your side."

She gave him a moment to calm down. "Didn't you just promise Mattie she could see you naked and spank you if you disobeyed?"

Shaking from head to foot, he looked at me and sobbed. "Yes."

I slid my hand into the back of his shorts and patted his bare bottom. "Jamie, do you want me to spank you?"

Tears burn his cheeks. "No Mattie, please don't spank me."

"Are you going to obey?"

"Yes Mattie."

"Do you want to take off your shorts or do you want me to do it?"

He sobbed like a beaten child. His trembling finger awkwardly fumbled at his waistband then dropped to his side. I brushes his hair tenderly. "You need my help?"

His lip quivering, he nodded helplessly. Ronnie stepped behind him smiling from ear to ear. "Just pretend you're her baby and it will be okay."

Standing before me, was the boy I had the hots for. Having him under my control sent my heart racing. The thrill of transforming him to a submissive child with only words was so empowering. No matter how big he grew, he would never be intimidating.

Ronnie held his arms firmly. I cupped his face, giving him a tiny kiss on the forehead, then let my finger tips slip down his boyish chest and over his tight little tummy. Taking a deep breath, I paused to savor the final moment, then I tucked my fingers into his waistband. This time there would be no stopping. Jamie's breath came in rapid gasps. Sliding my hand around his slender waist I lowered his shorts bit by bit, enjoying every inch of firm new skin. 'Always cool Ronnie', was now prancing from foot to foot like she was going to pee. Reaching behind him I exposed his little white bottom just for her. With a long hungry, "Mmmmm", Ronnie showed her approval. Jamie shuttered as she gave his bare cheek a strong squeeze, letting her nails slide into his crack as she filled her hand. No part of him was off limits. Now was the time. With a firm pull I slid his shorts all the way to the ground. "Step out of them baby."

Like an obedient child he raise his feet accepting my authority. "That's it sweetheart."

Releasing her grip, Ronnie gave his bare bottom a loving pat. "That's a good boy."

He looked up to her through misty eyes, accepting her approval. It was over, we had him stripped naked. He would offer no resistance.

Sliding my hand back up his legs, I leveled my eyes with his adorable penis and rested the palms of my hands on his thighs, my thumbs framing the cute little balls that hung like delicate Christmas ornaments. I wanted to savor the moment but Ronnie was going crazy craning over his shoulder trying to take a gander at his little boy parts. "Well has he started puberty or is he still a baby?"

"Hold him steady. Its hard to say. Looking closer I rubbed my hand on the mound above his penis. "Not sure if he is sprouting pubes or if its long peach fuzz."

"Mattie, let me see."

I covered his privates with the palm of my hand. "Hold on. I'm his babysitter." Lowering my hand from his quivering boyhood, I continued my inspection.

With all the gentleness one would give fragile robins eggs, I lifted his tender little jewels on the tips of my fingers. He gasped. I gasped, they were beautiful. Taking him firmly in my grip, I looked up capturing his eyes. "Its okay sweetheart. I won't hurt you."

Jamie did his best to nod and give a timid smile. Ronnie stomped her foot. "Well?"

Giving him a reassuring squeeze, I released his soft velvety sack and returned to my examination. Lovingly, I crumpled his penis in the palm of my hand. He trembled. "Be still baby."

"I'm trying." His obedience was touching.

"I know baby. I will hurry."

Finally, taking the head of his penis, I stretched it out and let it fall. "Hmm. I don't know it could be either. Do you ever get erections?"

Swallowing a weak moan, he looked to Ronnie then me. The question was humiliating. I took his balls back in my hand asserting my authority. "Answer me darling. Do you get erections?"

"Sometimes. Is that bad?"

"How often?"

Feeling shame, a pathetic squeak rose in his throat. He tried to gulp it back, calming himself just enough to answer. "Maybe two or three times a day." He fought for another breath. "Does that mean I'm a man?"

"Maybe my daring. It depends on how hard it gets. We will have to wait and see."

I could tell that Ronnie was ready to burst. So I finally decided to share. "Ronnie you have a look and tell me what you think."

He pulled away. "No! Ronnie is not my babysitter."

Taking his arm, I turned him sideways and gave him a hard swat on the bottom, lifting him on to his toes. "Behave yourself. Its okay for any girl to see any boy naked. Now stop being silly. She's trying to help you."

He rubbed his bottom and sobbed openly. It was the first time I had scolded him. He looked up at me apologetically, then with more obedience than a child half his age, he willingly stood before Ronnie's eager eyes. To my surprise, he even moved his feet wide apart making it easier for her to inspect him.

Not wasting a second, Ronnie thrust her hand out snatching his balls like they were chocolates. You sweet delicious child." With commanding strength, she pulled Jamie to her, raising him on tip toes.

The sight cause my heart to leap. Here was my best friend, a beautiful girl with bronze skin and long dark hair towering over a pink naked boy. Captured in her powerful hand, he looked so tiny and helpless. Not a man, not a boy, little more than a toddler, yet older than me. It was incredible. We were sharing him together like best friends should.

Ronnie studied the treasure in her grasp, then raised her face towards the sun searching for the best light. What she did next caught me totally by surprise. With the strength of an Amazon, she reach down and scooped up Jamie with ease, cradling him in her arms like an infant. His little arms went around her neck. Ronnie carried him to a rock and sat down, turning until she had just the right light. "Mattie sit with us and support his head will I get to the bottom of this. Happy to be included, I eagerly squeezed beside her and lowered Jamie's slender back into my lap, supporting his head with my arm. Ronnie lean over and gave me a big kiss then pressed her lips to my ear. "Thank you for sharing."

I kissed her back. "Maybe you will change your mind about babysitting."

I combed my fingers through his baby fine hair again and patted his tummy. His mind was swirling, it all seemed logical, everything we had said, but it happened so fast he hadn't had time to figure it out. He was like a captured bird. I tried to make light of it. Playfully, I scratched his bellybutton with my nail and cooed to him. He looked up at me with wide trusting eyes. Even if Ronnie found pubes, he was my little boy. All I wanted to do was bathe him, powder his cute little bottom, play with him, tickle his peepee and when I was done, diaper him and put him to bed. I would say "Yes Mrs. Holloway. Your little baby was a perfect angel. Yes Mrs. Holloway, I will be glad to come back tomorrow and baby-sit little Jamie again. I will check his diaper and if he is good I will hold his little peepee and let him stand at the toilet like a big…"

Jamie squirmed, I looked and Ronnie had one of his testicles in her fingers stretching it farther than it was meant to go. I cautioned her. "Easy girlfriend. We don't want to castrate him."

Ronnie flashed me an evil grin. "Why leave them to Sandra?"

Jamie's eyes filled with terror. I loving caressed his penis and chuckled at his innocence. "She only joking baby." He closed his eyes tightly knowing his fate rested in the palm of my hand.

Taking his ankle, Ronnie raised his leg into the air, lifting him almost upside down. She pinched at the little bits of hair and sighed. "I can't tell for sure. Maybe just lots of peach fuzz."

Jamie had waited patiently, hopeful of her answer. His humiliating examination was over and there was no verdict. In a tiny infant voice he whined. "But you said it was easy to tell. That why I let you strip me. You said you could tell."

Ronnie was not going to take his sass. She raised his leg even higher. He squealed in fright and slid from my lap landing with his shoulder in the sand between Ronnie's legs. She grabbed his other foot. "I didn't need your permission to strip you. Mattie told you it was okay for girls to see boys naked. Its no big deal to us. Do you remember?"

Jamie was in no position to argue. "Yesss. I remember."

Standing up Ronnie lifted him completely off the ground by his ankles and shook him like a rag doll. "Are you sure?"

Hanging upside down with his little thingy bouncing, he would have agreed to anything. "Yesss. Girls can to see boy naked."

"How many times do you have to be told?"

"I promise to remember Ronnie, please put me down. This is embarrassing."

Letting go, Ronnie let Jamie tumble over backwards. He landed in a little ball then slowly unrolled until he was sitting in the sand completely bewildered, ashamed that he had been handled so easily by a girl his own age. A very puzzled little boy sat there trying to grasp what had just happened to him.

Ronnie and I left him alone, giving him time to recover some dignity while we made small talk about his pubes, his pending erection, and that there was a sale on skirts at the Gap. We acted as thought it was nothing to have a naked boy sitting in front of us. After all it was suppose to be no big deal for girls. Jamie did his best to pretend it was no big deal for boys either. It was that or utter humiliation. He still had to act cool, even sitting naked in front of two girls who had just stripped him. Jamie waited patiently for us to finish our talk. "I looked at him. "You okay baby?"

He wiped his eyes and sniffed. "Sure. Its just…"

"Its just what baby, speak up."

"Its just… girls are bigger and stronger than boys and it a little embarrassing when we get punished for not remembering."

"Remembering what, baby?"

"That its okay for girls to see boys naked."

"And why is that sweetheart?"

"Because girls are more mature."

That made it okay for his simple mind.

Perhaps we had been a little hard on him, but he learned an important lesson, and besides how often do girls get to have so much fun? I held out my hand. Jamie rose to his feet, and meekly toddled to my side, covering himself with his hands, but seeing my displeasure, he quickly let his arms fall to his sides. I smiles at him approvingly while patting his bottom. He looked like he wanted to speak but didn't dare interrupt our grown up conversation. "Jamie, is there something on you mind honey?" "Can I get my clothes now?"

I looked at him like he had asked a really foolish question, and drew out my answer. "Nooo!"

He was trying not to get upset. "But why? You finished examining me."

"Boys! See, you don't remember." I shook my head. "Because we are waiting to see if you can have an erection."

His eyes reddened. "But Mattie that would be humiliating, and it might take a long time. What if it doesn't happen for hours? Couldn't I put my clothes on, if I promise to tell you when I get an erection."

Ronnie interrupted. "He's starting to fuss. Why don't we take him over to my place and give him a nap?"

Without waiting for an answer, Ronnie jump up and stuffed Jamie's clothes into her beach bag. Seeing them disappear Jamie's shoulders slumped. "Its over a mile to Ronnie's house. What if someone sees me?"

I tried to console him. "Its common to see little boys that haven't reached puberty, playing naked on the beach."

"But I don't look that little."

Ronnie put her arm around his slender waist. "Naked, you do. If someone comes you can stand next to me. You will look like you're eight years old." Straitening up Ronnie lifted him off the ground with one arm and swung him in a full circle as if he were a small child. "See they will just think you are my baby brother."

When she let him down, Jamie scurried to my side and took my hand. "Okay but can we hurry?"

"And sweetheart, I think you would look younger if you sucked your thumb."

Letting go of his hand I took hold of his penis, it made a good leash. Jamie grew red but waited obediently at my side, accepting, that that is what his penis was meant for. Boys are more comfortable if life seems logical. They need things simple to feel secure.

I stared at him, and raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to remember. Jamie suddenly understood and meekly slipped his thumb into his mouth. Giving his penis an approving squeeze, we started on our walk back home.

Ronnie and I made sure we had a slow leisurely stroll, enjoying the sweet hour with our naked classmate by our side. Come Monday he would meet us in the halls, and duck his head in embarrassment. He would do as he was told, carry our books, and learn to be respectful of girls.


Overhead, a lone seagull winged its way down the beach. The roar of the ocean helped put Jamie at ease. I gave his little bottom a pat. "Go play in the surf, honey. Ronnie and I want to have an adult conversation."

At first he was frightened to leave my side, but after awhile he was running in and out of the tide, enjoying his new freedom. No clothes, no responsibilities, a girl was in charge.

Ronnie took my hand. "It really is nice to see him naked. You know, it is different for girls, and Jamie seems happier."

She smiled adoringly. "Look at his little weenie bounce as he kicks at the waves. He looks so cute sucking his thumb. I think he likes it."

I leaned up and kissed her. "He can just be a little carefree boy. They never do grow up."

A large wave and squeals of delight brought Jamie to me. "You ready to go home sweetheart?"

"If you say so Mattie."

Without thinking, he pressed his boy parts into my hand. The long walk home gave Jamie time to really accept that girls will always baby-sit boys and boys need to obey them. Its natures way.


As we reached the path that curved up the cliff to Ronnie's house, we climbed over a last sand dune. I looked back down the winding trail I had traveled, with a beautiful naked boy by my side, his penis captured in the palm of my hand.

Boys would never intimidate me again. I stepped back holding Jamie at arms length and smiled with adoring approval. His bare skin prickled under my gaze. Sheepishly, he smiled back at me knowing the joy he gave me. I raised his hand above his head and twirled him around and around, taking in every delicious inch. With the speed of my spin, his little boy parts stuck straight out. He giggled with embarrassment. Playfully I tugged his penis knowing I had every right too. "Look, a boner." Jamie giggled again, enjoying my teasing.

After all, boys were meant to be naked. Seeing their cute little bodies gives girls the pleasure we deserved for all the heartache and hard work they cause us. His mother would leap at my offer to baby-sit him. Being a mother, she knows that no matter how big boys get, they will always need a babysitter.

"Come on Sweetie, lets get you home so I can bathe you and put you down for a nap. He smiled obediently and nuzzled his head into my breasts. "Mattie?"

"Yes baby?"

"After you put me to bed, will you call my mommy and tell her I want you to always be my babysitter."

I cupped his balls. "Sure sweetheart."

It would be a day I would forever remember.


The End.


For your consideration: Studies show puberty is starting earlier. While some boys falling in the normal range, don't start puberty until they are almost fifteen, many girls are now starting puberty at six years old. Girls get their growth spurt at the beginning of puberty, boys not until the end. By fourteen, girls can have an eight year advantage, maturing both physically and emotionally. A fourteen year old girl babysitting her brother, or a boy the same age, can be like babysitting an eight year old. So how about it girls, do you know any boys that need a good babysitter?




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