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Stories by Farah Daye

Stress Reaction

1997           Complete : Yes       rated: X

A tale about the awakening of a husband who reacts to stress in an amazing way - with the ultimate multiple personality syndrome. When his wife discovers his "affliction," she begs him to stand in for her at her job. There he is willingly swept into her passionate and secret romantic liaisons. How will he ever return to his old life when he finds that life as a passionate woman is so heavenly? 

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Sci-Fi    Keywords:  


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Willow Tree

1997           Complete : Yes       rated: X

A romantic story about a young couple who trades body and soul when struck by a force of nature. They shared an illicit love but they never expected to swap lives literally. The switched lovers struggle to escape indifferent spouses, a circle of cruel and dangerous witches, and the threat of permanent separation.

Age: College Age 19-26    Categories: Body Swap   Keywords: Pregnant/ Having a Baby   


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Imitation Wife

1997           Complete : No       rated: X

Carrie, a male nursing student with a talent for female impersonation, is coerced into helping a teacher out by masquerading as his wife. When she discovers his deceit and the part she is really playing, will she struggle to escape his mysterious house? Alternatively, will she willingly succumb to a life that just might be her wildest fantasy?

Age: College Age 19-26    Categories: Caught with Consequences    Keywords:  


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Sweet and Pretty

1997           Complete : No       rated: M

Seven mini-fantasies about sweet and pretty girls who were not  born as girls and the boys who love them. The spotlight falls on the  transgendered girls' romantic hopes and dreams, their need for love  and validation, their passions, and their most cherished wishes.  Here are seven adorable shemales in all their luscious beauty.

Age: College Age 19-26    Categories: In Hiding, Misc. Stories, She Males    Keywords:  


43 K Added : 05-24-2000 Reader Comments
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