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Stories by Island Riter

SRU: Shutter Bug

2001          Complete : Yes       rated: R

David gets a little more that he bargained for with the purchase of his new digital camera from the wizard...

Age: Adult 26-55   Categories: Bizarre Body Modifications, Magical Transformations, Spells R Us   Keywords: Maids or French Maids


34 K

Added : 08-15-2001

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2001          Complete : Yes       rated: R

Mike got a little more than he bargained for when he met his friend for an after work drink at the local strip bar...

Age: Adult 26-55   Categories: Bizarre Body Modifications, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Sci-Fi    Keywords:


45 K

Added : 10-01-2001

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SRU: Shutter Bug II – A Different Angle

2001          Complete : Yes       rated: R

Jason buys a camera from an unusual couple at a garage sale, but is it the miracle he's been looking for?

Age: College Age 19-26   Categories: Bizarre Body Modifications, Magical Transformations, Spells R Us, Stuck    Keywords:


84 K

Added : 11-20-2001

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The Great Shift: Be Thy Neighbor 2002 Complete: Yes Rated: X
A view of how the Great Shift affected a neighborhood.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Body Swap, Mind Transfer/ Mind Possession, The Great Shift     Keywords:

story 39 K Added : 07-23-2002 Reader Comments
The Scrambler 2002 Complete: Yes Rated: G
Anthony talks his friends into trying the ultimate new ride in a theme park where the theme is transformation! See what happens when they dare to ride The Scrambler!

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Bizarre Body Modifications, Deals Bets or Dares, Female to Male Transformations, Magical Transformations, Sci-Fi     Keywords:

story 51 K Added : 11-08-2002 Reader Comments
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