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Like Father, Like Son... Like Mother, Like Daughter 2007 Complete: Yes Rated: R
The newly completed Kate discovers her parent when she visits Seattle.

Age: College Age 19-26     Categories: The Operation     Keywords:

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From Rachel's Husband, To Her Father's Wife 2007 Complete: Yes Rated: R
Caroline tells the story of her life, from male to female, from being Rachel's husband to falling in love with her former father-in-law and becoming his wife.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Sweet/ Sentimental, The Operation     Keywords: Wedding Dress or Married

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I Married Dr. Luke 2008 Complete: Yes Rated: R
The story of the growing relationship between a t-woman and a medical doctor, and her growing disclosure of her life secret.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Cultural Change, Sweet/ Sentimental, The Operation     Keywords: Wedding Dress or Married

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Masculinity Lost, Femininity Found 2008 Complete: Serial Rated: R
Part 1 - The primary setting of this story is a medical research conference at which Kathy, once a male teached named Robert, tells of how unexpected biological forces began to spontaneously reshape her whole body, being, and life.
Part 2 -
The second part of the story follows the traumatic process of evolving from Robert into Kathy.
Part 3
In the final section of the story Kathy completes her presentation to the medical conference and finds the way forward for the rest of her life.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Misc. Stories     Keywords:

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My Afternoon In Room 220 2008 Complete: Yes Rated: X
Many years after high school Ellen, now Peter's wife, meets Duncan at a wedding. She had always cherished fantasies of Duncan since she had seen him the the locker room at high school. Now a few days later she finds herself spending an intimate afternoon with him in his hotel suite.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: The Operation     Keywords:

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