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Wrestling Star

by Chiara


Chapter 1 (section 2)


The doctor turned out to be a very nice man. He told me his name was Isaac Gerringer and he was from Austria. He did many tests on me and poked and prodded me in many ways. He took several vials of my blood. He had me do several tests to show the capacity of my lungs and my physical strength. "You are amazingly strong considering your size young man," he said repeatedly.

After a couple of hours of these tests, Melanie walked in. Luckily, I was wearing my boxers. "So. What can you do to make Cory a wrestler, Doc?"

The doctor responded, "Nothing at all, my dear Melanie. Cory's body appears to resist any efforts to make it chemically more male. Male steroids and growth hormones would either make him very sick or kill him. He seems to be pre-dispositioned to his current almost genderless appearance."

"What do you mean?" Melanie questioned.

"Look at Mr. Tenari. He is muscular but small. He has long hair. He has very little body hair. He has very feminine facial features. The only really masculine part of him is his fairly large genitalia," Dr Geringer stated.

I blushed in embarrassment.

"Cut to the chase, Doc," Melanie demanded.

"My point is that although I can do nothing to give Cory a great male physique, I believe I could make him appear to be a very impressive female. With his current skills and abilities, and the appearance I could give him, his potential in the WWL could be extraordinary!"

Melanie seemed to think for a long time. Then she said, "Come on, Cory. We're so outta here. You talk to my dad, Doc, as I am not going to tell him the crap you just told me."

Melanie drove us back to my hotel. On the way I asked, "Hey, Melanie. Do you think he was for real? He said he could make me look like a woman. Do you think that he is telling the truth?"

Melanie pulled over to the side of the road. "Absolutely he is telling the truth. The guy is a scientist, not a liar!"

"I'll do it then," I said.

"You'll do what?"

"I'll let the doctor make me look like a woman. As long as he could make me look enough like a woman that I could wrestle in the World Wrestling League. I don't want to look like an obvious cross-dresser," I stated.

Melanie seemed to warm up to the idea immediately. "You'd be my boyfriend who looked like my girlfriend," she giggled.

"Yes! Melanie considers me to be her boyfriend!" I thought to myself.

She reached her hand under my shirt and raised it to play with one of my nipples. Then she worked her hand down my torso and slid her fingers into my pants.

"As long as the doctor saves this piece of you the way it is, he can turn you into Pamela Anderson on the surface for all I care," Melanie gushed as she stroked my member.

"Do you think you'd be happy living as a woman?"

I thought about her question then replied.

"I have not been happy very often in my current life for 16 years, Melanie, other than the times I've been with you," I confessed. "I want two things in life, the first of which is to be a champion wrestler. If playing the role of a woman is part of that, I'll do it. The second thing I want from life is to be with you."

Melanie gave me the best hug I ever had, as well as the most needed.

"Where do we go from here?" I asked.

"Let me get my father's approval tomorrow and we'll have you back to the doctor's within a couple of days!" Melanie replied assuringly. "I'll take you back to your hotel and go get this project in motion.

Melanie took me back to the Sheraton and gave me a big goodbye kiss. "I'll call you later," she called as she pulled away.

I went to my room and lied down for a rest. I dozed off dreaming about being in the ring in a huge stadium with tens of thousands of fans screaming my name and holding signs up with Cory on them. I woke when I heard a knock on the door. I looked at the clock. I had only been asleep for about an hour.

It was Melanie at the door. She gave me a big kiss and a hug. I was getting amazingly comfortable with her attention to me. "Come on, Cory. Pack your bags. It's time to go," she announced.

"You said it would be a couple of days, Melanie!"

"That's all changed. When I told the doctor you were going to follow his suggestions, he cleared his calendar and booked you for tomorrow. He wants you there this evening so that he can start first thing in the morning."

"Wow, this is going so fast," I said, nervously.

Melanie held me and said, "Don't worry, Cory. My dad and Blaine are off on a prolonged road trip for about 8 weeks and I am not going. I am going to stay and support you and help you get comfortable in your new role."

In hindsight, I should have asked how she got her father's approval if he was away. Everything was going so fast it just didn't occur to me at the time.

"That is amazingly generous of you, Melanie. I'll never be able to thank you enough for all you and your family are doing for me," I said.

"I'm investing in you and me, Cory," Melanie countered. "And my dad is investing in his business."

When we got to the clinic we went to a different area than I had been in earlier. Melanie told me to leave my bags in her car as I wouldn't need them while I was here. The clinic was very nice. Sort of like a hospital crossed with a motel. Melanie helped me check in and waited with me until the doctor came to talk with me.

Doctor Gerringer came in. "How are you Mr. Tenari?"

"I'm feeling really good about this, thanks Doc."

"What questions do you have?" he asked.

"Well, when you say you will make me appear to be a female, and an impressive female at that, well, what exactly are you going to do to pull that off? Breast implants and a hair style I would guess, but do you think it will really work? What if someone figures out I am a guy? And will I be able to still wrestle?"

"Very good questions, Mr Tenari. I will be doing several procedures on many areas of your body so that you will look like a very attractive woman in every way. No one will ever know unless you or the Williams' tell." He continued, "Hair styles and fashions I will not be helping you with, as that is something I have little knowledge about. Melanie has assured me she will help you in all such areas after I have done my procedures. As for wrestling, I will not be doing anything that would reduce your abilities in that area."

"The rest I will fill you in on as we go. I recommend you have a good night's rest as you do not want to be going into procedures like these tired. Good evening, Mr. Tenari. Good evening, Miss Williams," he said and walked away.

Melanie stayed with me while I got ready for bed and then whispered, "Good luck, Cory. I'll come see how you're doing tomorrow, dear." Then she headed off to let me get some much needed sleep.

I felt great in the morning when I woke up. A nurse came in and told me I could not eat or drink anything before the procedures. She had me put on an operating gown that did up in the back and climb onto a gurney and lie down to wait for the doctor.

About 10 minutes later, Doctor Gerringer came in and said they would be wheeling me into the operating room for the first of my procedures. He said there would be some discomfort but I could be awake through it so that he could explain what he was doing.

He left to wash up and a couple of minutes later I was wheeled into an operating room.

I was heavily sedated but I was still awake and I could hear and comprehend what Doctor Gerringer was saying to me. "Now Mr. Tenari, we are making small incisions in various areas of your body to allow the insertion of a lipo-surgery tool to remove fat cells. Look down at your abdomen and you will see the tool probing out from the inside of your tummy. I know you are a very lean person, but what we are doing right now is removing all the fat cells from your body in the areas where a woman carries little or no fat. We will leave the fat cells alone in those areas that need to be developed more. The human body has a set number of fat cells. When we get fatter, the cells just get bigger. I have removed approximately 60 % of your fat cells. Your body will continue to develop the same amount of fat tissue it always had but it will have fewer areas in which to deposit them. With the proper stimulation from my treatments, as your body adjusts back to its normal percentage of fat it had before this procedure, you will begin to develop modest to average sized, natural looking breasts and a feminine bottom within a few days.

"I thought you'd just do implants, doctor," I mumbled through the fog in my brain.

"Implants would not be a practical solution for a physical wrestler like yourself, Mr. Tenari. They rupture far too easily on the female wrestlers who do have them. You would be needing them replaced far too often for the demanding schedule of wrestling. I have been developing this procedure for some time, and you are the first to get the full benefits of my research. It will probably be a very common procedure in breast augmentation within a decade."

"Quite often you can tell when a woman has implants," he said. "That will not be the case for you as you will have real breasts. Even if a doctor other than myself were to examine you, he would be unable to tell they weren't completely natural."

It was a very freaky procedure to watch, but I managed. The doctor sucked virtually every ounce of fat from my body from everywhere but my bottom, hips and chest.

A nurse who had been removing the containers of bloody fat to another room came back carrying a container and hooked it up to a different area of the machine. The doctor unfolded what appeared to be oversized empty tea bags and started pushing one into an incision on each side of my chest. The incisions were only about half an inch long but he managed to work them in and was working them into position where he wanted them.

He then pulled a different tool which was part of the liposuction machine and pushed its probe into the area of the tea bag things. The doctor could see the concern on my face.

"As I said, you will begin developing modest to average breasts over the next couple of days," he explained. "We feel you should actually have fairly large breasts for your new feminine appearance. We have cleaned and dehydrated some of your fat cells and I am now injecting them back into you in the cast forms I have just inserted into you breast area. The forms will dissolve over the next couple of days but will keep the fat cells in place while they rehydrate and blend with your naturally developing breast tissue."

I wondered a bit nervously how big of breasts he was talking about. However, my chest didn't look much different after he was done. He was probably just playing with my mind, I guessed.

"I am going to continue with the procedures for your face and neck, Mr. Tenari," the doctor continued. "I am going to put you under for this procedure as it will be very uncomfortable for you."

I nodded acceptance. The doctor injected a needle of something into my IV tube. I had so many things I wanted to ask....but I really had to sleep instead.

I woke up feeling well rested. Dr Geringer was holding my hand and looking into my eyes.

"What happened Doc?" I tried to ask, incoherently. There was a tube in my throat and I could not be understood. There were bandages on my face covering everything below my eyes.

"I am glad to see you are waking, Mr. Tenari. We have had great success. How do you feel my dear?" he asked.

"I feel like crap!" I tried to mumble. But the tube made it incomprehensible. My dear? I wondered to myself....What's that all about? I pointed to the tube and tried to make it a question with my eyes.

"Oh, the tube. I sculpted your face fairly significantly and I also shaved your adams apple so that it will not be noticeable any more. The tube is assisting your breathing while you heal. The bandages are actually keeping a wet solution of healing accelerators on your skin. There are similar bandages on your chest and hips with different solutions to allow the skin there to stretch without getting scars or stretch marks."

"With my new rapid healing techniques, I will be able to remove the bandages and tube by tomorrow morning" the doctor proudly said. "You will be taken back to your room for an evening of rest and recuperation and we will be able to finish the rest of the procedures tomorrow."

"What else could he have planned for me?" I wondered as I was rolled back to my room. He had done so much more than I had expected, already.




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