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Jealousy Made Me Do It !

2000           Complete : Yes       rated: R

A man discovers the delight of dressing as a six year old girl, and gains a soul mate that understands.

Age: Adult 26-55    Categories: Caught with Consequences    Keywords: Diapers or Little Girls


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Just Clothes

2000           Complete : No       rated: G

A young boy finds that wearing girl's clothing can be a solution to getting along with his cousins

Age: Pre-Teen Under 13    Categories: Caught with Consequences    Keywords: Diapers or Little Girls

part 1

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part 2

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part 3

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part 4

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All Pretense Aside

2000           Complete : Yes      rated: R

A young boy learns how wearing girl's clothes can change his perceptions; by high school the die is cast.

Age: Pre-Teen to College Age AP    Categories: Age Progression    Keywords:

part 1

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part 2

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The Porsche and the Pussycat

2001           Complete : No      rated: X

A guy just starting college meets new friends of the gg type, but will he succeed in getting to know them intimantly? After all, he cross dresses and that could be a slight problem, since he doesn't want anyone to know of his penchant for the finer things women wear....

Age: College Age 19-26    Categories: Caught with Consequences     Keywords: Hair or Hair Salon

part 1

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Improper Dress 2006 Complete: Yes Rated: X
Semi-autobiographic adventure.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Caught with Consequences     Keywords: Very High Heels

story 12 K Added : 01-22-2007 Reader Comments



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