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Constant in All Other Things © 2006 Complete: No Rated: R
Part 1 - David Sanders saw something he shouldnít have and Agent K will do everything she can to keep him aliveóbut who can he trust, as he sinks deeper into a disguise he never chose, and will he ever find himself again?
Part 2 -
Reluctantly agreeing to Agent Kís plan, David finds himself coddled and squeezed into the identity of Cindy Long. But just what kind of girl is Cindy, he wonders?
Part 3 -
Girls arenít just born, David learns, theyíre trained, especially in the witness relocation program. And eventually, you have to put that training to use, because you canít stay inside forever.
Part 4 - David discovers that sometimes high heels and tigh jeans just arenít enough, especially when the enemy draws close. But just who is the real enemy, he begins to wonder....
Part 5
Itís time for a little talk, David decides, and some answers. However, Agent K is fond of her secrets and has plans of her own for the disguised man.
Part 6
The drive to the Asklepios Clinic is a long one. It may be just what David and K, Cindy and her Mom need to work through some issues, share some history and learn a little more about each other.
Part 7
David and Agent K check in to the Clinic, but the disguised manís instincts are proven correct: thereís more to the place than meets the eye.
Part 8
David settles in to life at the Clinic and perfects his disguise. The clinic promises safety but Davidís paranoia leaves him in doubt, even as Cindy makes a new friend.
Part 9
Cindy and Harryís blossoming friendship consumes Davidís final days at the Clinic, until K returns with the means of returning to a male existence. Is it time to say farewell to Cindy?
Part 10
Despite Davidís best efforts his enemies have found him, leading to a desperate struggle and the end of the first story arc.

Age: College Age 19-26     Categories: Bimbo, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, In Hiding, Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed, Secretary/ Office, Stuck, The Operation     Keywords: Appliances Attached, Bondage, Breast Implants, Corsets, Hormones, Maids or French Maids

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