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Family Legacy 2003 Complete: Yes Rated: G
Dean just turned thirteen and is about to go on his first of his family's Men's Only Outings.

Age: Not Applicable     Categories: Crossdressing/TV     Keywords:

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No Longer Needed 2003 Complete: Yes Rated: G
What happens to a spy when he is no longer needed and he can't be returned to society.

Age: Adult to Pre-Teen AR     Categories: Age Regression, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Female to Male Transformations     Keywords: Diapers or Little Girls

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Society of Switchers 2003 Complete: Yes Rated: R
It is now sixteen weeks later. Dean and Jennifer have switched back and forth four times. Today's story is about Dean having to go to a slumber party as Jennifer.

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Body Swap     Keywords:

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A Very Special Birthday Present 2 2003 Complete: Yes Rated: R
This is the story of Dean, or should we call her Jennifer now, and the rest of her time at Camp Girly.

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed, The Operation     Keywords: Hormones, Prom Girl or Fancy Dance

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Paying Off Money Owed to the Mob 2 2003 Complete: Yes Rated: G
In story #1 we left Jennifer as a baby and she had been just adopted. Now we follow her life with her new parents and a few surprises that come up.

Age: Not Applicable     Categories: Age Regression, Chemical or Drug Induced Change     Keywords: Diapers or Little Girls

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A Better Solution Than Divorce 2003 Complete: Yes Rated: R
Part 1 - Richard and Helen McLean didn't understand each other. Dean McLean likes harassing girls. Jennifer McLean wished her brother would have a chance to learn what it is like to a girl.
Part 2
- The McLeans find out what Dr. Knox's program is. Dean also finds out about his punishment.
Part 3
- Dean and Jennifer find out what their parents plans are and decide to try each other bodies out.
Part 4
- The body swap takes place.
Part 5
- While the McLeans travel to their new home, they learn more about their new selves.
Part 6
- Now living in Tolerance. The McLeans learn to live in each other bodies, with other already in the program. Dean and Richard have their first monthly visit from the period fairy.
Part 7
- Richard woke up one morning with an upset stomach. When he took the test, the rabbit died. Find out how the McLean's decide to handle the situation.
Part 8
- Meeting old friends you haven't seen for awhile, you will notice a things have change. That is what happens when the Drieforts meet their old friends McLeans in Tolerance.
Part 9
- Dean and Jennifer make their final decision. Phillip gets the answers to his question to why his father switched with mom and why his best friend wants to stay in his sister's body.
Part 10
- Dean learns a hard lesson on his first babysitting job. Helen hears those words a husband has heard many time. 'My water has broke.'
Part 11
- This part deals with the arrival of Richard's baby.
Part 12
- Find out what one of old time Tolerance Teenagers think of Dr. Knox's program. Find out why this weekend is important to Jennifer.
Part 13
- A dream comes true. Jennifer has been asked to the Homecoming Dance. As with most dreams this one will turn into a nightmare before the dance is over with.
Part 14
- The sidebetters find out they didn't get off scott free. Dr. Knox arrives home to a family problem, that she will have a solution for.
Part 15
- Vanessa and Randy Return to Tolerance in each others body. Wally and Tommy await impatiently for their final punishment.
Part 16
Payback is sweet for the two girls who volunteered to swap with Wally and Tommy.
Part 17
Both Randy Bream and the new Wally have amusing incidents. Mother McLean arrives for Thanksgiving.
Part 18
The McLeans tell their Family the truth. Dr. Blaylock and Wally have some very unpleasant experiences.
Part 19 This is the last part in this story. Death strike Tolerance. A young man is now stuck in his sister's body. Find out where they are now.

Age: Not Applicable     Categories: Body Swap     Keywords:

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WHC - Gay Bashers 2004 Complete: Yes Rated: X
A Gay Bashing Cub runs afoul of the Woman's Help Corporation.

Age: College Age 19-26     Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Crime Punishment, Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed, She Males     Keywords:

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The Curse of the Friday the 13th 2004 Complete: Yes Rated: R
Sixteen year-old Dean never had any bad luck on Friday the 13th. That is until the special one that happens every 28 years, February Friday the 13th during a leap year.

Age: Not Applicable     Categories: Mind Transfer/ Mind Possession     Keywords: Pregnant/ Having a Baby

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Boy to Princess - The Beginning 2004 Complete: No Rated: G
A new Heir to throne needs to be found. Find out how Mother Nature selects the new heir.
Part 2
The heir spends her first day at the mall, shopping and having her hair done.
Part 3 - It has been twenty-four hours. We find the heir back in their male form trying to cope with the life Mother Nature has picked for him.
Part 4 - It is Monday, Dean has to attend high school for the first time as Jennifer.
Part 5 - Jennifer arrives early in New York City for her meeting with Dr Abrams, so she does what any normal sixteen year-old girl would do. SHOP!

Age: Not Applicable     Categories: Magical Transformations     Keywords:

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