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Stories by Jason

Jason's Moonstone Experience

2001           Complete : Yes      rated: X

Part 1 - After returning from a game of football, Jason's life takes a big turn.
Part 2 - Jason once again becomes Jennifer through the use of the moonstone, however not by choice as his brother leaves it out and his brother gets changed as well.
Part 3 - The final chapter to jason and his alter ego
Part 4 - The final installment to the moonstone series

Age: Teen to College Age AP   Categories: Magical Transformations    Keywords:

part 1

18 K

Added : 04-07-2001

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part 2

13 K

Added : 05-11-2001

part 3

8 K

Added : 06-07-2001

part 4


Added : 08-13-2001

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The Adventures of Jeckyl and Hyde

2001           Complete : Yes       rated: X

Jason finds out what really happened to his grandfather when he faces the same thing being 100% female.

Age: Teen to College Age AP   Categories: Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Magical Transformations    Keywords: Long Finger Nails


13 K

Added : 05-02-2001

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