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The Working Women

by Jennifer White


ClarkCo was a small but growing business. Ever since Clark E. Kelly started his small distribution firm, business had grown at a remarkable rate. Part of the reason was that from the outset, he used more technology than his competitors did. The warehouse didn't just have barcodes; there were RFID chips on each pallet, so the computer knew were everything was at all times. All employees had laptops, the most powerful ones available on the market. And they got an upgrade every year. And they had wireless cards, so they could be anywhere in the building or the warehouse, and still be online.

All this technology allowed ClarkCo to leapfrog the competition, respond faster to requests, and to be able to react to almost any situation that might occur. Now Clark had a dozen people working for him, whether it was inside sales, the warehouse, book keeping, or his trusted Executive Assistant, Veronica. They were just friends, but she always wished that it could be more. But she didn't want to risk her wonderful job by making an advance at him. So she kept quiet, and just did her job.


One day, Clark called the entire team to the meeting room. It wasn't unusual for him to do this. Almost every week they would all meet together, and discuss company business. But today, it was clear to Veronica that by the look on Clark's face, there was something wrong. Something serious.

"We have a serious problem which we need to discuss today" he said.

The room was dead silent. Nobody could remember him ever being this serious. They all loved their jobs at ClarkCo. He paid very well, and they had all profited from the growth of the company. Everyone wondered what could be so wrong.

"As you know, when each and every one of you was hired on, you signed a statement promising certain things. One of these things, was that you would not use company resources for certain activities. Pornographic materials are strictly forbidden on company hardware. But when I ran the latest report, I found something rather disturbing. Someone here has been using the company's internet connection to surf the web, and go to sights that specialize in something called 'forced feminization'."

Everyone looked at each other. Some didn't know what that even meant, let alone which of them might have done it. Most of them of course had heard of forced feminization, but nobody jumped out to admit they were the one. Joseph had always thought that Frank was a little funny on certain things. Could it be him? Rudy thought that Jimmy dressed a little too well. Might he be the culprit?


"I will give you all this one chance, and one chance only. The person doing the web surfing was smart. They used the RF connection and a anonymizer, so we can't trace who it was. But if you'll come forward and admit your guilt, I will let you off with just a slap on the wrist."

Nobody stood up. Nobody volunteered.

"Very well" said Clark. "If you will not admit who did it, I will have to find out on my own. I am going to have to put you all through a test, which will help us discover who the person responsible is. I know this will cause the rest of you some embarrassment, but perhaps some peer pressure will help convince the guilty party to step forward sooner."

Nobody spoke yet, as Clark's gaze went around the room to each of them.


"Now as I understand it, men who are into forced feminization get turned on by the process of being forced to become a woman. We will find out who in face does respond to the process with excitement, and who response with revulsion. It might take a few go-rounds to weed them out, but we will keep trying."

"What are you proposing?" said Stephen, the most senior of the inside salesmen. He took orders over the phone as they all did, but he was talented enough to have exceeded his quota by 100% for three years in a row.

"The first phase will start tomorrow. I will send Veronica around to each employee when the meeting ends. She will carry a tape measure with her. She will fit you for a bra, and for panties. Then she will go shopping, and return with one of each for every employee. Starting tomorrow, they will be mandatory in the dress code."

"I don't want to wear a bra!" said Rudy.

"Then find out who is the culprit. Then things can go back to how they have been."

"What if I refuse?" said Jimmy.

"Then you can find another job" replied Clark coldly. He knew that with his generous pay package, bonus incentives, and benefits, nobody wanted to leave. They would all go along with his plan.

There was more grumbling, but eventually it was all settled. They would all be fitted for bras and panties.

"We will see tomorrow, who is turned on by their new underthings, and who doesn't like them. We will find the person responsible sooner, rather than later. Meeting adjourned."


There was quite a commotion when the meeting broke up. As everyone went for coffee or a donut, there was only one topic of conversation. Who could be the person who the boss had caught?

"I hope he finds the guy right away" said Frank. "It will be bad enough to have to wear a bra tomorrow. But what if it doesn't work on the first try? He said this was the *first* phase."

"I hate this" said Joseph. "If it wasn't for the fact that this is such a good job, I'd pack up and leave today."

"Got that right" added Rudy. "Geez! I've got to wear a bra! I never imagined that day."

"Right on bro" said Jimmy.


Veronica went around measuring everyone's size, and writing down the numbers on a piece of yellow lined paper on her clipboard. Then she measured around their chests for the band size. But with no boobs, none of the needed a bra. She went to Clark to ask him what she was supposed to do.

"They don't have any boobs Clark. Should I get them A cups, or what?"

"No Veronica. Lets go with D cups. If they don't respond, we might have to stuff their bras, so I want to leave a lot of room in there."

"Okay. Now what kind do you want me to get?"

"How about something that would be very intimidating for a man to wear, or exciting for someone who wishes he was a woman."

"Like something lacy? Something silk?"

"That sounds good. And how about black for the color. I always love when you can see a bra under a lovely woman's shirt, like how I can see yours today. If they had to wear black, that would show through better, wouldn't it?"

"Yes" said Veronica. "It would."

"Good. Then lets go with black. That will disgust the other men more, and turn on the mystery man."

"I think that's a wonderful idea Clark. Now how about the panties? There are so many styles. I could get something that shows more leg, like even a thong."

"When I see a woman in a thong, I always wonder how she could wear something that looks so uncomfortable" said Clark.

"The things we do to look sexy" said Veronica.

Clark smiled.

"Lets be a little nicer to them. Get something silky. How about something that matches the bras?"

"Then I'll have to go to a nicer place. I could go to a discount store and get the things, but for a matched set, you're looking at a lot more money."

"Don't worry about the money. Go to the better place."

"Yes Clark" she said.

"Oh and Veronica, when you're out shopping, why don't you get something nice for yourself too?"

It was the very first time Clark had ever made an offer like this. He had complimented her on her looks before, but now he was offering her to go buy a gift on the company's dime. Clark handed her the company credit card, and sent her off. She went to the mall, to a Victoria's secret store.

She looked around, and selected a nice bra and panty set that she would consider wearing herself. She bought one set for every man, and then went around looking for something to get herself. She found a really cute little silky nightie, which she couldn't wait to wear. She took it all up to the counter, and paid with the company card.

Now this was fun, shopping with someone else paying! She could get used to this!

"You must have a lot of daughters" joked the salesgirl, noting the wide variety of sizes that Veronica had selected.

"Something like that" she replied, smiling. If only the girl knew. These were all for *men* to wear at work, against their will. The feminization had begun.


* * *


The next day at work, there was a lot of grumbling and complaining. Veronica had to laugh. As she walked by the desks, almost all the guys were pulling on their bras under their shirts, like they were uncomfortable. Or the way they squirmed in their seats, they were noticing their panties. It would be funny to see them in the men's room, when they discovered that without a fly, they'd have to sit down to pee. Just like a girl.

Around lunchtime, Clark called everyone together. Nobody had acted excited and turned on, and nobody was willing to yet admit that they were the one.

"You force me to add to your situation, if nobody is willing to admit they are the one."

The room was silent. They all looked at each other in suspicion, but nobody came forward.

"If that is the case, Veronica will take more measurements today, and make another shopping trip. Tomorrow, each and every one of you will report to work wearing a skirt and a blouse. I will leave it up to Veronica how sexy she wants you to be dressed. I recommend that you are nice to her when she comes around to measure you, or she might pick a miniskirt and a tank top for you."

There was more grumbling, but what could they do? Nobody wanted to admit they were breaking the rules. And nobody wanted to leave. So it was clear now. Tomorrow, they would have to wear women's clothes at work.

"Do we have to still wear these bras?" said Frank.

"Oh yes. Once we add something, you have to keep wearing it. There is no going back, until we find the culprit."


Stephen felt like a fool while Veronica measured him up for a skirt. She explained to him about different skirt styles, and tried to find out what he'd like to wear. The answer of course was none of them, but in the end, she talked him into a business-like gray skirt, down to just below his knees. She left to take the next man's measurements, and Stephen felt a cold shiver all over. This was bad. But there was nothing he could do about it.

It was no better for Rudy. Veronica asked him if he preferred pink, powder blue, teal or coral for his dress. He knew he didn't like the first two choices, but he didn't even know what the last two were exactly! So he picked coral. That sounded the safest.

Veronica was set of to go shopping at a nice store. Again, Clark told her that while she was shopping, she should go pick up something nice for herself. She was in her glory, shopping while getting paid for it. She picked out nice tasteful outfits for each of the men. She took the time to get one suited to each of their personalities. For example, Stephen was so businesslike that only a suit with a skirt would seem proper. But Rudy was more fun loving, and it seemed that he would need a dress in a bright pretty color. For herself, she found a nice casual dress. It was a bright yellow color, and perfectly suited for a day at the beach or the park.

She took the haul back to work, and handed out the clothes to each of the men working there. They all still seemed uncomfortable wearing a bra. Now they would have to put on women's clothes too, and it was easy to tell that they weren't very happy about it. But what choice did they have? Perhaps tomorrow the person responsible would show themselves, and it would all be over.


* * *


Although the next day was rather warm, as the workers arrived at ClarkCo, they were all wearing long coats. The reason was that underneath, all twelve of the men were dressed in women's clothes. They were wearing skirts, blouses, dresses....anything but their normal suits and ties.

After watching them all squirm for hours, it was clear that the culprit was not yet showing himself. None of them were acting excited or happy. So they all knew what it meant: tomorrow, something else would be added to their growing misery.

"Clark is out at a customer today" announced Veronica. "He put me in charge of you all while he's gone. Since nobody has come forward yet, I'm afraid we'll have to do something else for tomorrow. I decided that it will be your legs. You all look kind of silly with those hairy legs sticking out of your skirts, and with men's shoes! So here is what we're going to do....."


Frank groaned as Veronica measured his foot. She wrote down his shoe size, but he realized she made a mistake.

"I wear a size 10 shoe" he said.

"Not in a women's shoe size. We're different" she replied.

Great. Women's shoes. He was going to have to shave his legs, and tomorrow go around the office wearing pumps. He was dreading it already. Veronica seemed to be happy in putting him in such an embarrassing situation.

"Why are you so happy about this?" he said.

"Well, in a way, this is kind of fun, isn't it? I mean, I have to wear uncomfortable shoes all day to look good. Now *you* are going to have to see what I put up with. And I've had to wear a bra every day of my life, since I was a young teenage girl. Now *you* get to see a little of what I go through. So for me, yes, this is fun. But just a little."

She giggled, making Frank feel uncomfortable. She was really enjoying this.

"I'll give you one break though. You see a lot of women at the office who come in from their cars in comfortable shoes, or even tennis shoes! But then as soon as the get to their desks, they put on their good shoes. You can wear something else into the office tomorrow, but you have to wear your new shoes once you arrive."

Frank scowled as she pranced over to the next victim to measure his foot.


* * *


All the men at ClarkCo snuck in again, not wanting anyone to see what they were wearing under their long coats. Their smooth hairless legs weren't all that noticeable to a casual observer, but to a man, they all felt very self conscious about them.

There was much moaning and groaning as the forced their feet into little tiny narrow shoes with pointy toes, and high heels. Nobody dared get a cup of coffee in the morning, until they all got the hang of walking in heels. Veronica got a big kick out of it. Watching them hang on to the wall or the desk for balance as they tried to work, reminded of her of when she and her sister had started to dress up on mommy's clothes, and had learned to walk in heels for the first time. But this was a group of men, and they were much less graceful than she and her sister had been!

Clark was still out of the office, so Veronica led the lunch meeting, to make the next announcement.

"First of all, since this is taking longer than we had anticipated to ferret out the responsible party, I have to do a couple of things. You all will be needing more than one pair of panties, so when I go shopping today, you will each receive several more pairs. I will also be purchasing a second outfit for each of you, so you don't have to wear the same dress every day to work. That gets boring. Of course, as an option, you're welcome to shop on your own, and get some more dresses and skirts for yourself."

"Yeah right, like that will happen" said Jimmy, causing all the men to laugh out loud.

"So, what are you going to torture us with next?" said Rudy.

"Wigs" replied Veronica. "Nobody has been apprehended yet, so today I am going to a wig store, and each of you will wear your wig, giving you long flowing feminine hair."

There was the usual grumbling, but once again, there was nothing they could do. Veronica went around measuring their heads, and asking if they wanted to be a blonde, brunette, or a redhead.

"Do you want curly hair, or straight?" she asked Joseph.

"Short" he replied.

"Sorry, nothing shorter than shoulder length for you" she said. "But I think you'd look cute with curls."

"I don't want to look cute" he replied.

Veronica shrugged her shoulders. There was nothing she could do.


And so it was that the next day, all the men of ClarkCo arrived to work wearing a different pretty outfit, and a wig. When viewed from a (safe) distance, it was starting to really look like women arriving to work. But there was no change in the status. So the following day, they all had to attend a seminar. A seminar where they learned the basics of makeup. Each and every man was issued a makeup kit, and had to start wearing a minimum of foundation, blush, lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow.

But that was not enough to root out the culprit. So the next thing Veronica did was to make each of them wear long acrylic nails, and have them painted bright pretty colors. But that didn't help. So Veronica now did something that was perhaps the most intimidating to the men: she brought in a supply of fake boobs. Each man had to now stuff his bra with the fake breasts, making it look like he was stacked.

Veronica laughed out loud watching Rudy carry a box in the warehouse. He was used to holding the heavy box up to his chest, but now that he 'had' boobs, it made the job more difficult. He was getting around better in the high heels, but carrying the box was hard for him.

"Dang! Chipped a nail" he said.

"Now you have to fix the polish" said Veronica.


It was funny; somehow, once the men all had the fake boobs in place, they suddenly become much less aggressive in their behaviors, and quite a bit more passive. Veronica found that when she told them to do something, now they didn't grumble. They didn't resist her. They just did it. It was as if having boobs scared them all so much that they somehow felt like they were really being turned into woman, and for some reason that made them lose much of their inner maleness.

In other words, the boobs brought out the woman within each of them.


* * *


Yet still, there was no change in the status. The person who got them into all the mess had not shown himself yet. Clark's trip was extended, so Veronica was still left in charge of operations. Clark had given her free reign to do what she thought was best for the next steps.

For two days, the headmistress of a "finishing school" was brought in to teach them the proper way to walk, sit, stand, and even how to eat. In the days before they got their boobs (before boobs, or 'BB' as Veronica referred to it), they would have not stood for having a woman tell them what to do (let alone *see* them dressed up like that). But now here they all were, in a line, practicing standing and sitting, over and over again. They even learned to curtsey.

That didn't make a difference. Neither did adding jewelry to their dress code, having to wear perfume, or having to carry a purse. The offender was still not found out yet.

Veronica called Clark to update him on the situation. He instructed her on what she was to do the next day.


The men were brought into the meeting room as usual for the past few weeks. Each of them looked more and more like a woman every day. They were all dressed up in pretty clothes, with high heels on the feet. They all had clean shaven legs. They all appeared to have large breasts. They all had long hair. They all wore lots of makeup and jewelry. They were in girdles now, helping to give them curves. Unless you had been there in the old days, you would think it was a group of somewhat homely women (although a couple of the smaller men did look quite pretty, and could have easily passed for real women).

"Clark will be back soon, but today I am still in charge. And here is what we are going to do today. I have here a fishbowl full of slips of paper. On each piece of paper is a woman's name. You are to draw a slip of paper from the bowl. Whatever name is on it, that will become your new name. Frank, why don't you go first?

He reached into the bowl, pulled out a pink slip of paper, unfolded it, and read aloud.

"I'm Claudia" he said quietly.

Next came Stephen.

"I'm Piper" he said.

Joseph's new name was Casey. Rudy drew the name Brody. And Jimmy's new name was Jocelyn.

"I have a cousin named Jocelyn" said Veronica. "It is a very pretty name, don't you think?"

"I guess" said 'Jocelyn'.


Now each of the men had to user their new female names at work, all the time.

"Call for Claudia on line one!" announced Veronica.

"Hey Piper, what's the status of the order?"

"Could you get that box from the loading dock Casey?"

The men dreaded what might come next for them, but they were very surprised to find out that there were no changes the next day. Nor the day after that. Whatever they had done, their punishments weren't being added to. So they all tried to work hard, and keep the boss off their back. If they didn't have anything else added to their burdens, it was a big plus. So they all just put up with it, and continued in their hard work.


* * *


It was a full month later, and all of the men at ClarkCo were still arriving each and every day in full feminine attire. By now they were used to it, so they no longer tried to hide it when the arrived at work. Some of them found changing back and forth too hard, so several of them were staying as women full time now.

Since Clark had left and Veronica had taken the reigns of the company, business was up 140%. A much faster growth rate than even Clark had been able to produce. Business was booming. In fact, one of the ways they had grown the business was very interesting.

When Veronica had contacted the manufacturer of the fake breasts about placing a large order, she found that they didn't have a local distributor. She also found that breast forms (as they were called technically) were a rapidly growing market. So she signed up ClarkCo as the local distributor for their entire product line.

Then she discovered that they also had a full line of other products to help men look like women. She arranged a deal to make ClarkCo the distributor for the entire Midwest region, and business boomed.

"Now since we are dealing in these products" she told the sales team, "I expect each and every one of you to become intimately familiar with them, so if we get a support call, we know the ins and outs of how they work."

Eager to get the larger commission checks that came with larger sales orders, the men were soon voluntarily wearing and using the other devices provided. Gaffs, padding for the hips and butt, corsets and a whole host of other products were soon in use by each and every man at ClarkCo. Their knowledge and expertise drove sales even higher.


One day, the team gathered for a meeting.

"Piper baked cookies for us today" said Veronica. "Lets all give her a hand."

Everyone clapped and smiled, as Piper blushed from the praise. Brody was pouring everyone a glass of milk for their cookies, while Jocelyn was taking suggestions for what she should bring for the next day's meeting. It had become a tradition for one of the girls to bake something for every meeting, and it was her turn now.

Veronica called the meeting to order once all the chit-chat and girl talk was done. She put the speaker phone in the middle of the table, and dialed a number she had written down on a piece of paper. The phone rang, and it was answered by a familiar voice.

"Hello" said Clark.

"Boss! Where are you?"

"Where have you been?"

"When are you coming back?"

The team was all excited to hear from Clark. It had been months, and they were all worried. Clearly, it wasn't just a business trip he was on.

"I have an announcement to make" he said. "Starting today, I am no longer going to be involved in the day to day operations of ClarkCo. I will stay on as the chairman of the board of directors, but I am very happy to announce that the new president and CEO of ClarkCo is going to be Veronica Lange."

There was a great round of applause. Veronica had no idea that this was coming. She covered her mouth with her hands, and tried to hold back the tears, as a wave of emotion swept over her. This was beyond her wildest dreams.

"Under her capable leadership, we have grown faster than even I could envision. She has added innovative new product lines, and has proven herself as a worthy leader. Veronica: from this moment on, you are completely in charge."

There was another great round of applause for Veronica.

"Congratulations!" said Casey.

Brody came up and gave her a hug.

"You *so* deserve this!" said Piper.

"I'm so happy for you" said Claudia, holding back a tear.


When the meeting was done, Jocelyn volunteered to clean up the plates and cups, while the other girls went back to work.

"Piper? I want to speak to you" said Veronica.

"What is it?"

"Since I'm the president now, I'm promoting you to my executive assistant. Move my things into Clark's old office, then more your belongings to my old desk. I'm making you my number two. You're the next woman in line for the job."

Piper was astounded. Promoted to Veronica's executive assistant? This was a great day. One that she would always remember.


* * *


Veronica looked at the address again, and walked nervously up to the door. Clark had called her and asked her to come visit him, but it sounded very cloak and dagger, like something was up. She knocked again, and Clark's voice on the intercom told her it was open.

She entered the hotel room, and her eyes had to adjust to the dim light. Clark was sitting in the corner, smoking a cigarette, covered in a blanket. The room was very dimly lit.

"Have a seat" he said.

Veronica sat down.

"What's going on Clark? Why all this? Why are you hiding yourself from me?"

"As you must have guessed, I wasn't just on a business trip. I was at a clinic for medical reasons. I wanted the darkness so I wouldn't frighten you. I didn't want you to see me yet, until you were prepared."

"Okay" she said quietly. What was going on with him?

"Before we talk about my condition, I wanted to talk business. I *know* you will do wonderfully as the president and CEO. But I wanted to give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have, since I won't be coming in to work anymore."

"Well, there was one nagging question" said Veronica.

"What is that?"

"Six months ago, you caught someone using the internet, so we started to make the guys dress up like women. Now they've gone so far that I think they're not only used to it, I think they *like* being women. Most of them think of themselves as women now."

"Yes. I've been monitoring their progress."

"But Clark, we never found out who the one using the internet was."

"That's not true. I knew who it was all along."

"Then why did you make them all go through so much? Who was it? Tell me!"

Clark gave a dramatic pause.


"It was *me*. *I* was the one using the internet to read about feminization."

"Clark! You made all the guys at work go through...."

She stooped speaking when she realized: if Clark was into feminization, and it excited him, then this must have been his plan all along. He had succeeded in turning twelve men, all at once.

"I didn't do it just for myself" he said, knowing that she understood. Women were better at understanding subtleties. A man would never have picked up on what had happened so quickly. It took a woman to do that. It was just one more superior trait that women had over men.

"Who else was it for then?" she asked.

"It was for you my dear. *You*."

"For me? But I didn't ask for that."

"No, but listen. Men in our industry tend to be very old-fashioned. If I had just gone and put you in charge when I left, they would have rebelled against you. They would have resented working for a *woman*. That is just how they are, thinking with the wrong head, being sexist and pig headed. That is how men like them think and feel. I'm sorry, but it is the truth."

Veronica nodded. She knew how sexist most of them were, before their transformations. But now, their attitudes towards women had completely changed. Now that they were women themselves.

"So you see Veronica, but feminizing them, I was preparing them to be controlled by you. Now they won't reject you. Now you are like the queen bee to them. They look up to you as their leader. They all aspire to be like you."

Again, she had to fully agree. She had been nervous when she had told Piper about the promotion to executive assistant. The man who had been Stephen would have had a fit being told that he was now an E.A. He would have screamed that he wasn't going to be a secretary. But as Piper, the promotion was a *welcomed* event. Piper was going to be just like Veronica, working as the EA, and she had been excited about it!

Clark was right. It all had been to her benefit.


They chatted for a while about some of the other subtle points of business, until Veronica was satisfied.

"Remember, you can always call on me for advise, but I doubt you will ever need to. You will do a far better job leading the company than I ever could" said Clark.

"No! You founded the company! I'm just...."

"Veronica, I could only get ClarkCo to a certain point. You are what we need to make it over the top. I *know* that you will succeed beyond what I could ever do."

She nodded. She wanted to be modest, but she did have a strong sense of inner confidence. She was a woman who knew what she wanted, and she would be driven to succeed.

"Enough business. Now tell me about your medical condition. I can't stand not knowing what's going on with you!"

"Fair enough. Turn on the light, and I'll explain."

Veronica got up, went to the wall, and flicked the light switch on. The room was suddenly aglow with a bright light. They both had to close their eyes for a moment, as their eyes adjusted to the yellow brightness.


Clark removed the blanked that was covering him. Veronica got a good look at him, and she gasped. She could not believe what she was seeing. Clark was no longer a man.

"A few more operations, and I'll be complete" he said.

"What have you done?" she said, still in shock.

"Well, I have breast implants of course, and electrolysis on my face and chest. Then they did plastic surgery to give me curves, remove my adam's apple, rearrange my face to make it pretty, and a few other little things. Like removing what I used to have between my legs. I'll just need a few more tweaks for looks down there."

"Clark!" she said.

"The estrogen I've been taking for over a year has really kicked in. Look how smooth and soft my skin as become! This is my real hair, but I want to keep growing it out longer. Do you like the blond highlights I had put in?

"Yes Clark, it's cute" she said truthfully.

"Veronica, it's not Clark anymore. I had my legal name changed, along with my gender. Now I am Claire."

"Hello Claire!" said Veronica, joyfully. She had never seen Clark so happy in all his life. He was almost a real woman now, and she could sense the inner peace he was finally feeling. He was so happy! He now had the body he felt inside that he should have been born into.

"Thank you" said Claire.

"For what?" replied Veronica, as she brushed the tears of joy off of her face.

"For everything. The day you hired on as my EA was the day that I knew what I really wanted to be. I wanted to be you. Seeing you there every day with me made me feel more and more that I couldn't accept anymore what nature had done to me, and that I had to make the change I've always dreamed of. Now I'm like you. Now I'm a woman."

Veronica now knew why Clark had never made a move on her, even though she had seen the love in his eyes. He didn't want her because inside, he had been a woman all along. He hadn't been looking at her with desire; he had been looking with longing and jealously of her femininity. And now, Clark was Claire. He had become a woman. Just like her.

"I will always love you, like a sister" said Claire.

"And I will always be grateful for all you did for me" said Veronica.

"You did it yourself" replied Claire. "You don't have to thank me. You've earned everything. Now go get out of here, and run *our* company. I'm giving you half my shares, so you and I are equal partners now. Fifty-fifty."


* * *


Standing in the warm sunlight, Veronica had to hug herself to keep from shivering. Today was like a dream, but it was all true. Her old boss was a woman now, and had not only put her in charge of the company, but had made her an equal partner. She was determined more than ever now, to go out and show Claire what she was capable of.

The guys at work had been so much more productive since their feminization. Perhaps she should start going the next steps, and put them on hormones. And she would hire more women to give them role models, who they could aspire to be. There was much work to do.




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