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Stories by Janet L. Stickney   (Page 14)

Winter and Spring 2001           Complete : Yes          rated: G
Tough beginnings do not always lead to tragedy, as life can and often does throw us a curve. When we catch it, life can blossom and become the flower we knew was there, hidden in the weeds, struggling  to get out. Caring people that were not even family, took me in and allowed me to achieve my dreams, teaching me about life, love, and caring.

Age: Teenager 13-18    Categories: Crossdressing/TV    Keywords: Hair or Hair Salon, Hormones, Long Finger Nails


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Added : 08-25-2001

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Deceit 2001           Complete : Yes          rated: G
Distrust and anger consumed our family, but when they found out that I liked to dress as a girl, a wedge was driven into the fragile home life that they fostered. Snide remarks, barbs and ugly, pointed stabs at me drove us further apart, then they left me! Moving far away without telling me where, I was left alone to regain my self esteem, and also, become the girl I knew that I really was. An entire year went by before it happened, and the fallout caused me to look inward at myself as well as outward, to my family. Anger and distrust persisted, taking a very long time to understand.

Age: College Age 19-26    Categories: Crossdressing/TV    Keywords:


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Added : 09-20-2001

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The List 2001           Complete : Yes          rated: G
A long past miscarriage of justice culminated in a series of events that propelled an entire family into a situation that caused all of them to review the past, finding deceit, blackmail and lies, death and lonliness. When it happened, none of them could find a reason to put an end to it, and with the revelations from a few friends, Kelly became a girl in order to set things right and maybe, change the future. 

Age: Teenager 13-18    Categories: Crossdressing/TV    Keywords: Appliances Attached, Corsets, Hair or Hair Salon, School Girl


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Added : 10-01-2001

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Awkward Moments 2001           Complete : Yes          rated: R
A costume party I went to dressed as a woman, then I got invited to a family reunion by a friend, as his female date of course! I went, but made sure that I looked as good as possible, then I got caught up in the promotions at work, something to do with "minority hiring and promotions". As a Transgendered person, I would be at the top of the list, so I kept dressing as a woman, and that has led me to what I am today.

Age: College Age 19-26    Categories: Crossdressing/TV    Keywords: Appliances Attached, Hair or Hair Salon, Hormones, Long Finger Nails


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Added : 10-11-2001

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Trauma in Skirts 2001           Complete : Yes          rated: G
Starting life knowing that you're a girl in a boys body will lead you to do things that you have no control over, but those events can lead to other events that cause trauma in everyone's life. What happened to me started long before I was born, yet I was the one to bear the brunt of it without knowing why, or even what had happened. When change comes to one, it comes to all, and we have to cope with the changes the best we can, even if sometimes it's very bad, or sometimes, very good. 

Age: College Age 19-26    Categories: Crossdressing/TV    Keywords: Hair or Hair Salon, Hormones


33 K

Added : 10-19-2001

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Fashion Reporter 2001           Complete : Yes          rated: G
Mark Preston was highly regarded as a reporter, and in the guise of Marcia Preston had entry to the highest levels in the fashion world; but Marcia was also a sleuth, often finding stories buried deep. When murder, theft and lies find their way to the surface it's Marcia and her brother that uncover the truth and solve the mystery.

Age: Adult 26-55    Categories: Crossdressing/TV    Keywords:


48 K

Added : 10-26-2001

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Petticoats and Boyfriends 2001           Complete : Yes          rated: R
What happens when petticoat punishment fails? What if the boy wearing them finds himself drawn into the web of silken delights only frilly dresses can bring? The transition from frilly little girl dresses to young lady happens when an awakening of those same simple delights create a very feminine attitude in his mind, and he finds himself unable to give up either the frilly dresses or being a girl. Only family issues stand in the way, but his fate has been sealed as he becomes a young lady.

Age: Teenager 13-18    Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Crime Punishment, Crossdressing/TV    Keywords: Appliances Attached, Corsets, Hair or Hair Salon, Long Finger Nails, Petticoats and Crinolines, School Girl


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Added : 11-05-2001

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Showgirl 2001           Complete : Yes          rated: R
Beauty contests, as trite as they are, still stand as a measure of what we believe true beauty is. As fund raiser to support others in a national tragedy, it was decided that a beauty contest populated by boys would rake in the money, which is how it all began. After all of the impossibly large boys and others were eliminated, I was one of the few left standing, so I began learning what it meant to be a beautiful woman, culminating in that walk across the stage.

Age: Teenager 13-18    Categories: Crossdressing/TV    Keywords: Appliances Attached, Corsets, Hair or Hair Salon, Long Finger Nails, Petticoats and Crinolines, School Girl


53 K

Added : 11-12-2001

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Masters 2001           Complete : Yes          rated: M
Drawing on myth, love, hope, and vengeance, becoming a woman was the best thing that ever happened to me. The love of my life, my family and everyone else has gained, but I gained the most, for I have met the Great One. Learning the truth about life and what it means to be a woman is a journey that I am forever grateful to have taken.
(This story has a TG element, but is not the real focus. Beliefs mixed with myth and a bit of magic tell the real story.)

Age: Adult 26-55    Categories: Crossdressing/TV    Keywords: Magical Transformations, Sweet/ Sentimental


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Added : 11-19-2001

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Dream Girl 2001           Complete : Yes          rated: R
What do you do when the girl in the mirror demands more of your time? How do you say no to her? What happens when your carefully crafted lie becomes known and threatens to break up the family? The questions rained down on me as I struggled to find the elusive answers, then I had to face him, and make him understand why I didn't want to be like him, but rather, my mother. When they sent me to an all girls school, my confusion cleared up when another girl suggested something I simply couldn't do.

Age: Teenager 13-18    Categories: Caught with Consequences, Crossdressing/TV, Girl's School    Keywords: Appliances Attached, Corsets, Hair or Hair Salon, Hormones, Long Finger Nails, School Girl


84 K

Added : 12-07-2001

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