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True Friends 2005 Complete: Yes Rated: R
When Dan's best friend Josh runs out of luck with his girlfriend, Dan vows to find him a new girlfriend, no matter what it takes. But after everyone he knows turns Josh down, Dan has only one solution-- become his best friend's date.

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Body Suits, Magical Transformations, Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed, Sci-Fi, Stuck     Keywords: Appliances Attached, Bondage

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When you Wish Upon A Star... 2005 Complete: Serial Rated: R
Part 1 - After a perfect date, Jordan wished he could see what it was like to be his girlfriend, Karen. Unfortunately he'd never heard the saying "Be careful what you wish for..." and wakes up the next morning to find that he and Karen have switched places!
Part 2
Things get worse as Karen and Jordan begin to become ech other, now slowly suiting their new bodies. The revelation of the wish has Karen breathing fire, and the appearance of an aged man brings hope to the situation.
Part 3
An evil plot is discovered by Jordan while he and Karen undergo their re-entry into themselves. They've only got one day to figure out what's going on on Halloween night at Murray's Mystics.
Part 4 - Lellwey puts his plan into action, and the narrator plays a crucial role in a tear-jerking ending. As the final chapter of this story unfolds, be reminded that it may contain mental images not for the faint at heart.

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Body Swap, Crossdressing/TV, Magical Transformations, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords: Bondage, School Girl

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When Science Experiments Go Wrong 2006 Complete: Serial Rated: R
Part 1 -Whilst creating a solution looking for the cure to cancer, Dr. Alexander Crosby creates the ultimate in scientific discoveries: an ooze that transofrms you into your modest or wildest dreams. What happens when he transforms himself into an identical twin of one of his co-workers? Read on, and find out...
Part 2
After learning of the experiment's abilities, our friend faces some problems as an old boyfriend comes into town. Will her secret be revealed? Read on and find out!
Part 3
Alcohol, parties and a suggestive mood could spell the end for Alexander/Shauna. Will he let his instincts get the better of him? Or will he be able to resist the brainwashing of the creature?

Age: College Age 19-26     Categories: Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Crossdressing/TV, Mind Transfer/ Mind Possession, Morphic Adaptation Unit, Sci-Fi     Keywords: Bondage, Very High Heels

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Lakehouse Weekend 2006 Complete: Serial Rated: M
Part 1 - A lazy afternoon in Port Charles, with storm clouds rolling in. The last time or place you'd expect crazy, wild ideas to spring up. But not today. Two boys dare to venture through their weekend, literally in girls' shoes. Six words say it all: "Lakehouse wit da girlz dis weekend".
Part 2 -
When an unexpected visit from a friend renders Jordan/Veronica speechless, can Dylan/Sarah formulate a plan to hush their true identities?
Part 3 - Another face shows up at the lakehouse, and havoc takes over as a revenge plan goes into the works. Have the girls figured out that Veronica and Sarah are not who they say they are?

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Crossdressing/TV, Deals Bets or Dares     Keywords: Appliances Attached, School Girl

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The Ballad Of Nikki Weisman 2006 Complete: Yes Rated: M
When a young boy is caught dressing in his sister's clothes, his Mother finds an unusual punishment to suit him perfectly. Will he be able to cope for two weeks in his sister's shoes? Will he be able to cope with his own best friend falling head over heels for 'her'?

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Caught with Consequences, Crossdressing/TV, Female to Male Transformations     Keywords: Appliances Attached, Prom Girl or Fancy Dance, School Girl

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Act.Female 2006 Complete: Yes Rated: R
A boy receives a woman's costume in the mail. When he puts it on, it turns him into his lesbian sister.

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Body Suits, Crossdressing/TV, Stuck     Keywords: Appliances Attached, Butt Plugs and Dildos, Corsets, School Girl

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Role Rehearsal 2007 Complete: Serial Rated: M
When cast as a cross dresser, Hollywood actor Joseph Pollock seeks his sister's help in getting into character. But when a co-star falls for "Julia", Joseph has a tough decision to make. What's a girl to do?

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Crossdressing/TV, Deals Bets or Dares, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords: Appliances Attached, Corsets, Long Finger Nails, Very High Heels

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