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Stories by Sissy Demi

The Sitter

1996           Complete : No       rated: M

Chris, a temperamental teenaged boy meets his match, in the form of an older teen babysitter, Crissy.

Age: Teenager 13-18    Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Femdom/Authoritarian, School Girl     Keywords:

part 1

33 K

Added : 08-16-2000

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The Bad Little School-boy  (SWI)

1997           Complete : No       rated: G

Follow Chris on his illustrated journey as he struggles against his increasing feminization and humilation at the hands of the girls in his school and others. (Minor revisions to the text and art of my 1997 original version, adapted for posting at Crystal's).
Part 1 is the story introduction and doesn't contain any images. Succeeding parts add between 12k and 24k for the images that are part of the story.

Age: Teenager 13-18    Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Femdom/Authoritarian, School    Keywords: School Girl

part 1

4 K

Added : 10-15-2000

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part 2

7 K

Added : 10-15-2000

part 3

8 K

Added : 10-20-2000

part 4

11 K

Added : 10-21-2000

part 5

9 K

Added : 10-22-2000

part 6

7 K

Added : 10-24-2000

part 7

7 K

Added : 10-25-2000

part 8

6 K

Added : 10-26-2000

part 9

8 K

Added : 10-27-2000

part 10

10 K

Added : 11-10-2000

part 11

9 K

Added : 11-11-2000

part 12

8 K

Added : 01-19-2001

part 13

8 K

Added : 01-20-2001

part 14

8 K

Added : 08-23-2001

part 15

12 K

Added : 08-24-2001

part 16

7 K

Added : 08-25-2001

part 17

7 K

Added : 08-27-2001

part 18

10 K

Added : 08-28-2001

part 19

7 K

Added : 08-29-2001

Fact and Fantasy 1: The Shopping Trip

2001           Complete : No       rated: G

The Fact and Fantasy series will be an occasional series of stories drawn directly from my true experiences or from fantasies I would like to experience. Some may be a meld of the two. They will be short (usually) and may vary in their styles. I hope you enjoy them as they come out.
The first in the series is a particular fantasy I would very much enjoy to have had happen. It is a brief glimpse into a humiliating shopping trip of a teen boy and his sister.

Age: Teenager 13-18    Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Femdom/Authoritarian    Keywords: School Girl



Added : 10-08-2001

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Don't Bet On It!

1993           Complete : Yes       rated: X

Have you ever lost a bet to your girlfriend or wife? Ever wished you had just so she'd dress you up in her clothes and have her way with you? If so, then imagine yourself in this pure fantasy story as our nameless hero endures and enjoys his travails at the hands of his sexy girlfriend!
(Warning to my regular readers: This is NOT a "G" rated story!)

Age: College Age 19-26    Categories: Crossdressing/TV, Deals Bets or Dares, Femdom/ Authoritarian    Keywords:


14 K

Added : 12-06-2001

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