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Wrestling Star

by Chiara


Chapter One


There was never any question about it. I was always meant to be a wrestler. Not just any wrestler, but a world famous one at that. My grandfather and my father had both been wrestlers. You have probably heard of my dad. He was Rocky Tenari, "the Samoan Killer", in the World Wrestling League in the mid 80's. He was a true Superstar in his day. He paid his dues in the league as a heel for years and was finally getting his shot at playing the good guy. Oh, a heel is the bad guy, sorry for assuming you know all about wrestling. Anyway, he was heading for the championship belt match when he died. There was a car accident in 1985 and both he and my mom died.

I was only five when my parents died but I had already learned a lot about the world of professional wrestling. I could copy lots of the moves that I saw my dad and the other wrestlers doing. I knew even then that it was all blocked out in advance, but I thought it was the coolest thing to do. My mom was always afraid I would hurt myself but that never stopped me. You probably remember how crazy and careless you were when you were five too.

I can remember being in awe of all the wrestlers being dressed formally for my mom and dad's funeral. All the biggest names in the league were there, including the owner of the WWL, Big Vance Williams and his son Vance Williams, Jr., who was just his father's apprentice at that time. Vance Junior was about 30 then and I remember him being very kind to me when I was young. His children Melanie and Blaine were at the funeral as well(Yes. They are the multi-rich family that controls the wrestling you watch on TV. Yes. Melanie did grow up to be the wealthy babe all the guys adore). They were about my age and I had played with them many times in the past at family picnics. The day after the funeral all of the wrestlers left to go back to their work. Vance Jr was taking his family home and invited me to go with them for a couple of weeks. My grandfather was very upset and sad at the time so it was nice for him to get a break and for me to get to go and stay with my friends Melanie and Blaine. I had a great time on that visit and was able to get a brief break from the sadness of losing my parents. They lived in a big house with a pool. I remember being very happy there.

On the day I had to leave, Vance Junior took me aside. He told me I could come and visit them any time I wanted. Then he got very serious. He told me that my dad had been a great man and a great friend. He told me to come see him when I grew up if I wanted to be a wrestler! I remember thinking that was so cool. Right then and there my future was decided. I was going to get the championship belt in the WWL to honor my parents!

After that visit, I went to live with my grandparents in Nova Scotia. My grandpa had semi-retired there and ran a gym and wrestling school. Several of the WWL stars from the 90's went through his school and he still says he makes the best wrestlers in the world.

I did get back to visit the Williams family each Summer until I was about 13 years old. I loved those visits. I became very good friends over the years with Melanie and Blaine. I can remember everything from riding bikes and eating bugs when we were 6 and 7 up to having my first kiss with Melanie one July evening playing truth or dare in the pool house. I think I was 11 or 12 at the time. I know that the last two times I went to visit we were unofficially boy friend girl friend. We would be heartbroken and write letters to each other for a couple of months after each of my visits.

The Summer I turned 14 I had to work at the Gym to help out the business there. I never got back for another one of those visits. I was dissappointed because I had really wanted to see Melanie. I was a typical horny 14 year old and she had sent me some letters indicating how much she was looking forward to seeing me again. I was svery bitter about missing my annual vacation and being forced to work instead. I think maybe that was when I officially lost the last little bit of my childhood.

So for the past 16 years, other than during my rare visits to the Williams family, I have been working towards my goal of being a wrestler. Outside of school it was all I did. It really became an obsession that took over me. I didn't hang out with any guys. I never dated. I just worked out and practiced.

All through school I had a chip on my shoulder. Despite all my efforts I was the smallest person in my class. To make up for my lack of size, I developed an oversized attitude. If I ever saw anybody bullying another student I would pick fights with the bully to protect the victims. Because of my size the bullies would laugh and call me names like runt or sissy. I would go nuts! I rarely hurt them, but I could always out maneuver them and embarrass them. I worked out with weights constantly and trained at my grandfather's gym every day. I could do every move the professionals did and I had many of my own "signature moves" that would make me famous when I became a superstar myself.

I constantly bugged my grandfather to give me feedback on my abilities and he would always say the same thing. "Cory, you are an excellent wrestler, but you should work out some more to become bigger if you want to be famous."

That brings me to my only real obstacle to being a wrestling superstar (other than astronomical odds). As I mentioned, I am not very big physically and no matter how much I work out I can't seem to get bigger. It's not that I am not strong. I can lift the biggest guys in the ring and I always hold my own. I am only 5'6" tall and I weigh in at 130 lbs. I have even tried steroids to get bigger but I had violent allergic reactions to them.

I have told myself I would wait and get bigger before I tried out for the WWL but now I was turning 21 and I was still the same size. I had recently graduated with my degree in physical fitness and there were no more growth opportunities, pardon the pun, in my home town. I knew of a few smaller guys who had been in the WWL over the years and I knew I was as good or better than any wrestler. I made up my mind. Against my grandfather's advice I headed to Miami to try out for the WWL. Like I said, it was what I had worked toward all my life.

My grandfather had even called Vance Williams, Jr. and arranged for a try out. He told me that Vance remembered me and was looking forward to seeing the son of the Samoan in action.

I got to Miami after a 3 day bus trip and checked into a motel. The next day I got dressed in my wrestling clothes and put on a track suit and headed over to the address I had been given for the WWL training center. When I got there the parking lot was almost empty. I told a guard who I was and he said I was expected. He directed me to where they would be waiting.

I went in and immediately saw Vance Williams, Jr. sitting in a chair by a wrestling ring. The only other people there I recognized as being his two children, Melanie and Blaine. I could see a slight look of disappointment on Vance Williams, Jr's face when he looked me over. Despite this, he warmly introduced himself and his children and we all shook hands. He said, "Call me Vance now that you're a man, Cory". He added that he had dropped the Junior part of his name when his dad passed away. He told me he remembered my visits with his family when I was younger and was glad to see I was in good health. Melanie reminded me that she and Blaine and I used to play when we were kids. Her eyes met mine and we momentarily locked our gazes. I was remembering the many great times we had in our youth. I think I blushed at some of the memories.

I was feeling really great about the meeting when Vance abruptly said, "Thanks for making the trip, Cory, but we don't have any positions open right now. Sorry if we wasted your time."

I was in bit of shock but I kept my composure. I said, "Mr. Williams, sorry, Vance, this makes no sense. I came all this way and you're waiting for me in a gym with a ring, obviously you were going to let me show you my moves. Did I say something wrong?"

"You're just too small, Cory. There is no market for small wrestlers these days. I should have asked your grandfather what you looked like but I assumed you'd be similar to your father with your Samoan heritage. You obviously took after your mother genetically. She was a real looker if I remember correctly."

Melanie could see my disappointment and asked her father, "Hey, Daddy. Cory came all this way, please let him show us what he can do."

I could see Vance look at his daughter and melt. He said, "O.K. sweetie, but it won't change the outcome."

She told Blaine to hop in the ring with me. Blaine took his track suit off and we went through all the common wrestling moves. Vance looked truly impressed with my moves and the fact that I could lift Blaine who was at least 50 pounds heavier than I was.

Melanie asked what special moves I could do and I showed them a few.

I ran up to the ring and did a power slide entrance on my front. I actually slide on my elbows and knee pads, the effect makes the ring almost seem like ice. Then I showed them my flips. I could out-flip anybody! I went to the corner pole and did a somersaulting front flip into the middle of the ring to pin Blaine. Then as he was leaving the ring I did another backwards vault down to the floor to pin him there. Vance and Melanie were so impressed they actually applauded. Blaine clapped when I let him get up. Vance asked, "Where did you learn a move like that?" I explained that it comes from growing up in a gym with a wrestling ring and a trampoline.

Blaine then asked his dad, "Cory really is good dad, can't we make a role for him somewhere?"

"I really doubt it. I don't mean to hurt your feelings, Cory, but small men wrestlers just don't sell seats. But before I say no, I'll set up an appointment with our specialist to see if there is anything that can be done to make you bigger. Maybe some type of growth hormone combined with pec implants or something."

I thanked him for the opportunity and asked where that appointment would be.

Melanie interrupted, "I have tomorrow off, Cory. I'll take you out for dinner tonight, and tomorrow I will take you to our Doctor."

I gushed, "Thanks Vance. Thanks Blaine. Thanks Melanie."

Melanie asked what hotel I was staying at. I told her it was just a motel. She went over to Vance and asked, "Daddy can I have $200.00?"

Vance started to say no, then he melted and handed her the money.

Melanie handed me the money and said, "You're staying at the Sheraton tonight, compliments of daddy. I'll pick you up there at 7."

I headed off feeling as positive as I could about my wrestling future.

That evening, Melanie picked me up in a limo and we went out for a nice dinner.

She filled me in on some of the personnel issues pertaining to the league. They were actually laying off all the smaller wrestlers as a business decision. The growth in popularity of the women in the league was turning the hiring focus to athletic women. She explained that the problem there was that there were very few women who could wrestle at all.

Melanie laughed and said that of all the current women stars in the league, she was the only one who grew up as a wrestler. All the others were former models who the league had hired for their looks, then they were trained in the basics of wrestling.

Melanie told me that in the matches where there is a women and a man wrestler, the man carries the woman through the challenging moves. She said the real challenge is having two women wrestle and have it look realistic without them actually hurting themselves.

She told me that Vance had given Blaine the task of finding a woman to become a wrestling superstar.

Melanie apologized for talking shop and then we talked about other topics. We talked about all the things we could remember from when we knew each other as children. We laughed about things I had almost forgotten. One time she and I had been hiking in a field and she had stepped on a mud wasp nest. She ran for her life and then the wasps came out of the nest and attacked me. I had stings everywhere. I recalled it was not funny when I was eight.

She asked about my personal life and I told her I had been too focused on becoming a wrestler to have a personal life. I asked about her personal life and she told me she had grown up sheltered from most things and attended a private school until only a few months earlier. We had a lot in common. We were having a really nice evening.

Melanie formally drew the line for the end of the night by saying, "If you are going to see the mad doctor tomorrow, we should get you home."

"Mad Doctor?"

"Oh, that's what Blaine and I call him. He does amazing things with Daddy's talent. All the growth assistance for the men and cosmetic surgery for everyone. I don't think there is one person in the whole league he hasn't done something for. Daddy had him do my nose for my 18th birthday and my breasts were a gift for my 20th. Do you like them?" she asked. Without waiting for a response, she said, "I was really flat and I was self conscious around the other woman wrestlers."

I looked at Melanie's chest and blushed. I burbled out with, "Of course I like them. They are very proportionate."

Melanie cracked up and said she'd take it as a compliment. She took me to my new hotel room and I invited her up for a while.

We ended up sitting on the sofa and we kissed and fooled around a bit. She told me, "I'd better go Cory. You will need to get some rest for tomorrow's adventure."

I asked her to stay so that she wouldn't have to drive all the way home tonight and back in the morning. She agreed to my lame reasoning and then one thing led to another and we ended up in bed together. It was my first time and Melanie was very helpful and supportive. Afterwards, we dozed off in each others arms. As I was falling asleep, I remembered thinking how stupid I was to be falling in love with someone so amazing as Melanie Williams.

The next morning we showered and had a bite to eat. Then it was time to go see the World Wrestling League's doctor. I was sure he would be able to give me the look I'd need to fit into the league.

We headed to a small office complex just outside of town. She introduced me to the doctor and started to explain the situation.

The doctor interrupted in a German sounding accent, " Don't worry, my lovely Melanie. Your father has called and explained the situation. Leave Cory with me for a couple of hours and I will do a complete physical and report.




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