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Wrestling Star

by Chiara


Chapter One (section 3)


I slept for a couple of hours then I was awakened when I heard Melanie's voice outside my room. I could hear her asking the nurse if I could have visitors. The nurse told her it would be O.K. but to make sure I rested.

Melanie came in the room and looked at me. She came and sat on the edge of my bed and held my hand. My hands were about the only part of me exposed other than my eyes and forehead.

She said that the doctor told her that my procedures were going very well and he was planning on being finished soon. She was excited that she would be taking me home to her house in a couple of days. I fell asleep for the night with a warm feeling inside me from her supportive words.

The next morning I awoke to find myself in the same awkward position. I was bandaged and tubed and very uncomfortable. Dr. Gerringer popped in to fill me in on today's procedures.

"Today, I will be working on your pelvic area. I have had consultations with Ms Williams and we have decided on a slightly more aggresive method of changing your body's appearance I will be adjusting your hips to accentuate your bottom. Then I will be doing some procedures to allow you to conceal your male genitalia during such times as required for your wrestling attire."

"That sounds a bit extreme," I tried to say, but I drifted off to a dreamless sleep, again.

When I woke up I could breath much easier. I noticed right away that I did not have the tube holding my throat open any more. I was in my room propped up on my bed, wearing a fleece house coat. The small T.V. was on, and it was showing the Williams wrestling channel. I hurt in many places all over my body. My mouth was very dry and my jaw hurt to move it. I licked my lips to try to make it better. My mouth felt all wrong and my lips were a bit puffy and numb. Without moving any further, I looked around to take inventory of my current situation. I looked down to my torso and was amazed at how thin and muscular my abdomen had become. Then I noticed my chest. I could see I had small breasts under the bandages. I had an incredible desire to explore them further, but I decided that should wait.

"You are all done, Cory," Dr Geringer announced proudly as he walked in the room. "I have removed the tube from your throat. Now only your groin area, hips and chest are covered with my special healing bandages to expedite your recovery. You should be able to head for home after six or seven days of rest."

"What all have you done to me?" I squeaked.

"You will find your voice is a bit higher and more feminine. I tightened your vocal chords when I shaved your adams apple down."

"Tonight you and I should both rest. We have had several busy days. I will come remove your bandages later in the week and review all the procedures I have done. There is someone waiting to see you if you are up for a brief visit?"

Melanie popped her head around the corner as the doctor left the room. "Hi Cory. How's my little patient?" she asked.

"I am O.K. I guess," I replied with my new voice.

"Your voice is perfect, Cory!"

She looked at my face in amazement. "You look so different, Cory!" She bent over and gave me a kiss on my lips. I flinched as they were sore. "The doctor said I can only stay for a few minutes and that he would prefer if you'd just rest tonight. He'll let you have a good look at yourself after your body recovers a bit more."

"Will you come back in the morning and be with me?"

"Try and keep me away you little hotty!" she purred.

The nurse came in and whooshed Melanie away before we could even say good night. She gave me a drink sort of like warm cocoa but thicker and told me to enjoy it as my body needed nourishment and fluids. I drank two large glasses of the stuff then dozed off. I woke up in what I thought was only a few minutes, but was in fact almost 6 days later.

My head was swimming with confusion so I just decided to rest.

Doctor Gerringer came in with two nurses and said "Hello, Cory. You have had a very good rest. You will be surprised to find out that we kept your body asleep 5 extra days to fully recuperate. All of the procedures are now done and they have been even more successful than I had anticipated. Once I show you all that we have done for you, you will be free to go with Ms. Williams."

The Doctor continued, "Look down. You will notice your body has readjusted its fluid and fat levels to give you a very feminine figure. A beautiful 34D-22-34 figure."

I stared down at an incredibly hot female body that could not possibly be me. I was wearing a hospital gown which the doctor then opened to allow me a better view of his handiwork. I started to panic when I noticed my penis was missing!

The Doctor saw the panic in my face and explained, "You will also notice your genital area appears to be a vagina, and your testicles and penis appear to be gone. I assure you they are there and have only been hidden."

I sighed in relief.

He continued, "I tucked your testicles back into your abdominal area and put in some stitches to hold them up. They will work fine but are out of the way. Your penis was a bigger challenge. We performed an amazing first time procedure where we contoured your genitalia area to look like a vagina. As this involved the area where your penis was attached to your crotch, it was necessary that we cut the attachments at the top base of your penis back. Your penis is still there but emerges about 2 inches lower than you are used to. Because of this, it now appears to be 2 inches longer. We then made a cavity in your pelvic area, behind the muscle wall, in the space your penis used to emerge from. This is the new hiding place for your penis when you will need to be in your feminine character. You will notice that the appearance is a perfectly shaped vagina when you are in the current hidden mode. The cavity is a perfect fit, but it is designed to stretch just enough to accommodate an erection if you were to become sexually aroused."

The nurse then helped me out of my gown and dressed me in a conservative pair of white panties and a bra. I did not know how to put the bra on so she put it on for me. I was shocked at the level of sensitivity of my new breasts. My nipples got very large and hard with the nurse's actions.

Dr Gerringer explained that they would be very sensitive as they had grown in such a short period of time.

He had me get up and escorted me over to a full length mirror to show me the rest of the changes.

"Oh Doctor!" I gasped when I looked in the mirror. "I don't see any of the old me any more. What did you do to my face?"

He explained that he had changed my jaw line, raised my cheekbones, and done a nose job to make my features very pretty. He also explained that he had injected some of the fat cells in my lips to give them their new, full pouty look.

"Wow!" I said.

I could feel myself getting aroused at the babe in the mirror (who was me!) but I noticed that my erection felt very different than normal as it pushed in below my abdomen.

"You've outdone yourself, Doctor Geringer! Is there anything else I should know about the new me?"

He said there was nothing in particular. Other than that he had spent a lot of effort on my bottom and he was very proud of his work.

I turned away from the mirror and looked over my shoulder into the mirror to see his efforts. He was right. I had the sweetest ass I had ever seen! As I was looking at myself in the mirror, I looked up to see my sexy face looking back at me. It looked so alien to me. I winked at her and licked my lips. She did the same back to me.

Melanie came into the room and saw me posing in my bra and panties. She stared at me in awe.

"Is that you, Cory?" she questioned.

"Hi, Melanie," I said with my new voice.

She came up and gave me a big hug and an unexpected big kiss.

"You look so hot, Cory!"

I blushed and said that I did not want to boast but I had to agree with her.

She looked at the doctor with a pleading look and he nodded approval and told her to go ahead and take me home.

Melanie got out the workout suit, socks and shoes I had been wearing when I arrived and helped me get dressed. She apologized for not bringing me a new outfit and said she would get me fixed up with some nice clothes as soon as possible.

"This is so amazing Mel!" I gushed as we headed out of the hospital. "Where do we go next?"

As we walked towards a waiting limo she answered "Next stop, wrestling superstar!"




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