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2001           Complete : Yes       rated: R

A boy finds a bag of diapers, and baby things, tries them on and is caught by his sister and mother

Age: College Age 19-26   Categories: Age Regression, Caught with Consequences, Crossdressing/TV    Keywords: Diapers or Little Girls, Hair or Hair Salon


12 K

Added : 02-28-2001

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2001           Complete : Yes       rated: M

A high school boy enjoys playing pranks. His pranks backfire and the girls at his Catholic High school get revenge and turn him into a girl with the help of his mother and Principal.

Age: Teenager 13-18    Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Crime Punishment    Keywords: Appliances Attached, Cheerleader, Diapers or Little Girls, Hair or Hair Salon, School Girl


16 K

Added : 03-02-2001

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2001           Complete : Yes       rated: X

A teenage boy, Norman, lives by a lake near a Private Catholic Girls School. He enjoys spying on the girls swimming nude and trying on thier uniforms. One day he is caught by Mother Superior and his mother who set a trap. They catch him in baby girl diapers and plastic panties sucking a baby bottle and from then on he is changed into one of the school girls.

Age: Teenager 13-18    Categories: Altered Fates, Bad Boy to Good Girl, Caught with Consequences, Girl's School, The Operation    Keywords: Appliances Attached, Bondage, Castration, Diapers or Little Girls, Hair or Hair Salon, Petticoats and Crinolines


15 K

Added : 03-08-2001

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