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Wrestling Star

by Chiara




As I looked at my ill fitting clothes, panic started to set in.

"I have to tell you I am a bit freaked out right now, Melanie. What if I made the wrong decision? I am not sure if I am ever going to be comfortable with the way I look now. I want to get back to wrestling but I'm really kind of scared. What if someone figures out that I'm really a guy?"

Melanie looked at me with her big eyes and comforted me. "You look so good, Cory! With my help, nobody will ever figure out you are really a guy, unless you show them. You and I are going to take about a week off from wrestling and you are going to learn to become a woman. At a purely physical level, you look like a woman now. But before I even consider letting you wrestle again you have to learn to act like a woman. You need to learn how to dress, shop, talk, flirt, and every other thing that makes a woman a woman."

"You are so great to me Melanie! Where should we start?" I asked.

"First off, we have to act like you are a woman all the time. And we can't call you Cory Tenari any more. Someone from your past would figure out who you are and blow everything. We need to figure out a new name for you. We might as well try to think of one that has a nice sound to it for wrestling."

I tried to think of a name I would like. "How about Torrie? It sounds cool and it rymes with Cory."

Melanie frowned and said, "That's way too common. The one thing you are not is common!"

I smiled at what I took as a compliment. She bent over and gave me a kiss on the lips.

"Tell you what. You leave the name thing to me for a while and I'll try to come up with something. I was going to wait until tomorow but I am going to treat you right now and take you to my favorite salon, just as you are, to get them to clean up your hair. Then we'll get you some better clothes."

I tried to protest. "I thought my hair looked O.K. Can't you just fix it up like yours?" I asked. "Why can't we just go and relax for a while?. Why are we rushing?" I pleaded.

She said, "Your hair looks O.K. enough to go to the salon, but that's as far as I would go. There's no rush, but I am really excited to get on with things."

Melanie used her cell phone to call her regular salon and told them she was bringing a friend in who had been in the hospital and was in need of "the works".

When we got there, a girl named Danni came and escorted me to a chair. Melanie hesitated, then she told Danni that my name was Coral. I looked at Mel and she winked at me. Danni looked me over and asked if this was how I usually dressed. Melanie interrupted and insisted that I was only dressed this way because we had just left the hospital. She told Danni that I usually dressed similarly to the way she did. Danni gave an understanding nod.

"You certainly are very pretty, Coral," she said. "I'll have you looking your very best within a few hours."

She told Melanie that she could come back in about 3 hours. I was disappointed that Melanie was leaving again. Melanie gave me a reasuring hug and a kiss on the cheek and left. All I really wanted to do was check myself over more thoroughly and be alone with Melanie. I went along, though, as Melanie had said that I had to learn everything about being a woman before she would let me wrestle again. Plus, I wanted to please Melanie.

A couple of Danni's co-workers joined her as they went to work on me. They had me remove my pants and used this hot wax stuff to remove hair from my legs and "bikini" area. I watched them as they were working near my genital area to see if they could detect my difference, but the doctor's remodeling of that area was flawless and they didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

The waxing was painful but very effective. They then went to work on my eyebrows with tweezers and plucked them down to a very attractive arch shape. One of the ladies said, "You have a very fine layer of hair on your upper lip which I think we'll remove with wax."

"I owe that to my mother," I said. "No matter how much I try, I can never grow any facial hair."

All three ladies looked puzzled at my blunder, then Danni started to laugh. "You are so funny, Coral!" Her two assistants joined in her laughter. I just smiled outwardly and had a sigh of relief inside.

The waxing of my facial hair was actually less painful than my legs. I was then led to a room where they told me to remove the rest of my clothes and lie face down on a table. A woman then massaged me all over with this warm peachy smelling goo. It took away the soreness of the waxing and it was very relaxing. I was given a pretty salon gown to wear while they continued.

A girl washed my hair, then Danni came and cut it all even at the ends. Then she took pulls of my hair and wrapped them tightly around some foamy things. After that she put tin foil kind of things in my hair and sort of painted this liquid on my hair with a brush. It did not smell very good.

While all this was going on a girl name Faye came and worked on my toe nails. She gently filed and shaped them. She then painted them with a clear, shiny hardener of some type and painted a small band of white at the end of each nail. Finally she put a semi-clear coating over the entire nail. The white could be seen through the coating.

She told me it was called a "French Pedicure". I was very impressed with the detail in her work, as it looked very nice.

Faye then started the same procedure on my hands. She asked what kind of exercise I did. I told her that I was a wrestler. She seemed surprised at my response. She said that she had better not make my nails too long then, or they may break. One by one, Faye did each fingernail. She first shaped and filed each nail, then she fit and glued a new nail onto each of my fingernails to make them extend about a quarter of an inch beyond my finger tip. I was glad she had decided not to make my nails what she felt was long. They looked long to me and I guessed they would take getting used to. She then filed and shaped them further until they looked completely natural. She did the same finishing as my toe nails so that they were very shiny, and the part beyond my finger tips was a pretty white.

I was amazed at how feminine my hands and feet appeared just from my nails, and I complimented Faye on her work. She could see my appreciation and asked if she could do one more thing. I told her I loved what she had done and to do whatever she wanted.

She used a lit magnifying glass and meticulously painted a tiny picture on my second last nail of my left hand. It was like a Zodiac sign of a sun and a crescent moon. It took almost an hour and was very detailed and beautiful. I told Faye I loved it and that it made me feel like a work of art. She said that was her intent, and then she called in Danni to finish my hair. Danni and Faye talked for a moment. Danni appeared to be giving Faye some instructions. Faye then excused herself and left.

Danni removed the foil and sponge things and rinsed my hair. She then dried it with a hair dryer. I could see it was still partly brown but had lots of blonde streaks in it to make it appear to be more dirty blonde overall. It was also very wavy compared to the straight style I had when I used to just put it in a pony tail. Dannie used hairspray and brushed my hair out. The result was a full wavy style to just past my shoulders. She said I may need a hair band of some type when I wrestled. It looked spectacular when she was done and I thought it suited my look nicely. She showed me how to brush it so that I would be able to do the same style myself at home.

Danni then had an asistant come and they discussed my coloring and tested some different make up colors and shades on my face. They asked what make-up I usually wore and I told them the truth that I never wore make-up.

Danni chuckled and said, "We'll change that. Even with your raw good looks, the right make-up can bring out your beauty even further, Cori. And we'll make sure you know how to do it yourself."

They then used a tiny brush to put mascara on my eye lashes and a tiny pencil to line my eyelids. Then a small padded brush was used to put a brownish/gold colored eye shadow on my eyelids. The result was quite spectacular. It made my eyes very pretty and hard not to look at. After they did this, they showed me how to remove the make-up and had me put it on again with them only coaching me. Then they showed me similar techniques for the rest of my face.

They picked out a set of colors of blush for my cheeks and showed me where to brush on the lighter shades and where to go darker, and what type of strokes to use so it didn't look like make-up. They then showed me how to outline my now full lips with a similar but much darker color pencil and color them in with a brownish red color paint brush. My lips looked wet and very full when they were done. They ensured that I knew how to do each part myself and how to use slightly different shades for different lighting conditions. Danni assured me it was all waterproof and said that the make-up would not run even when I was wrestling. It had to be removed using the techniques and removers they had shown me.

At this point Faye came back with a couple of clothing store bags. Danni told me it was almost time to get dressed. I told her I had not expected them to dress me. She said that Melanie was one of their best customers and they were hoping I would become one, too.

She said they did not usually do this but that after all their work they were not sending me out into the mall wearing my track suit and runners. First came a bag from a lingerie store. Faye pulled out a sky blue underwear set that was very different from the set the nurse had given me. She said she got the sizes earlier from my underwear after I got undressed. She handed me a bikini panty made of a very silky material and had me put it on. I pulled it up and found it was very tiny at the front and just covered my privates. As I pulled it over my bottom it felt very smooth on my skin. I loved how it looked and felt.

I removed my gown and put my arms in the straps of the bra. She had me hold the cups against my breasts and hold them up while she did the clasp at the back. She told me that to put it on myself I would have to do it above my breasts then pull and lift each breast under and into the cups.

When I let go, the bra held my breasts up very fully so they looked even larger than they were. She told me it was a deep plunging push-up style that would look good with a low cut neck line. She then handed me a pair of pants that were a cotton material and were a dark beige-like color. I could not find the fly until they helped me. The zipper was at the back. I pulled them up as far as I could and reached around to do the zipper up, which went right up the back seam. Faye helped do up the clasp at the waist band.

I looked at myself in the mirror and turned around a few times. I could not believe what I saw. The pants were a very low rise style and they hugged my hips beautifully. My butt looked spectacular and my waist still tapered in above the belt line of my pants. This drew my attention to my well muscled little midsection. As you might imagine, wearing just the pants and bra was distracting. Once again I was getting aroused at my image.

Faye then handed me what I would have guessed was a sweater, except that it was very small. It was a similar sky blue color to my new underwear. I pulled it on over my head and gently pulled it over my bra. She explained that it was a stretch fit ribbed material with a deep V neck collar. Again I looked in the mirror and was amazed at how good I looked.

Faye had me sit down and pulled a shoe box out of the last bag. It had a pair of sandals which looked different than anything I had ever worn before. They were a black open toed style with a strap at the ankle. The toe was on about a 2 inch platform and the heel was a good 4 inches. She had me put my foot into it and did up the straps for me and had me stand up.

Danni and Faye both smiled and asked what I thought of their work. I couldn't stop staring in amazement at the new me in the mirror. Danni said they would take my silence as a compliment, then she gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek. I awkwardly walked over to Faye to give her a thank you hug, stumbling on my shoes several times.

Danni looked surprised and asked if I had never worn heels before. I admitted I had not. She pulled out a pair for herself and showed me how she walked in them. She had me slow down my walk and made me practice for what seemed like forever but was only about ten minutes. The result was that with each step my butt swivelled out in an exaggerated swaying motion.

The hardest part was doing this while being aroused by my own appearance. Danni gave me a shopping bag with my old clothes and all the make-up I was wearing and told me I could wait for Melanie in the lounge area. I asked if there was anything I could do for her and she said just to come back as a regular customer. I gave her a big hug and went to wait for Melanie. I was a bit concerned that I was getting so comfortable in my new role so quickly. I had only awakened from my transformation a few hours earlier and here I was looking like my old wet dream fantasies.

Melanie arrived and walked right past me in the lounge area.

"Hi Melanie," I said to get her attention.

Melanie turned to answer me. To say she was very pleased with the way I looked would be an understatement. "Oh my God, Cory! Coral! You look so hot!" She hugged me and then hugged Danni and then she whisked me off to a waiting limo.

"This is going so well, Coral. By the way, what do you think of the name, Coral? I think it's so sexy!" Melanie said.

"I like it, a lot," I answered.

"I am so excited. I have been shopping for you and I have all the clothes you will need for the next week or so. You look so amazing!"

"Thanks, Mel. I have to ask you though, with the way I look now, do you really think you can still like me the way you did before?"

She took my hand and brought it to the inside of her thigh as she leaned over to whisper in my ear, "The only thing that could come between you and I are 50 million male wrestling fans who are going to want to get in your pants, and I'm keeping you all to myself so they can't have you."

She gently licked my neck up to my ear lobe and kissed it and then bit it. It felt so good I could feel my dick getting hard. I blushed and I went to cover my privates when I realized there was nothing to hide. It was very weird! I had a rock hard erection going on but it was up inside me. I looked to see my nipples had gotten hard and were showing through my sweater.

"I am really looking forward to getting back to wrestling," I squeeked to change the subject, but it didn't work.

Mel pressed a button and a privacy shield went up between us and the driver.

"Do you need me to help you with something?" Melanie asked as she reached around and unzipped my pants. She gently slid them over my hips and off of me. As she did this I pulled my sweater over my head. I lay there in my sexy bra and panties and watched her expression. Melanie grinned as she looked down at my erect nipples clearly showing through the thin material of my bra. Her eyes got very big and she said, "You look delicious. Remind me to send Danni a bonus check."

She tossed her hair back and grabbed her own top and pulled it over her head. This left her firm breasts in a nearly transparent bra, her nipples protruding outward, begging to be played with.

"What are you waiting for? You know how to put one of these on now. You should be able to take one off," Melanie said.

Not needing any more encouragement, I reached around and undid the clasp of her bra and lay it on the seat next to us. I kissed each of her nipples and sucked them as she undid my bra and removed it. Melanie gently pushed me back in the seat and lowered herself to kiss my nipples and start sucking them. I moaned, totally in heaven. My nipples were so sensitive, the gentlest of her touches were rippling through my entire body, making me gasp and arch my back in pleasure.

I was getting so excited. Melanie knew without hesitation what I needed as she lowered her face to where my dick should have been. She gently licked the folds of my opening and inserted her tongue into me. I could feel her tongue gently going up and down my member. My fingers clutched the car seat as I felt her tongue work on my swollen dick. My breaths came in short gasps as she tongued me. It only took a couple of minutes of this before I had a major orgasm. My body bucked as I blasted my cum into myself. Melanie pulled her mouth off just in time and was rewarded by a generous flow of cum coming out of my new opening. She greedily slurped up every drop as my penis began to retreat to a more relaxed state.

"Now let's see what you have for me," she said as she slid a finger into the fold of my opening and worked my cock out of it's hiding place.

"Jesus!" Melanie exclaimed as she stared at it.

I looked down to see my old friend for the first time since I had been operated on. It emerged a couple of inches lower than it used to, and even flacid appeared to be much longer than it's old self. As the doctor had said, my balls could not be seen. The overall effect of looking down between my breasts, past what looked like my vagina, at my new enormous penis, was very arousing.

"You're fucking huge!" Melanie gushed.

As Melanie watched and gently licked it, my long dick started to swell to attention as I became further aroused. Melanie reached back and slid her skirt and panties off. She climbed up facing me and mashed her lips into mine. I slid my hands down over her large breasts and around to caress the cheeks of her lovely bottom. I guided her body to the point where I could feel her meaty cunt press against the head of my cock. Melanie lowered herself onto me and gasped as the thickness of my cock pried her cunt lips open and continued going deeper into her until it was fully buried in her tunnel.

I moved my hand back to Melanie's tits and fondled and squeezed her soft globes as we kissed. Melanie leaned back and gently started kneading my breasts as she started humping her sexy body up and down on my cock. I could feel my cock becoming even bigger and going further into her as she lowered and raised herself. She started to pant heavily as she impaled herself over and over on me. I could feel her body begin to quiver as her nerve endings spasmed and twitched. She opened her mouth in a soundless cry as her body trembled and shuddered. She thrashed her head back and forth as she slammed her crotch down against mine. Her eyes were wild and staring as the walls of her cunt clenched around my cock. Her back arched as her orgasm took possession of her entire body and flung it about like a doll in a tornado.

Almost immediately she resumed humping up and down my cock. I could feel the sucking motion of her cunt pulling the juices from my concealed balls and down my shaft until I came. As she began moaning and having another massive orgasm I groaned as my cock exploded. I spewed my sticky white sperm up into Melanie's belly.

Her body sapped and spent, she slumped forward onto my chest as the aftermath of our climaxes washed through our bodies. I leaned back in the seat, wonderfully satisfied and exhausted. I could not believe how great that had been. We exchanged several sloppy kisses as we relaxed in each others arms.

Shortly after that Melanie started getting her clothes on and told me we were almost home. I pulled my panties up until they stopped at my cock. Flushed with embarassment I realized I needed to return my now relaxed member to it's hiding hole or I would not be able to get dressed. I bent it and stuffed it up into my abdomen. Looking down at myself I appeared to be a naked babe with a pretty little muff!

"I don't know if I'll ever get used to this, but I am really starting to enjoy it."

"Me too!" Melanie said, as she helped me get my clothes back on.

Then she commented, "I hope that answers your question, Coral. If anything, I like you even more the way you look now."

Almost as soon as I finished getting my clothes and shoes back on the car came to a stop. Melanie stepped out of the limo and reached in a hand to help me out. I stepped out to find myself in front of what could only be described as a mansion surrounded by acres of beautifully groomed gardens.

"You'll be staying here with me, Coral, until we convince Daddy and Blaine that you will be their next superstar. So welcome to your new home."




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