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      In order to submit a story for posting, you must be pre-registered as a contributing author. The process has been automated to give you more control over your account. When you submit this form, a registration code, in the form of a hyperlink, is immediately sent to the email address that you've entered. If you leave a phony, or inaccurate address, you will not get the code and cannot complete the registration. When you receive the email, click on the link to activate the record, and your author name will be registered. Do not register more than five days before you submit your story or the registration may be deleted because no story has been received. Further, until I clear uncompleted registrations, that name will be blocked from re-submitting.

      It is not necessary to reveal either your real name, or your enfemme name. In fact, this has caused problems for more than one individual. I suggest you use a pen name that people will not associate with you, unless your lifestyle is not a secret.

      There's an option that will allow you to have your email address blocked from public viewing, but you must reveal it to me if you wish to post. If there's a danger that someone else at your location will see the registration, or other correspondence, then I suggest that you first sign up for a free email account from Hotmail, Yahoo, or one of the hundreds of sites that offer free email. Copies of reviews will be sent to the address that you enter.

      When the registration is complete, you'll receive a special five position code that will serve as your author code on StorySite. This is the code by which all your stories, reader counts, and story reviews will be accessed within the server. It's important that you remember this code, as well as your password. Both will be sent to you in an email when the process is complete. If you need to change your email address, or other information, at a later time, you'll need the password.

      One Last Note : I STRONGLY suggest that you read each of the [help] screens associated with each entry field. If you mess up the data entry at this very critical stage, the best you can hope for is that the posting of your story will be delayed. At the worst, you may be blocked by the system and unable to post any stories. You'll only have to do this once, so take your time and do it right the first time. There are only four key fields to enter.


Option Data fields that must be completed
Register as a new author Name, Email Address, Password, Repeat Password
Send me copy of password Name
Change my password Name, Password, Repeat Password, New Password, Repeat New Password
Change my informal name Name, Informal Name (leave blank to clear), Password, Repeat Password
Change my fan email Name, Fan Email Address (leave blank to clear), Password, Repeat Password
Change my personal email Name, Personal Email Address (leave blank to clear), Password, Repeat Password

New Author Change Informal Name
Send Password to Me Change Fan Email Address
Change Password Change Personal Email Address
Author Name : [help]
Informal Name : [help]
Fan Email Address : [help]
Private Email Address : [help]
Password : [help]
Repeat Password :
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Please report any problems to Crystal