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You're Mine Now Sissy !

by Sara Kentish


"Come on sissy I've got a surprise for you. Come into the bedroom and see what Aunty Jane has got for you."

Dutifully I followed Sally into the bedroom. Laid out on the bed was a special outfit.

"Get your clothes off," ordered Sally, "I need you to get dressed for a special appointment."

Obediently I removed all my clothes so that I stood naked before Sally.

She then started to pass me items to put on. First a pair of frilly white plastic pants. Then she held up a shortish white plastic dress. I stepped into the short sleeved dress and Sally zipped up the back to the high collar. She snapped a tiny padlock at the top of the zip teasing, "We don't want our little sissy to escape do we ?"

"Be careful as you bend over my dear," she advised, "We don't want you showing too much of your lovely panties."

Sally reached down beside the bed and pulled up a pair of white plastic boots. "Try these on sissy. I think they should fit a treat."

She was right. The boots were indeed a good fit, and very comfortable coming up to just below the knee as I zipped myself in.

"Right come over here and I'll do your make up for you, then we can leave for your special appointment."

Silently I obeyed once again, conditioned as I was by now to do exactly as I was told. "Let's get you all made up and then we can take you down to the salon to see Aunty Jane. You'll enjoy that won't you sissy ?"

"Yes Madame," came my automatic reply.

Once my make up was complete and my blonded hair combed and lacquered, Sally passed me a white plastic raincoat. I slipped it on over my dress and tied the belt tightly. The high collar enclosed me to the neck. The coat fell just above the knee. I felt like a sixties babe.

"Ok I think we're ready. Let's get off to the salon to see what Aunty Jane has in store for you today."

It was strange leaving the flat and walking to Sally's car. I was actually quite enjoying myself. My outfit felt great. Hopefully I looked quite convincing too. Or was it obvious that I was being paraded to the outside world as a plastic sissy ? In a way I no longer cared. My conditioning at the hands of the three ladies was complete.

When we arrived at the salon Jackie was standing behind the reception desk.

"Michael, you look amazing. I love the mac and the boots. You look great," she praised. "Let me take your coat, then take a seat for a moment. Jane's not quite ready for you yet."

I sat down in the small waiting area and waited patiently. Meanwhile Jackie locked the front door.

Jane came out from the salon, "Hello Michael. You look very nice today. Very sixties !"

"Let me remind you again that from this point on you will only speak when you are commanded to do so. You will answer simply "Yes Madame", or "No Madame". Do you understand ?"

"Yes Madame", I replied.

"Right come on through to the salon. I expect you are wondering what treat we have planned for you today ?"

"Yes Madame".

I was escorted through to the salon. Jackie held out a very large pink plastic gown.

"Put your arms in here sissy," she directed. "Let's get you ready for today's session."

She gestured for me to sit in the special chair as before. Jackie and Sally then knelt down either side of me. They lifted my feet onto the chair's footplates and fastened my booted ankles into the straps. Then they secured my wrists to the arms of chair, with another set of straps. I was now unable to move.

All three disappeared for a few minutes leaving me alone, strapped in my chair in the salon.

Jackie and Sally returned first dressed in their special white plastic overall style dresses. Their blond hair was scraped back into long pony tails. Jane followed behind, dressed now in her special pink plastic dress. Her hair, like her two assistants, was stunningly swept back into a pony tail. She looked even more stern and dominant than on my previous two visits to the sissy salon.

"Are you sitting comfortably sissy ?" she mocked as she draped a large white plastic sheet around me, smoothing the velcro strip at the nape of my neck. Again the plastic sheet covered much of the chair and all of me. "I like the little padlock on your dress sissy," she remarked.

"One last cape," she said, draping a smaller, soft, smooth pink vinyl cape around my shoulders, over the other layers of plastic that already restricted me, "and then we can get started on you."

Once again I was feeling a little warm inside my plastic cocoon. I could feel the beginning of perspiration starting to form inside the sleeves of my dress.

Jackie and Sally then wheeled me over to the sink. Jane pressed the button to tilt the chair backwards so that my head was ideally positioned for shampooing backwards into the sink.

Without further ado Jane began a vigorous shampooing, while the other two girls watched silently, their arms folded.

Once the shampooing was complete Jane combed my hair back in quick, firm motions, making my head tilt back on each stroke. She tilted the chair back to its upright position.

I was then wheeled back over to one of the hairdressing stations in front of the mirror. Jane began trimming my hair. I sat rigidly still and quiet, unsure of what she planned for me today. On my first visit it had been a perm, on my second the tight highlight cap. What was in store for me today, my third visit ?

Jane continued to trim my hair with barely a word exchanged. She then blow dried my locks, and styled them as femininely as she could. She then decided that my make up needed a little touch up, especially the red lipstick.

I thought she had finished.

However the three girls retired to the restroom leaving me covered in plastic, strapped into my chair.

They were away for quite a while, probably a quarter of an hour. What else were they planning for me I wondered ?

When they returned Jane looked at me and said, "We can't agree on what style we think suits you best sweet little sissy. Sally prefers the permed look. Jackie would like to give you a more adventurous colour. I think I need to trim your hair a little shorter."

She paused before continuing, "I'm the boss around here so I think I'll cast my vote for a shorter style. Pass me the scissors Jackie I think I need to take a little more off."

"Would you like that sissy ?"

"Yes Madame," I answered as usual.

Jane quickly adjusted back to snipping mode. However after a few minutes she stopped abruptly.

"I'm still not sure you know. I think we need to take quite a bit off. In fact I'm going to take it all off. I think we should shave it all off."

She turned to the girls, "What do you think girls ?" It was a rhetorical question.

She looked at me, strapped helplessly in the chair. "What do you think sissy ?"

I hesitated. She had caught me off guard.

"Would you like Aunty Jane to create you a very special sissy style ?" she quizzed, "Would you like me to shave you bald my little sissy ?"

I hesitated once again.

"Would you like me to shave you bald my little sissy," she repeated. "Answer me please sissy."

Not wishing to stir her anger I replied meekly "Yes Madame." Strapped in as I was I could see no point in answering any other way.

"Good. I do like to see an obedient sissy. I don't like to have to wait for answers you know."

Jane dampened my hair with her spray bottle. She then combed it through several times. She picked up her scissors again. I tensed my body in anticipation of the first cut, holding onto the sides of the chair underneath the voluminous plastic gown.

First she snipped with the scissors. Long strands of hair tumbled to the floor.

I sat perfectly still as she then picked up the electric clippers from the work station in front of me.

She buzzed the clippers to test them. Then she moved closer and started to shave around my head. I could feel the cold metal of the clippers against the nape of my neck. The buzzing sound changed as the clippers cut a swathe through the remaining hair. I looked down as my coiffed locks slid down the protective cape and settled on the floor around me.

Jackie meanwhile had been mixing up some shaving foam. Once the clippers were finished she applied the white foam to my shaven head. I was being lathered ready for the razor. Jane took over again with the razor removing the final traces of any hair, making my head smooth to the touch. She was quick and efficient in her work. Once she had finished she wiped my bald pate with a towel.

I sat mesmerized with the clippings of hair laying in the lap of the plastic gown.

Jane looked proud of herself. "There's a good little sissy. The ultimate act of devotion to your new mistress I think," she proclaimed.

"What a pretty looking pathetic sissy you are my dear. Don't you look a picture all wrapped up in plastic and strapped into your favourite chair. My smooth little plastic sissy."

Again the three girls disappeared into the staff room leaving me alone in the salon strapped into my chair. By now the effects of the plastic dress and the other layers of plastic were really starting to be felt. The sweat was building up inside my tight fitting dress, running down my back and down my legs into my boots.

I sat rigidly still, unable to move my arms or legs. I was hoping that one of the girls would return soon and perhaps release me.

Sally and Jackie did return, dressed in their shiny black macs as before. However they made no effort to release me.

Jane announced, "Right girls it's time for you to make tracks for home. I think you can leave the plastic sissy with me today."

The girls said their goodbyes, kissing me on top of my newly shaved head.

Jane disappeared once again. What was she up to now I wondered ? I was beginning to feel more than a little apprehensive, having been left alone with her, still strapped into my prison chair.

She returned after a few minutes, a big smile covering her face.

"Of course we must not forget the crowning glory for our plastic sissy. Although we have shaved him smooth we must protect his pretty little sissy head. You know what that means my dear don't you ?"

"Yes Madame."

She reached into her overall pocket and pulled out a clear plastic rain bonnet. She unwrapped the bonnet from its packaging and pulled it over my freshly shaven dome, tying a tight bow under my chin.

"No visit to my plastic sissy salon is complete without my sissy being forced to wear a lovely clear plastic rain bonnet for his mistress," she declared.

Still strapped helpless in my chair, she spun me round to face her.

"You're mine now sissy !"




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